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Blood and Sand


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Title: blood and sand

Type of story: long fic

Genre: drama

Rating: A

Characters: Brax, Kyle, OC'S

Spoilers: no

Warnings: language, violence, adult themes

Plot: Brax finds out he has a son and that son is Kyle


Brax lifted up one end of the chest of draws, he had agreed to help his mother get rid of furniture

"Why isn't Heath helping?" Brax asked

"Because I asked you" Cheryl replied

"Hang on" he said stopping and putting his end down then grabbed an envelope with had Brax written on it and opened it. He read a note that was written to him and looked at the photo.

"You kept this from me" Brax said glaring at his mother

"I wasn't sure if she was lying, she told you Darcy was yours" Cheryl tried to explain "for all we know she could be lying about him too, it's not like Connie gave me any answers and you're starting a family with Ricky soon, focus on that" she added

"I have a kid out there and you're telling to forget about it, that's your grandson"

Brax started to walk out of the room.

"Where are you going" she asked

"I can't be around you right now" he told her


Kyle parked his Torana up the road and watched his wife and son through the mirror, he smiled he watched his son wave goodbye as he climbed into the back seat of a friends car.

Phoebe closed her dressing grown and bent down and grabbed the newspaper when she heard kyke car start up she glared at the car and walked back inside, the heels she was wearing made her look taller than she was. She stopped halfway up the path when she realised Kyle had pulled up behind her.

"You can stop me from seeing my kid forever" Kyle told her getting out of the car

"Court orders, Kyle nothing to do with me" Phoebe replied

"If you think I'd hurt my own kid" Kyle raised his voice

"I didn't think you'd hurt me" Phoebe raised her voice

"Well maybe if you didn't screw every man in this neighbourhood" Kyle pointed out

"Don't let me catch you outside my house again" Phoebe told him

"Yeah, house I'm paying for" Kyle replied


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Brax walked inside and slammed his keys down on the bench

"Guess I don't have to ask how your mum is" Ricky said sitting on the couch not bothering to look at Brax

"I have a son" Brax blurted out he'd been debating whether to tell Ricky

"Who is he?" Ricky asked standing up

"I dunno, some guy" Brax replied

"What's his name?" Ricky asked

"Kyle Bennett" he told her

"Bennett?, who's his mother?" She asked

"Tegan" Brax answered getting his phone out of his pocket

"Yeah Connie, it's Brax... This isn't about Heath and Da... Why what's happened?" He said

Ricky stood there and listened to Brax's end of the conversation.

"Well you mentioned Heath, I just thought, never mind about him where's mine and Tegan's son.. Tell me Connie"

Brax hung up the phone.

"Melbourne, he's in Melbourne"


Kyle parked out the front of the tattoo place where he worked

"Police came around looking for" a 20 something blonde girl said

"You broke your parole conditions, and your AVO" she added

"Well, Mac, some thing..."

"You say some things are worth breaking the law for i will ruin that pretty face of yours" she told him

"What did you tell them" he said sitting on the desk

"I told them you called and you wouldn't be in today" she told him

He kissed on the top of the head

"Good girl"


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Kyle sat down at a local pub in Melbourne

"Usual thanks, mate" Kyle said

Brax sat down beside him

"Hey mate" Brax said

Kyle smiled acknowledging Brax's presence.

"What are ya drinkin" Brax asked

"Whiskey" Kyle replied

Brax smiled

"What are ya drownin ya sorrows or something" he asked

"Or something" Kyle replied

He noticed Kyle playing with his wedding ring

"Ya married"

"What's with all the questions" Kyle said standing up to move

"I'm just makin conversation, mate, that's all"

Kyle sat down

"I'm sorry, yeah I am married, well was, I dunno" Kyle told Brax

"Sounds complicated" Brax replied

"I got married straight out of high school, already had Nat by then. That's my son he's names Nat anyway came home from work one day to find Phoebe in bed with my best mate and he wasn't the only guy she'd been with" Kyle told Brax

"Sounds messed up" Brax told him

"Don't get me wrong I love Phoebe, but she just doesn't know how to keep her legs closed" Kyle said

"And now she's living in my house and I can't even see my kid" Kyle added

"Come on, let's get you outta here" Brax said noticing Kyle was getting a little too drunk


Kyle and Brax walked into Brax's motel room

"Nice, are you rich or something" Kyle asked

"Or something" Brax replied throwing his keys on the bench

"Touché" Kyle replied taking off his jacket

Kyle walked over to Brax and moved in to kiss him and Brax backed away

"That's not what we're here for, mate" Brax asked

"Then what?" Kyle asked

"Mate, I'm your dad" Brax said

"You son of a bitch" Kyle said angrily picking up his jacket

"Kyle" Brax said grabbing his arm

"Don't touch me" Kyle told him and slammed the door on his way out


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