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Title: revelation

Type of story: med / long Fic

Genre: drama

Rating: A

Cast: Brax, Kyle and others

Spoilers: no

Warnings: language, adult themes

Plot: Brax finds out he is Kyle's father


Nate was handed a folio containing the result of Kyle's blood work, he frowned as he read it

"Is this right?" He asked the nurse

"What do you mean" the nurse asked

"Are you sure this is Kyle Braxton's" he asked

"Yeah" she replied

He checked Danny Braxton's blood type on the computer

"We got a problem" Nate said to the nurse


"Finally i can get out of this place" Kyle said dressing himself

"If you think you're going back to work straight away, you've got another thing coming" Phoebe told him

"And you're going anywhere until you're given the all clear" Brax added

Nate entered the room

"Nate, please tell me I can get out of here"

Nate gave a smiled and looked at Brax

"Can we have a work?" Nate asked

"Everything ok?" Brax asked in the corridor

"Kyle's blood work came back and there was a problem" Nate explained

"What kind of problem?" Brax asked

"Kyle has the same bloodtype as you and it doesn't match Danny Braxton"

Brax frowned

"Kyle's not your brother Brax, he's your son" Nate

"Your blood type is a mixture of both your parents and once that's made it's passed down through to the children"

"Couldn't Kyle's mother have the same blood type as mum" Brax asked

"No, hers was different" Nate told him

"How am I suppost tell him this" Brax asked


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