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Title: she

Type of Story: med / long Fic

Genre: drama

Rating: A

Characters: Emily, OC'S

Spoilers: yes, for those who haven't seen the 2014 finale

Warnings: language, adult themes

Plot: Sophie's sister arrives leaving summer bay Nate on edge and summer bay wonder if she's anything like her sister.


"She caused this didn't she" Brax accused standing infront of Nate pointing to Sophie

"I'm sorry I didn't mean for any of this to happen, I just wanted to get out of the car" Sophie cried

"My brother could die" Brax shouted at her

"Brax, this isn't helping" Nate told him

"Ricky said you were trying to have her committed" Brax said

"Yeah, I was but when she ran off she made it so the only one who could do that was her sister" Nate explained

"You said she didn't have any relatives" Ricky added coming from around the corner

"How are you?" Brax and Nate asked at the same time

"Fine" she replied "just a few cuts and bruises"

"And the baby?" Brax added

"He's fine" she assured him

"Nate" a blonde girl in her early 20's wearing a skimpy yellow dress and a leather jacket that had tassels hanging off it called.

"I didn't think you'd come" Nate said to her

"You said Sophie was in trouble and only I can help" she replied

"She caused bus crash, now I wanna have her committed, but only you can do that" he told her

"I don't understand, are you still listed as her doctor?" She asked

"Emz, Soph and I rekindled our relationship and it ended badly" Nate told her

"I'm sorry, at least you tried" she replied

He smiled at her and she quickly looked away

"So are you sure this is for the best?" She asked

"I'm sure, would you like to see her

"No" she said


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"So what's it been like 5 years" Nate said to Emily walking into the diner knowing exactly how long it's been

"Yeah sound about right" she replied sitting down

"How did you and Sophie reconnect?" Emily asked "sorry if that's awkward" she added

"She showed up and she was the bright bubbly girl I used to know before the pills" he told her

"I honestly don't remember that girl anymore" Emily said

"It was nice to see her so happy" he said

"So what went wrong between you two?" She asked

"I cheated" Nate said casually

"What?" Emily said

"It's complicated" Nate told her

"It's always complicated with you" she replied standing up

"Emz" Nate grabbed her wrist

"I just pray that she's not an 18 year old alone scared and pregnant" she snapped as she shook her wrist free

"Emz, when I told you I loved you I meant it" Nate told her

"And I just a kid who had recently lost my brother, I was losing my sister of course I was believe you when you told me you loved me" she said


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Emily walked into The diner the next morning

"What can I get you love" Irene asked

"Strong flat white" she replied

"That the lot?" Irene asked

"A job application would also be great" Emily answered

"Sorry darl, I'm not lookin' for staff at the moment" Irene informed her

"That's ok" she smiled and took her coffee

"You stickin' around?" Nate said behind her

"I was thinking about it, but it depends if I can find a job other not" Emily told him

"Look, about last night" Nate started to say

"Forget about it" Emily cut in as she walked outside

Nate followed her

"I don't understand, what were you expecting, that we'd get back together or something?" Nate asked

"No Nate, that's the last thing I wanted" she snapped

"Then what?" He asked

"You said she was doing well, you said she was that same girl she used to be" she told him

"She was" he replied

"Once again you ruined that" she said

"So I'm the only one who should take the blame for us hurting her" Nate asked

"No I've accepted responsibility but she tried to kill us Nate, and you did the exact same thing again" Emily told him

"Who was she?" She asked

"A work colleague" Nate told her


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