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Wrecking Ball

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Brax and Ricky walked in carrying grocery bags.

"hey, you guys free tonight?" Ricky asked Kyle and Phoebe

"Yeah, why?" Kyle asked

"Just havin' a barbecue for Ricky's birthday" Brax told

Kyle looked at Ricky

"I am so sorry i completely forgot" Kyle told Ricky

"That's ok, you can make it up to me by having a few beers with me" Ricky replied

Casey walked in carrying a couple boxes of beer

"How hard do you Braxton's party?" Phoebe asked

"Till the sun comes up" Casey joked

There was a knock at the door and they all turned around.

"Yeah?" Brax said to Emily who was standing in the doorway

"Hi, I'm Emily. Kyle's sister, I need to talk to him."

"Sister?" Brax asked looking confused along with Casey and Ricky

Kyle walked outside with her with his eyes to the ground

"Did you know about this?" Brax as Phoebe

"Not the whole story, he found out about a few days ago, That's all I know" Phoebe told Brax

Brax went to follow the outside but Ricky grabbed his arm.

Kyle and Emily walked outside. Kyle leaned against Brax's ute

"What's up kid?" He asked

"I found her, she was still living at an address on one of you cards" Emily told him

Kyle took a deep breath

"How was she?"Kyle asked not really caring

"Ask her yourself" Emily said

The smile went from Kyle's immediately as he heard footsteps behind him.

"Hey mate" a familiar female voice said

"Val" Kyle said facing his estranged mother


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"What is she doing here?" Kyle asked Emily.

"You said if she if she was in a better place you see her" Emily replied

Kyle looked at his mother who judging by her clothes was pretty well off these days.

"I never said that" Kyle snapped heading back towards inside

"Kyle please" Val said reaching out and grabbing his arm.

He looked at his mother with fury in his eyes.

"Get your hand off my arm" he scolded

She backed off quickly

"I'm sorry, I just think we need to talk" Val told him

"After 16 years, there's nothing left to say" Kyle told het

"Kyle, I'm your mother" she begged

Kyle looked at Emily then back at Val.

"You lost that right years ago" he snapped and walked away

"What's goin on?" Brax asked as Kyle shoved as he walked past

"Nothing" Kyle grunted

Emily followed Kyle

"Who the hell are you?" Brax asked Val

"Hi, I'm Kyle's mother. I need to talk to him" Val replied

"Well, he clearly doesn't want to talk to you so I think you should get lost" Brax told her


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"What was that?" Emily said to Kyle

"You know damn well I never said that" Kyle said

"I was hoping you'd see her and change your mind" Emily said

"Never gonna happen" Kyle told her

"Why?" She asked

"You read her police file that **** caused a lot of damage for me and I don't wanna go through that again" he told her

"You, get out" Brax said referring to Emily.

"We're staying at the caravan park if you change your mind" Emily said to Kyle as she walked out

"You ok?" Brax asked Kyle putting a hand on his should

Kyle just stared at Brax and then removed Brax's hand from his shoulder

"Touch me again and I'll break your god damn arm" Kyle threatened


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Kyle was sitting on the couch with Brax and Phoebe standing behind him.

"What do you know about all this?" Brax asked quietly

Phoebe looked at Brax

"His mum? Barely anything. Incase you haven't noticed Kyle isn't really the talking about his feelings type of guy" Phoebe replied also speaking quietly.

Brax grabbed a beer out of the fridge

"Beer?" Brax asked Kyle

"Thanks, sorry about before" Kyle replied not looking at him

"You ok?" Brax asked

"Peachy" Kyle replied sarcastically

"Do you wanna talk about it?" Brax asked

"Not at all" Kyle said

"Well if you ever do wanna talk, we're all here ok" Brax told him getting up

"Three" Kyle said

"What?" Brax asked

"That's how old I was when I first landed in hospital with a concussion and a shattered rib cage"

Brax sat back down

"I was six when my stepdad molested me for the first time, when I told her she put me in hospital for lying and trying to ruin her relationship" Kyle added

"Kyle" Brax tried to stop him from talking when he noticed everyone else was in the room, but all Kyle did was cry. Brax put his arms around him

"It's ok" Brax said not knowing what else to say

"I just can't relive that Brax" Kyle said still crying

"It's ok" Brax said again

Phoebe walked up behind Kyle and put her hand on his shoulder.


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