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Wrecking Ball

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Title: Wrecking Ball

Type Of Story: Long Fic

Genre: Drama

Cast: Kyle, Emily, OC' S

Rating: A

Spoilers: No

Warnings: Language, Violence, Adult Themes

Plot: A teenage girl shows up Looking for Kyle, but why?


A blonde haired blue eyed tall extremely beautiful girl sat in the diner looking through a file.

"You are far to beautiful to be sitting alone" Chris said sitting a hot chocolate in front of her.

She rolled her eyes

"I know, but yet here I am" she replied

Chris sat down next to her.

"What's the file for?" He asked

"Are you law at this nosy?" She said starting to get up

"Sorry I might be able to help" Chris told her

She sighed and handed him the file

"Who's Valerie Novak?" He asked

"See, you can't help" she said reaching for the file but Chris pulled away

Chris raised his eyebrows

"She's my mother, my birth mother I mean" she told him

"Does she live around here?" He asked her

"No, that where Kyle Bennett fits into the story" she told him

"I don't suppose you know him" she asked

"The only Kyle I know has the last name Braxton" he told her

"Well, he does have brothers with the last name Braxton" she replied

"Do you know where I can find him?" She asked

"How could Kyle possibly help you" Chris asked

She ignored him taking the file off him.

"Thanks for your help" she said finishing her hot chocolate.


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She walked into Angelo's and saw Kyle serving drinks to a group of girls

"Kyle?" She asked

"Who's asking" he replied

There was a long pause.

"His sister" she told him

He let out a slight laugh

"Is this a joke, I don't have a sister" he told her

"So your Kyle" she said

He ignored her

"Your mother was Valerie Novak who raised you until you were 11, until she disappeared for reasons I'm not sure of but she was pregnant with me at the time"

Kyle looked up at her

"What do want from me, kid?" Kyle asked

"Emily" she snapped

"What?" He asked

"I'm just wondering if you know where she is or can help me find her" she said

"No and no" he told her

Emily was shocked

"Can I ask why?" She asked

"My mother was a druggie bitch who abandoned me at a friends house when I was 11 with no answers as far as I'm concerned she's dead" Kyle said softly but angrily

"Yeah well, she abandoned me too except it was in a dumpster behind a hospital when I was 3 hours old. So all I want to do is meet her once if she still that same druggie you mentioned, that's on me" Emily snapped

He thought for a moment

"I have one lead, she used to send me birthday card, a return address was on the back"


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"So how'd you find out about me?" Kyle asked Emily

"Mum's police record" Emily replied

"Listen, thanks for doing this it can't be easy on you" she said

"You either" he said

"Yeah, but my childhood was great yours wasn't" she said

Kyle stopped

"How do you know about my childhood" he asked

"Police records showed all the child abuse charges and despite that I still need to find her" she told him

"I get it" he told her

They reached the Braxton home

"My man's home with company you weren't anticipating a threesome were you" Phoebe said

"What, no" he replied

Kyle went into his room for a moment

Emily and Phoebe stared awkwardly at each other

"I'm Phoebe by the way, Kyle's girlfriend"

"Emily, Kyle's sister"

"Sister" Phoebe frowned

"It's a long story" Emily said

Kyle came back with 3 unopened cards

"They're not open" Emily said

Kyle shook his head

"This is as far as I go" he told her

"Well thanks" she said


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Kyle layed on the couch with his head in Phoebe's lap

She noticed he exhaled a few times

"You ok?" Phoebe asked

"Yeah" he lied

Phoebe looked down and raised her eyebrows

"I just keep thinking how could someone do that, just leave two kids" he told her

"You don't know her reasons, babe" Phoebe replied

Kyle sat up

"I know her" Kyle said

"Babe, you were 11 people change" Phoebe told him

"I thought you were on my side" Kyle grunted as he walked out


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