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Wrecking Ball

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Kyle sat on the beach staring at the water

"Hey, you left before I woke up" Phoebe said sitting down next to him putting her arm around him

"Yeah I needed air" he told her removing her arm

"You ok?" She asked

"Fine, just don't need a babysitter" Kyle said getting up

"Kyle" she called as he walled away from her


Brax banged on Val's caravan door.

"Darryl" Val said opening the door

"Where's your daughter, you know the girl that's fallen for your lies"

"Getting breakfast"

"Good, pack your bags" Brax told her.

"What?" She asked

"Kyle told me everything and I don't want you anywhere near him" Brax told her

"I admit I made mistakes as a mother but..."

"But nothing, pack your bags. You're leaving" Brax told her

"What's going on here" Kyle asked standing in the doorway


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Kyle walked angrily through the caravan park, both Brax and Val followed him.

"Kyle would you please just stop" Brax said

"Brax, this is not something you can fix" Kyle said

He turned to his mother

"As for you I came to ask you one question. Why?, why did you leave me?" He asked

"I'm sorry, I was a completely different person then, I was a drug addict, I was an alcoholic I had a lot of problems and wasn't ready for kids" she told him

"I suffered from those problems too, but I was a teenager and they were all because of you" Kyle told her

"I'm sorry, I had no idea" Val said putting her hands on his face but he backed away

"How could you, you weren't there" he told her

"I know, I'm sorry" she said

"I have to go to work, Brax can you give me a ride" Kyle said


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Phoebe was busy at Angelo's when Brax walked in

"Where's Kyle?" Phoebe asked Brax could tell she was annoyed

"What are ya on about I dropped him off here a few hours ago" Brax replied

"I haven't seen him since this morning" Phoebe said

Brax turned towards the door

"I'm coming with you" Phoebe told him

"Can you look after things here" Brax said to a staff member in the way out

"Brax rang Kyle's phone as the walked outside

"Do you hear that?" Phoebe asked referring to Kyle's ringtone

"Yeah" Brax replied looking concerned

They walked over to the long grass near the beach where they found Kyle passed out

"Kyle" Brax said looking at an empty bottle

"Check for track marks" Phoebe said while checking his pockets

"Why?" Brax asked

"He's relapsed" she told him

She pulled a little bag of pills out of his pocket

"Goddammit, Kyle" Phoebe said standing up wiping tears out of her eyes

"How long was he an addict?" Brax asked while called an ambulance

"Long enough" Phoebe informed him


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Brax, Ricky, Heath, Bianca, Phoebe and Casey sat in the waiting room.

"I had no idea he had an addiction of any kind" Casey finally spoke

"It's not something he wanted you guys to know about" Phoebe replied

They noticed Val and Emily walk in

"Is he ok?" Emily asked

"What do you two care?" Brax asked determined not to let them hear any news

"Excuse me" Emily replied

"None of this would've happened if you had've let sleeping dog lie" Brax told her

"How could anyone know he was gonna do this?" Emily said not letting herself be intimidated by Brax, yet deep down feeling like it was her fault.

"He's awake now" Nate interupted them

"Is he gonna be ok?" Ricky asked

"We pumped his stomach but the cocktail of drugs will need to be D-toxed out of his system" Nate told them

"Can we see him" Phoebe asked

"Sure" Nate replied

Brax turned to Val and Emily

"You two stay here" Brax told them

He then turned to Nate

"Keep an eye of them" Brax ordered


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