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Certain episode airdates (esp 1988-1991)

Guest Homeandawayfan.

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I am a bit confused as to certain airdates of H&A. Was the show when it began networked all over AUstralia at the same time or did some areas air it at different times or did some air some episodes on different dates?

I have been looking at a digitised newspaper online (Canberra Times daily newspaper) and on 23 November 1990, it lists Home And Away on in the TV listings for that night. However IMBD, TV Rage and even BTTB episodes dont have such a date listed. The 23 Nov 1990 did not have (Rpt) after it or anything like that just (S) which must mean subtitles. Must have been a new showing. I have noticed a few other things like this as well. Could this mean some Australian terriotries showed some episodes on different dates?

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The show wasn't shown the same episodes at the same time, some parts of Australia still had independent stations (pre-aggregation) and as such, showed programs when it suited them ie - around sporting commitments/other programming issues. I know in the town I grew up in HAA was always behind the capitals, and even was taken off and put back on a couple of times over the years.

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