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Dan Ewing in 2dayfm new breakfast show ad

Guest lozlovesh&a

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Seems like a whole lot of people are doing it also? I just thought it was be Jules and Sophie. More to come...

I guess LA didn't work out for Dan..... at least for now. I wonder how on earth they are going to do this or perhaps this is just new people joining the station and are doing other shows rather then the breakfast shows..... (cos Fifi & Jules is no longer as well). So perhaps Dan isn't joining the breakfast show as such but maybe replacing Fifi and Jules.... so title could say Dan Ewing joins 2dayfm (cept don't know how to edit title - feel free to do it if ya can).

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That's interesting!

Maybe it's a small role like the TV reporter or Red Carpet goss or something along those lines....? He attends a lot of events around Sydney, so I could see him doing something like that! A sign that he is hanging around in Sydney for most of next year?

Or maybe he is going to be a Hollywood correspondent when/if he does go to LA next year?

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