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Home And At Play video

Guest Jonny109

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Hello all

Has anyone got a copy of the video/DVD Home and Away ( Home And At Play ) starring Bellinda Emmett and Nic Testoni. I've been looking for this everywhere with no success.

Would be willing to pay up to £30 for a copy if anyone has one they would be willing to part with...

Please drop me line at Jonnyharrisson@aol.com

best regards


There´s a thread where they have been talking about that video you are looking for

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Hello all

I was wondering if anyone remembers the spin off video called Home and at Play ( Home and Away Stars on holiday ) starring Belinda Emmett and directed by Nic Testoni. I've been looking for this video without success as it's quite old and is out of distribution. Bit of a long shot, but if anyone out there has a copy they wouldn't mind parting with, I would be willing to pay above market value. I know it's a bit cheeky to ask, but I'm running out of ideas of how to get hold of this vid..

Best regards


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I actually bought this (I loved all four actors involved) and came across it when I moved last year. If I didn't throw it out and I can find it I'd happily provide my copy... Let me see if I can find it.

It would be in storage so it's not an easy find right now. :wacko:

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