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The Galah

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Story Title: The Galah

Type of story: S/M Fic. Part of a collection of short stories for halloween

Main Characters: Alf, Sally, Pippa, Spencer, Maddie, Roo and Harvey

BTTB Rating: A

Genre: Comedy/Horror

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: Will warn if there are any

Summary: Sally has come home to visit and Alf has been out and brought Pippa a very strange pet.

The Galah

Chapter 1

The cold refreshing taste of his beer made Alf Stewart gasp out with pleasure, as he sat upon his bar stool which was surrounded by a high mountain of shopping bags. The dazzling glow from the Christmas lights which were hanging above the bar gave Alf a slight headache, as he opened his eyes having had them shut to enjoy his beer even more. Glancing down at his Christmas list he traced his finger down the list of names. Making sure to make a mental note of what presents he had already brought and who they were for. He caught a quick glimpse of Brax walking up to him, most likely wanting to know if he wished for another pint. Alf willed Brax to hold back on asking him just for a few moments as he tried his best to make sense of the Christmas present shopping list. It would of helped if he had remembered his flaming pen before leaving the house. If it hadn’t been for Roo and Harvey arguing over what size turkey to get for Christmas dinner he would of remembered his pen. Then he could of simply just ticked off each present as he went down the list instead of having to get his old brain to memorize all the details.

“Another beer for ya eh?” Brax was now asking Alf looked up.

“Err yes please.”

“Right you are” Brax grabbed his glass and placed it under the beer tap to refill it.

“Errr you don’t happen to have a flaming pen do you?” Alf asked as he gently started to massage his forehead looking rather confused and fed up.

Brax passed him a pen.

“Pen’s free beer is three bucks eh” Brax then laughed as he heard Alf grumbling as he looked through his now nearly empty wallet.

That’s a flaming rip off isn’t it 3 bucks for a beer?”

“Hey you can always go somewhere else to drink.”

“No it’s flaming nice beer here, there you flaming are Braxton. it’s just a flaming good job I have reached the end of this flaming Christmas list.” Alf said giving the piece of paper a quick wave before putting it back on the table. While Brax stood waiting with his palm out awaiting for Alf to pay for his drink.

“Oh there you go 3 bucks.”

“Now are you sure you want to pay me that? Because I’m sure I can see a name on that list that you have forgotten.” Brax says causing Alf to recheck.

“My flaming jumping kangaroo your flaming God dam right. Young Pippa I haven’t brought her anything. Here you better take this drink back” in his panic instead of passing it over to Brax Alf slides the glass down the length of the bar.

“Hey watch it, hey bring that pint back up here Heath.” Brax can only watch as Heath catches the incoming pint in his hand.

“Hey thanks bro what a way to start a day’s work being treated to a free pint.”


Brax then turned back to Alf with a face like thunder. Alf meanwhile was looking very stressed out.

“What can you buy for a young girl for 3 bucks for a flaming Christmas present?”

“Oh I don’t eh but you could make sure you pay for your drinks before you give them away.”

Not too far away from Alf sat a black cloaked mysterious looking stranger. Underneath the deep folds of his cloak sat a small black cage. The thing that lived and breathed in that very small cage was enough to fill your life with enough horror that it would make your very blood run cold and make you wish that you were never born.

“Excuse me sssssssssssssir” said the black cloaked stranger in a snake like sounding voice.

“But I couldn’t help but overhear you are desperately looking for a present for Christmaaaas.” The mysterious stranger is stood leaning up the bar grinning up at Alf.

Heath and Kyle had made their way over, each of them eyeing the stranger with cautious glances.

“Hey Brax you want me and pretty boy to chuck this darth vader wanaabe out?” Heath asked as Alf shook the stranger’s hand.

“No don’t do that, let the good fella show me what he has to offer first.” Alf said smiling as the stranger lifted the dark black cage from the depths of his cloak.

“Is that flaming it the cage is empty.”

“Oh no sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it’s not empty, his just shy that’s all. Hold your finger out but be careful not to get it chewed off.”

Brax had now placed a cautious hand on Alf’s shoulder

“I shouldn’t do that eh.”

“Brax it’s just a hamster or something.” Alf said as he put his finger out to the cage.

“Yeah it’s the or something that worries me.” Brax said looking worried.

“See it’s just a little ham errrrrrrrrrrrr……………………… ………………. Errrr what the flaming heck is that?”

The weird looking stranger smiled.

“It’s a Galah.”

This so called Galah was a very furry black looking ball with big wide white eyes, sharp teeth two of which were like elephant tusks and could be seen poking from it’s black hole of it’s mouth.

“What’s a Galah?” Alf asked as the dark stranger stared into the cage.

“It’s a fun loving a loyal pet, not dangerous in the slightest, Wont bite eat or kill you in any way. Now how about I give you £500 for it?” the stranger then goes about trying to push the cage with the creature that has come straight from hell towards Alf.

“Ok hang on if your going to pay him instead of him paying you for it it’s got to be dodgy.”

“No Brax it’s ok Pippa will flaming love it, and I’m flaming £500 richer.” Alf said as he grabbed the cage from the stranger.

“Beware it may look cute now, but don’t go feeding it any barbecued food especially streaks or burgers, and don’t get angry with it, or sing to it or get it wet. Or feed it any kind of candy or…………….”

“Oh flaming hell you worry too much mister.” Alf said jumping down from his stool and grabbing at the Galah and his money. He quickly stuffed the cage with the Galah inside into one of his shopping bags. Unaware that the very bag the Galah now sat in had a very yummy looking Christmas chocolate gateau inside

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Thanks for the comments

Chapter 2

Humming to himself and feeling happily content with finally finding Pippa a Christmas present, Alf Stewart took large happy strides through the front door.

To his great surprise though he wasn’t greeted with the Christmas glee and joy he had fully expected too upon his return home. Instead the household looked to him with warily eyes of boredom.

Harvey was lay half asleep on the sofa watching some kind of Christmas movie. Spencer was lying back in a dining chair with his head hanging over the back of it, the party hat he had been wearing had fell to the floor. Maddie sat upon his lap dozing. The only person in fact who was fully animated was Marilyn, who was busy chatting away to John on the phone. Telling him of how excited she was, because she had had one of her psychic feelings that told her that this was going to be a Christmas to never be forgotten.

“Dad where have you been? I was just about to call out a search party to come and find you.” Roo said walking through from the kitchen.

“Harvey Dad’s back now” Roo said as she bent over the back of the sofa to gaze down at her snoring husband.


Harvey leapt up like a Jack in the box at the volume of Roo’s voice causing the long trails of drool down his face to flick from his skin and soak into the soft fluffy cushions of the sofa. Spencer also woke with a start causing Maddie to fall from his lap and onto the floor.

“Come on people get too it” Roo said as she ran over to Alf to grab at the shopping bags.

“Hey, Hey let’s let me get through the flaming door first shall we Roo?”

“Dad we haven’t the time to wait for you to calmly mince your way over to the kitchen, like you have been on one of your many fishing trips.”

“Roo I don’t flaming mince thanking you flaming very much” Alf said still holding tightly to the shopping bags. Roo made for a quick grab goes to try and take them from him.”


In a huff Alf dropped the shopping bags to the floor.

“Ok fair enough but at least tell me you remembered to buy the chocolate gateau?”

Alf nodded looking all hot and bothered having gotten his arm stuck in his big duffer jacket. If Roo hadn’t pestered him for the shopping, he was quite sure that he wouldn’t have been flapping about like a insane penguin now. As he tried his dam hardest to un wedge his trapped arm from his coat.

“Here let me help you” Spencer asked as he watched the old man dance about before him.

“Quiet please I can’t hear what my sexy John is saying.” said Marilyn laughing loudly as she wandered passed all the noisy chaos and madness. Alf’s temper had now reached boiling point, with one final pull of his arm he whirled around on the spot. As he went round he was sure he heard the cries of shock and it had felt like he had indeed hit something. Was that blood on his hand? And where had his coat flew off too and…………….

“Owwwwwwwwwww Mr Stewart that hurt.”

Looking down Alf is shocked to find Sally sat down on the doorstep looking up at him with a bloody nose.

“Oh flaming heck I didn’t see you there Sal I’m sorry” Alf bent forwards to pull Sally to her feet.

“So how was America? I bet it was hot wasn’t it? Oh Sal hold your head back that’s it and wait pinch your flaming nose with this.” Alf handed Sally the list he had been using to buy the Christmas presents with.

“Where’s young Pippa Sal?” Alf asked as he guided her through the house to the sofa.

“She’s outside she’s speaking to Jett on her the phone.”

“Can you repeat that Sal? I didn’t flaming understand a word of that with you holding your nose.”

“Probably not a good idea not to keep talking to her right now after punching her in the face Alf.” Harvey quickly said earning a look of anger from the old man.

“Where’s the gateau Dad I thought you said you brought one?” Roo said as she stared out at half the contents of the food shopping.

“It’s there check again the big bag” Alf said as he rolled his eyes at a smiling Pippa.

“So Granddad Alf what have you brought me for Christmas?” the small happy girl asked.

“Oh Pippa your just have to hold on to your flaming kangroo’s and wait to find out.” Alf said smiling giving Pippa’s hair a quick ruffle.

Everyone now stood around the dinning table with their mouths opened wide.

“Does it bite Dad?” Roo asked staring dumbfounded into the small black cage. The beady small black pearls of the Galah’s eyes gazed back at her.

“What is it, is it some breed of dog?” Harvey asked looking baffled.

“No I think it looks like Maddie when she first wakes up in the morning” Spencer laughed.

“Hey I never look that as rough as that” Maddie said back hitting Spencer’s chest lightly.

“It’s called a Galah and isn’t it just the kangroo’s flaming bullocks?”

“Mr Stewart please children are present” Sally said.

“Oh yeah sorry well Pip what do you think?”

“It’s cute Granddad Pippa said smiling peering in at the hairy black creature, who was it seemed to be smiling back at them all, showing off it’s sharp white teeth.

“Good because his yours I got him for you, well I think it’s a male.”

“He looks like a Brian oh thank you Granddad Alf. His even better than the friendship bracelet I got off Jett, I love him I can carry him around in my little pink handbag I got off Mom I………”

“Hey, hey slow down there. How do we know his safe? I mean I have heard of a Galah before” Sally said looking slightly worriedly into the cage.

“Oh his safe the bloke I got him from said so as long as we follow some guidelines we should be fine. What’s the worst that can happen?” Alf said gazing upon everyone’s worried glances.

“Can we let Brian out of his cage now Granddad please?” Pippa asked smiling.

Later Pip I’m sure Mr Stewart wants to start up his barbie to welcome us home first Sally said smiling as Alf started to lick his lips.

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Big thanks fir the comments guys

Hope you like this chapter

Chapter 3

The sweet rich and captivating aromas of the juicy smelling meats from Alf Stewart’s barbie waffled in through the open doorway, And floated their way over to the Galah’s small holed nostrils. With only the one sniff needed the little fluffy balled black creature was fully alerted to the delicious food which was on offer.

There was only the one thing which stood in his way. His fully inescapable little cage, or so the silly humans believed to be inescapable. But the small and slender black bars of the cage were nothing to the Galah. Not after he had pigged out on the delights of that wondrous and heavenly tasting Christmas chocolate gateau, Thanks to the fat man allowing him to eat it on the way home, While in the comforts of the warmth inside that big shopping bag that he had been carrying. One of the most well kept secrets amongst the Galah race was that candy and treats were well known to give a Galah a huge sugar rush and with that high came great strength.

Starting to laugh wildly to itself the Galah took hold of the two closest bars with its claw like hands. The slight sound of bending was masked by the Galah’s laughter,As the bars slowly broke away from each other under the great pressure from the Galah’s brutal force.

The gap between the widened bars was now enough for the little Galah to roll through. The height between the table where the cage stood and the floor was not a issue. Another secret of the Galahs was their small little bodies were built like a bouncy rubber ball. So falling from great heights was no bother to them they were always granted a very soft landing.

Wine sloshed around in Sally’s glass as she waved it around wildly, as she laughed loudly at Alf’s jokes. While Spencer and Maddie sat off in the deep cover of a nearby tree having a very good game of tonsil tennis. Roo and Harvey giggled away with John and Marilyn. Pippa and Jett sat opposite each other texting each other instead of talking. Yes all the humans were happily distracted from the mischief of the Galah as he rolled himself through the long strands of grass. The tasty meat was sat sizzling away upon the human’s strange cooking machine. Smoke rose high into the open air, The smell of barbecue and char coal filled the Galah’s little nostrils with excitement.

Speed was another talent of the Galahs. They could attach themselves to almost anything and find a way to climb up their chosen climbing fixture. If they so wished it, they could escape within a blink of an eye.

“Well Sal the story of when I caught a flaming shark will have too wait, because our flaming tuckers ready.” Alf said putting his bottled beer down and jumping to his feet. He made his way over to the barbecue and with a rumbling sound of hunger in his stomach picked up the tongs.

“Well I hope everyone is hungry because this barbie will blow your flaming minds. I have sausages, burgers, steaks, chicken drumsticks all the works I……..”

Alf stopped and gazed upon the barbecue. Silence filled the back porch and garden.

“What is it Mr Stewart?” asked Sally, her voice sounding rather slurred from the amount of wine she had been drinking. Alf whirled around looking shocked. Everyone stared back at him, their paper plates held out ready for their first course of meat. Eyeing each plate in turn Alf moves forwards.

“Ok which of you flaming baboons has eaten all of my flaming meat?”

“None of us have why?” Harvey asked seeing Alf go slightly reddish in the face.

“Because Harvey it’s all gone it’s flaming vanished all that meat I had cooking has just gone.”

“Well that’s impossible it can’t just disappear” Harvey said turning to Roo with a confused expression on his face.

“Oh well I’m sure it will turn up Mr, Mr my word what’s your name again? Mr Alf? Noooo Mr Stewart I never call you Alf. Anyway MORE WINE ANYONE?” Sally slurred as her deck chair toppled backwards. The garden was then filled with the sounds of her drunken laughter.

Back inside his small black cage the Galah munched down on his collection of meats he had just stolen. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh delicious the fluffy troublesome little alien thought to himself He had bent the bars of his cage inward so no one would be any of the wiser he had been outside and had nicked their whole barbecue from right under their noses.

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Thanks very much Red, JoiseTash and Sarah for the comments :)

Hope you like this one it's a only a short chapter.

Chapter 4

Focus and the ability to balance seemed nonexistent as a very overwhelming sense of dizziness clouded Sally’s head, as she felt herself being pulled up from off the moist gassy ground of Harvey’s carefully mowed lawn.

“Take it easy Sal. I think we need to get you inside for a strong cup of black coffee.” Roo said as she tried her best to steady Sally on her drunken wobbly legs which were as much use as a chocolate teapot at that moment in time.

“Awwwwww look at the two lovebirds over there.” Sally said pointing over to Jett and Pippa who had looked up from the glowing screens of their mobiles, both looking very startled by her statement.

“Oh no Mom don’t, I told you it’s a secret.” Pippa said with what it looked to Jett as a very cringe worthy expression on her face. In her drunken state Sally staggered across the back porch area pulling a helpless Roo along with her Sally then smiled brightly at Jett.

“I’m guessing my Pip, Pip has told you about her American boyfriend Chad?”

Jett nodded feeing the ever so slight tingle of jealously go soaring through his hopeful heart of lust for Pippa.

“Yeah I have heard all about Chad. Maybe a bit too much” Jett said catching a quick look of annoyance from Sally’s young daughter.

“Well Jett Pippa here is lying, it’s you she likes. And I shouldn’t worry about Chad showing up she made him up just like I did with Milko my imaginary friend. oh……… no well maybe you should worry because Milko turned out to be my brother Miles soooooooooo…… Well you kids have fun I’m going inside to drink some of Roo’s black coffee sooo……..”

The full impact of the collision with the metal of the barbecue started just like a game of dominoes would. With Sally having lost her balance totally, causing the chain reaction effect of Roo knocking into her. Then Sally had bumped into Harvey who then happened to bump into the barbecue, which caused Spencer to lose his grip as he had been helping Harvey carry it back to the house. It didn’t fully register with Sally to what was happening until she caught sight of everybody toppling to the ground in shiny sliver reflection of the barbecue.

“WATCH IT YOU FLAMING KANGROOS. THAT BARBIE IS MY FLAMING PRIDE AND JOY. IT COOKS ONE HELL OF A MEAN TASTING FISH, OR IT DID BEFORE YOU BROKE IT.” Alf shouted as he stood with his hands placed upon his hips looking down to the fallen heap of the four of them buried underneath the clutters of the barbecue.

John’ Marilyn and Maddie rushed forwards to help. Jett and Pippa had become too wrapped up within their shyness for one another to even notice the chaos which was unfolding itself before their very eyes.

Back in the confines of his small little cage the Galah awaits the return of the hungry humans. Their food had tasted orgasmic to him. So much so it had given the little creature the want and the need for something to lust over. Because within the Galah race it is well known that barbecued food increases their sex drive, pretty much in the same way that chocolate is said to boost the sex drive of a human.

And now that Brain the Galah has had a barbecued feast all too himself, this particular little Galah was now feeling the need to mate, making him a very horny Galah and as he watched the human females enter the house, he couldn’t deny the lusting feelings he was having towards the female that the humans called Roo. Tonight would be the night that he would rock Roo Stewarts world.

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A big thank you Red, Sarah and JT for your great comments

Here's the next one hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 5

The glow from Pippa’s nightlight cast its gloomy ghostlike shadow over the darkness of Maddie’s room. Maddie lay snoring as Jett and Pippa sat huddled underneath the covers of the flowery bedspread of the spare bed’s duvet.

“Oh Jett stop eating all the good ones.”

Jett laughed having just finished his sixth chocolate bar. With a quick flicker of light from her torch Pippa groaned at seeing the chocolaty grin from her rather cute midnight feast buddy. She just hoped there were no chocolaty stains to be found upon the bed sheets. Because it had taken a lot of sweet talking and flattery, not to mention a few flutters of her eyelashes to get Sally to even consider Jett to share her bedroom, Knowing about her daughters crush on the young boy.

John had not been so hard to convince of the matter of the two young friends sharing. When it had come to his attention he had only winked at Jett, which had resulted in Jett turning the reddish pinkish colour of beetroot. Jett had then strongly insisted he was only going to show Pippa his collection of Pokemon cards having started to collect them with VJ. John and the rest of the adults had then looked very confused and baffled not having the slightest idea what Pokemon were. This had made for the prefect cover story for what Pippa and Jett’s plans really consisted of. Which it turned out was telling each other scary ghost stories and pigging out on a feast of some midnight candy.

Just a few yards away stood upon a white oak chest of draws was the small cage of the Galah. Its beady little eyes watched through it’s bars at the shadowy outlines of the two young humans, Who were busy giggling to one another beneath the safety of their little fortress made out of bed sheets.

A small slivery glint of light shone from some foil of a discarded and tossed away chocolate wrapper, lying just outside of the Galah’s tiny prison cell. With this piece of sliver foil the Galah could pick at the lock of the cage’s latch and that would save the little alien from a great deal of agony, as its cage would soon become even less spacious. As it’s growing process took its hold upon the small creature’s body.

Strength had been it’s gift when it had eaten candy, allowing the small creature to push apart the bars of it’s cage. Now it had eaten barbecued food the gift of growth as well as having the feeling of needing to mate was sure to be on its way.

The Galah had already scoped out the female which had sent tiny little tingles of lust through his loins. Oh yes Roo how sweet her perfume had smelt as she had pressed his little cage to her bosoms, as she had carried him upstairs. And how her long hair had flowed all angel like. How good it would feel to be with her the Galah just couldn’t wait to find that out.

The reasoning behind the Galah’s choice of picking the female human called Roo is and probably connected somehow to the animal kingdom. The kangaroo for example and by Joe the Galah was planning on taking Roo Stewart on a very exciting journey of some very high leaping bounds of intense pleasure. But first he would need to slide this very long and slivery piece of foil through the small keyhole of the cage’s latch and…………

Jett poked his head out from the depths of the bed sheeted fortress.

“Jett what is it?”

“I don’t know I thought I heard something. Do you think Harvey’s downstairs checking the fridge for some snacks?” Jett asked as he glanced back at all the empty food packets scattered about the bed.

“No his helpings Mum get some clean bed linen for her caravan. He will be gone for ages Mom can talk and talk like forever.”

“Mr Stewart then would he be up?” Jett asked gazing upon the empty cage of the Galah.

“Hey Pip Brain’s loose.”

At this Pippa also poked her head out from their carefully made fortress.

Looking into their eyes the Galah who has already started to grow quickly jumped from the top of his cage up into the air, and quite skilfully grabbed hold of the swinging lampshade. The cover of darkness shadowed his whereabouts to Jett and Pippa who were below him looking baffled.

The Galah jumped for his exit. The slightly opened window, the flutter from the curtains caressed his black fur as the cold air hit him in his face. Harvey was with Sally he had heard the young girl say, and there he would stay the Galah thought, as he carefully balanced himself on the washing line. Down below sat a washing basket containing the contents of Colleen Smarts underwear. The Galah would drop itself into that said washing basket for it’s next part of its sneaky master plan of its conquest for mating with Roo Stewart.

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A big thank you Red, Sarah and JoiseTash for the comments

Here's the next one

Chapter 6

Colleen Smart was a woman on a mission. It often made her feel immensely paranoid about being watched when she collected her underwear from off the Summer Bays caravan park’s washing line, Fearing the sniggers and sarcastic wolf whistles from the parks happy holiday goers. It bothered her so much that it often had her grabbing and shoving her clothing into the basket at some very remarkable speeds.

She would then hurry off snuffing like a rat up a drain pipe back to her mobile home. Where she would go about sorting her washing hoping to God she hadn’t dropped any, which would only mean that she would have to venture outside again to go and pick up any misplaced items. Yes she often found the whole laundry ordeal very stressful and very daunting. So like always Colleen Smart checked the washing line for any last minute forgotten clothes to her relief there wasn’t any. She then quickly collected her pegs from the line picked up her heavy basket and began her snuffing sprint back towards her mobile home.

The Galah’s furry little head was feeling very sore from having it bounce off the corners of the very heavily handed basket, as it rocked from side to side as the human who was carrying it hurried along.

Colleen Smart was very much looking forward too sitting down in front of the TV to watch one of her favourite programmes Gossip Girl, and if that wasn’t enough excitement for her, she also had her Lancie phoning her up for a good old natter. What else could she ever have wanted? Well I don’t know but I can pretty much tell you with great confidence, that it wouldn’t have been a black little furry alien from another galaxy hidden amongst her washing. That much would have been certain.

Throwing the freshly lemon scented bed linen over the small cramped caravan bed Harvey turned towards a slightly now sobered and partied out Sally.

“There you are, you sure that you want to stay out here? You can come sleep in the house if you want?”

“No it’s alright Harvey. Pippa tells me that I’m a very loud sorer when I have been on the wine and I don’t want to wake the whole house up.”

“Ok then, well goodnight Sally if you have any problems just…………”

A blood curling scream erupted through the chilly night’s air which caused the small carven to vibrate.

Colleen watched wide eyed through the water shielded curtain of rain, as she scurried backwards on her backside amongst the wet blades of grass. The sudden heavy downpour had come about almost at the same time that she had noticed the ever so slightly bugling shape of the monster, which had been covered from her view by her flowery nightie. From that point Colleen had thrown her wash basket high up into the air and had taken a few unsteady steps of fright and had ended up tripping up, Which resulted in her falling hard on to her bum. the smooth grass being the only thing to cushion her fall.

The Galah’s growth was now beginning to reach its fill potential. It had already formed its shoulder blades, which were pushing themselves up and out of it’s small round body which helped with its monstrous towering height. The Galah’s tiny legs had grown to a impressive size. Allowing it to walk around, the claws on it’s feet were gleaming with whiteness and were very sharp. It’s body had grown to the same size as a yeti or a bigfoot and it’s arms were built like tree trunks. It’s eyes gleamed yellowish in the shadow of the moonlight and saliva dripped from it’s tusk like teeth. Turning back towards Colleen it was welcomed with another of her blood curling screams of horror.

With all the noise multiple lights were switched on from inside the other caravans and the eyes of those of the people all staying in them peeked out through their windows. To gaze upon the towering monster which was stood upon the grass of Summer Bays five star rated camping site.

Spencer could just about see Colleen as he stood just outside his caravan with his jaw ajar. He had been the only one brave enough to come outside. He gazed around at all the other caravans and right then in that very moment he wished he had decided to live up in the house with Maddie. Because now it had become down to him to save Colleen from he didn’t know what.


“There you go” Spencer grunted as he felt Colleens weight start to weigh him down as she fell backwards into his arms.

The Galah had started to follow but stopped. It seemed to Spencer like it was listening.

Harvey grasped the door handle once more, Sally head was now thumping with pain and she hadn’t even begun to experience her hangover over yet. When Harvey had tried to leave the door had become jammed and he had been trying to get out to Colleen ever since.

Spencer having spotted his chance had started to drag a dazed Colleen away back towards the main house, While the towering Galah had turned towards the rather stressed out sounding voices of Harvey and Sally. Spotting a loose rock on the ground near Sally’s caravan the Galah picked it and then brought the rock up to one of his tusks like teeth and started to chip away at it.

Meanwhile the caravan’s door had at last started to ease.

“Ah ha at last I can now open it, well Sal I better go and see what is up with Colleen.”

“Errrr Harvey are you sure you wouldn’t be better staying in here?” Sally asked as she peered through the window at the top of the door. Before Harvey could answer her the sound of something sliding into the door’s lock had once more jammed it from opening.

Harvey looked to Sally and just about managed to utter.

“Oh dear I think we may be locked in.”

The Galah then threw the rest of the rock aside and began to follow Spencer and Colleen to the house. With Harvey and Sally locked in their caravan together the Galah was left free to have his alien way with the very mouth watering and tasty sexy human called Roo.

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Thanks guys for the comments :)

Hope you like this chapter.

Chapter 7

Snuggling dreamily into the softness of her pillow, Roo sighed contently as the refreshing chills of the night’s air blew light ripples across her duvet. Roo’s eyelashes fluttered partly open. She had promised Harvey that she would stay awake until he had brought her hot chocolate up to her, but she could feel the depths of sleep wanting to claim her after the tiring day of Christmas joy that they had all enjoyed. Roo was so tired that she didn’t notice the light whistling sound of the kettle from downstairs signalling that the water Harvey had put on to boil (before he had made his not so quick trip to Sally’s caravan with her linen.) had now reached its peek. Nor did she hear the murmuring sounds of fright from Colleen as Spencer dragged her through the front door. Roo’s eyes closed and sleep washed itself over her.

The window looked high from down amongst the brushes where the Galah couched. With its yellowish eyes glowing it started to seek out the most possible way to gain access into Roo’s room.

Spencer lightly fanned a still very much freaked out looking Colleen with the caravan’s guest book, as she started to tell him of her terror and fear of having had a encounter with finding a bigfoot like creature hiding within her laundry.

“I would like to make a complaint who do I make it out too? I’m guessing Roo or is it Harvey? Or maybe its Alf, or maybe even Sally now she’s back. But never the less I hold the washing detergent that this caravan park hands out to its guests responsible. I mean what on earth is in it, some kind of fungus that allows you’re washing to be overrun by little black creatures? That then grow themselves into monstrous giants well tell me now?”

“I’m sorry but I just don’t know” Spencer said as he brought over the attended drinking chocolate for Roo for Colleen to drink.

“You wait until Madge Wilkins hears about this.”

The pipe was rusty and it was rather bendy in places. But the claws of the Galah dug in nicely, to allow just about the right amount of balance needed for him to pull himself up the drainpipe outside of Roo’s room. The Galah willed himself not to look down having developed a fear of heights. The fear had come about when he and his fellow Galahs had been at wars with other galaxies fighting back in their high tech spaceships. Grunting and heaving his way up the drainpipe was very tiring for him. But now he had reached the open window of the bedroom, his next challenge would be to let go with one claw like hand to push the window fully open while still holding on to the pipe with the other. Feeling very wobbly and feeling very scared the Galah juggled his way through the ordeal. But that didn’t stop him from getting one of his claws stuck in the drainpipe.

Roo’s eyes popped out as she heard a loud roar coming from her window making her sit blot upright. As her eyes became at one with the darkness, she caught sight of a shadowy figure falling head first into her room.

“Oh Harvey why are you climbing through the window? You could of used the door.” Roo said as she swung her legs over the side of the bed. The Galah picked himself up from off the floor. he was surprised to see Roo standing before him and even more surprised when she hugged him.

“You forgot my hot chocolate”

The Galah purred in answer as he happily started to snuggle into her embrace. His yellowish eyes shot wide open as he felt the sudden sharp pain of Roo smacking his bottom playfully.

“Well come on now Harvey get in that bed of ours” Roo said running around to her side and climbing in leaving the Galah to do the same.

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Thank you for the great feedback

Hope you guys like this one

Chapter 8

Within the covering blanket of darkness of the bedroom Roo laid snuggled into the Galah’s hairy embrace. The thick bristles of the Galah’s thick wispy coating of fur trickled at the back of Roo’s neck, making her arch her back slightly. Beyond her sight the Galah was heard panting which sent hot sharp gasps of hot sweaty breaths Roo’s way, which gave her the overwhelming feeling of needing to gag. Trying to turn slightly and finding that she couldn’t. Given the Galah’s great strength panicked Roo. She couldn’t have denied Harvey his strength but she had never experienced this sort of strength from him before. The strength to literary pin her so that she couldn’t even move a muscle. She also had the strangest feeling that their mattress was closer to the floor than it had ever been. Had Harvey’s weight got that bad over her Dad’s barbeque that their bed had been crushed down to several levels in its height?

“Er Harvey tomorrow I think you should go on a diet of Marilyn’s tofu food, and can you please lie further away from me? Your breath stinks not to mention that your crushing me here.” Roo then went to lift what she thought was Harvey’s arm from lying across her body. But upon catching the short sharp flashing glimpse of a claw, illuminating itself within the glowing shine of their bedside’s clock radio Roo stopped dead in her tracks.

“Harvey I really do think that you should cut your nails. You could cause some real damage with those, their like animal claws they……”.Roo stopped talking as she felt the wet sensation of salvia drip down her neck as the Galah licked her.

The taste of her skin was salty and the Galah liked that. He liked it so much the salty taste sent him into a howling frenzy of excitement which pierced Roo’s ear drums to the point of making her feel the deafness of being at a loud music concert. Eyes darting back and forth Roo had now became fully alert to the fact that she was most probably sharing her bed with some kind of wild beast. She felt the sudden movement of the Galah as it sat upright howling all the while as it did so.

With the excitement soaring through every fibre of it’s alien body. The Galah turned to yank the tightly gripped duvet bed cover from Roo’s iron like hold of it, as she lay frozen watching the reflection of the most blackest shadowed figure that she had ever seen in a panel of cracked glass that laid across from her. The glass had shattered from the windows as the Galah had started his pitchy howling. The yellow from the Galah’s nightmarish eyes had Roo screaming, the most chilling sound of fright that it wasn’t long until Alf was banging on the door to come into her.

“Roo what’s the flaming matter?” his voice said sounding muffed through the closed door.

“Roo open the door.”

Roo screamed some more.


Spencer who had just come upstairs to lock himself in the toilet to only escape and get away from Colleen’s moany little repetitive complaints looked to Alf who was dressed in his red flowing dressing grown. Behind him Jett, Pippa and a sleepy dragged through a hedge backwards looking Maddie stood having been all awoken by the monstrous noises coming from Roo and Harvey’s room. Alf eyed Spencer then eyed Roo’s bedroom door, Spencer sighed and just ran as fast as he could into the door.


The door crashed open, the Galah who had now couched himself over the top of Roo turned towards the open doorway growling, its eyes glowing with menace.

“What the flaming hell’s going on here then?” Alf said rushing over to pick Spencer up from off the broken bedroom door.

“Oh look Granddad Alf its Brain my pet Galah.” Pippa said looking rather happy to see him despite his enormous size.

“YOU FLAMING GALAH GET OFF MY DAUGHTER.” Alf shouted dashing forwards to get the monster off her.

“Wow his gotten big now” Jett said sounding well impressed.

The Galah watched Alf as he held his fists up ready to do battle with him. His growling didn’t seem to put the old man off, oh well he would just have to rip him apart with his claws. Sending one of his clawed paws through the air soon alerted Maddie to the dangers that Alf was about to face. Dashing forwards Maddie pulled Alf away just in time.

The Galah would have been disappointed by this outcome had it not been for the sudden flash of blonde beauty of Maddie’s hair as it had blinded him from his attack on Alf. Beauty that had him wanting her now never mind Roo. Roo was old news now compared to Maddie. The Galah quickly advanced on Maddie grabbing her in his claw like grip. He was just about to throw her to the bed to join Roo when a knock was heard on the wall from outside the door less room.

“Excuse me have you been keeping some sort of hamster or guinea pig or rat in this cage? Because it’s empty now I have searched the whole downstairs but nothing.” Colleen said holding the swaying small Galah’s cage up to her face.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” the Galah roared and within seeing the cage for a only a few seconds he turned dropped Maddie to the floor and had taken a running leap from the open broken windows of the bedroom. Everyone but Jett and Pippa were shocked by the Galah’s quick exit.

“Come on Jett lets go get Brain back” Pippa said having taken Jett’s hand as they gazed outside to see the not so high leap onto the roof of Summer Bay’s house

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Thanks Red, Sarah and JT

Hope you like this one.

Chapter 9

Jett and Pippa watched as the fallen leaves swirled up into the air as the Galah thundered down to the soft gassy ground below. Then as well as watching him run off Jett and Pippa heard the startled screams from the early risers. They probably had thought that coming outside their caravans to sit in their deck chairs to watch the early morning sunrise, would have been a must pleasant and peaceful experience . But actually it turned out to be most harrowing.

Amongst the screaming campers there was Peter Lovejoy the managing director of Lovejoy’s holiday resorts. It had been down to Peter’s last sparkling review of Summer Bay’s caravan park that had it achieve its five star rating. But now by heck it had gone right down the dunny from last time he had stayed here, if the massive black clawed beast that was at that moment running through the campsite terrorising it’s campers was anything to go by. Peter was going to make a note of this, a note to tell his holiday caving customers not to come stay here. It would have to be a mental note for the time being, given he was far too busy screaming his head off in terror to even attempt to reach for his briefcase, Which was neatly tucked away underneath his deck chair.

Pippa and Jett had now managed to ease themselves carefully out and down from Roo’s shattered bedroom window. They were both looking to the huge footprints of the Galah showing clearly where the alien had ventured.

“Come on Jett this way” Pippa said quickly as she pointed off into the great wildness of the caravan park. Peter Lovejoy watched in utter astonishment as the two kids ran off into the depths of the low hanging trees of the caravan’s park’s forested landscape. Peter was finding this whole ordeal very daunting, and to make things even worse for him. There were the sounds of a high pitched scream of someone pleading vibrating off his ear drums.

“Noooooooooooooo Dad what are you doing? You can’t go shooting that out of my bedroom window.”

Alf rested his double barrelled shotgun against the wall.

“I flaming can I brought this gun here for this very reason.”

“Really?” Roo asked looking out at all the startled guests below.

“Well yes, well maybe I didn’t get it exactly for shooting flaming Galahs. Because this time last year I didn’t have a blinking clue they even existed. But yes I got this gun to defend this house and defend it I flaming will. Plus its our flaming job to make our guests feel at their ease and make their stay with us a stress free one.

Roo rolled her eyes

“It’s just a tiny bit late for that now Dad and Pippa won’t thank you for shooting her new pet you know?”

Alf took his aim as a spine tingling roar erupted from the trees just on the outskirts of the caravan park.

Peter Lovejoy’s review was going to turn out to be something along the lines as sounding more like fiction. Than anything that could damage the caravan park’s reputation if anyone happened to read it in the holiday brochures. His eyes had widen as the Galah had came charging out from under the darkness of the trees, And had made its way looking very menacing back over the open aired bedroom.

The bullets from Alf Stewart’s shotgun seeming to just bounce off him while others became lost in its mounts of fur.

“MAKE MY DAY YOU FLAMING GALAH” Alf yelled as the Galah came within inches of his face.

“Maybe its sliver bullets you need to kill it” Spencer said as he stayed well back hugging Maddie tightly.

“No I’m going to get this flaming Galah now just watch this.”

Alf aimed fired his shot and then found himself being caked in dust and plaster from the ceiling. The Galah laughed deeply as it held the bent metal barrel of the shotgun in his hairy fist.

“His bent my flaming shotgun” Alf moaned earning a look of pity from Roo.

The Galah then reached his big tree trunk of a arm into the bedroom. With only a small flexing action he pushed Alf and Roo aside out of his way. Colleen trembled at the door. Leaving Spencer and Maddie the only ones still standing.

“Get away go on be off with you” Spencer squeaked. The Galah laughed once more as he brushed at Maddie’s blonde hair. Spencer could sense it coming before it had even started. The build up to the Galah’s roar was enough to make him pee himself making Maddie pull herself away from him with disgust. Seeing that this was his chance the Galah quickly took hold of Maddie and then before Spencer could have even blinked the alien had pulled Maddie away and out of the bedroom.

Looking into the glint from his yellow eyes Maddie could see herself frowning with her arms folded Maddie said quite sternly………

“Hey you put me down right this minute, just who do you think you are?”

The roar that the Galah gave in answer blew her blonde hair about wildly. It also made the skin on her cheeks ripple ever so slightly.

The Galah then took off again running as fast as he could while holding on to Maddie back into the trees. He could hear singing, oh and how the Galah enjoyed a good sing song it just brought out the best in him.

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A big thanks for your comments again guys

Hope you like this one

Warning there is a line in this chapter that is a reference to spoiler for Uk viewers in this chapter

Chapter 10

“LIAM, LIAM Geez stop please.” Liam Murphy looked up to the pained expression on Kyle’s face.

“Have you even tuned that guitar dude it sounds awful.”

Liam looked quite angry at this statement.

“Yes I have thanks very much Kyle.” Liam said as he lightly drummed his fingers over the strings of his guitar. To Kyle’s great surprise the sound of music which came from those guitar strings sounded smoothing and calming to his ears.

“Oh sorry”

“Yeah see I told you.”

“Yeah sorry the mistake isn’t with your guitar playing.”

“Why thank you Kyle I’m so glad we have cleared that up.”

“Yeah the problem is with your singing, so can you do less of that please?”

Liam just glared at his fellow mentor. He had turned to Kyle for help, seeing as Kyle had once experienced the high life of being a successful songwriter, long before his explosive introduction into the Braxton’s family fold. To start with Liam had been grateful for Kyle’s little helpful tips and song writing wisdom. But over time he had grown quite bitter with jealously over Kyle’s talent, finding that he was much better than Liam could have ever of dreamed of being himself.

“Right from the top and this time Liam I will sing ok?”

“Right” Liam muttered as Kyle started to lose himself in the song that to Liam’s distressed had also been written by Kyle.

The Galah ran at such a quick pace towards the sound of Kyle’s angelic voice that it had Maddie feeling rather sick.

“Hey you slow down.”

The Galah stopped for a mere moment to allow Maddie’s head to stop from bobbing from side to side like some kind of nodding dog which sat on somebody’s car dashboard. He then started to creep forwards parting the brushes of the caravan park’s woodland and carefully peered and listened to Kyle and Liam play their music. The Galah placed Maddie down by the side of him patting her head lightly.

Alf, Roo Spencer and Colleen had now ventured outside. Alf led the way as they all followed the Galah’s footprints.

Peter Lovejoy of Lovejoy’s holiday resorts was still sat in his deck chair recovering from seeing the sight of the scary Galah. His nerves were shot and he was feeling rather on edge still. So it was to no surprise that he ended up jumping about a mile into the air, when the door to the caravan in which Harvey and Sally had been locked inside of flew off from its hinges and landed with a thud on the grass in front of him.

“Phew at last come on Sal” Harvey said as he helped Sally out of the hole where the door had been.

“Mum?” Pippa said as she saw Sally fall into Harvey’s arms.

“Harvey?” Roo also said watching as Harvey staggered across the grass towards her.

“And what is it exactly that the two of you have been upto? Your both very reddish in the face and your both panting a lot.” Roo asked as a worried looking Pippa and Jett wandered over to them.

“We were both locked in that dam van Roo I had to kick the door in.”

“Harvey I bet it was all that flaming Galah’s fault.” Alf said quickly grabbing Sally to give her a comforting hug.

Roo took hold of Harvey and started to lead him back towards the house.

“Er Roo what about Maddie you haven’t forgot about her have you?” Spencer asked sounding most concerned. Roo stopped in her tracks and started to laugh to cover up the fact that she had indeed forgot about her.

“Noo I’m her guardian Spencer and you know its you I mostly forget about. I’m joking of course I never forget about either of you.” Roo then turned back towards the path where the Galah had ran off with Maddie.

Meanwhile the Galah had pushed his way through the brushes to make enough of a view for Kyle and Liam to see him.

“My God Harvey have you forgotten to shave? You look like you have been lost at sea for about a month.” Liam laughed still drumming away at his Guitar as Kyle continued to sing.

The Galah roared sounding like he was in a high amount of agonising pain.

“Er Liam I don’t think that’s Harvey” Kyle said as a great mount of fur seemed to mate away from his body. It then took on a strange like shape of a second Galah which also roared, and did the same thing and then the next Galah after that did the same. Until there was a huge circle of Galahs stood surrounding Liam and Kyle Maddie screamed.

Alf and Sally and co soon came across the very loud commotion thanks to Maddies very loud sounding lungs. Everyone just stared ahead at the now huge family of Galahs.

“Well hope to see you at the Diner for our little concert.” Liam quickly said jumping to his feet so he and Kyle could attempt to make a fast exit.

“Yeah Tamara should of handed you a flyer for our Christmas sing along.” Kyle said knocking a wrapper of one of the Diners made burgers out of his pocket. The Galahs noses quickly picked up on the scent.

“YUMMY FOOD” one of them spoke.

The Galahs then turned towards Kyle, who to his horror soon realised that all the Galahs were following him, as they picked up on the scent of his burger he had had for lunch that day.

The Diner was filled with Christmas joy. Nobody realised they were about to come into contact with a lot of furry black aliens while they enjoyed the talents of Liam Murphy and Kyle Bennett.

John, Marilyn and Leah smiled from behind the counter at all the happiness that Christmas was bringing to people. A photo of Irene Roberts a woman who had worked long ago behind the counter also smiled. It was a shame she had vanished without a trace which made her one of the bay’s long lost memories of the past.

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