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Bikini, beer and a new boyfriend for Samara Weaving

Guest Mishyy

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Samara Weaving relaxes in North Bondi with male companion Jake. Picture: Snappermedia


Samara Weaving relaxes in North Bondi with male companion Jake. Picture: Snappermedia

IT was just another day at the office for Samara Weaving - plus a new boyfriend and a beer.

Used to the "Summer Bay uniform" of a bikini thanks to her part as Indi Walker on Home & Away, the 21-year-old actress was spotted among the throng of beachgoers enjoying Sydney's autumn summer at the weekend.

Chilling out on North Bondi's famous grassy knoll, Weaving looked relaxed as she sipped a Peroni and cosied up to her boyfriend, who is known only as Jake.

The petite blonde has previously dated Axle Whitehead and Tyler Atkins and was also linked to soapie co-star Johnny Ruffo.

A friend said the new beau was "normal".

"He's a regular Aussie guy and they really like each other," we were told.

Weaving recently assured she was staying with the show following the departure of onscreen hubby Luke Mitchell, who is chasing the dream in LA.

"It's a great place to work, and I think it's rare to find a cast and crew who get along so well," she said. "There's a really good work ethic as well - everyone's so grounded and nice."

Weaving also said she would chose theatre work in the UK over Tinseltown.

"I just think that would be more my cup of tea - I'm not going to go out of my way to run off to Hollywood and be in movies," she said.


Topic should've read "Bikini, beer, Cigarettes and a new boyfriend for Samara Weaving"

She is Gorgeous though

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