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Secret Desires

Guest Sally_Fletcher

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Story Title: Secret Desires

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Sally and Rocco

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Will put warnings before each chapter.

Summary: Rocco and Sally are in love, but how will they deal with these feelings? Will they admit it at all? Even to themselves?

Thanks guys - my lovely partner in crime gave me the go-ahead so here is the first part!

"The French Revolution was not only a crucial event considered in the context of Western history, but was also..."

He stopped listening and simply stared at her.

She was dressed in a short skirt, and wearing a jacket over her black top. Her long dark hair wasn't tied up and he couldn't help himself wondering what it would feel like, running his fingers through her hair.

"Rocco, are you with us?"

"Yeah... sorry. You lost me!"

She smiles kindly - any other teacher would have made him feel like an idiot right now.

"The revolution a dry subject for you?"

"Yeah... I'll pay attention now."

Rocco could feel the eyes of all the other students on him, but it's like they didn't exist.

"Miss Fletcher... I find it difficult keeping up at the rate we're going... could you help me after school please?"

Okay, so he didn't want to talk about history with her.

But he needed to be with her.


Not that he would try anything.. just her presence was enough to make him forget about what he was before he came to the Bay.

She made him feel like a good person.

"Sure, be here at 6PM?"

"Thanks Miss Fletcher, it's really a great help."

She smiles at him and returns to the black board. "As I was saying..."

Sally lost track of what she said, her mind racing.


At first she just felt sorry for the poor kid who was in a gang, thought it was her duty to help him. Whenever she saw him hurt and bruised she was upset... but that was normal, wasn't it?

And thinking about him... dreaming about him...

Stop it, Sally!

She had to reprimand herself everytime she started thinking about him.

Her thoughts just started running...

She catches his eyes on her and for a second they lock eyes.

The message in his eyes is so clear.


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Rocco checked his watch, it was only 4.15pm, he quickly changed out of his sweaty clothes, walking over to the bathroom sink, he bushed his teeth and sprayed breath fresher.

Stop it! He told himself, this was silly, it was just a catch up session, not a date…

But he had seen something in Sally’s eyes when his and her eyes met, hadn’t he or was only dreaming?.

He slipped on a pair of white board shorts and a dark blue sleeveless top, looking in the mirror he shook his, sliding them off he threw on a pair of good jeans and a black t-shirt.

He looked over at the hair jell container, desperate times called for desperate measures, his hair had to look prefect.

Sally tried to stop thinking about to night, she was worried, her and Rocco alone, Stop Sally she yelled at herself, she couldn’t go there.

“Everything okay Sal?” Leah’s voice broke Sally’s chain of thought.

she nodded and smiled.

“Yeah, just thinking about stuff” Sally answered.

Leah smiled “Good, so what do you think of the new principal, what’s his name..”

Sally stop listening to Leah as she tried hopelessly to stop thinking about Rocco.

hope you guys like it

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Thanks for the feedback Amanda and laineyloo. Here is the next part. Please tell what you think!

SUMMER BAY HIGH - Sally's Class.


Why isn't he here yet?

Sally shakes her head lightly.

This isn't a date... why would he be early anyway?

She sits down on one of the tables and closes her eyes. These feelings are just so wrong...

"Stop thinking about him." she softly whispers to herself.

She stands up and picks up her notes.

"History. Think about history, Sally."

Instead of historical facts, however, it is only Rocco's soft eyes that springs to mind.

A few stubborn tears make their way to her eyes, flow down her cheeks.

"I don't want this." She sobs softly.

Then suddenly there are strong arms, holding her.


She looks up into Rocco's eyes.

"What's wrong?"

She tries to pull away, but her body won't obey her head.


"Nothing isn't going to make you cry."

She can't even say the words out loud... She can't even think it!

Without wanting to, she sobs even louder and Rocco pulls her closer.

Her head rests against his chest and his hand strokes her dark hair.

"It's okay... it'll be all right... Come on, Sal, don't cry."

She looks up at him and he shudders lightly.

She looks so vulnerable. Defenceless.

A teardrop is hanging onto her lashes, making her look even more beautiful. More like a woman...

Without even thinking it through, Rocco lowers his head. Their lips are only centimeters apart, a strong magnetic power pulling them towards each other...

Then she pulls away and turns around, shaking lightly.

"We have history to talk about."


Her voice is falsely cheery.

"Come on - the French revolution is waiting!"

"Can we at least talk about what almost happened? You felt it too, I know you did."

"I don't know what you're talking about, Rocco. Come on, we don't have all night."

She looks away, evading his eyes. Rocco sighs.

"Fine. The French Revolution it is."

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hey guys its seems it my turn to post and that I have permission, here is the four chapter.

Sally walked into the room, she slowly slipped off her shirt, throwing it to the side, she walked over to Rocco, slipping out her pants, revealing her sexy….

“Rocco, are you all right?”.

Sally’s sweet voice woke Rocco out of his dream.

“Huh, yeah”.

Rocco smiled nervously at Sally, hoping she wouldn’t see though his lie.

“Okay, now where were we”

Sally tries to remember what she was teaching, but she made the mistake of looking in his eyes.

Rocco tried to concentrate on what Sally was teaching him, but his thoughts keep wandering away from him, Rocco had girlfriends before, but never felt like this before.

“Okay Rocco, when did the revolution start?”

Sally asked, she tried to push Rocco out of her mind, his strong arms, his sexy body, his hurt expression and…

Stop Sally! She said to herself.

“Sal, was I right?”

Rocco looked at Sally, her beautiful body, her innocent expressions.

He felt silly trying to impress her, but it meant the world to him when ever she gave him her approval.


Sally tried to remember Rocco’s answer.

“Yes, you were right”

she answered smiling, her smile grew as Rocco’s face lit up, she wished she could, but she knew she couldn’t.

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PART 5 -Thanks for the feedback!

Sally checks her watch.

"It's getting really late..."

"Sorry, it doesn't even feel like we've been here for long."

"It's all right, but we do need to get home now."

Rocco nods absently. Living in the same home as Sally was torture as well as bliss. Yes, she was there, he good feel her presence every second of the day. But getting her alone was somewhat impossible. There are always people - Cassie, Ric, Martha, Alf... it was crazy!

"Are you going to insist on walking again or do you want a lift with me this time?"

Rocco laughs. "I'll take the lift! Maybe we can stop by the diner and quickly get something to eat... I'm really hungry!"

"That is a great idea!"

They both laugh and walk to her car. The drive to the diner is quiet. Rocco stares at Sally, admiring her beauty while she concentrates on the road. They are at the diner in the blink of an eye, and wanting to make an even better impression, Rocco is quick to hold the car door open for Sally. She thanks him with a dazzling smile and they sit down opposite each other.

Colleen hurries to them, a quizzical frown on her forehead.

"What an unlikely pairing, I thought when I saw the two of you entering."

Sally looks at Rocco, her eyes slightly widened but he simply smiles. "Miss Fletcher was helping me with history and it took so long for me to actually get it that we missed dinner."

The frown disappears and Colleen smiles. "I thought it couldn't be anything out of order. Just like when that Diesel boy..."

"Thank you Colleen. We'll just have two specials and coffees." Sally cuts her off and she hops away again.

Rocco frowns. "What Diesel boy?"

"It's nothing."

Her hand is lying on the open table and something urges him to take it. He does and Sally looks up.

"You know you can talk to me?"

He quickly moves his hand away when Colleen comes back, putting the food in front of them. She disappears without a word and Rocco smiles at Sally.

"It's just... you helped me so much... I feel like I need to return the favour."

"It's a long story. And it's over."

She turns her attention to her food, but looks up when she feels a foot rub against her leg intimately. Goosebumps spring to her arms, the soft touch driving her crazy.


He smiles.

"You feel it too, don't you?"

Without saying a word, Sally jumps up from her seat, almost running out of the diner. Rocco frowns and buries his head in his hands, utterly devastated.

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hey guys heres the next bit, only I feel like a cheater right now cos I need Sally's help to finish this, :lol: hope you like, its great :)

Part 6

Colleen hurried over to where Rocco was sitting, now by himself.

"Did Sally have to go…" Colleen started, Rocco cut her off.

"She had to go home, a problem came up" he said sadly.

Rocco faked a smile as Colleen waffled on, he thought he had meant something

to Sally, the looks, the feelings.

Getting up Rocco walked out of the Diner, holding in his tears.

Colleen watched puzzled, "Is anyone going to paid for this?" she called out,

sighing she raced off to tell Irene and Leah what happened

Rocco walked along the beach, dragging his feet, looking up he saw Sally

standing by her self. He started to turn away, after once bitten twice shy


He sighed, taking a deep breath he walked over to Sally, she was crying and

staring out to see.

"What wrong".

he asked, hesitating as he wrapped his arms around her, she fall into him.

"Its so wrong".

she cried into Rocco shoulder, Rocco held her tighter in his arms.

"Its okay, Sally".

He said, stroking her face, at least she wasn't running away this time. She

wiped a tear away, looking up into Rocco's eyes he could see a hidden pain.

"I think its time I told you something".

Sally said looking away again,

"You see Diesel was this guy… He was a student and he was in love with me."

Rocco freezes and Sally looks up at him, her cheeks tear-stained.

"I know what you're thinking. I swear, I never felt the same way, I never gave him any reason to think that I did."

"What happened?"

"He got obsessed with me. I almost lost my job. My kids. And this time... this time I would deserve losing them. This is so wrong, Rocco!"

He softly touches her face.

"If this is wrong... then why does it feel right?"

He bends his head down and captures her mouth in a passionate kiss. Then suddenly, she pulls away.

"I do have feelings for you, Rocco. But I can't act upon it. I'm sorry."

She slowly walks away, her head bowed down in hurt.

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Thank you for reading this and for the feedback!



Rocco stares after Sally's disappearing back before heading to the ocean.

He walks in to the cold water, hoping it would kill the hurt he felt when she left. Maybe kill everything that hurts.


"Rocco!" He hears her voice over the sound of waves rushing, but he ignores it.

It's not like it's real!

Suddenly arms are around him, pulling him towards the beach.

"What are you doing?"


She looks at him with scared blue eyes. "I saw you walking into the water..."

"You though I wanted to..."

She nods, her eyes shining with tears.

"Don't ever scare me like that again!"

Then suddenly her lips are on his, as she kisses him fiercely.

A wave breaks over their heads and she smiles as she pulls away.

"We should get out of the water."

Hand in hand they swim out until they reach the beach.

But when Sally wants to keep walking, Rocco grabs her hand and pulls her down onto the sand, falling on top of her.

"I'm crazy about you, Sally."

His eyes wander over her body, her wet clothes clinging onto her like a second skin.

Sally slips her hands into Rocco's T-shirt, carressing his smooth back.

He looks down at her face under him and smiles.

"Let's stop pretending. No one will know. I need you, Sally."

She lifts her head invitingly and their mouths meet in a passionate kiss.

Rocco pulls Sally's small body closer against his own, wishing the kiss could last forever, while knowing that it is simply a stolen moment...

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you loved that, you think this is great :lol:, thanks for your feed back

Part 8

Rocco walked along the hallway, his thoughts on Sally and last night, her tender lips meeting his, her smooth arms caressing his back, the way she look so terrify at the thought of him dieing.

Suddenly there was bust of giggling, looking to his right Rocco saw a gang of girls, giggling and playing around, trying to ignore them he walked faster, however they had other plans.

“Hey you used to be in a gang right?”.

One of taller blonde hair girl asked.

Rocco nodded and keep walking, he knew this couldn’t end good.

One of the girls grabbed his arm.

“We think that’s sexy”, a smallish brunette said, the rest giggled.

Sally hurried down the hall, she was meant to be having lunch now but she still had to deliver the papers to Mrs Wood.

She had been so distracted today, everything reminded her of Rocco, his warm smile, his strong arms, his sexy hair.

Stop! She told herself as she almost bumped into another student, she couldn’t get going like this, but…

But Rocco felt it to, was it really wrong?.

Yes! Sal he’s under age, she was he teacher, she should know better. Rounding the corner she dropped her books.

Rocco tried to push her away, but it was so quick, one second they were making uncomfortable small talk, next minute her lips where pressed on his.

As he finally pulled away, he heard the soon of books falling, turning he saw Sally’s back as she ran off, cringing he took off after her, leaving the sound of giggling girls behind.

I should of known better, Sally told herself, running down the hallway, of course he only wanted to get into my pants.

How could she of been so stupid to think he really loved her?.

How could she not of seen the plain truth, right in front of her?.

She ducked into a room, closing the door she slid onto the floor.

“Sal?, is everything okay?”.

Sally looked up into Brad’s caring eyes.

Rocco lost her after the second corner, ignoring the puzzled looks he slouched into the bathroom, standing in front of the mirror, he turned on the tap and cupped his hands.

Spraying his face with cool water, he considered his options.

Maybe it was best he didn’t go to history after lunch….

Thinking about, he decided he should go to history,

maybe he’d be able to get Sally alone and explain it to her,

maybe he’d be able to fix this…..

Sally’s Class.

Sally walked in with elegance and grace which belied her earlier break down, sitting at her desk she quickly took the roll before beginning the class.

“Well Rocco, do you have an answer or not”

She said impatiently, tapping her pen against her desk, Rocco squirmed in his chair, he could tell Sally was really mad at him, shrugging he shook is head in disgrace.

“What was that Mr Cooper, I didn’t hear anything”

Sally pressed, she was being mean, overly mean, but Rocco had hurt her, made her feel foolish and stupid, pathetic, he deserve to know what that was like.

“No, Miss Fletcher, I don’t have the answer”

Rocco sighed, Sally tried to push the image of Rocco crestfallen face out of her mind.

“Well then, you make enjoy an after school detention with Mr Armstrong”

Don’t give in! she told herself, all she really wanted to do was to hug Rocco tightly, never to let go of him, it was foolish.

What ever happened to her, once stung twice shy motto, it was blown away by Rocco, she sighed to herself.

This could only end in disaster.

“Okay class turn to page 33”.

Please post more comments, we love reading them :)

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Thank you all so much for the feedback... I must admit, I wasn't sure about the reaction we'd get...

Here's the next update! Hope you like it - tell us what you think again please!

Rocco slowly raises his hand and Sally glares at him.

"Now what?"

"I'm sorry, Miss Fletcher... I don't understand question three in the work you just gave us."

Sally frowns. "You had an extra class yesterday."

"I know... and I'm really sorry, but..."

Sally folds her arms, looking into his pleading eyes.

"Maybe you need to do some extra work then."

"I'll do anything."

Sally sighs. "Fine. I'll think about something you can do."

"Thank you, mam."

She turns her back on him and heads to the board, starting to explain the work, her mind racing.

Why is he doing this?


What is he trying to achieve? Higher history marks?

There's a knock on the door and Sally turns her head to see Brad standing there.

"Oh hey Mr Armstrong. Come in."

"Hi Miss Fletcher. Do you have a moment?"

Sally shots Rocco a look and smiles brightly at Brad.

"Of course."

She puts her hand on his arm as they walk out of the class.

Rocco frowns angrily.

What is this? She can't possibly dump him for that Armstrong guy... She would never! Or would she? There was something in her eyes, something he didn't recognize...

Out in the corridor, Sally touches Brad's arm softly.

"I insist! We're a big family so there's always food for one more..."

"Well in that case... thank you Sal."And thank you for doing the detention in my place today. You really are a lifesaver."

"Oh, don't mention it."

She keeps smiling until Brad's back disappears around the corner. Then her smile changes into a frown.

"You had to ask me because I gave Rocco detention, didn't you?"

She walks into the class again, her smile a little to wide to be fake.

"Ooh, Miss Fletcher! What was that about?"

Sally smiles at Drew, looking at Rocco out of the corner of her eye.

"Nothing much. You lot just go on with the work now."

"Well it looks like it's good news he gave you."

Sally nods slightly.

"Yeah... it could be,"

At that, Rocco angrily stands up and leaves the classroom.

"Mr Cooper, where are you going?"

He ignores her and Sally puts her hands on her hips.

"You go on with your work please."

Arms folded, she angrily races after Rocco with the full intention to give him a piece of her mind

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hey guys, here the next bit, enjoy.

Part 10

Summer Bay high

Sally hurried after Rocco,

What was he doing?

She turned the corner and made her way into the gym, he was in so much

trouble now.

He's sitting in the corner, slouched against the wall,

Sally hurries over to him.

"What do you think your doing Mr Cooper, you can not just walk out of


He looks up at her, she feels her anger melt away as she looks into his tear

soaked eyes. He visible swallows.

"Miss Fletcher, Sally I'm so sorry, its not what you think".

She shakes her head, she doesn't want to hear this,

He pushes himself up.

"Sally, please give me another chance, I can be so much better for you than

Mr Armstrong"

He pulls her into a embrace, she pushes away.

"Right Mr Cooper, time to get back to class"


"Now!" she order, Rocco slouched in defeat

"Yes Miss"

He muttered.

The rest of lesson goes like clockwork, apart from the whisperings of

students which Sally doesn't really notice…

Because yet again she's thinking about Rocco.

She should just let it go, write him off.

This would be so much better if she could, but his words, his begging

wouldn't leave her alone.

She sighed in frustration, it would be so much better if she just loved


Fletcher house.

Rocco fumed in his bedroom,.

Had he not gotten though to her, he really did love her.

He never should of talk to those girls, he knew it would end in trouble, at

least Sally didn't seem mad at him.

He sighed and chuck a tennis ball up into the air,

Maybe something's weren't meant to work out.

Sally sat absent-mindedly in the kitchen, her thoughts roam on Rocco and


Brad was so right in so many ways, he was in the same age group, he cared

for her, he was perfect.

Rocco was so wrong for her, he was too young, had a gang past, he was

anything but prefect.

But when had prefect been good?.

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