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Former Home and Away actress and double Gold Logie Winner Kate Ritchie


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Former Home and Away actress and double Gold Logie Winner Kate Ritchie Turns To Writing A Drama

KATE Ritchie is set to focus less on her acting career and more on writing, with plans to pen a drama series and, later, a novel.

"But it's hard when you have to drive yourself," said Ritchie, 33., famous for playing the role of Sally Fletcher for 20 years in TV drama Home and Away.

"I'm used to being told where to be every day.

"But I'm loving it and I'm just trying to nurture some skills that will give me some longevity in this industry.

"At the moment I'm writing my own drama and I'd love to write a book."

Asked if the book might be a juicy, tell-all memoir about growing up a soapie star (what sounds better than that?), Ritchie chuckled.

"No. Definitely not a memoir. I'd like to keep working in this industry," the former soapie veteran said.

It's understood that Ritchie has taken some guidance from her good pal and long-term co-star Judy Nunn who played Ailsa on Home and Away.

Nunn is not only a well established author but is well known to have helped give Ritchie a guiding hand in her post-soapie career.

As for her old Summer Bay pal turned movie monolith Chris Hemsworth, Ritchie admitted the Thor star - whom she worked alongside for three years on Home And Away - always had that "star" quality.

"I don't think there was ever any doubt he was going to make it because ... look at him. He's a movie star," she said.

"And I know it sounds corny but not only is he gorgeous on the outside, he's gorgeous on the inside as well."


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