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Axle and Samara - a couple

Guest Alison C

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Axle Whitehead has confirmed that he and his Home and Away co-star Samara Weaving are a couple off-screen.

There have been rumours circulating that the pair have embarked on a romance for a while, but they have not spoken about their relationship until now.

Whitehead, who plays Liam Murphy on the show, told the Australian Sunday Telegraph that they are dating, saying: "It's only new but it's going really well."

The actor also told the newspaper that he believes that Weaving, who plays Indigo Walker on the soap, will follow in the footsteps of previous Home and Away stars Heath Ledger, Chris Hemsworth and Naomi Watts by having a career in Hollywood.

From RTE.ie

Original article here

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Digital Spy has got this too, same article http://www.digitalspy.com.au/soaps/s15/hom...lationship.html

Maybe that's why people saw a photo of them together ages ago and were saying that maybe Liam & Indi were together, but it just must have been Axel & Sam taking a break from filming... I wonder what Lisa's reaction was.....

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