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Early Years Underscores!

Guest Luigi Severus Fletcher

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Anyone remember the music that used to play in the background of the show in 1988 and onwards, does anyone have a clean copy of the scores available for download, because me and my boyfriend love the music.

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It's nice to read about others who appreciated the old Home and Away underscore. My favourite underscore 'era' so to speak, is a toss up between 1995-1996 (where they started using lots of very melodic and emotional 'orchestra' sounding tunes) and 1988-1994.

Unfortunately there are no 'clean copies' of any of the music. It would be such a dream if Mike Perjanik or Home and Away released an iTunes page where we could download clean versions of the most used underscores from 1988-2003. I'd buy every one. I must say that I'm jealous of the music editors of the show over the years who, presumably, have had access to the huge archive of underscores.

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