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Early Years in UK soon?

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Hi guys, sorry ive not posted in forever, or logged in for that matter, however, i am an avid Home and Away viewer (uk) and often come here and read the posts.

(i say avid, i switched off in 2009, 2010 seasons, but have seen all of 2011 and got back on track)

now obviously we have a lot of nostalgic memories of the 90s,

theres apparently a new channel starting on sky in the UK that is claiming to be showing the show from EP 1 when it launches. Theres always been a huge thing about the rights to the show and C5 not being able to show early, early eps, but it seems these guys have a deal with ITN? -shrug- i dunno how is works.

Anyway, ive liked their facebook page so when theres updates, ill find out. Will be good to watch the old stuff again!

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From what I've heard I wouldn't get any hopes up just yet, this particular channel has been 'Coming Soon' for 2 years now and they still don't have any idea of a launch date. I've also read of people who have posted on this company's FB page and been banned simply for asking if anything is actually going to come to fruition.

Until anything concrete comes along (there haven't even been any applications to OFCOM), this is nothing more than a pretty website with someone's ideas.

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