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Manchester accent

Guest Nathan.

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Hello English people

Long time, no see/talk/read/etc. So, I've been cast in a play here in New Zealand - it's called Punk Rock by Simon Stephens (perhaps you've heard of it?) and the role requires me to speak with a Manchester accent (the character is from Stockport, specifically, but the director is easy and has said any Manchester/Greater Manchester accent will do). Now I understand there's an abundance of English people on here, so what I'd love is for someone from around Manchester ways to be able to help me go through the script (via Skype) and suss out how to do the accent and what not. It would be really appreciated.

Let me know if you can be of assistance.

Thanks a tonne.

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Do you get English programmes over there Nathan? Cos progs like Coronation Street are good for accents like that. I also watch Downton Abbey, you know that actor Rob James Collier in that? He has a perfect Manchester accent. Look up interviews with him and the Corrie cast on Youtube, that might help.

Like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyrYpxx2o3g

Just an idea.

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Not sure if you have got this sorted yet but I thought I would post just incase.

Agree with Miranda, your best port of call is perhaps a Manchester tv show such as Corrie- I think you have it in NZ? There's also Shameless but that's mainly got Northern Manchester accents whereas Stockport is more Southern Manchester which isn't as distinctive in my opinion.

My accent is from Sale, which is also in Southern Manchester so its pretty similar but Im afraid Im a bit too shy for Skype sorry. :o

Whatever you do, don't listen to Daphne from Fraser. No matter what people say she did not master it. :lol:

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