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Adelle Episode Guide:

4458 Aden fights Geoff at rugby.

4464 Aden gets Geoff drunk and locks him in the car boot.

4466 Aden is kicked off the rugby team.

4474 Aden is accused of poisoning the ewes.

4479 Aden is innocent of poisoning the sheep.

4488 Aden rigs the Formal Committee election.

4529 Aden plays in a pool comp at the Surf Club.

4535 Aden is unwell during exam and collapses.

4542 Aden & Tam talk.

4544 Aden & Tam have lunch together.

4545 Aden & Tam hook up and he films them.

4546 Aden doesn’t want anything to do with Tam.

4547 Aden switches off the Formal’s lights.

4553 Aden & mates party on the beach with Cassie & Mattie. Car crash.

4554 Aden’s leg is injured.

4563 Aden tries to get Geoff to punch him.

4568 Aden is mad that Geoff’s not playing pro rugby.

4572 Aden annoys people at school.

4574 Geoff punches Aden.

4575 Geoff apologises.

4578 Aden finds Annie drunk and is accused of causing it.

4579 Morag offers to help defend Aden.

4582 Aden protests his innocence.

4585 Aden hosts a memorial for Dan on the beach.

4588 Annie tells the truth. Newspaper prepares to publish Aden’s memorial for Dan.

4589 Aden doesn’t like comments about his grandfather being a hero.

4592 Aden defends Bartlett?

4594 Aden & Roman bond and discuss Miles’ past struggles.

4597 Aden’s still annoyed about comments about his grandfather.

4598 Aden likes Matilda.

4603 Aden finds out about Cassie’s HIV.

4604 Morag & Aden bond.

4605 Aden’s dad is drunk and passed out at home. Aden is nasty to Cassie. Blood tests are clear.

4606 Aden screams at his dad for letting his grandfather abuse him. Old Diner collapses on him.

4607 Aden is found injured in the old Diner.

4608 Aden’s in hospital.

4610 Aden wakes up in hospital.

4613 Aden starts to remember his argument with his dad.

4615 Larry tells Rachel about the abuse. She tells him to talk to Aden.

4619 Aden asks Roman if he can move into his place.

4620 Aden moves into Roman’s and Nicole arrives.

4621 Flirting with Nicole.

4622 Aden tries to kiss Nicole. She tells him “Down boy”.

4623 Nicole makes sure Aden knows she makes the rules.

4625 Dawn service. Snow globe.

4628 Nicole & Aden bet on Geoff’s innocence.

4629 Aden starts work at the Diner alongside Belle.

4630 Belle is suspicious about the bet.

4634 Everyone wants to know about the bet.

4635 The bet is uncovered. Aden gets his $200.

4637 Morag is not impressed.

4640 Aden & Nic have lunch at the Diner and Aden invites Belle to eat with them.

4642 Aden & Nicole kiss. He freaks out.

4644 Aden talks to Rachel about why he’s having girl trouble.

4646 Den opening. Aden likes Belle.

4647 Nicole’s party.

4648 Aftermath of the party. Belle takes beach photos of Aden. At night sits and looks thru pics when Aden comes along.

4654 Fun at the diner with Nicole, Aden & Belle. Aden tells Larry he’s not moving home.

4655 Aden is discovered to have bashed Axel. On the beach Belle asks him why he’s been different lately and he tells her he will tell her one day.

4657 Larry’s in hospital. Mattie tells Belle Aden likes her. Aden calls Larry a loser. Belle stays with Aden at the hospital.

4658 Aden doesn’t want to see Larry in the hospital so he leaves. He gets drunk and tries to kiss Nic. Then goes to Belle’s and sneaks in the window. They get busted in the morning by Annie, Geoff & Ollie.

4659 Belle kicks Aden out. Aden brags to Nicole about staying at Belle’s. Aden climbs in the window again and finds her photos of him. He comes back later and they KISS.

4663 Belle’s lying on the beach and Aden approaches. They splash together. Aden sneaks in the window again. They jump next to the door when Annie comes home. Kiss, then Belle tells Aden to go see his dad. Nic is jealous.

4664 Nic is more jealous. Aden agrees to move home when Larry is discharged.

4665 Aden moves home and cleans the house. Larry tips out alcohol. Aden tells Nic to stay out of his business.

4667 Aden’s mad because Belle is embarrassed about him. Aden’s at school and the computers go off causing him to lose his assignment. Belle talks to Mattie about Aden. Aden’s upset about Larry needing him.

4668 Belle gives Aden an assignment to hand in. Later he climbs in Belle’s window. He says he’ll stay for an hour but ends up sleeping over. They make plans for him to come over again the next night.

4669 Larry teases Aden about having a gf. When Aden goes out Larry starts drinking. Belle catches him.

4671 Aden & Larry have a meal at the Diner and Belle is acting strange. Later he questions Belle about Larry might have told her about his grandfather. Belle says he caught him drinking and Aden is furious. (A)

4672 Aden gets angry with his dad and packs his bags. Belle tries to talk to him about his grandfather but he won’t. He sleeps at the Diner. (A)

4673 Aden’s working when his dad interrupts. Aden makes plans to move back into Roman’s. Belle hugs him. (A)

4679 Belle & Aden are kissing in the water at the beach. Ruby, Annie & Geoff see. Belle tells Mattie they haven’t slept together yet. At Mattie’s party Aden tells his she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Aden visits the hospital and tells Larry he’s never moving back home. Mattie tells Belle what Aden said about her. (A)

4680 In the Diner Belle says “spot the loser” referring to herself. She tells Aden that Mattie told her what he said. They find out about Axel and Aden suspects his dad. At Larry’s house Aden finds a blood soaked t-shirt. (A)

4681 Aden tells Belle he suspects Larry. They find him on the side of the road and tell him to turn himself in. Larry disappears. (A)

4685 Belle & Aden make out. She wants to go further but they don’t. Later she tells him she wants to and when they try he freaks out and leaves Belle upset. (A)

4686 Aden & Belle fight at work. Later Belle asks Nicole if she and Aden did anything and Nic tells her he ran a mile when she tried. Belle tries to talk to Aden about being a virgin and Aden gets nasty. He flirts with a blonde.

4690 Larry calls Aden for money. Belle agrees to date Angelo to make Aden jealous. Aden apologises to Belle for his behaviour. Later Aden tells Belle all about his grandfather. He breaks down and she comforts him. (A)

4691 Aden appears at brekky. At the Diner Aden tells Belle he’s planning a surprise for her. That night they are kissing. He wants to go further but can’t. After some yelling they agree it’s nice just to hold hands until he can.

4695 Aden thanks Rachel at the hospital for arranging counseling. The Jeans for Genes parade. They go all the way at Belle’s house and Aden reveals that he’s been having counseling.

4696 They cleans Larry’s house. Belle gets money from the bank but it’s stolen from Roman’s house. They blame Elliot.

4697 Aden finds Larry at the house. Larry reveals he was abused too.

4698 Aden is furious with Larry. He makes Larry suffer and won’t call for help.

4703 Rachel goes to Larry’s and Aden locks her up while he watches Larry suffer. Belle turns up and Aden looks crazy.

4704 Aden won’t let Belle or Rachel leave. Belle tells him she loves him. Police burst in. Angelo takes Belle home and comforts her.

4705 Aden’s at the police station and won’t talk til he sees Belle. Eventually she comes but tells him she can’t be with him. Aden goes to psych hospital and Melody is there

4706 Aden talks to Melody. Aden doesn’t co-operate in counseling.

4707 Belle visits Aden, but just as a friend.

4712 Aden’s counseling has a breakthrough. He is released for the day but finds Angelo and Belle kissing.

4713 At the clinic Aden is in a bad mood.

4717 Aden leaves the clinic. Apologises to Rachel. Sees Belle at the beach in the rain and tells her he won’t get in her and Angelo’s way. Morag offers to represent him. Aden and Nic play pool and pretend to strip off and Belle looks annoyed.

4718 Aden and Nic wag school and go to the beach.

4722 Aden starts back at the Diner. He encourages her to go with Angelo. Aden catches Belle about to photograph him on the beach.

4725 Things are tense at the Diner. Aden says “I wanna know what the hell you want from me”. He quits and gets a job at the development site. Belle visits him there and he tells her to get lost.

4726 Preparing for Aden’s court case. Court isn’t going well. Angelo & Aden have words and he fires his lawyer for bringing up the abuse.

4727 Aden agrees to let Morag help. Angelo’s car window was smashed and Belle thinks it was Aden. The abuse is revealed in court. Aden’s cleared of smashing the window. Court is over. Belle tells Aden she loves him but he brushes her off.

4731 Aden and Nic have been camping. Aden starts work at the development site and Belle takes photos. Nic tries to make Belle jealous about Aden.

4732 Belle turns up at Aden’s work and tells him Larry’s at hospital so they go visit him. At the Diner Belle asks Aden to come and stake out the development site with her that night. In the car he kisses her and she kisses him back.

4733 Aden’s angry that Belle won’t admit she was into the kiss. At the diner he tells her they’re under each other’s skin. At Roman’s Belle tells him it’s too late because she’s slept with Angelo. Later Aden sees Belle with Angelo and she’s sees him and looks upset.

4737 Aden’s pay has been mucked up and at the site he finds the site plans. He goes to Belle’s house but Angelo is there. Aden & Morag have a D&M. Belle asks Aden why he came over and he tells her to go back to Angelo. Aden steals the site plans from work. Belle finds them on her bed.

4738 Belle gets a call that Aden’s been hurt at work, but he hadn’t. He’s been fired. She rushes over to him and they’re getting close until he sees the ugly earrings from Angelo. Aden says he won’t help her anymore. Suddenly she wants to forget all about it when she gets a call threatening her bf.

4740 School scenes with Melody. At the surf club Belle’s playing pool with Angelo and Aden walks in looking super hot. Belle follows him into Noah’s. Belle dreams of Aden but wakes up to Angelo. Belle talks to Aden about Annie finding carcinogenics in the soil.

4741 They talk to Rachel about the cancer cluster. Belle tells Aden about the threat to him and Aden smiles because she cares. Angelo arrives at Belle’s and Aden runs into her room and out the window.

4742 Belle gets a text from Aden to go home. Aden tells her he wants her and they hook up. “You, me, the old fluffy doona”. Angelo turns up injured and has to go to hospital.

4745 Aden’s at Belle’s, kissing and talking about Murray. He leaves thru the window. Belle is run off the road.

4746 Belle’s in hospital and Aden and Angelo are there. Angelo tells Aden to leave. Later Aden asks her when she’s going to break up with Angelo but she says she needs his help with the development stuff. He tells Roman he loves her.

4749 Aden lends her his iPod, and Angelo is suspicious. Aden starts exams. Belle goes home. Angelo goes to Roman’s looking for them. Belle tells Aden he needs to wait for the right time to break up with Angelo and he tells her he doesn’t want to sneak around.

4750 Convo with Melody at the Diner about him having only slept with Belle. Belle gets photos but Murray leaves with her camera. Belle tells Angelo she doesn’t want him to stay the night so he leaves but follows Belle at night and sees her hug Aden.

4751 Aden stays at Belle’s and Angelo sees thru the window. Next day Angelo goes to Belle’s and she breaks up with him. Angelo goes to Roman and tricks him into telling him Aden and Belle have been together. Belle goes to the police station to ID her camera. Angelo asks if she slept with Aden. He’s checked her phone records. At public meeting he reveals it all to everyone. At the wharf Angelo shoves Aden.

4752 Aden comforts an upset Belle. There is a very uncomfortable group dinner at Roman’s house with Charlie.

4756 Aden is struggling with study and doing community service. Angelo won’t give him more time. Someone throws a wet sponge at Angelo and Aden gets blamed. Murray puts the memory card in Belle’s room. Angelo confronts Belle and he’s angry and throw furniture. Aden gets mad at him but then finds Belle has been bashed.

4757 Belle goes to hosp and Aden says it was Angelo. He’s really angry, and Belle is terrified when Angelo turns up. He is charged.

4758 Aden has exams and Geoff wishes him luck. Belle admits she doesn’t know for sure it was Angelo that attacked her.

4762 Belle leaves hospital and she and Aden go to Noah’s. Nobby is revealed to have bashed Belle.

4765 Belle has PTSD and Rachel gives her some meds. Aden makes her a bath with ‘smelly stuff’. Irene warms to him.

4769 The Formal is tonight. Aden brings her flowers but finds Belle not wanting to go so he goes alone. She turns up later.

4770 Kissing at the Formal. Aden takes Melody home after she causes a scene. Car ploughs into the Formal. (2008 finale)

4771 Belle is trapped and Aden & Miles free her. She’s taken to hospital and Aden kisses her head.

4774 Belle blames herself for Jack’s death. Melody talks to Aden about feeling upset about the Formal. Belle is too scared to leave the hospital.

4775 Belle isn’t handling things well in hospital. She goes to stay at Roman’s. Roman asks Aden about Uni but he doesn’t want to think about it.

4779 Aden takes Belle home. She’s in pain.

4780 Belle’s in pain. Aden gives her meds and stays with her. Aden gets a job on a trawler. Belle takes to much meds and Aden calls Rachel. Nic costs Aden his trawler job by telling them he was going to uni.

4782 Aden and Nic argue. Food Fight.

4783 Aden & Nic clean up after the food fight. Belle is stressed about not getting closure for the development site. Aden gets another trawler job.

4789 Belle & Aden talk about starting both their new jobs tomorrow. Later they kiss and joke about their future.

4790 Aden starts his new job. Aden gets into trouble when Belle calls him stresses. He hangs up on her after a few calls and she takes a lot of meds.

4794 Aden goes to the pub with the boys after work but later finds out Belle had planned a night at a fancy restaurant.

4795 Belle has trouble dealing with Aden’s new job, especially when she finds out his workmate Joey is a girl.

4800 Belle is working too hard, and Aden is struggling to deal with Joey.

4801 Belle’s pills are making her work sloppy. Aden has more dealings with Joey at work.

4802 Aden…Joey…trawler.

4804 Belle’s trying to go cold turkey and doesn’t look well. She goes to Liam’s concert and he offers her drugs.

4805 Belle is on a major high. Nic catches her popping pills at work. Aden & trawler stuff. Belle begs Nic not to tell Aden about the drugs.

4806 More pills. Aden & trawler.

4809 Aden finds out Joey is gay.

4810 Belle is proud of Aden. Aden pushes Robbo over the Joey stuff.

4814 Aden & Joey. Belle is overworked and pops more pills.

4815 Belle has trouble with Paula at work. Rachel is suspicious of Belle stealing drugs. She asks 2 other doctors for meds.

4816 Belle’s more stressed at work. Aden and Rachel are worried and Rachel confronts Belle about getting too much prescriptions. Paula finds out about her pills and fires her.

4817 Aden & Nic chat. Belle tells Aden she quit her job. Aden sleeps over at Belle’s. Belle is paranoid that Nic told Aden about the drugs. More pills. Aden gets Nic to help him buy a necklace for Belle. Aden hears from Colleen that Belle was fired. She’s emotional when he gives her the necklace.

4822 Aden reports Robbo for following Joey.

4823 Belle gives her new necklace to her dealer for drugs. Aden helps at the farm and Belle arrives and lies about the necklace. Nic tells Aden she saw the necklace in a pawn shop, then about the drugs. Belle is trying to get the necklace back when Aden confronts her with it and her.

4824 Aden is angry and looks for her drugs. He’s angry because she’s lying. He goes to work then comes back later to talk. He says he can’t be there until she’s over the drugs.

4825 Belle is going cold turkey and is getting very sick.

4826 Belle is more sick. Nic tells Aden she should be by her side. He turns up at Belle’s and is sorry for staying away.

4829 Belle’s still struggling. Aden has words with her dealer when he offers her a free sample. Annie overhears them talking about her addiction.

4830 Annie is angry with Belle.

4831 Belle is worried that everyone at Tony & Rachel’s wedding will be judging her. She has some pills in her bag. At the wedding Aden finds them and confronts her. She ends up taking them and collapses.

4832 CPR & hospital. Rachel wants Belle to go to rehab.

4833 Gibbsy punches Aden.

4835 Pippa visits Belle in rehab. Aden won’t see her but gave a nurse a letter to pass on. Belle reads that Aden can’t be with her now.

4837 Aden & Nic are getting ready for blind Roman to come home. Nic is upset and Aden comforts her. Later she tells him she’s always thought he was hot and they kiss and then sleep together.

4838 Aden wants to forget what happened with Nic. Aden talks to Rachel about feeling like he’s cheated on Belle even tho they broke up.

4839 Belle discovers Liam is in rehab too. Rachel visits her. Belle holds Liam’s hand in comfort.

4842 Aden & Nic have a tea towel fight at Roman’s. At rehab Belle is taking photos with Liam. Annie gets Belle’s pics developed. Aden hands them to Annie when she leaves them. Aden and Nic think Geoff and Belle have moved on. They kiss.

4843 Belle’s pic of Liam ends up in the paper. Aden’s not happy. Belle thinks Aden’s responsible for the photos in the paper. Belle gets out and goes to see Aden but sees him and Nic kissing. Later she goes back to Roman’s and she and Aden argue. Roman overhears them talking about him and Nic sleeping together. Belle’s back at rehab. Liam tells her someone else pinched the photos. They hug.

4844 Aden is kicked out and sleeps on the beach. Miles offers Aden a van to stay in. Nic visits his caravan but he rejects her.

4846 Aden sees Belle’s drug dealer and tries to get him. Annie and Belle visit Belle. Aden & Belle talk.

4850 Aden & Belle chat at the Diner, then at the beach. A photographer comes along and Aden throws his camera in the water. Liam approaches Belle at Noah’s.

4851 Aden has a go at Liam. Irene is at the police station over the Lou missing thing. Aden sees an article in the paper suggesting Belle & Liam are together. Belle slaps Angelo over her treatment and gets locked up too.

4852 Aden speaks to Liam. Then he pleads with Angelo to let Belle go. He talks to Tony about playing rugby. Liam goes to Belle’s to talk and Aden calls and finds out Liam is there.

4855 Aden & Nic talk about what they did. He visits Belle and finds Liam sleeping in her bed. Later he sees them hug at the beach.

4856 Aden & Nic talk. Belle & Liam talk. Liam sees Aden at Noah’s and tell him Belle is over him so he should move on. Aden’s angry and so is Belle.

4860 Belle’s working in the Diner and talks to Liam. Aden and Belle argue. Liam offers an interview in exchange for the journo not charging Aden for his camera damage.

4863 Aden and Belle clash at work. He sees Liam get drugs. Liam gets high at his hotel and tries to kiss Belle. She kisses him then tells him she wants to take things slow.

4864 Liam’s high again and Belle tells him to go back to rehab. Liam gets up on a roof and Aden tries to help him down but Liam pushes him. He’s hanging off the roof.

4865 Aden talks Liam into getting off the roof. Aden & Belle have an emotional chat and hug.

4867 Belle struggles to run the house while Irene is in prison drinking. Aden is there.

4868 Belle & Aden visit Irene. They are friends.

4869 Belle & Aden nearly kiss, then argue about her missing her counseling. Belle finds Claudia’s tablets and meets up with Aden on the beach and gives them to him. Later Aden climbs in her window. Belle thinks she was weak but Aden is proud of her. Later Angelo tells them Irene’s charges are dropped. When he leaves they kiss. Then sleep together and talk about being back together. They love each other.

4872 Aden & Belle talk, then Belle brings Irene home.

4874 Belle & Aden talk to Irene about her drinking. Roman invites Aden to move back in when he is arrested over Mark’s death. Belle goes with Irene to AA.

4879 Lou’s funeral. Aden talks to Geoff about playing rugby.

4880 Aden makes Belle a big breakfast. Geoff and Aden leave for rugby. Aden tells Nic that Roman wants Aden to rent the house and she’s upset. He goes to Belle’s and asks her to move in with him. Belle turns up at Aden’s to move in there.

4881 Aden helps Belle pack at her house. Next day Belle looks at their new messy house. They argue after work and he says “Don’t go all Geoff and Claudia on me” and they kiss. Belle jokes about being married with 4 kids. Aden talks to Nic and plans on proposing and he puts a deposit on a ring. Next day Aden finds out the trawler’s been sunk.

4882 Aden’s worried about having no job. A loan shark offers him money to buy the ring but Aden says no.

4885 Aden’s looking for work. He and Belle have candlelight spaghetti on toast. At rugby Clint offers money in exchange for info. Later Belle overhears Aden talking about their living arrangement and she’s upset. Aden later explains. Aden agrees to Clint’s offer.

4887 At work Belle is in pain. She makes a hospital appointment. Aden agrees to give away the first penalty. Game play is stopped when Geoff hurts Lochie.

4888 Belle gets bad news at the hospital. Aden finds out she’s there and goes and asks if she’s pregnant. Next day he assures her if she was he would be happy. Aden argues with Clint about the ring.

4894 Belle is writing something secret. Clint tells Aden he needs to throw a game. Aden asks Geoff for help but he says no. Geoff plays and wins and Aden and Clint are not happy.

4895 Belle does more writing. Aden & Clint clash on the beach. Geoff tells Aden about Clint. Nic & Geoff find Aden bashed. At hospital Aden tells Belle about the ring. Tony gets mad at Aden and kicks him off the team. Later Belle proposes to Aden at their place by candlelight.

4896 Aden accepts Belle’s proposal. Aden has no job to go back to. Belle talks to Rachel about getting married very soon and she advises her to talk to Aden. Gibbsy gets Aden the ring back and offers him unpaid work. Tony hears about the ring and lets Aden back on the team. Aden proposes. Belle finds out she can get married quick and then cries because she can’t tell Aden she’s dying.

4897 Aden & Belle talk weddings and work. Later Belle is upset because she can’t find her dad to have him at the wedding. Belle writes some more and chats with Alf. Belle talks to Rachel about making sure Aden will be alright after she dies. Later Aden brings up the future and kids and Belle tells him she just wants to think about now.

4904 Hens night/ Bucks night. Rachel has contractions and Belle reveals she’s sober and can drive her to hospital.

4905 Aden chats to Tony about his happiness. Later Aden’s still drunk/sleepy and talks about kids with Belle and she starts to cry but Aden’s asleep.

5905 Nic & Belle talk wedding. Belle suggests to Aden to have Nic as his best man. Nic catches Belle taking pills and Belle is forced to reveal she is dying.

4906 Nic & Belle talk and cry. Nic won’t be Aden’s best man if Belle won’t tell him the truth. Belle collapses and Nic finds her. She goes to hospital then asks Nic to cover for her that night. Nic tells Aden and they go to the hospital. Crying. Aden gets angry and Belle tries to see him at Roman’s but he won’t let her in.

4907 Belle stays at Irene’s. Everyone wonders why she’s acting so strangely. Then at the wedding Belle arrives but Aden doesn’t get there until she almost gives up waiting. They get married.

4911 Aden & Belle are home from their honeymoon. They look at all their wrapped gift then invite all the important people over to tell them about Belle. Lots of crying.

4915 Belle visits the Diner not looking well. Belle & Nic go swimming. Aden comes home to find her looking very exhausted.

4916 Belle & Aden look at photos on her computer and reminisce. Liam comes back and learns about Belle. Amanda makes Belle go in an ambulance to hospital. Eventually Aden takes her back to Irene’s and takes her in her old room. She asks Aden to leave the window open as they fall asleep. When Aden wakes up she is gone.

4917 Belle’s funeral.

4918 Aden sets fire to all the wedding gifts.

5069 Aden leaves Summer Bay.

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Wow, this looks amazing!! :)

When I began to watch the 2008/2009-episodes, I kinda made an episode guide myself, only for me to use but there are far not as many episodes inculded as in yours.

Well done!! :D

Hahaha, this must be a thing most people do? I did the exact same thing in 2010 when I was watching all of the episodes again. Every episode they were in and what it contained - I've still got it. (:

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