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Charlie Buckton, Darryl Braxton, Angelo Rosetta story!

Guest Charlie-brax

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That was cooooooool, especially.............

 Thinking of how her & Angelo had once chosen this house, this room and this bed. How that was only 2 months earlier and look at her now. She was a trainwreck. Her life was in ruins. Thats what she thought anyways.

 Watson watched, as her police partner walked through the police station doors and straight into he old office. She walked in to fin her on her phone. She was texting Brax already.

 She was waitin for an answer when Watson walked in. "Hey partner!" she said. "Hey, im sorry, but ive gotta get this paperwork done. Talk later?" she nodded and walked out.

 "By the way, i do love you." he whispered. She laughed.

"Yeahh, i love you too!" he laughed this time.

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