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Who should Bianca be with?

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Who should Bianca be with?  

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They destroyed a good storyline arc when they split Liam and Bianca. They had a really good storyline and character developement going on... The rock artist who became a teacher and met the stiff teacher and they changed each other for the better. Liam became more responsible and Bianca became more happy and relaxed.

There where no reason to break these two up, and probably do the same storyline with Heath... and use so much time on it to convince people that these two belong together. I am tired of it already and here in Norway Bianca is still pregnant... I honestly think that Liam and Bianca should have stayed together, they could have developed both characters as they started to do and they could have focused more on Liam's background storyline and also on Bianca's before they left together....

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