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I Miss You

Guest Romeo&Indi Forever

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Story Title: I miss you

Type of story: Medium fic.

Main Characters: Aden Jefferies, Belle Taylor

Other Characters: BTTB rating: A to be safe.

Genre: Angst & Romance.

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Not at the moment

Summary: Belle is hanging out with Aden when her ex Drew tries to kidnap her

Chapter 1

Aden had just arrived at Belle’s house

“Belle” Aden called

“In here” Belle responded

“What are you up to?” Aden asked

“Not much” Belle answered

“Want to hang out later?” Aden asked

“Sure” Belle replied

“I saw Drew on my way here” Aden told Belle

“Ugh what is that sleaze bag up to now?” Belle asked

“It looked like he was planning something” Aden responded

“He better not be planning on winning me back” Belle responded

“I don’t think so it looked like he was planning on kidnapping someone” Aden responded

“Sleaze bag” Belle muttered

“What?” Aden asked

“Nothing well it’s not directed at you but I said sleaze bag” Belle responded

“I wish I could stay but I have to go” Aden told Belle

“Ok I’ll see you tonight” Belle responded

Belle was walking to Aden’s when a figure jumped out and grabbed her.

She turned around and saw it was Drew

“What the hell are you doing sleaze bag?” Belle asked

“Just shut up” Drew responded

Drew dragged Belle while she was screaming.

Aden was getting worried and she he went to Belle’s house and Irene answered the door.

“Is Belle here?” Aden asked

“No I thought she was at your house” Irene replied

“I thought she was running late” Aden responded

“Geoff go check Belle’s room” Irene yelled up the stairs

“She’s not in her room” Geoff yelled back

“Oh my god” Aden whispered

“What? Irene asked

“I think Drew has kidnapped her” Aden responded

“What do you mean?” Irene asked

“When I was walking over here I saw Drew and it looked like her was planning something” Aden responded

“You think he’s so jealous that he would kidnap her?” Irene asked

“Yes” Aden responded

“We can’t go out looking for her now” Irene responded

“Why not?” Aden asked

“It’s late” Irene responded

“We will look for her?” Aden asked

“Yes but in the morning” Irene responded

Drew threw Belle into an old house and locked her in.

“Drew let me out” Belle cried

Belle sat on the floor and cried

She tried to sleep but all she could think about was Irene and Aden.

Belle really wished that Irene and Aden would come looking for her in the morning or at least get out of Drew where she was.

Belle stood up and bang on the door let me out she said through her tears.

Belle was convinced someone was out their so she kept banging on the door but no one answered.

The next morning Irene and Aden payed a visit to Drew.

“Where is Belle?” Aden asked

“I don’t know I was here the whole time” Drew responded

“Your lying I saw you planning on kidnapping her” Aden responded

“I haven’t seen her today or last night” Drew replied

Aden and Irene left Drew’s.

Aden stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Irene asked

“That sounds like Belle” Aden responded

Next time will Irene and Aden find Belle in time?

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Chapter 2

Aden turned to Irene.

“I knew Drew was lying he kidnapped her and probably locked the door” Aden said

“Well we don’t know unless we try the door” Irene responded

“That’s so true” Aden replied

Aden and Irene both tried to open the door but as Aden had suspected Drew had locked it.

“I don’t see why he is so jealous Belle broke up with him” Aden told Irene

“I think he still has feeling for her” Irene responded

“After what he did to her that sleaze bag” Aden responded

“What he did to Belle was horrible” Irene answered

“I agree” Aden responded

“We should go before Drew finds out that we know he kidnapped Belle.” Irene said

“Ok” Aden replied

Drew was hiding around the corner waiting for the coast to clear.

He slowly opened the door.

Belle tried to escape.

“Oh no you don’t Drew said

He grabbed her by the arm and pushed her to the floor.

“Drew let go of me” Belle screamed

“Relax Belle” Drew said

Belle tried to relax but all she could think of was Aden before she knew it Drew was on top of her and taking all of her clothes off.

Belle knew that after Drew let her go that she would have to tell Aden that one of the kids weren’t his but she couldn’t tell him straight away.

Drew left and Belle put her clothes back on.

Belle knew that one day she had to tell Aden and Irene what had happened that night but first Drew had to let Belle go.

Next time Belle has to tell Aden she’s pregnant with two kids!

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