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The Summer Bay Massacre Part II: Death Star

Guest Perry

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Story Title: The Summer Bay Massacre Part II: Death Star

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Roo & Cooper Shepherd, Candy & Colby Wilkins-Dean, Lucas Holden with Liam Murphy and John Palmer

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC L D (Slash)

Summary: Roo Shepherd (Not to be confused with Roo Stewart), now a rock star, returns to Summer Bay, the place where his brother was murdered by a psychopath 5 years earlier, for a celebrity surf carnival. There he reconnects with his identical brother, Cooper who now resides in Summer Bay with their sister Candy and Colby who is now her husband. Unfortunately, Roo's appearance also brings out another psychopath intent on killing the celebrities one by one and making this a Summer Bay event to remember.

Celebrity quadruplets Candy Shepherd and her identical brothers Roo, Logan and Cooper, along with their father, Andrew come to Summer Bay after Logan’s axing from a popular soap for Cooper’s surf carnival. Tagging along was Cooper’s girlfriend, Lily who unknown to Cooper had cheated on him with his brother Logan.

Upon their arrival Roo befriends Rachel and Kim who were worried about Charlie McKinnon, a teenager who had previously stalked Kim and had now been released from a psychiatric institution. Rachel suspects Charlie of being a victim of emotional and physical abuse by his counsellor/boyfriend, Greg, and from finding out Greg was accused of sexually assaulting a 15 year old when he was working at the Drop In Centre, Rachel asks Roo to keep an eye on Charlie.

Roo is embarrassed by his father at the Surf Club’s Karaoke night when he coaxes him into singing ‘Father and Son’ and sings the lyrics to his son, “…Find a girl settle down, If you want to you can marry…” He runs off to the beach where he finds Lucas and after sharing about both their mothers deaths the two boys end up kissing. Roo then feels bad because Lucas has a girlfriend. Seeking advice, Roo tells Charlie about the kiss and then accidently tells the boy that he is attracted to him and Charlie confesses to Roo that he is being abused by Greg. After a fight between Greg and Roo, Greg is arrested. Greg then threatens to kill Roo, he is later released by the police after he claims the assault was in self defence and without proof they are left with no choice.

Cooper breaks up with Lily because she has been distant and when Cooper finds out that she cheated on him with his brother he attacks Logan and threatens to kill him. During the night both Cooper and Roo experience a sharp pain in their abdomen and in the morning Logan is found stabbed and murdered.

With a list of suspects and a missing father the kids find themselves in more danger. After Lily is given the ok to go home she is then stabbed and thrown off the train she is travelling on. Candy becomes close with a local boy named Colby Wilkins-Dean (the grandson of Madge Wilkins). Lucas goes to a fortune teller and is shown the death card, and with the help of his gay friend Dean, he then reveals to his girlfriend Belle, that he might be gay. Dean who mistakes Charlie as the boy who Lucas is crushing on tries to cause a rift in Charlie and Roo’s relationship. Greg sees the two boys and ends up fighting with Dean. Dean is then murdered by someone he recognises.

Tabby, Roo’s bestfriend hears about Logan’s murder and comes to Summer Bay to be with him but then finds herself getting closer to Cooper instead. In a drinking game, Tabby embarrasses herself when she reveals that she had previously slept with Logan and runs off. The kids separate to find her and Colby and Candy find themselves alone in an abandoned Kombi van.

Lucas admits to Ric that he has a crush on Roo Shepherd, a jealous Ric then admits his feeling for his friend and the two boys have sex. Candy and Colby have sex in the van and afterwards they discover blood coming from the front of the van. They discover Belle in the van with her throat slashed, however she is still alive and tries to warn them by saying “HOLDEN” before dying. Candy and Lily try to escape but they are separated. Lucas and Ric hear there screams and Ric goes to check on them but is knocked on conscious from behind. In hospital Ric wakes and tells everyone he has no memory and doesn’t recognise them which upsets Lucas. Andrew who had been attacked earlier is admitted into hospital and Roo reveals to him that he is gay and Andrew tells him he already knew.

At some time in the night Charlie had Candy tied up in his home. At the hospital Colby visits Ric and discovers Ric is lying about his amnesia when asked why Ric tells him that he remembers who attacked him and doesn’t want the person to get in trouble. Ric flashes back to the attack and sees Lucas as the one who hit him.

Jack takes Cooper with him and heads to Charlie’s farm but on the way they discover an abandoned Holden. They discover Tabby in the boot who tells them that Candy was captured by a blond man. Cooper decides to pretend to be Roo and goes to Charlie’s where Charlie and Greg reveal to him that they are back together. Once Cooper leaves Charlie tells Greg that he did what Greg wanted and now he had to let Candy go but Greg declines. Jack charges in and in a fight between him and Greg Jack is shot and injured. Tabby helps Candy escape while Greg chases after Charlie and Cooper who have taken off in Jack’s police car. Greg chasing after them in the Holden shoots at the police car but loses control of his car and the car crashes, killing him. Charlie then loses control of the Police car and crashes into a tree, he is seriously injured and trapped. Cooper tries to help him out but Charlie is crushed and is not going anywhere. Charlie tells Cooper that he knew he wasn’t Roo and to make sure that he told Roo that he loved him. Cooper inspects the car and with the oil leaking and flames he knew that there was no way Charlie was getting out alive, he punches Charlie in the face knocking him out and then escapes from the car before it explodes.

The Police discover a note left by Greg which explains why he was killing. Feeling Ostracised by the town after the alleged incident with the 15 year old, Greg had discovered Rachel Armstrong was allowed to marry his teenage patient without any of the negativity that he experienced. He befriended Charlie and used him to get to Rachel and was going to frame her for the murders and would have gotten away with it to if it wasn’t for those meddling kids.

A few months later Roo records a cover of one of his father’s songs and then at a gig invites Candy up on stage to sing with him. Tabby and Roo are together and Candy is now happy in love with Colby. Roo is asked to play Logan’s character on the soap he was on and is given a three month contract. Andrew tells Roo that he had inherited the farm from Charlie as it was left to him in his will. The kids travel to Summer Bay again. Roo meets up with Lucas and discovers that he and Ric are not together and Lucas had been trying to contact him. He reveals that Ric is still with Mattie and Ric hadn’t forgiven him for knocking him unconscious even though Lucas only did so thinking Ric was Greg. Roo agrees to go on a date with Lucas. Roo decides to gives his new house to his siblings and travels back to the city to be rockstar. On his way to Summer Bay Andrew drives holding onto a gun and a photograph. The Photograph is of Andrew and a blond toddler on the back is written Andrew and Greg. Andrew then sings Father and Son. On his way back to Summer Bay Roo and Tabby stop for a toilet break where Roo feels a pain knowing something has happened to his brother, Roo yells “COOPER”.

The Summer Bay Massacre Part II: Death Star


Roo Shepherd awoke in a room he had only slept in once before, 5 years ago. It was still dark outside, he looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table that sat beside a photograph of a young Charlie McKinnon with his grandparents. It was only 2.03 am. He noticed he was sweating profusely over his naked body. A bad dream had awoken him.

Roo got up out of bed and walked into the bathroom. He turned on the tap and soaked his face with the lukewarm water. He walked back into the bedroom and put a pair of tighty-whiteys on. He walked into the dark hallway and used his hand to feel for the light switch, the light didn’t work. He then had to feel the wall until he reached the kitchen, where the light did work. And the there were footsteps.


But there was only silence. Roo opened the fridge and saw some leftover Chinese food. He opened the lid and smelt the food to make sure it was still good to eat. He took the container and placed it into the microwave. That’s where he saw it, his reflection. He turned around but there was nobody behind it. He punched in two minutes onto the microwave but before he pushed start he saw it again. It was his brother’s face, his face, Logan’s face? He turned around to see his deceased identical brother standing behind him.

“Don’t come back!” Logan warned.

Then he heard a woman’s scream.

“Candy?” Roo yelled.

He turned to where he heard the scream, he turned back to Logan but he was gone. Roo ran back down the dark hallway and into Candy’s bedroom. He switched on the light but the room was empty. He heard the scream again, it was now coming from outside. Roo quickly ran outside.

The sun was now rising and Roo could start to see more clearly.


He ran into the trees trying to follow the screams, he started to get tired so he stopped running. He reached the track which lead to the beach and followed it down to the sand. That’s where he saw his sister, dressed in a flowing white dress, she slowly stepped into the rough sea.


Roo followed her into the water.


This time she heard him. She turned around and saw her brother.

“Roo!” She smiled. “I need your help.” Her smile faded.

Roo could see she was in pain, she reached out for him to help her. Roo reached out to her trying to grab onto her blood soaked hand but he couldn’t reach her.

That’s when he saw a figure appear out of the ocean behind her.


Candy screamed again. “Help me Roo!”

Roo saw the sharp hunting knife in Colby’s hand, but was powerless to stop him when he penetrated the blade into Candy’s spine.

And then he woke up sweating. Sitting in the passenger seat of a car Roo wiped his eyes as he looked out at the beach beside the road.

“Bad dream babe?” A male voiced asked in a strong American accent.

Roo looked at his boyfriend, a good looking twenty three year old with shaggy blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes.

“Where are we?” Roo asked avoiding the chance to talk about the nightmare.

“See for yourself…” Riley answered as he pointed to a sign that the car was approaching.

Roo looked at the sign.


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At Summer Bay Beach a small crowd had gathered to watch some of the Surf Club members set up a marquee in the middle of the sand. A shirtless Romeo Smith was struggling with a heavy fold up table.

“Where’s Cooper? He is suppose to be helping you.” John Palmer asked as he noticed the young man struggle.

Romeo shrugged. He placed the table down onto the sand and feeling the strain on his upper arms tried to rub them better.

“Surely it can’t be that heavy.” John Palmer laughed.

“Heavy workout session last night.” Romeo responded. “You know you can give me a hand.”

John Palmer smiled. “Righto princess.”

John helped the boy set up the table next to the marquee.

“It look’s like it’s working...”

Romeo looked to see the sexy leggy blonde standing behind him. She was not much older then him and wasn’t exactly dressed for the beach, wearing a blue floral gown that would be more suited for a night in the town. She carried her heels in her left hand and gave Romeo a regal wave with her right hand. Her eyes were piercing blue and her lips full, pouty.

“…The working out…” She said, smiling at the boy. “…You look good.”

“Thanks.” Romeo responded with a shy blush.

She reached out to give the boy a handshake. Romeo responded by giving her a gentle grip on her hand.

“Wow your hands are gentle.”

Romeo giggled. “Thanks I think.”


“Sarah White from Seaberry Beach, I know who you are.” Romeo flattered the soap star. “I’m sure every guy my age knows who you are.”

“Well I better get ready.” Sarah started walking away, she then turned back to Romeo. “I’ll see you soon.”

“I’m Romeo.” Romeo watched her walk up the dunes and towards the Surf Club.

“Back to work Romeo.” John Palmer taps him on the shoulder.

“John…” Ruth Stewart ran up to John with a nervous urgency. “Just got off the phone to Nick Smith’s agent.”

“Don’t tell me…”

“There’s nothing they can do, the plane was delayed he won’t get here until tonight.”

“Great so without him our Celebrity Surf Carnival has turned into Guess the Celebrity Carnival.”

Ruth smiled. “It’s not that bad that John.”

Roo Shepherd walked up towards the pair. John spotted him and sighed with relief.

“Finally you are here.” John said as he walked up to the rock star. “Now we need two more tables set up here…” He showed Roo where he wanted the tables. “…Another set up over here…”

“Uh John…” Ruth tried to interrupt John.

“…And once you have done that you can help Romeo set up the barbeque outside the Surf Club...”

“John…” Ruth cut in.


“This is Roo Shepherd…” Ruth told him with a slight giggle. “…The Celebrity.”

“Oh!” John said scratching his head. “I’m sorry I thought you were your brother.” John looked at him more closely. “You look just like him.”

“We are identical.” Roo shook the Surf Cub President’s hand.

“I’m John Palmer.”

“I’m Roo as well…” Ruth said shaking the celebrity’s hand. “Ruth Stewart. I’ll show you around.”

They walked past Romeo who was on his mobile.

“Come on Indi pick up.”

“Hi this is Indi, I’m not here so leave a message.”

* * *

Indigo’s phone vibrated on her bedside table. She picked it up and looked at it.

One Missed Call: Romeo Smith.

“Who was that?” Cooper Shepherd leaned over and gave his girlfriend a kiss on the cheek.

“Romeo again.” Indi threw the phone down and gave Cooper a more passionate kiss.

“Not that I’m not enjoying this…” Cooper said separating himself from Indi’s lips. “Don’t think you can avoid this…”

“What?” Indi said smiling.

“Romeo? When are we telling him?”

“It’s none of his business.”

Cooper looked at Indi unsatisfied.

“Indi!” Indigo’s father knocked on her bedroom door.

Thinking quickly Indi pushed Cooper off the bed and he landed on the floor next to it.


Sid Walker walked into his daughter’s bedroom. Cooper stayed hidden.

“What was that?” Sid asked curiously.

“Bumped my elbow. Ouch.” Indi giggled nervously unsure if her lie was convincing.

“I’m heading to the carnival did you want a lift?”

“I’m fine.” Indi answered. “Might head up there later.”

Sid left the room. Cooper got up from behind the bed.

“Sorry babe, I panicked.” She apologised giving his face a soft gentle caress with her fingers.

“Whatever.” Cooper pulled away from her before he started getting dressed. “See yah at the carnival.”

Cooper escaped through the window, Indi was a little upset by how he left.

“Stay where you are.” Dexter Walker warned as he pointed a rifle towards Cooper.

“Dex?” Cooper held his hands up to say he isn’t a threat. “What are you doing?”

Dexter pulled the trigger and Cooper squirmed as a red liquid squirted all over him. Dexter walked over to the watermelon he just shot with a sharp wooden arrow. Cooper sighed with relief.

“I made it myself.” Dexter smiled and showed Cooper his weapon. “Do you like it?”

Cooper smiled. “It’s awesome dude.”

A little frightened, Cooper ran away from the farm house quickly.

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The two Roo’s walked up to the Surf Club where a group of journalists and photographers surrounded them.

“What’s it like to be back in Summer Bay?” A young woman asked before shoving a tape recorder in his face.

“It’s good, I’m excited.” Roo answered with a smile.

“Does it bring back painful memories?”

“I’m more focused on putting on a good event and doing my part for charity.” Roo answered with dignity.

“Are you coming to the bay a single man?” A male journalist asked.

Roo instantly recognised the voice and looked for the young man who asked the question.

“Who wants to know?” Roo asked with a smile.

Lucas Holden appeared from behind the crowd of journalists and gave his ex-boyfriend a smile.

“What are you doing here?” Roo asked before giving the boy a huge hug.

The flashes from the cameras were going off and Roo separated himself from Lucas. He gave Lucas another look and saw what almost looked like a different person. Apart from the physical transformation such as the shorter hair and the broader chest and shoulders, Lucas now had a confidence within him that can now be seen.

“You looking good.” Roo complimented him.

“I know.” Lucas responded with confident arrogance.

Ruth tapped Roo on the shoulder and gestured to him that she was going top leave him to it Roo acknowledged her, he and Lucas ignored the press surrounding them and just stared at each other smiling.

“So last time I heard you relocated to Boston to be closer to your dad..?” Roo asked the boy before the two walked over to a bench outside the Surf Club and sat down. “What happened with that?”

“Yeah I was there for a few months, got bored, moved on, actually got a job back in Sydney been there for over a year now.” Lucas then tapped Roo on the leg. Another flash. The boys ignored it. “What about you? How’s LA?”

“Yeah well it’s not Sydney.” Roo responded. “I don’t know getting bored of the scene I guess you can say.”

“What you?” Lucas laughed.

“Well I guess there comes a time in your twenties where you think hey maybe it’s time to settle down.”

Lucas smiled. “Well you’re only 23.”

“23 going on 40.”

“How’s the family?” Lucas asked.

“Dad’s fine. He actually shacked up with a 25 year old on the central coast, I’ve got a baby sister now, Emily.”

“Unreal.” Lucas laughed. “And Cooper? Candy?”

Roo paused before he heard a gasps within the audience around him. There cameras went crazy.

“Alright Shepherd….”

Roo is grabbed from behind.

“…You under arrest for neglecting your family members and not calling them upon your arrival to the Bay. How do you plead?”

“Guilty!” Roo yelled with excitement before getting up and giving his identical brother a hug. “How are you Coop?”

“Awesome dude.”

The press were now getting excited, the two brothers stood and posed for the cameras.

“Roo, how long’s it been since you last saw your brother?” One of the journalists asked him.

“A while.” Roo answered.

“Eighteen months.” Cooper clarified.

“Do you feel you have an advantage in this competition seeing how your brother is a professional Surfer and is also one of the judges?” A different journalist asked.

“Oh definitely.” Roo confidently answered.

Lucas looked up at the media circus, he smiled, genuinely happy for Roo but he thought best to let him be and walked away quietly.

“What are you going to get up to while you are here?” The same man asked.

“The only thing I feel like doing other then this contest is to catch up with my family and friends.” Roo then looked back to the bench where Lucas is now gone.

“Anything else?”

“No…” Roo laughed. “I’m hoping for a quiet uneventful visit.”

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I admit I didn't read all of this completely as it all looked a bit intense, but definitely an interesting type of story :)

Hey Miranda thanks for feedback glad you find it interesting, I was just wondering what u meant by intense whether it is the writing or the type of story. please don't give up reading it cause u dont like horror stories it's more dramatic like the show rather then scary, I try to be character driven in my stories. I would appreciate any feedback to make my story easier to read.

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“Dad, I haven’t seen him yet but when I do I will tell him.” A heavily pregnant Candy Shepherd struggled dragging a box from the storeroom of the Surf shop in the Surf Club. “Dad I gotta go give Emily a kiss from me.” She hung up the phone and then picked up the box.

“Uh ah.” Liam Murphy came to her rescue and took the box from her. “Now where do you want it?”

“On the desk.” Candy answered. She then had a bit of a pain in her belly and murmured a little.

Liam put the box on the desk and noticed she was in distress. “You alright?”

“Yeah…” Candy responded. “…They’re kicking.”

Liam smiled. “Are you sure you alright to work?”

“Yeah...” Candy took her hand away seemingly better. “…I’ve got no choice, we’re going to get slaughtered today.”

Ruth Stewart walked in talking into her walkie-talkie. “Sarah White and Vince Munro are getting changed, Roo Shepherd’s just outside and I’ve just found Liam Murphy.” She wraps her arm around Liam. “We need you for some photos.”

“Did I just hear you say my brother was outside?” Candy asked Ruth who nodded. “Nice of them to tell me.” Candy looked through the glass doors and spotted her brothers just outside. “Oi thanks a lot for the warning.” Candy yelled she walked outside the door amongst the media circus just outside.

“Woah…” Roo responded. “You’ve packed it on.”

“Oh thanks.”

Roo gave his sister a hug. “How far along are you?”

“7 months but they’re big boys.”

“No way…” Roo responded with excitement. “You’re having twin boys? That’s awesome.”

“Trust me it don’t feel awesome.”

* * *

“Hey again.” Sarah who was now dressed in a revealing two piece bikini greeted Romeo who was busy setting up the barbecue. “You’re working hard.”

Romeo attached the gas tank to the barbecue. “Yeah well I have to.” Romeo said as he got up. “The other help is over there getting his photo taken.”

Sarah laughed. “Well if it were up to me…” She checked Romeo’s shirtless body out. “I’d much rather take a photo of you.”

Romeo blushed. He noticed Indigo walking past and chased after her. Sarah got a bit annoyed at the rejection.

“Indi wait up.” Romeo caught up. “I tried to call earlier.”

“Hey.” Indigo smiled. “Yeah I have just been busy, I’ll catch up with you later.” She said unwittingly snubbing off. She walked up to the Shepherd’s and greeted them.

A jealous Romeo watched as she touched Cooper’s back and smiled as she met Roo.

“So does he get all this attention because he’s gay? Or because he’s famous overseas because if you ask me, his music sucks.” Vince Munro asked Sarah who was too busy checking out Romeo. “Sarah?”

“Huh?” Sarah responded with a bit of annoyance.

Vince was a loud mouth 32 year old with more hair on his face then he had on the top of his head.

“Roo Shepherd, what’s the big deal?” He asked the hot blonde.

“I don’t know but I’m sure he’s more interesting then a fame seeking ex-reality TV star who is so opinionated he was voted off the Island first.” Sarah quipped.

“So says the ex-soapie star that can’t even get a job on Dancing with the Stars.”

“Touché.” Sarah laughed.

“So Daisy, what brings you to Summer Bay?”

“So you actually watched the show.” Sarah laughed. “You knew my characters name.”

“Well I actually did my research unlike you Miss White because if you did you would know that I was the 4th guy voted off.” He changed his tone to be a little friendlier to the young woman. “So who else is turning up?”

“Well I heard Nick Smith cancelled last minute.”

“And what about Mia Nolan?” Vince asked with a sleazy smile.

“She’s still coming as far as I’m aware.”

“Oh good she is H A W T!”

“As if Vinnie…” Sarah laughed. “…As if!

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Hi Perry. I just meant that there are rather a lot of original characters and I can't always get my head around them. I'm also reading and writing so many other fanfics I'm getting a bit overwhelmed by them all :lol:

Character driven is good, have you seen my fics in my profile? Some are normal, some are unusual, I suppose.

The only tip I give people for making stories easier to read is to space the lines out more, which you are doing anyway.

I just love the way in most of the fanfics at the moment, Indi and Romeo have split up, hahaha, serves him right :D

I admit I didn't read all of this completely as it all looked a bit intense, but definitely an interesting type of story :)

Hey Miranda thanks for feedback glad you find it interesting, I was just wondering what u meant by intense whether it is the writing or the type of story. please don't give up reading it cause u dont like horror stories it's more dramatic like the show rather then scary, I try to be character driven in my stories. I would appreciate any feedback to make my story easier to read.

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Hi Perry. I just meant that there are rather a lot of original characters and I can't always get my head around them. I'm also reading and writing so many other fanfics I'm getting a bit overwhelmed by them all :lol:

Character driven is good, have you seen my fics in my profile? Some are normal, some are unusual, I suppose.

The only tip I give people for making stories easier to read is to space the lines out more, which you are doing anyway.

I just love the way in most of the fanfics at the moment, Indi and Romeo have split up, hahaha, serves him right :D

I admit I didn't read all of this completely as it all looked a bit intense, but definitely an interesting type of story :)

Hey Miranda thanks for feedback glad you find it interesting, I was just wondering what u meant by intense whether it is the writing or the type of story. please don't give up reading it cause u dont like horror stories it's more dramatic like the show rather then scary, I try to be character driven in my stories. I would appreciate any feedback to make my story easier to read.

Just read Light Dawns and the first chapter of A Little Less conversation both amazing and looking forward to reading more - I love my slash :D though I'm not a fan of the Romeo/Casey pairing have they even been in a scene together? In saying that I got a fic in my head that needs to be written about Dexter and Heath and I'm pretty sure thats not anyones idea of a supercouple. Anyway your writing is superb and looking forward to reading more from you.

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Candy was security tagging Summer Bay shirts in the shop when a TV crew came in, two cameramen, a Soundman and a makeup artist. Candy rolled her eyes as she saw the young woman in the middle of them.

Mia Nolan, a leggy brunette walked into the Surf Club as if she owned the place. Holding onto her brand name handbag with her Chihuahua’s head sticking out, she used her free hand to pull down her oversized sunglasses to the tip of her nose just so she can see over the top.

“Oh wow, how cute.” She said as she walked over to a rack of surf supplies.

“Mia, hold up.” The Soundie, Jayson said as he adjusted the lapel microphone on her top.

“Can you hear me ok, Hun?”

Jayson gave her the thumbs up.

“Excuse me.” Candy said trying to get Mia’s attention. “You can’t bring your dog in here.”

“Hun, this isn’t a dog.” Mia held up her bag to show Candy her Chihuahua. “This is Barnaby, he’s my baby.”

“Oh I’m sorry Hun.” Candy said in a soft voiced that mimicked the TV star. “Your baby can’t come in here, we serve food in here, and it’s an O. H. & S. issue.”

“Oh Hun, I’m sorry.” Mia said placing a hand on Candy’s shoulder. “You don’t know who I am do you?” Mia giggled. “I’m MIA NOLAN…” She brushed her hair extensions behind her ears. “…From ‘It’s All About Mia.’ I have my own show on Foxtel.”

“I know who you are...” Candy scoffed. “…Your dog can’t be in here. Now if you want to keep that hand you’ll get it off me.”

Ruth walked into the Surf Club and stepped over the Camera crew’s cables. “Mia, I’m Ruth Stewart.”

“Oh hello.” Mia said with a smile.

“Welcome to Summer Bay, I’ll be looking after you, if you need anything at all…”

“Hun, can you look after this…” Mia handed Ruth her bag with Barnaby inside. “He’s not allowed in here.” Mia giggled.

Ruth looked at the dog. “Oh um…” The dog licked Ruth in the face; Ruth tried to hide her disgust with a forced smile.

“Thanks Hun.” Mia waved her off as she continued to look through the shop.

* * *

Indigo grabbed a can of soft drink from the esky next to the barbecue; she smiled to Romeo when she noticed that he saw her. She popped the can open and took a swig. Romeo who was cleaning the barbeque smiled back, he placed the scraper down and stepped towards his ex girlfriend.

“That’s bad for you you know.” Romeo said in a soft nonchalant voice.

“It’s diet.” Indi responded with a smile. “Besides it’s free.”

“Ah they aren’t…” Romeo laughed. “…They’re a dollar each, I haven’t got the sign up yet.”

“Oh.” Indigo blushed before searching her pockets. “I’ll pay you later.”

Romeo nodded.

“Oh Romeo...” Sarah called out before running up to the young man holding a tube of sunscreen. “Can you rub this on my back sweetie?” She handed him the tube before turning her back to him.

“I’ll leave you to it.” Indigo told them looking a little uncomfortable.

Romeo squirted some sunscreen on his hand and gently rubbed it on the young woman’s back, looking a little uncomfortable he watched as Indigo walked back over to the two Shepherd boys.

“…and you should have seen Colby’s face.” Cooper laughed.

“I bet Candy wasn’t too pleased.” Roo said almost choking with laughter.

“What’s this?” Indigo asked interrupting.

“I’m just telling Roo about Colby and Colleen’s date.” Cooper responded before kissing his girlfriend on the cheek. Indigo quickly stood back, a little unimpressed with his public display of affection. “What?” Cooper snapped.

“Romeo is just over there.” Indigo quietly indicated.

Cooper looked over at Romeo who was laughing with Sarah. “He’s not looking.” Cooper said before planting a kiss on Indigo’s lips. Indigo pushed the surfie hunk off her and stepped back.

“Indi?” Cooper stepped towards her. “If you can’t be seen with me…”

“I can’t be with you?” Indigo finished his sentence. “If you’re going to force yourself onto me…”

“Hey that’s not fair…” Roo defended his brother’s actions. “…It’s not what happened.”

“Excuse me, I don’t even know you.” Indigo discoursed.

“Well if you can’t give my brother who obviously cares a hell of a lot about you the respect he deserves then I don’t even want to know you.”

* * *

“Where have you been?” John Palmer walked up to outside the Surf Club to grab Ruth on the shoulder. He noticed the Canine in the bag. “What is that?”

“It’s Mia Nolan’s dog she left me with it.” Ruth responded.

“Oh great and where is she?”

“Inside.” Ruth pointed to the door.

“Come with me.” John ordered as he dragged Ruth with him inside.

“Uh ok.”

John and Ruth dodged the crew and marched toward Mia who was looking at the accessories.

“You!” John grabbed a green rash vest and threw it at Mia. “I need you to put this on and get your butt outside for photos.”

“Hun, what is this?” Mia asked holding up the green top.

“It’s what I’m paying you to wear while you surf.”

“Hun?” Mia looked at John confused. “Surf?”

“Well this is a celebrity surf Carnival.”

“Yeah but I don’t have to surf do I? I mean don’t I just have to hand over a trophy?”

“It wouldn’t be any problem for you…” Ruth cut in. “I mean you surf all the time in your show.”

“Yeah Hun I know but you see there’s reality television and then there’s…” She raised her hands and showed Ruth air quotes. “Reality television.”

John scoffed.

“Ladies and gentleHuns, there seems to be a little uh communication error between my people and your people…” She grabbed the handbag from Ruth. “…So I’m just going to take Barnaby and let you sort it out with my agent, ok?”

John shook his head in disbelief, he looked at Ruth who was speechless.

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