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Full Circle (by TelephotoMarigold) - comments


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Tele ... words cannot describe that fic.

I just loved everything about it.

The relationships between everyone were just fantastic ... Aden & Geoff, Aden & Nicole, Geoff & Nicole. & of course Brittany.

Brittany is such a sweet little girl & very, very lucky to have two uncles, especially when they go by name of Aden & Geoff.

I loved that Nicole was prepared to have the baby for them as well to make them happy.

The little argument between Aden & Geoff was sweet in it's own way to make Aden realise he had to return to the Bay.

& the part when you wrote that he was worried what people would think of him & what they would make of him being gay.

That was just so incredibly true & realistic.

Everything you wrote about in that fic was amazing. I just wish it was a long fic that we could keep on reading.

But it worked so well & was written so beautifully.

Well done Tele.

Love Carina xxx :wub:

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Aw... that is sweet :D I can just imagine Nic having a baby for these two :) Carina's right, the relationships between them all were good, espeically Nic and Brittany.

So you read the line in my fic about Indi not imagining that Geoff and Aden would ever get it on? :lol: That line just kind of happened, so I went with it.

I'm devastated that

Nic is leaving HAA, I shall miss her

I'll edit that spoiler out if you want me to, just had to say it :(

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