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10 Things I Hate About You

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Has anyone seen this show? It started in Aus on Sunday night. All the characters from the movie are there including Kat, Bianca, Patrick, Cameron, Chasity, Joey, Michael and Mandella and Mr. Stratford who is the only character to be played by the original actor. I like Kat. Patrick is cute.

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I heard about this but I don't think I will bother watching it , I was such a huge fan of the original film I just think this series is a rip off of the original.

Julia Stiles & Heath Ledger were amazing in the original, how they can just remake it is beyond me! I think it could have worked better if they used completely new characters except the dad, like say Kat & Bianca's cousin living with the father (and her circle of friends) and maybe a guest visit from Kat (Julia Stiles) like 90210 and Melrose Place have done.

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