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Holly Sweet Holly

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Title: Holly sweet Holly

Type Of Fic: Med / Long Fic

Genre: Drama

Rating: A

Stars: Holly and Locals

Spoilers: None

Warnings: Adult Themes, Language

Plot: A girl simply known as Holly (Who hides a big secret) comes to town.

A girl stood in the doorway of the caravan park. She had blonde hair, blue eyes and looked kind of like a princess. Alf and Marylin who were sitting on the couch thought she look farmilliar but couldn't think why.

"Hey, can i get a van please?" she asked

"Sure Miles said who was sitting at the table marking home work.

"For how long?" he asked

"Not sure yet" she replied

"Ok, what's your name?"

"Holly" she said

"Holly......?" Miles said

"Oh, sorry, Holly Golightly" she replied

"Well, Holly Golightly, van 20" Miles said giving her the key

"Thanks, what your name?" Holly asked

"Miles" he replied

"So if i need anything i just ask you?"

"Yeah, if i'm not here, just ask Alf" Miles told her

"Alf Stewart" Holly said

She smiled and walked to the door

"Thanks again" she said and walked out.


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Holly stood at the counter in the diner.

"What can i get you?" Irene asked

"Long Black, extra strong" Holly said

"Coming right up" Irene replied

"You from around here?, you look farmiliar" Irene asked

"I'm from here and there" Holly replied

"Are you visiting family?"

"No, don't have any family here" Holly replied

Holly noticed a help wanted sign

"Can i get an aplication?" she asked

"How about i just write your name and number down"

"Holly Golightly, 0452775489" she said

"Holly Glightly, really?" Irene frowned

Holly smiled

"True" she said

"I'll keep your number, Holly" Irene joked

"Oh, um, you wouldn' happen to know anything about Angel or Shane Parrish would you"

"Yeah" Irene said

"Great, i gotta go now. but maybe you can call me since you got my number and make a time to talk about them" Holly said and smiled then walked away.


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"So wjy did you wan't to know bout Angel and Shane?" Irene asked plating up food.

"Personal reason" Holly replied following her.

"Well, they were a happy couple, until..." Irene started to stay

"Until D... Shane died of tetnis" Holly eneded Irene's sentance.

Irene looked closely

"What was you name again?" Irene asked

"I gotta go" Holly said pushing past Romeo and Annie as she walked out.

"She forgot her bag" Irene said grabbing it to chase after her

Somethings fell out on the ground, Romeo and Annie started to pick up her thing to put them back.

Annie picked up a newspaper clipping of her and a guy standing together smiling.

"Star local football player Dylan Paris and his show girl wiiner sister Shane" Annie read out what it said at the bottom

"That's why she wanted to know about Shane and Angel" Irene said

"She's staying at the caravan park, i'll give this to her" Romeo said


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Romeo knocked Holly's caravan door.

"Hey" she said as she opened the door.

"You left this at the diner" Romeo said giving her the bag

"Thought that's where it must have been" Holly replied taking it

"Is that you in the news cliping?" Romeo asked

"You looked through it" Holly said looking in the bag

"I'm sorry, Irene dropped it and some stuff came out. I didn't know it was such a big deal" Romeo said

"This is my business, alright" Holly said

"You're very hard to read, you know that" Romeo told her


"Usually i can read a girl, but you are difficult"

"Well, i do have a boys name" she said going to shut the door

"So it is you" he said pushing it open

Holly let it stay open

"I know what it's like to keep a secret to protect your family" Romeo said

"Family" she laughed to herself

"Is that what you think this is about?"

"Yes" Romeo told her

"I don't have a family, ok, now get out of here before your girlfriend gets the wrong idea"


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Romeo was playing by himself when the ball he was aiming for dissapeard. He looked to his left and seen Holly holding the ball

"Don't worry i come with my boxing gloves off" she said putting the ball down

"Sorry about last night" Romeo said

"I should be the one apologizing, i was being rude" Holly told him

"No, it was your business"

"So, are you playing by yourself or are you here with someone?" she asked

"I'm waiting on Xavier" Romeo told her

"Is that the blonde kid with the fat face?" she asked

Romeo smiled

"So, lets play a game" she said

"Everytime one of us pot a ball we tell each other something about ourselves like maybe you could tell me your real name" she said

"What makes you think Romeo's not my real name?" he asked

Holly frowned

"Please, nobody would ever call their son Romeo unless Posh Spice is your mother" she said

He laughed

"You're on" he told her and potted the first ball.

She smiled

"My favourite movie is They Shoot Horses, Don't they?" she told him

He potted another ball

"My favourite song of all time is Billie Jean by Michael Jackson" she said

"Your turn" he said

She had her shot but missed

"How you just answer this question" He said

"What question?" she asked

"Where's your mother and brother?" he asked

She sighed

"I asked around so i know your dad died before you were born and your mum left town with some british guy" Romeo said

Holly closed her eyes for a bit

"Then you'd know my name is Shane ad i was named after my dad" she said

"Yeah" he replied

She took a deep breath.

"If i tell you about my family you tell me about yours, well i know you have a sister" she said

"Alright, deal" he said

"When my Step Dad left, my mother became a drunk and one night after she picked Dylan and his friend Adam from football training and me from bastball training, she was drnk as usual but we had no other way of getting home." she started to tell him

"She was playing chicken and slamed into another car and crashed. or car flipped and rolled a few times. Dylan died instantly, Adam died in hospital and i had a few broken bones and a bit glass in my stomach while she left tthe scene because she had only a few cuts and bruises. She was charged for many things and went to jail, i didn't go to her court case. Anyway she was stabbed in a prison riot and died of blood loss." she told him

"Now what about your?" she asked

"My mum me..." Romeo started to say but was interupted by Xavier

"Hey" Xavier said

"This conversation isn't over" she said and walked out

"Did i interupt something?" Xavier asked

"Yeah, you did" Romeo replied


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