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Today at work I had two parents (one a white Australian and another which was from an Asian country). Both were females. They both verbelly abused each other. The white Australian was very loud as she abused the woman. But the white Australia kept saying "Go back to your country" and I found that really insulting. The white australian also said "Oh you're great in numbers aren't you". As the Asian lady had many friends with her at the time (her friends were only trying to be supportive, they weren't attacking the white australia). I have many friends from different cultures/backgrounds.

Apparently one/or both children got hurt as they threw small balls at each other. The white Aussie even went as far as hitting the woman of the arm as she claim that the asian lady was moving her by force towards the boss of the business. But it was also revealed that the white australia son was actually physcially beated by a half australia/muslim child.

It's all too confusing, but what really upset me was the fact that this woman was making racist remarks and generalising a race.

(As a child I was probably in year 4/5 I was grabbed by the arm and dragged around the school by a muslim girl, my friend went and told a teacher and the girl released me. She was hurting my arm as she pull me around, but that experience hasn't affected the way I view muslims or people from different countries).

What are your thoughts on racism? (for those Australians do you believe racism is alive and well in our society).

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