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Last November this site scooped the news on Nine’s new police drama Cops LAC (Local Area Command) for 2010.

And it was then that I threw the name Kate Ritchie into the ring as an obvious name for casting.

Today the Daily Telegraph says she has just finalised a contract with Nine to do just that, in a return to acting after concluding her Nova radio gig.

“It was Underbelly’s fault,” she tells Woman’s Day, out today. “It felt so good and comfortable (being on set). It’s nice to be working with a new ‘family’.”

Assuming nothing has changed from early scripts, here’s more details on the role Ritchie is likely to be taking:

Senior Constable Roxanne Perez

Roxanne is twenty seven and is a third generation police officer – her father and grandfather were both cops. Roxanne has never really wanted to do anything else apart from be a police officer. She used to beg her father to let her ride around in the back of the police car, just so that she could imagine herself doing what he did. Perhaps it is in her blood. It goes without saying that her family – and especially her dad and granddad – are very proud of her indeed. Roxanne is intelligent, witty and sassy. A risk taker. She is also the most ambitious cop in the LAC. She has her eyes firmly set on becoming a detective and, after that, an elite Crime Manager and investigator. And, if her determination is any indicator, she will get what she wants in record time.

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I can't wait for this show. It seems like it will be a NSW version of Blue Heelers, featuring both uniforms and detectives. Kate plays a Senior Constable who wants to be a detective and Jodi plays a probationary constable. It will be interesting to see them both in uniform!

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LAC stands for Local Area Command. In NSW to my knowledge areas are divided up into Local area Commands which comprise of a number of suburbs. They are like districts/shires/councils. I can see how it seems like it could stand for Los Angeles County though.

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