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Come Back Down To Me

Guest theAdellefan

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Story Title: Come back down to me

Type of story: short / long fic (undecided).

Main Characters: Aden/Belle also includes Matilda, Ric, Cassie, Macca

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance & Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: No

Summary: Aden Jeffries starts at a new school for his final year of school. He catches the eye of a girl, Belle Taylor. Aden makes friends with all of Belles friends. So Belle has no choice but to hang out with him. She starts to not like him, since he is a really forward guy, and seems to get everything he wants. But Belle breaks down his barriers, and finds out that they are both similar. She start to hang out as friends. Belles friends try to get Belle to go out with Aden, but Belle doesnt want to be a fling. The storyline goes on from there, read the story to find out what happens.

Belle POV:

I woke up in the very early hours of the morning, it still hadnt registered to me that it was the first day of year 12. It was strange how one minute you were on holidays, and then next, its back to school. Matilda had been nagging me to come shopping with her ever since she got money for her birthday, but I havent been in the mood for shopping lately. I know its strange; I normally always go shopping when I can. But the past week, I just didnt want to.

I walk down the corridors of Summer Bay High, I see my friends in a bunch over in the far corner. I saw a new guy standing with them, I had never seen him before, I guessed maybe he was new.

Hi Mattie I walked over to my best friend Matilda, but everyone in our group called her Mattie, Whos the new guy I said smiling at him.

His name is Aden, he just moved here from the Gold Coast She said, holding onto her boyfriend, Ric.

Hey, whats your name, pretty girl? He asked me, Im pretty sure I blushed, and he noticed, and smiled at me.

Belle Taylor

Ahhh, a pretty name too He looked at her while smiling.

He seemed like one of those guys, who could get anything they wanted, all they had to do with smile at a girl and the girl would fall for him. I didnt want to be one of those girls; I just didnt want a fling, that wasnt my thing. It might be his, but it wasnt mine. But I thought why cant I have a little fun and flirt a little.

Well Aden I said while looking directly at him, I have to go to class now, Ill see you later guys I said to the others, and walked to my first class. But Aden didnt want me to just leave like that. I heard my name be called from behind me.

Belle Someone yelled from behind me.

I turned around, and that second I wish I didn't. Aden was standing in front of me.

I... he started, but didnt know what else to say, it seemed.

Arhh, yeah, whats the matter? I asked him, looking at him innocently.

Umm, what class do you have next? He asked.

Biology I told him directly

He grinned, Really, thats such a coincidence, I have the same class He looked at me.

Great, a whole hour with him, I was already didnt feel like going to class. But this could be fun, I thought.

Do you want me to walk you to class? Since you probably dont know where to go I asked him.

He smiled and then said, That would be awesome, I wouldnt want to be late, would I? He grinned.

No, you wouldnt, would you? I smiled at him.

More soon

This is my first story, so comments would be nice.

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I like this idea, and it was a good start :)

You've got Aden's character written well, all out going and confident.

Loving the Belle in this story. The Belle with the attitude was always fun :D

Update soon .. and if you need a proof reader I'd be happy to help.



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It might be a good idea if you did want to proof read this story :D Do you want me to PM you, when I write the next part? If that's fine with you?

Yeah sure, you can PM it to me, or I can give you my e-mail address so you can e-mail it to me. Your choice :)

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