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A Different Kind of Something (by Lise) - comments


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That was different but good.

God, I feel sorry for Aden. He's just lost his wife, and now he keeps thinking about kissing Geoff.

Maybe you should do another one shot, to say how it ended, because it kind of just stopped.




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GAH! Why did you do that to me? I got so into it, and then Aden backs off!

Silence lingered for the next few minutes until Aden moved closer to Geoff, taking a hold of his hands, and placing his lips on Geoff’s. All of a sudden Aden pulled back realising what he was doing.

“I’m - I’m sorry. I don’t know what just happened,” said a very shocked Aden.

“No, don’t be sorry.” Geoff said as he smacked his lips against Aden’s.

Oh yes! So awesome. My heart is all a-flutter. ^_^

“I think I liked it, but I can’t. I just lost my wife, the love of my life, and I go and do something like this.”

I'm sure you did, Aden. I adore the fact that it's not the fact that he kissed a guy, it's the fact that he is still in love with Belle. If this sort of thing was to happen in the show, this is how I would want it. Aden can love someone else - it just happens to be Geoff :wink:.

“I – I can’t stop thinking about it either,” Geoff admitted.

Silence lingered again as Aden and Geoff sat awkwardly at the dinner table.

“What we are going to do about this? What do you want to do about this?” Geoff asked.

“I think it would be best if we just left things for a while,” Aden told him. “Belle’s just died and I’m not ready for any kind of ... anything”

My heart literally sank. Why? No, Aden! Be with Geoff he can make you happy again! Ok, I think I am too invested here.

I would totally read a follow up. Just saying'.

Great one-shot. You really got the conflict of Aden spot on. I think Geoff might have had a bit of a stronger reaction the first time when he realised what had happened, but at the same time he's probably smitten :P.

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Thank you for the comments. :)

A big part of me did want to them to hook up in the end but I thought that considering that Aden had just lost his wife that it would be a bit unrealistic. I will have to have a think about another one and see if I can come up with something.

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