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Rachel's Past

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Story title: Rachel's Past

Type of story: Medium/Long fic

Rating: A

Main Characters: Rachel/Tristan/Others

Genre: Drama

Any warnings: Language, Adult Themes

Spoilers: No

Summary: A teenager arrives on Rachel and Tony's doorstep ans questions Tony about Rachel when discovers that she is living a happy life he changes it completely.


"Hi" A teenage boy said standing in the door way as Tony opened it.

Tony frowned looking at the badly fashioned young man.

"Are you lost?" Tony asked

The guy noticed Tony looking at him.

"I'm looking Rachel Armstrong" he replied

"Yeah mate i think you got the wrong Rachel Armstrong" Tony told him

"So if i was here to give her one hundred thousand dollars. Would i have have the wrong Rachel then?" the guy said pushed on the door as Tony went to close it.

"Do you wanna give her one hundred thousand dollars?" Tony asked

"No, Do you wanna give me one hunder thousand dollars" The guy replied

"No" Tony replied

"Now i'll repeat what i said, i'm looking Rachel Armstrong and don't give some crap about doesn't live here because i know she does and i also she works at northern districs hospital and i also know she's married to Tony Holden, who i am guessing is you and that she has a child named Harry" the guy said

"Who are you?" Tony asked

"Tristan Weeks"

"And what do you want?"

Tristan folded his

"Tsk tsk tsk tsk, hardly complementery Tony Holden" Tristan said

Tony was intrigued by the boys confidence

Tristan sighed

"Look Rachel and i go way back and i was just wondering if i could see her, my second choice is the hospital then the diner then the surf club she's bound to be

at one of them" Tristan said

"Come in" Tony said


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