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Rock My World

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Story Title: Rock My World

Type of Story: Medium-Long fic

Main Characters: Aden and Angelo [with Cassie, Ric, Lucas, Matilda, Belle, Nicole & own creation David].

BTTB Rating: A

Genre: Friendship/Romance

Does story include spoilers?: Nope.

Any warnings: Sexual content, Violence and Language.

Summary: Aden and Belle are just not the match they thought and when Aden explores his sexualitly by meeting a guy online- he is shocked at who his chat buddy is.

Chapter One: The Split, Internet & Dangerous Confessions

Aden sighed as Belle packed her bags. She had just been dumped by Aden and was not in a happy mood. She threw her clothes into a suitcase, not caring what she actually put in her case she just wanted out of Aden's flat as fast as possible. Aden watched her as she threw the clothes in the case- she was a wreck. And it was his fault. He had just told Belle that he couldn't carry on dating her because he had been having feelings of a different kind. He had just told Belle that he was gay.

"Please, I'm sorry Belle. Can't we just be friends..?" he asked. Belle's face reaction showed that, no, they couldn't be friends.

"Who the hell knows about this Aden? Who knows that you have been having these.. disgusting thoughts" Belle spat.

"They are not disgusting and the only person who knows is Cassie" he replied. He couldn't believe that Belle was having this reaction.

She laughed bitterly. "So that scrag knows your deepest darkest secret and you couldn't even confide in me? Did you ever think of me? When we made love- on that bed" she pointed at the bed. A single tear dropped down her cheek "Did you think of me, or was you thinking off bloody Ryan Seacrest or someone?".

"Who?" Aden asked, but quickly realised now was not the time for that. "I'm so sorry that you are hurt Belle, I truly truly am".

Belle looked at Aden as she finished her packing. "Screw you Aden Jeffries. Just screw you".

"I'm such an idiot Cassie" Aden sighed as he sat on the beach with his best friend. She was wearing a pink bikini and a loving smile was on her face.

"No your not. Belle was always going to be upset- You've been dating her for months and that's hard for any girlfriend to hear. I'd be horrified if my Lucas admitted to me he was gay" she said to Aden "But at least you have been honest with her. Now you can move forward.. Maybe meet a guy?".

Aden laughed. "I've never even kissed a guy.. I'm so scared of when that finally happens. Where in Summer Bay is there going to be another gay kid?".

Cassie grabbed Aden's hand and looked at him. "The internet?" She said and Aden laughed.

"Are you joking? I'm not that sad.." he said. But then realised that if he was going to meet another gay person in Summer Bay, the internet was properly the right place to go.

On Cassie's advice, he logged onto a gay internet site. He typed in all his details but refused to add a picture. He soon got talking to PCHotStuff123 with whom a topless shot appeared on the site but cut off just before the head.

PCHotStuff123: Hey mr. What is your name and where you from?

BadBoy2009: Liam and I'm in Summer Bay.

PCHotStuff123: Gareth.

Aden knew that lying about his name was stupid, but he felt it would be best.

PCHotStuff123: R u gay mr?

BadBoy2009: Yes..

PCHotStuff123: R u nu 2 this? U seem nu 2 this?

Aden laughed. PC Hot Stuff had already sussed him to a tee.

BadBoy2009: I am new to this.

PCHotStuff123: Cool. How old are you mr?

BadBoy2009: 18.

PCHotStuff123: Awesome. I love older men. I'm 26.

BadBoy2009: Nice.

Aden was at a loss to type. He had no idea what to write. But that would soon change.

PCHotStuff123: R u horny? I'm horny. I'm playing with myself..

BadBoy2009: R u a policeman? Do you have the uniform?

PCHotStuff123: Indeed Liam I do. Does that turn u on?

BadBoy2009: Of course.

Aden was new to this, but he was having fun. He didn't to have some fun and this was a laugh. PC Hot Stuff seemed cool.

PCHotStuff123: Listen Liam. I have work soon. Do you know the Summer Bay Diner?

BadBoy2009: Yes..

PCHotStuff123: This is going to be really forward and u can say no. But do you want to meet up- tonight at 10.00pm?

Aden would usually say no. But he was in a trance right now. And so he typed..

BadBoy2009: I know it and I'll be there. Wear your uniform..

PCHotStuff123: I will :). Table 23- 10.00pm. Be there.

PCHotStuff123 has logged off.

And that was that. He needed to call Cassie right away..

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