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New In Town

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Story title: New In Town.

Type of story: Not sure.

Main characters: Charlie, Ruby, Joey, Aden and others.

BTTB rating: G (I think)

Genre: Romance.

Spoilers: No.

Main Summary: Charlie & Joey meet - and sparks fly! Can they make it work?

Note - The Italics are there thoughts.

I hope you like it! Comments would be greatly appreciated, thanks. :)

New In Town.

I’m fairly nervous to tell you the truth. Starting a new job and being in a new town can do that to you. But thank god for my friend Aden Jeffries. We had met previously on a trawler job about 9 months ago. We became quite close as friends. He told me he left home because his girlfriend had died of cancer. He was completely devastated. I helped him through it. But as the job finished up I went on to another job and he came back home. Which is where I am right now. A town called Summer Bay. I’m waiting outside a place called The Pier Diner where Aden is getting us coffees before we start work. So far I think it’s a lovely town. It has a gorgeous beach. The water is really calm today. As I run my eyes along the beach I notice this really gorgeous brown haired girl who was playing on the beach with this younger girl. She and the girl were laughing at something. I then noticed a guy of about the same age as the brown haired girl approaching them. I could feel my heart sink. I know I had only just noticed this girl but she is really beautiful. The guy had a little boy with him. The brown haired girl suddenly looked up towards the Diner. I know she saw me. I caught a glimpse of her face before she turned her attention towards the guy and it was as beautiful as I thought it would be. It looked like the guy was going to leave the little boy with the two girls. I turned away from her for a second to notice another girl walking towards them. The girl had reached the group and kissed the guy on the lips and took the guy and the boy away from them with a wave of her hand.

“Here’s your coffee Joey” Aden said returning from the Diner.

“Thanks Aden” I said taking the coffee from him. I looked back towards the girls. “This might seem weird, but who is that brown haired girl down on the beach there?” I asked. I could feel myself blush, which was stupid.

“That’s Charlie Buckton and her daughter Ruby” he answered.

“Daughter? So she’s straight then I take it” I said disappointed.

Aden smiled. “Nope. She’s gay” he replied to my surprise.

“But you said that’s her daughter?” I asked confused.

“Yes. It’s a long story. You should get her to tell it to you”

“Is she seeing anyone?”

“What’s with all the questions Collins?” Aden asked. He looked at me closely. “Wait, you find her attractive right?”

“Yeah, she looks beautiful, like someone I’d like to get to know” I said.

“Hey, look they are coming this way” Aden noticed.

“Hi Aden, how are you?” Charlie asked stopping right in front of us.

“Im great thanks” he answered.

I could see that I had to introduce myself. “Um, I’m Joey Collins” I interrupted.

“Nice to meet you Joey. I’m Ruby Buckton and this is my mother Charlie” Ruby replied.

I could feel Charlie’s eyes wonder up and down my body. She smiled brightly. “Nice to meet you Joey” she replied.

“Joey and I met on the trawler job I did about 9 months ago” Aden explained.

“Oh, so your into boats as well?” Charlie asked me.

“I love boats. Do you like boats?” I asked.

Ruby laughed at that.

“Rubes” Charlie said annoyed. “I don’t hate them” she answered me.

“I should take you out on a boat and see if I can’t change your mind” I suggested. I just realised that I have asked her out. Please say yes!

“Sounds great” she accepted.

“Mum, you know your very bad at this” Ruby said to her. She rummaged through Charlie’s bag until she found what she was looking for. “Here’s mum’s number – the mobile is the best way to get her, it’s the last number on the card”

“I could have done that myself thankyou Ruby” Charlie was annoyed again.

“I just beat you to it” Ruby said sweetly. “Aww look there’s Xavier, I’m going to go. It was nice to meet you Joey, hopefully I’ll be seeing a lot of you. Bye Aden. See you later Mum”

“Bye Ruby” We all replied.

“I’m sorry about my daughter. She can be full on and very blunt at times” Charlie said.

“No worries” I said suddenly gone a bit shy.

“Anyway, we should probably get to work” Aden said.

“Right, yes, I’ve got to go into the station anyway” Charlie said.

“Station?” I repeated.

“I’m a cop, senior constable” Charlie explained.

“Wow” I said. “Sorry, I don’t mean to sound dumb, er…”

Charlie smiled again. “Don’t worry, you don’t sound dumb” she said. “I don’t know if you have plans tonight but do you maybe want to get a drink or something? I know we only just met so you don’t have to agree…..”

My turn to smile. “I’d love to” I said.

“Great. Call me when your done with work” she said.

“Will do” I said.

“Ok, see you Joey. Bye Aden” She said.

“Bye” we replied.

I watched her walk away. “Wow” I said.

Aden laughed at me.

Crap, I must have said that out loud.

“What?” I asked defensively.

“You’ve got it bad” he said.

“I’ve never felt this instant attraction before” I said.

“It looked like Charles felt it too” he said.

I smiled. “Are you just saying what I want to hear?” I asked.

“No. I know Charlie, I can tell when she’s into someone. And she liked you” he said.

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Whoops. I forgot to update this one on here. Its updated over at the C&J forum too. So i've put all the chapters that are on there up here so its even. If that made sense. Lol. Please leave comments.

Wow. I can’t believe how beautiful this girl I just met is. Her name is Joey Collins. She practically took my breath away. She was stunning. I hope she will become my girlfriend. This must be a good thing – me wanting a girlfriend again. I guess I must be over what happened. See I had a girlfriend, Hannah. I was madly in love with her and I thought she was madly in love with me. Boy was I wrong. She was only pretending to be gay. I worked that out when she cheated on me with a guy. She came clean and told me he was her boyfriend. I was so upset and hurt, I didn’t know whether I could trust anyone again. But Joey seems like a lovely person, hopefully it will all work out good.

Ruby walked into the station after school.

“Hey Georgia, is my mum here?” she asked.

“Yes, in her office” Georgia replied.

Ruby knocked on the door of the office.

“Come in” I replied.

“So has she called you yet?” Ruby asked standing in the doorway.

“Yes she did. We are going out for drinks tonight” I answered.

Ruby smiled. “That’s fantastic” she exclaimed.

“What’s fantastic?” Georgia asked appearing next to Ruby.

“That mum has a date tonight” Ruby answered.

“That is fantastic” Georgia said.

I looked up at them. “Have I really been that bad?” I asked.

“There were days where you were a real pain Charlie” Georgia informed me. “But break-ups are hard so I forgive you!”

“I’m sorry that I was a pain. But you have helped me a lot, I don’t know what I would have done without you Georgia” I said. “All those hours of me crying my eyes out in here and you comforting me – I really appreciate it”

“Anytime my friend, anytime” She said.

“Hey and what about me?” Ruby asked.

“Of course, I couldn’t live without you darling you know that” I said.

“So, what is she like?” Georgia asked.

“She loves boats. She & Aden are working on a trawler job, they worked on one previously which is how they met” I said.

“Right” said Georgia. “And what does she look like?”

I grinned foolishly. “One word – stunning”

“Come on girl, give me more then that” Georgia said.

“She has light brown hair and gorgeous hazel eyes. She is really nice”

“I only talked to her for a few minutes but she seems genuine” Ruby put in.

“Good, I wouldn’t want to see you get hurt again” Georgia said. “I think you should go and get ready for your date, you know there isn’t much to do here and we can handle anything that comes up. Angelo is due for his shift shortly anyway”

“Okay, I do have a lot to do so I guess I’ll see you later” I replied. “Come on Rubes lets go”

We got back home and I hopped straight into the bath for about half an hour to calm my nerves. I walked into my room and stared at my wardrobe.

“Rubes” I called.

“What mum?” She asked walking in with Xavier.

“Oh my god I’m in a towel” I shrieked.

Xavier laughed. “Sorry Charlie” he said.

“Go outside” Ruby ordered him. “What’s wrong mum?” she asked me.

“What do you think is wrong? I don’t have any clothes. I have no idea what to wear. What do I wear? I mean, do I go casual or dressy or what? What do I do?” I said in a panic.

“Okay Mum you need to calm down. Just sit on the bed and I’ll pick something out” she looked at me. “She really got to you didn’t she?”

“Yeah, there’s just something about her” I said.

“Here” she said handing me a pair of jeans and a purple top with my black leather jacket.

I put them on and was pretty pleased with my appearance.

I’m so glad my mum is starting to see someone. I don’t like it when anyone hurts my mum. She’s all I really have. I know I have my grandfather and my stepgrandmother but they live all the way in the city. I know there’s Martha & Alf too. And of course Leah and little VJ. While I do consider them all family, my mum is the one I’m closest too, the one I can tell anything too. We are more like friends then mother and daughter – most of the time! I have a fantastic boyfriend, Xavier Austin. I’m in love with him and he is in love with me.

“Your going to yell at me now aren’t you?” Xavier asked me.

“No, why would I?” I asked.

“Because I walked in on your mum dressed in a towel” he said.

“Its alright, we didn’t know she was going to be dressed like that anyway” I reassured him.

“Hey guys” said Jai & Annie appearing at the door.

“Hey come on in” I said.

“How’s it going?” Jai asked.

“I walked in on Charlie dressed in a towel” Xavier said.

“Is she going out somewhere?” Annie asked.

“Yeah, she has a date” I said with a smile.

“Oh, that’s really good” Annie said.

”So she’s finally moving on” Jai stated.

“Yes I am” Charlie said coming out of her room. “So how do I look?”

“You look great Mum. Really fabulous” I said.

“Yeah that’s a really nice top” Annie said.

“Thanks guys. Wish me luck” Charlie said.

“Good luck” We replied.

“Hey guys, I just saw Charlie, where is she going?” Leah asked entering her house a few minutes later.

“On a date” I explained.

Leah smiled. “That’s fantastic” she said.

“Yeah we all seem to be thinking that” Jai said.

“What’s she like?” Leah asked.

“Her name’s Joey Collins. She’s into boats. She and Aden did a job together, that’s how they met”

“She’s friends with Aden? How old is she?” Leah asked.

“I’m not sure. Maybe 22?” I said.

“That’s a bit young for her isn’t it?” Annie asked.

“Anything’s better then Hannah” I replied. “And she seems really mature for her age”

“That’s good then” said Leah.

I knew Joey would find someone. I knew it would be Charlie too. I’m glad Charlie is moving on. She deserves to be happy. So do I. I know Belle would want me to be happy. I do miss her a lot. But I have moved on. Nicole and I are together now. I’ve always loved Nic like a sister but she’s been my rock and I have been hers. She broke up with her first boyfriend Geoff or as I call him “Bible Boy”. They were just two totally different people. But Nic and I, we click. I hope it works. Just like I hope Charlie & Joey work.

“Coffee thanks Irene” I said as I entered the diner.

“There you go love” Irene said. “Look over there” She nodded in a direction.

I smiled as I saw who she was talking about.

“You know that girl?” Irene asked.

“Yeah, remember I was talking about a girl called Joey Collins?” I asked.

“Yes” Irene answered.

“That’s her” I replied.

“Oh right” Irene said. “I thought they were on a date. Nice to see Charlie getting back out there”

“Yes it is” I said. “Anyway, going to see Nic so talk to you later”

“Yes, bye Aden” Irene said.

I walked past Charlie & Joey as I left the diner and gave them a wave.

“Hey Miles, is Nic home?” I asked as I entered Miles home a few minutes later.

“Yes” he answered. “Hey Nic, Aden’s here” He yelled in the direction of upstairs.

“And where’s my coffee?” Nicole asked bounding down the stairs with such energy.

“Sorry I didn’t get you one, do you want me to?” I asked guiltily.

“No don’t worry, its okay” she said giving me a kiss. “I still love you even if you don’t get me coffees” She went into the kitchen.

Wow, first time the L word has been said.

“Hey Nic” I said.

“Yeah” she said staring right at me.

“I love you too” I grinned.

She grinned back at me. “I knew it” she said. “I knew you loved me”

“Yes I do” I confirmed.

She kissed me again. “And I love you too” she said.

“You guys are too much. I’m going to go back to school” Miles said.

“I’ll be there later. I have a free. Bye” Nicole replied.

“Okay. Bye” Miles said.

“Do you just realised we said the L word in front of Miles?” Nicole laughed.

“Yeah I realise that” I replied.

She wrapped her arms around me and kissed my neck.

“Nic” I moaned.

“You like that huh” Nicole said.

“Yeah but you gotta stop. You have to go back to school soon”

“Oh who needs school” Nicole said.

“Nic” I said sternly.

“I’m joking. Can we talk about something else please?” She said.

“Guess who I saw on a date in the diner?” I said.

“Who?” Nicole asked.

“Charlie” I answered.

“Oh that’s really good” Nicole replied.

“And guess who she was with?” I said teasingly.

“Aden. Stop with the guessing game and just tell me!” she said.

“Joey” I answered.

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