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The Long-Distance Relationship Thread

Guest Jess

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So, I don't know how many other people out there this'll apply to, but I'm very much going through a 'I-really-miss-my-boyfriend-and-wish-he-didn't-have-to-be-a-hundred-miles-away' phase, and was hoping I'm not alone?

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Your definately not alone on this one!

I use to live in New Zealand, now im in Australia. The person I like is still in New Zealand. We had the whole long distance relationship thing going on for a while, but afterwards, it got a bit too hard being so far away and not being able to see each other. But we still like each other no matter what. Im soon going over for a holiday to see the person & some friends, so Im looking forward to that. But.. I do understand how you feel. And I hope things are allgood with you and this person for a long time to come yet :)

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