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Kids With Kids

Guest Haymaiden

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Title: Kids with Kids

Type of Story: Medium Fic (with ongoing chapters)

Main Characters: Geoff, Claudia, Rachel

BTTB Rating: T


Warnings: It's themed around teenage pregnancy

Spoilers: Yes

Summary: Claudia is pregnant . . . what happens next?

Chapter One

Claudia: Hey Martha.

Martha: Yeah, what do you want?

Claudia: I'm late . . . for my period.

Martha: Stay calm, OK. Take a pregnancy test and see what happens.

Two Hours Later

Claudia: Geoff. Remember how you hold me that Nicole thought she was pregnant and she wasn't?

Geoff: Yeah.

Claudia: I'm pregnant. Yeah I know it could be Lachie's, but it's yours, I know.

Six months later

Claudia: Ooh.

Geoff: Clauds, are you all right?

Claudia collapses. Geoff picks her up and carries her back to the homestead.

Geoff: Martha, call an ambulance.

20 minutes later

Claudia: Hi. Oh!

Rachel: What's happening?

Claudia: It's too soon. It's too soon.

5 hours later

Geoff: Clauds, are you OK?

Claudia: Yeah, fine. She's in the incubator. She's tiny. Rachel says she can live but being 14 weeks premature I don't know if our baby can make it.

Geoff: Can we going and see her?

Claudia: Yeah. Let's go.

Claudia gets out of bed and walks off with Geoff. At the incubator, Claudia put her head on Geoff's shoulder and starts crying. Then, she collapes.

Geoff: Rach!

Rachel: Geoff, what happening?

Geoff: I don't know.

Geoff and Rachel carry Claudia to her bed. When Claudia comes to, she is in pain again.

Claudia: The contractions, their back.

Rachel: Jules, get a doppler machine. She could have another baby stuck.

5 minutes later

Claudia: What's that?

Rachel: It's another baby. You'll need a caesarean in order for that baby to survive.

Claudia is wheeled off for a caesarean.

2 hours later

Rachel: Geoff, the other baby, it's a girl.

1 hour later

Geoff: Clauds, both little girls are in incubators. They're tiny, being premature twins, but they should survive.

1 day later

Claudia and Geoff visit the twins in their incubators.

Geoff: What should we call them?

Claudia: Geaudia and Cloff?

Geoff: No.

Claudia: What about Emily . . . and Paige.

Geoff: Perfect.

Comments please?

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Thanks Ryleigh

Chapter Two

Claudia: What about middle names?

Geoff: You pick.

Claudia: OK. What about Emily Grace and Paige Julia.

Geoff: Perfect.

Claudia: Hammond or Campbell?

Geoff: What, which surname?

Claudia: I think they should keep the Hammond. If we marry, then it can change.

Geoff: Your asking me to marry you?

Claudia: No, silly. One day, if we realise we want to spend the rest of our lives together, then we can get married.

Geoff: So we're keeping them right?

Claudia: I can't imagine life without them.

Geoff: Emily and Paige, I'm sorry. Your mum wasn't planning to have you but that doesn't mean we don't love you.

It's short but it's the next installment.

Comments please?

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Thanks Red Ranger 1

Chapter Three

Two Days Later

Annie: They're so cute!

Rachel: Can I talk to Claudia for a second? Alone.

Geoff and Annie walk out of the room.

Claudia: What do you want?

Rachel: You'll obviously need to keep to a lawyer and find a good couple.

Claudia: I'm not giving them up.

Rachel: It's the best option.

Claudia: No! I'm sorry.

Two Minutes Later

Geoff: What did Rachel need to talk to you about?

Claudia: She just assumed we were giving them up.

Once again, it's short. I don't know where it's going to go.

Comments Please?

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Thanks Red Ranger 1

Warning: Slight sexual content

Chapter Four

Three Hours Later

Geoff: Dear God. I'm sorry for all the sex before marriage with Nicole and Claudia and now I'm a teenage father, but I still love you. Amen.

Five Minutes Later

Claudia: Where have you been?

Geoff: I just went down to the chapel. To pray.

One Day Later

Claudia's Father: I've found good adoptive parents. Catherine and Kimberly Hyde.

Claudia: I'm not giving them up for adoption.

Claudia's Father: So you're going let two healthy young girls be raised be foolish teenage parents?

Rachel: Mr and Mrs Hammond, I think you should go now.

Claudia: No! No, you doctor woman, I'm not leaving this place until my daughter agrees that a teenager can not raise a child properly!

Claudia starts crying. Rachel takes Claudia's parents outside.

Claudia: Why! Why do they have to think this way! Why! It's not their body! Or their babies! It's mine!

Two Hours Later

Rachel: I have good news. Irene is a DOCS carer and has agreed to take on you and Geoff until you both finish school.

Geoff: That's great!

Claudia: So we can keep the babies?

Rachel: Irene has taken you on. She's your official carer. I'll call her and if it's OK I'll tell you.

Three Months Later

Claudia: All ready to go?

Geoff: Yep.

Claudia: I can't believe Emily and Paige are coming home with us.

Geoff: Well they'll be back in two days. For the testing.

Claudia: What testing?

Geoff: You remember, the six weeks old testing. But because they were born premature, it hasn't happened until now.

Claudia: Of course!

I hope it's long enough.

Comments Please.

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