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Love Or Friends

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Story Title: Love or Friends

Type of story: short/long fic (undecided)

Main Characters: Leah/Roman, VJ, Nicole and other cast

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: None

Summary: 5 lines max - The fic starts, just before the accident in the car. Here however they decide to break up, and try to be friends only. But can they hold on to that, or is it not enough for them?

"only because i'm ready to move on with my life, it doesn't mean that VJ is" Leah said while driving. Roman asked "so you want to cool things off, already?"

Leah parked the car on the side of the road. She shifted in her seat and looked at the man next to her. "wanting, No. But i have to. If i don't look after VJs welfare, who else? I am his mother, and it's my duty." Roman looked at her. "I know that it is on us to look after our children. But we don't do anything wrong or bad. And it is not like VJ doesn't like me. We get on brilliant together. He only has to get used to the idea of you and me as a couple." "Roman, if we would be in a situation where VJ is just acting up, then i would agree with you. But the poor kid, lost already two dads at such a young age. He only just got over it and started trusting in a new male figure. In you, and he feels like i will take you away from him." Leah explained. Roman started to get annoyed "So that's it. We can't be together. What could have been something amazing, we should give up." "only for the moment, till VJ trust us enough and can get used to the idea of us. Please understand." she said quietly. "i understand you. But don't agree with you at all. I think it is best if we go back home." Leah looked at him and started to drive back.

When Leah dropped Roman off and he wanted to get out of the car, Leah looked at him "before we got together, we were friends, good friends. Do you think we can try and be that again?" Without looking at her Roman answered "I can try it, but i can't promise you it will work." And with that he left. Leah looked at his exit with tears in her eyes.

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Nicole and Aden were watching a film, when Roman entered "dad, what are you doing home so early? I thought you had a date with Leah?" asked Nicole. "Leah and I, broke things off. I think I'm going to bed. Good night." Roman started going upstairs when his daughter said "It's my fault, it's because of me telling VJ about you guys. I'm sorry dad." "it has nothing to do with that. It is VJ reaction. Leah thinks, it is to early and to much for him. It wouldn't have made a difference, if he would have found out about it later. His reaction would have been the same. At least Leah and i weren't in it to deep." with a sad smile he went upstairs. "i think he is already too deep in this relationship. He just doesn't want to admit it." Nicole remarked. Aden added "I think you're right. Since i have known Roman, he and Leah always had a good friendship. They always helped each other out. And for them to take the risk and to cross from a friendship to being a couple, must mean that they already have strong feelings for each other."

Leah opened the door to her home. VJ was still up playing while Charlie and Joey were talking with Rachel, who came by. "Hey, why your home so early?" Rachel wanted to know. Leah went to VJ gave him a squezze and said "Roman and i decided it is not working out between us two. So we went home." Rachel and Charlie both looked at each other, knowing full well, it was a lie. "Do you think, Roman would still hang out with me, mum?" VJ asked. "i don't know. We would have to ask him directly. But now, brush your teeth and go to bed. Good night sweetheart."

After Leah fetched a glass of water for herself, she came back. "it has nothing to do, with not working out between you too. You broke it off because of VJ, no?" started Charlie. Leah just nodded her head. "VJ will come round to the idea of you and Roman. Why stop, something which makes you and Roman happy." Rachel argued. "because, VJs happiness has to come before mine. I know what you are all thinking. But i can't change the situation. Hopefully Roman and I, will get back to being friends, and everything will be fine." Leah explained. After wishing everyone good night, she went to bed.

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After trying to push it off, for the last hour, Leah stepped in to the Dinner. Nervously she walked in to the kitchen where Roman was already working on a salad. "Hi. Good morning" she said quietly. Roman looked at her, then continued with his work and said "hi" Leah began "do you think we can work together, without it being akward?" Roman gave her a sad smile "we are adults. We can manage that. And i told you, we will try to get back to what we had before we got together." "good, I would like to have you at least as my friend.... I'll go and take the orders." Roman looked at Leah leaving the kitchen. 'what a beauty she is' he thought.

A bit later, Leah was carrying two plates in to the kitchen, just as Roman wanted to get something from the fridge. Both were not looking and bumped in each other. Roman just got hold of Leahs arm, to prevent her from falling backwards. They stood there, looking at each other. Their longing for each other visible in their eyes.

The spell was broken, when they heard Colleen coming towards the kitchen. VJ came in with Colleen. Leah saw that her son was upset. "what happened VJ? Why are you upset?" Colleen answered "Just as i was fetching him from soccer practice, i heard how some boys made fun of his game." Leah took her son to sit down and sat next to him "Don't worry about those boys. They always say things they don't mean. But i thought you improved with soccer?" "I am better. But i still suck and they are way better then me, mum" VJ looked up at Roman who was by the till and asked. "Would you practice with me again?" Leah tried to get her son to drop it "look VJ. I am sure Roman has enough to do. And after his shift, he is most properly to tired for practice." Roman answered "no, it's fine. I'll help you. After my shift in half an hour, we can go out, Ok?" When VJ went to the computers Roman told Leah "Even if we are not together and he is the reason for it, I am still here for him. If he wants or needs me, you can count on me." Leah thanked him.

After a long practice of soccer, Roman and VJ sat down to have a drink. Roman tried to comfort VJ who was still upset about the remarks of his friends "you know, maybe your friends are better in soccer then you, but i am sure there are other stuff where you are way better then them. Everyone has something, where they are good at. You too." "Dan used to say the same thing to me." VJ said. "you miss him a lot" noticed Roman "yeah. It is just..." VJ didn't know how to get it out. "what mate? You know you can talk to me." Roman tried to get him to continue "it's just like, i feel that everyone who gets together with mum and who i get attached to, dies or leaves." Then he looked at Roman and added "that's why i am happy that you are not together with mum anymore. Or you might leave too."

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When Roman took VJ home, he asked Leah for a private moment outside."I think you might be right about, it being to soon, for VJ. We spoke together, and i realized you have a valid point. I just wanted to say even if it is a pity about us not being together, i think you might have made the right choice for your son." "i know, but it doesn't make it easier for both of us" she commented. Roman just nodded his head and left.

Leah and Roman, both in their own room in their own bed were awake, thinking about the good times they had together. Leah took her mobile, wanting to hear his voice and have a laugh with him she scrolled down to Romans number. Before pressing dial, she shook her head and put it away turning the other way trying sleep.

Next morning in the Diner they were working side by side, trying to to keep a lid on their feelings and talk like friends do. "I told VJ that after school, we can go and practice some more." said Roman while frying the bacon. "I know. Thanks about that." Nicole entered "Hi Nicole" Leah greeted her. "hi Leah, Dad I wanted to tell you that i'm skipping school. I don't feel well. I will go home." "Still, maybe you should go to the doctor. Already the last few days, you are not feeling well." Roman worried. "It's no big deal Dad, just a flu. I'm going now? See you." with that Nicole left. "What's the matter with her?" Leah wondered. "I don't know. The last few days, she feels sick and tired. Sometimes she can't eat, and then again she wants to eat. I really wish she would go to Rachel." Roman answered. Leah thought for a moment and then asked "There is not much to do now, do you mind if i take off already? I remembered i have to do something." After Roman agreeing, she left.

Nicole was sitting on the couch when there was a knock. She got up opened the door to Leah. "hi Leah. Why are you here?" Leah closed the door and said "I came for you. And brought you this." Showing her a pregnancy test. "Could you be pregnant Nicole?"

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