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The significance of billing order

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I 've only seen the first season of Gilmore Girls, but I checked out openings from later seasons on youtube, and I think they included some characters only in episodes they appeared in. Same thing with Charmed, apparently. There was one from season 2 that had Jesse but not Dean.

The weirdest one I've seen is The West Wing, because it always had Barlett last, Rob Lowe first, because Sam was originally supposed to be the de facto main character with Bartlett hardly ever appearing, and everyone else in between in alphabetical order. What's even weirder is that in the first season they had Moira Kelly (Mandy) before Dule Hill (Charlie) even though she was never more important than the others, and ended up leaving with no explanation at the end of the year. What's weirder is that, to my knowledge, there was only one character who would be left out if she didn't appear, and that was Abby. For the last one, my guess is they didn't have a version of the theme song short enough for fewer than eight characters.

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It's amusing watching the way the opening titles of Bergerac evolved.From the fifth season, they only credited people who appeared.It was faintly hilarious watching that episode that only had Bergerac and Crozier in it, where they're desperately trying to come up with enough shots of just the two of them to last the whole opening sequence.Then from the eighth season, they actually used shots of the characters from the episode in the opening titles.So if a character's only in one scene, you get three slightly different still frames of them standing in a car park!

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