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  1. I'm not 100% sure but the articles I've read were all posted in late April and stated she needed 9 weeks off from filming the show.
  2. Georgie Parker had hip surgery which is why Roo went to see her Mum and then Duncan. I'm sure in the new year we will see a new storyline for her.
  3. He doesn't seem to have much screen time this year he just seems to be more of a supporting cast like Irene and Leah
  4. I think it would be nice if she was seen in the bay once in a while like at the diner buying a coffee from Irene or Leah. I also thought it was really nice that the actress Jaclyn is still happy for the experience because even though she isnt on all the time she still is a good part of the show and a acting experience for the actress :cool: Good Work
  5. I believe Dexter has to hang out with more people then just his sister, Indi and her freind Romeo (and possible boyfriend). He doesn't really hang out with anyone on his own.
  6. Would love to watch these old episodes as I was only born in 1994 but dont have digital TV...dam...been watching Home and Away since I can remember
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