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I Love You! You Know That Right?

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"okay, im goin to have to go, im meeting jai"

"Ok, well this has been nice, im meeting geoff in a few hours anyway, cya!"


Over on the farm, Martha had asked geoff and claudia to sand the walls of the barn, geoff felt awkward,b ut he kept out of claudias way.

"Okay, im done in headin to meet nicole, bye"

Geoff, went to the doors, he ccouldn't open them, "The doors are locked" geoff told claudia

"What do you mean locked?"

"Locked, as in cant get them open!"

"Oh, bang on the door"

Geoff, begn to bang the door, he bange dfor an hour but no one came.

An hour and a half passed, Geoff's phone had no reception, and claudia, her phone was dead.

"Geoff, where goin to have to speak."

"Well, i dont have anything to say to you, i mean you are trying to break me up with my girlfriend."

"Geoff, im sorry i just think, that yous aren;t right for each other!"

"Well, its nothing to do with you, i love nic, shes my girl!"

"I just think, shes made you give up so much, i mean you gave up your faith for you! And now your sleeping together!"

"How do you know were havin sex?"

"I hear dyou talkin, nicole's seductive, you just cant see it!"

"Claudia, i feel like ive been throught this before, so many times, im with nicole i love her, i asked her to marry me!, we will never be together claudia!"

"Fine, think what you want!"

"Oh for god's sake i give up" geoff shouted

Geoff began to feel cold, he wondered what nicole would think of him not being home yet.

Claudia moved towards goeff, she lent to him and kissed him, for a second geoff kissed her back, but then he realised what he was doing!

"CLAUDIA! what are you doing, told you i was engaged so you kiss me?"

"Geoff you cant deny it! you kissed me back!"

"No, claudia im tired hungry and cold ok i just want to get out of here, your pathetic!"

Geoff moved away form caludia and sat at the opposite corner of the barn.

Nicole ahd been sitting with ruby in the surf club, she had told ruby the news of her and geoff.

"Oh, where is he?"

"What time where you's suppose to be meeting?"

"Three hours ago, i cant get throug to him! Do you fancy driving up to the farm?"

"Ok, if you want!"

Nicole and ruby, went round to belle's and borroed her car, they got to the farm.

"Geoff?"nicole shouted

Geoff heard this, he shot to his feet, "Nicole? im in here" he banged on the barn.

Nicole rushed over, she noticed a padlock that had a key in it she turned the key and remived the lock, she opened the doors, geoff threw his arms aorund her and gave her a kiss, "Im so sorry, i got locked in here and phone ahs no signal," he kissed her again

"It's ok, i know you ahd agood excuse, and anyway it gave me an drubs a chance to have a good chat!"

"Hey rub's" geoff noticed ruby standing beside him

Claudia came out of the barn she took her phone out of her pocket and dialed a number.

"I thought your phone was dead? Did you plan this?"

Claudia didnt reply.

"Your, such a pathetic loser" geoff said, he was getting so angry.

Nicole noticed geoff, "Com on, she's not worth it!"

Geoff, Nic and Ruby made there way back to the car.

"i cant believe anyone would do something like that," ruby said

"Well, thats claudia!" nicole replied

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Nicole, geoff and ruby got back to irenes place, "Do tou guys want drinks?" geoff asked

"Sure," ruby replied

"Yea, il just have a lemonade hun!" nicole said.

"Ok, rubs what ya want?"

"Em.. same as nic, thanx"

They sat together and talked and drank theirs drinks "Hey, guys where annie?"

"She must still be out with jai, why?"

"Oh, shes staying at mine tonight, i might go find her,"

"Ok, tell her i send my love," nicole told ruby when she was leaving."

"Your, love thats such a grandma thing to say!" geoff alughed at nicole

"Shut up, well i do love her, and i love you more!" nicole told geoff

"Well, i love you too, nore than the world!"

"aww! thanx, i cant believe what claudia did, geoff?"

"I know what your goin to ask, and yes she kissed, me for a second, i could feel myself kissing her back, then i snapped out of it, i screamed at her, i had to hold back and remember she was a girl!"

"I knew it, youve been off with me all night" nicole had a sad look on her face.

"Nic, im sorry i didnt want to say anything in front of ruby!"

"I know, and dont worry, i know it meant nothing, but i dont know, what shes feeling, i dont wan ther to split us up, like melody did.

"She wont, dont worry, that will never happen, Your the only girl i want!"

Nicole kissed geoff, there kiss grew even more passionate, they began to undress each other.

"Wow, walked in at the worng time babe" aden said to belle.

Geoff and nicole looked at each other with embarassment on their faces.

"Sorry!" nicole said with an innocent smile on her face

"Atleast they managed to have underwear on, unlike some when they walk around your bedroom," belle gave aden a glare

"What, thats your bedroom, not the living, you couldn't have made it up the stairs?"

"Well, we thought you's were staying at romans?" geoff proclaimed

"Well, roman came home early!"

"So, basically what your saying is he came home before you guys had the chance for a quick one so you's came back here. even though annie could have been here!" nicole said in defense

"No, well yea pretty much, but we didnt expect to see you guys half naked on the couch, how did you know someone wasn't going to walk in?"

"Well, no-one ever walks in here anymore, seein irene isnt here" geoff said

"Guy's can we just forget about all this, im tired and you guys should probably go upstairs!" belle said

"Tired, dont you mean gagging?" nicole laughed

"Nicole,nicole,nicole, you have such a dirty mind, young lady! What would your dad think?"

"Aden, shut up you tell my dad, i tell him you slept with me while he was in the hospital!" Nicole bit her lip and looked at geoff

"Ooops!" she said

"And, when did this happen?"

"We weren't together! i promise, but it dosnt even matter anyway, its not as if we planned it or even wanted it!"

"ok, can we all just go to bed please!" belle snapped

"Fine, cya's in the morning!"

Geoff and nicole made there way upstairs, and belle and aden went into belle's room.

"Sorry, i should have told you about aden!"

"Like you said its all in the past!"

They lay down on geoff's bed, and went to sleep.

A few weeks had passed, claudia continued to cause trouble for nicole and geoff.

Nicole picked her phone form her pocket, "Hey rubs, its nicole, do you wanna come round to mine for a bit?"

"Sure, il be about ten minutes ok?"

"Yeah, sure!"

Ruby hung up the phone "who was tht xavier asked?

"Nicole, im goin round to her's for a bit il catch you later!"

"Ok, bye"


Nicole got up to answer the door, she was white as a ghost "What's worng? ruby asked

"I think im pregnant!"

"What really?"

"Yeah, well i havent done the test yet which is why i asked you round here,"

"Ok, dont worry im here for you, does geoff know?"

"No, just you!"

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Nicole came back down the stairs.

Ruby was sitting on the sofa waiting, "Well?" she questioned nicole.

"Um....its am, positive." nicole was shocked, she looked like she was going to be sick.

"What, are you going to do, how far along are you?"

"I got one of the tests that tells you, apparently im 4 weeks, and i have no idea what im goin to do! i don't know what geoff is goin to say, im really worried."

"Nicole, don't worry geoff will support you! He loves you."

There was a knock at the door, the two girls looked at each other, "What if its geoff?" nicole said

"Well, your gonna have to answer it and see!"

Nicole went to answer the door, she opened it and saw geoff standing there with melody and some guy.

"Hey!" melody said with a big grin.

"Hi!" nicole said with the worry still on her face.

"Nic, whats up?" geoff asked

"Oh, nothing," nicole threw her arms around melody. "What are you doing here?" nic asked

"I decided to come back and see evryone, seeing geoff the other week made me this place so muhc, oh this is nick by the way."

"Hey nick, im nicole."

"Very nice to meet, ive heard alot about everyone over here" nick said

"Im sure, theres alot to tell!" nicole laughed

"Do you guys want to come in?"

"Yeah, sure!"

Melody walke din she saw ruby and gave her a hug, "guys, im sorry i have to go, im meeting xav for lunch, il see you before you go mel" ruby left.

"Goeff, why dont you take nick, for a bit of a tour of this place and let me and nicole have some girl time?"

"Yea sure," geoff asnswered melody, "You comin mate?"

Both of the guys kissed there girlfriends and left the house.

"So i here alot has happened since i left?"

"Yeah, deffinatley, and just to think you missed all of it" nicole laughed

"Well, i think i had enough drama of my own when i was here!"

"Yeah, you can say that! anyway we've got a new pain now!" nicole laughed

"Yeah, i heard about that! Sounds worse than me of i do say so!" mel laughed

"Yep, defo, shes a bit of a physco like, well you were very close, im glad were friends now mel!

"Me too! Now tell me whats up with you?"

"What nothings up!"

"Nic, i can tell, theres something wrong!"

"Im pregnant! AGAIN"

"What really, oh my gosh does geoff know?"

"Nope, i only found out a few hours ago myself!"

"Wow, i think geoff needs to know"

"Yeah, im going o tell him soon, i just need to get it togther myself, im worried he'll take it badly."

Aden walked in the door. "Whats worng with you, Your face is trippng you!"

"Oh, how pleasent aden, if you must know im pregnant!"

"Wow, wait its not mine is it?"

"Aden, obviously not that was monthsa ago, don't you think i would be showing by now?"

"Just being sure, i mean its not as if we used protection"

"Wait, you guys slept together?"

"Yeah, oh hey mel!"

"Hi, aden, wow i have missed alot!"

"Yep." nicole smiled

"Ok, shall we go meet up with our other halves?"


"Bye, aden" both girls shouted at the same time as they left the house.

"Cya!" aden repleid

The girl's were walking down the beach, "oh, no theres geoff, im going to have to tell im, arn't i?"

"Yep, il take nick off and give you's osme time."

"Ok, thanx"

"Hey, did you guys have fun?" mel asked nick

"Yea, its lovely here"

"I know i sure miss it!" mel smiled deep in thought

Geoff, can i talk to you for a minute?"

Sure, whats up?"

Melody nodded at nicole and walked off.

"Geoff, im pregnant!"

"Again, are you sure?"

"Yes, im about four weeks, the night on the sofa?"

"Oh yeah!"

"Are you ok?"

"Yes, im fine, dont worry nic, im here for you this time!"

"Thank you, your so great!"

"All there is, is to tell annie!"

"Don't worry, she'l be fine, its my dad im worried about!"

"He'l be fine, if not, i can deal with being hospitalized or whatever he decides to do to me!" geoff laughed and took nicoles ahnd as they walked towards irenes place.

They entered the house na dfound annie sitting on the sofa with jai.

"Annie, can we talk to you?" geoff asked

"Yea, sure can jai stay or will he go?"

"Its fine he can stay if he wants," nicole told annie

"What's wrong?" annie asked

"Im pregnant!"

"Im going to be an aunty?" annie asked her face lit up

"Well she took that better than i thought" geoff said

"I told you she'd be fine" nicole assured geoff

Annie went to nicole an dhugged her, she then hugged her brother.

"Your gonna make great parents!" annie told them both.

"Thanx, annie, we have to go and, see my dad."

"This should be fun" geoff said with a worried look on his face.

"Bye!" nicole shouted to annie form outside the door.

Nicole and geoff antered the diner, they saw roman and asked if they could talk to him for a minute, inside roman knew what it was.

"Let me guess your pregnant?"

"What how?"

"Well, you look like your about to throw up, and geoff looks like he's about to faint!"

"This was easier than i imagened!" nicole exclaimed

"Sorry roman"

"Geoff, calm down, im fine with it, well im not that happy, that im goin to be a granda at 34 but sure, i was a dad at your age so i cant judge you!"

"Thanx, daddy. Your so great.

"We'll catch you later, where gonna go take a walk.

"Bye!" roman called

Geoff and nicole were walking down the beach, hand in hand.

"Geoff, what are you going to think, when i get fat?"

"You'l be beautiful!"

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Nicole was sitting at her home, there was a knock at the door, nicole got up to answer it.

"Claudia? what do you want?"

"I want to talk, can i come in?"

Nicole was a bit reluctant, but she let her in.

"I want to apologise for everything ive done, i never meant to hurt you, its juts ever since primary school ive always had something for geoff."

"Im sorry claudia, your going to have to learn to get over it!"

"Thats the problem i cant! Im in love with him, i want to be with him!"

"But you cant! He's my fiance!"

"I just don't think, you two are right for eachother, you can find someone else!"

But i love geoff, its not that simple claudia, im not goin to just give him up!"

"You two arn't meant to be!"

"Claudia, get out and leave me and geoff alone! You have no idea what your talking about, and i feel like your just repeating everything over and over, youre like a broked record, stay outa my life!" nicole voice was so angry, she couldn't control it.

"Whatever, you'l see on day, il get what i want!"

And with that claudia left.

Nicole went to meet geoff, she didnt mention what had happened between her and claudia, she didn't want to tell him, she thought he woud say something or do something about, and nicole didnt wan him to see claudia, or speak to her!

They went and had lunch together, when they had finished the sat and chatted about things, about theyr'e baby, and the wedding.

"The day of our wedding will be the happiest day of my life, nic, i mean that i cant wait!"

"Me neither!"

They kissed, and then they left the diner to go for a walk along the beach.

Two months had passed,

Nicole was three and a half months pregnant, she had a tiny bump, but you could abrely notice, nearly everyone knew, nicole and geoff told most of them to their face, but thet rest of the locals that they didn't find themselves close enough to just found out form the goissip.

Nicole and geoff had just finished breakfast and they were sitting along the beach,

"i have to go nic, im helping martha up at the farm today."

"Oh, okay"

"Is that ok?"

"Yeah its fine, just be aware of claudia!"

"I promise, il not go near her, unless i really have to!"

"Ok, thanx,"

Geoff kissed nicole, "love you!" and them he left.

"Love you too!" nicoled called out to him as he walked off, goeff looked back and smiled.

Geoff got to the farm, he went to see martha, "Hi, how are you, it feels like so long since you've been up here! Thanx again for helping out!"

"Its no problem! I know its been around a month or so!" geoff replied

"Okay, i just need you to fix the fance, and the gate is a little rusty!"

"No problem, il get right on it!"

Geoff left the house, he walked out the door, and from the corner of his eye he saw claudia, she smiled at him, but geoff walked on and ignored her smile.

As geoff was fixing the fence claudia walked over,

"Look geoff i know we've had our fights and i just wanted to apologise, Im sorry if ive hurt you or nicole!"

Geoff looked at claudia, he didnt know what to say!"

Ok, and yes you really did hurt us, but you hurt nicole so much, i want you to know taht we are meant to be together.

"Ok, geoff i understand, im sorry."

Nicole was driving home form the city, she was driving by the farm, she decided to stop off and see geoff.

She got out of the car, she seen geoff talking to claudia, she decided to stand at the top of the hill to watch, she wasnt spying on her boyfriend,she just wanted to see what was goin on.

Down on the farm, claudia, leant close to geoff, she gave him a hug, geoff didnt respond, claudia, moved her head to face geoff, she leant in and kissed him.

Claudia! After what you just said about how sorry you are! You just go and try and kiss me again?"

"well, geoff i said i was sorry, i didnt say taht i feel any different, i still think nicole is a dirty little skank, and that you are just blind and deserve better!"

"Claudia, get lost, We will never be together, i dont even want to see you anymore, im gonna tell martha, that i wont be back, unless she really needs me! Huh, maybe il send you an invite to the wedding!" geoff said, he was angry, but he he knew that claudia was upset so he felt a little better!

Nicole ahd been watching all of this form a distance, she was so mad at claudia but she was proud of geoff! As she seen geoff walk into the barn, she made her way down to where claudia had moved to.

"What did you think you were palying at?"

"I kissed you precious geoff! What are you goin to do about it? huh?"

"Nothing, claudia, your pathetic, you saw the way geoff reacted! Hes dosnt want anything to do with you," nicole ahd a very pleased smile on her face.

"Yeah, well i dont care, if he wants to be with a cheap skank like you, hes very welcome to be!"

"Cheap skank? No, im sorry theirs nothing cheao about me, or skanky, unlike some, you're nothing but a boyfriend stealing slag, who clearly has never heard of a hair stylist!" nicole laughed

Claudia threw her and and hit nicole, nicole fell to the ground, claudia kicked her, claudia was mad, she almost wanted to continue, until she heard geoffs voice, "NICOLE!" goeff caming running up to where nicole was laying.

Martha came quickly out of the house,

Geoff knelt down beside nicole he felt he pulse, it was beating and she was bresthing, but she wan't awake!

Martha phoned an ambulance. It got the pretty quickly, all the time claudia had been sitting on the fence, looking at nicole, she knew she wanted to do it, she didn't know if she regretted it, she just watched as nicole got put in the ambulance and geoff follwed behind her.

"She's three month pregnat." goeff told the paramedics.

They got to the hospital, nicoel got taken off to a room, "Please, make her wake up!" geoff caled as the they pushed nicole threw the doors,

"We'll so everything we can!" the doctor replied

Geoff took out his cell phone, he phoned roman and annie and aden.

They all got to the hospital,

"What happened?" roman asked

"I don't know, claudia was with her, i don't know what she's done!"

"is the baby ok?" aden asked

"I have no idea, no one's been out" geoff replied

Rachel walked out of the door's, "Is she ok?" geoff asked

"She's had some trauma, to her head, and her back, she was in a slight coma, we managed to bring her out!"

"So shes awake?"

"Yes, she's awake"

"What about the baby?"

"Were going to do a scan now, she wants you in with her!"

OK, il be back soon, guys" geoff walked into the doors with rachel

"Hey, how ya feeling?" geoff asked

"Im, ok i want to know about the baby," a tear ran down nicole's face,

"It will be fine!"

"Geoff i don't want to lose another one!"

"You wont, our baby's a little fighter i can tell!"

Rachel put geoff on nicole's stomach, she ran the machine over, "It's good news your baby is ok!"

Flood's of tears fell down nicole's face, Geoff huged her "i told you, it'l not give up!"

Nicole ahd a smile on her face she was so happy, "yeah, shes a little fighter alright!"

"She, don't you mean he?"

"No, its so a girl, i can tell!"

"No, its so not, its a boy, i can tell"

"Im sorry are you carrying it? Were having a girl end of!"

"Okay, " geoff laughed

Geoff left nicole, he went outside, Three face's were looking at him " She's fine and so is the baby!"

"Good," Annie yelled

"Can we see her?" aden asked

"Yeah cmon!"

The four of them walked through the door's into were nicole was laying ,

"Hi, roman kissed his daughter on the head, "how are ya feelin?"

"Like, ive just been kicked in the gut!"

They all laughed and began to talk in a room.

"My little baby girl is ok! And yes geoff it is SO a girl," nicole laughed

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Almost seven months had passed, nicole was quite large now and geoff was so happy.

Aden ahd moved in with belle and geoff had moved into romans place with nicole, geoff and nicole ahd turned adens room into a nursery, they decided on not painting it a color until it was born, although nicole had already decided it was going to be pink whatever the gender was. They had bought a crib and a changing table, well roman hadm he had been so supportive and nicole was really happy that she had her dad to turn too!

Geoff and nicole had decided to go up to the farm and see martha, "Hey, oh my gosh, your so big!"

"Well thanx! im onky jokin, i know im like a whale!" nicole laughed!

"Youre beautiful! Can i have a feel?"

"Sure, nicole took martha's ahnd and placed in on her stomach.

"Wow, its so beautiful, how long have you to go?"

"About a month or so!"

"Oh, its so close!"

"i know i cant wait!" nicole said with excitment

And how are you Mr daddy?"

"I cant wait! im gonna be a dad what more can i say!"

"Aww, how cute! Youre so lucky to have each other!"

"I know, although some people dont think that!" nicole said as she through a look towards claudia!"

"Don't worry, i think shes got over that whole thing"

"Hope so!" nicole said

"We better get going martha, were heading to the city to get a basket for the baby,"

"Ok, well thanx for coming!"

"Youre welcome we'll see you soon!"

"Ok, bye have fun!"

Nicole and geoff walked towards the car, claudia cmae walking towards them.

"Claudia what do you want?" geoff asked rudely

"Em, i just wanted to see how you were?"

"Were fine, no thanx to you!"

"I wasn't asking you! i was talking to geoff nicole!"

"Well i dont want to talk to you! You put my fiance in hospital! She could have lost our baby!"

"Its probably isn't even yours!"

Nicole slapped claudia on the cheek, "No, claudia were not all like you! Ive slept with three guys in my life, geoff being the last, Im sure its his baby ok?"

Claudia had his hand on her cheek, "Its a good job your pregnant, or you wouldn't be standing right now!"

"Is that a threat? Oh im scared of the little hillbilly, your just jelous cuz geoff's mine! And you will never hold him!"

"come on nic, i cant listen to this!" the got into the car

"Yeah, will don't come crying to me when princess finds someone else!"

"Don't worry sweety i wont find anyone better! byebye now!" geoff and nicole drove away

Geoff and nicole got to a baby boutique in the city "Oh wow, what do you think of this?" nicole pointed to a moses absket sitting in the corner of the shop.

"Yeah, thats lovely, do we need to get a pram yet?"

"Yea, i think we should."

Okay, so what do think of this one?" geoff pointed to a pram, it was burburry, and it could be used in differnet ways for different ages of children.

"That one is perfect! It so cute!"

They took theyre purches to the checkout and paid for them.

They got home and nicole was tired, and decided to go for a nap.

A week or two had passed, nicole was at the diner for lunch with ruby.

"So have you thought of any names? ruby asked

"I kind of like zach or corbyn for a boy, i cant really think of a girl, i like tessa but, i have my little tessa, even if shes not here with me!"

"Awk, zach's cute, what about ruby for a girl?" ruby laughed

"Hmm, i dont know, i think i want an unusual name, like all the celebs, i just cant think, geoff, likes lincole for a boy, but theres no way!" nicole laughed


"What?, whats wrong?"

"My waters just broke!!"

"Oh my gosh, ROMAN!" ruby called to the kitchen

"what?" roman called out

"Its nicole, shes having the baby!"

"Oh!, Em ok! Irene can you handle it here, il get the car!"

"Sure doll, hurry" irene replied to roman

"Ruby can you get geoff?" nicole asked

"Sure, il go get him and get right up to the hospital!"

Ruby got out her phone and called geoff "Geoff where are you?"

"Im at the beach, whats up?"

"Nicole's in labour!"

"Oh my god! are you serious, ok il get the car meet me at irene's!"


Geoff rushed to irene's and met rubyk, they bith got in the car a sped to the hospital!

They got their and seen roman, geoff rushed over

"How is she?"

"She seems to be okay for now! shes in that room, you better get in their! Congratulations mate!"

"yeah, i better thanx roman!"

Geoff opened the door to nicole's room.

"hi, so how does having a baby feeling?"

"like somethings about to come out of me!"

The doctors walked in, "Nicole, your pretty far on, your going to have to start pushing!"

Nicole took geoff's hand, she let out a scream!

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im thinkin this might be the last few chapters as i cant think of much more to do, but i have other fics, and i will maybe have some more, although if youve read the others, theyre mostly about niff!! lol, but il see how long i can write this one for!!

thanx for reading!!


Nicole continued to scream, until the baby was out, and it was screaming, nicole lay back on the bed, she was exhausted.

The doctors lifted up a baby, wrapped in blankets, "Its a girl, geoff you have a beautiful baby daughter," rachel handed the baby to geoff.

"Nic, did you here that a daughter," geoff said

"Told ya, " nicole laughed

Geoff handed nicole her baby, "Shes gorgeous," she said, "My little girl"

Nicole held the baby in her arms, "Can you get my dad and the rest of them?"

Geoff walked outside, Roman,Annie, Aden, Belle and ruby were standing anxiously waiting in the hall.

"Its a girl!" geoff said

"Oh, wow, i have a niece!" annie said with a huge smile on her face,

"Can we see her?" aden asked

"Yea, but not all at once, roman she wants to see you, "

"Ok, mate", roman walked in, with aden following behind.

"Aww, nic shes beautiful," aden told nicole

Romand kissed his daughter, "Do you want a hold granda?"

Roman took the baby, "She's adorable, she has your eyes" he told his daughter

Roman put the baby in aden arms, "have you got any names yet?"

Geoff and nicole looked at each other, "No, not yet," nicole said

"Were goin to go and give yous some rest,"

"You better let annie in first, She'l want to see her,"

"Ok, i tell her to come in" roman and aden left the hospital room.

Annie walked through the door, "Oh my gosh, look at her shes perfect!"

Annie took the baby form geoff's arms, "What do you call her?"

"She dosn't have a name yet, we cant decide,"

"You look tired, im gonna go and let you get some sleep, il be back later!"

"OK, bye" nicole said very sleepily.

Geoff we need to name her, "Ive got a few, what about maria?"

"Hm... its a bit old fashioned but its nice, i kinda like Tara, or madison?"

"Madison's nice, I alos like sydny"

"I don't know, thats a bit celeb! What about kayla?!

yeah, i like that, its between madison or kayla."

"I cant decide, i want to have tessa as its second name though, ok so madison tessa campbell or kayla tessa campbell?"

"I like kayla, "

"Me too! ok so her name is kayla campbell, oh but thats too rhymey! You know what, her name is going to be tessa campbell, ive always loved that name,"

"Yeah, i think it best suits her! My little tessa!"

"Awk, that sounds so cute!"

Nicole turned around on her side and went to sleep, Geoff sat down in a chair with tessa in his arms, "What have i done to deserve you or your mummy?"

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The next day nicole and geoff were writing the birth certificate, Tessa Maria Campbell was written down on the paper, "its a beautiful name," geoff told nicole

"I know i think it really suits her!"

The nurse came into the room "You can go home now" she told them.

"Ok, thank you, you's ahve all been great" nicole replied to her with a smile on her face.

"Well its our job, and good luck with little tessa, i hope she grows up well!"

"thanx, she will!"

Nicole rang her dad, he arrived at the hospital with a carrycot, they put tessa in and got into the car.

When they got to the house they went upstairs and opened the door of their bedroom, they found the little moses basket they had bought sitting beside their bed. They lay tessa down and she went straight to sleep.

Nicole walked out of the room and into the nursery they were preparing for tessa, she walked in to find it was painted pink, and everything was sitting in its place, The cahnging table was put up and the cot. There was a wardrobe and a few shelves.

Nicole walked down the stairs, "Dad did you do all that?" she asked

"Yeah, me and leah did it yesterday!" roman replied

"Aww, thank you! youre so great, youdidnt have to!"

"yes, i know but i wanted to, your my little girl and she's my granddaughter!"

"Daddy i love you!"

"I love you to sweetie!" romand hugged his daughter

Nicole went back upstairs, Geoff was sitting on the bed staring at tessa, "She's beautiful!" he said

Nicole went and sat beside him, "I know" she said

A couple of days later, nicole and geoff were sitting in the house, when the door knocked, geoff got up to answer it.

He opened the door to find, Martha, ruby, belle, annie, irene, rachel, charlie, kirsty and leah standing in the doorway, with there arms full of gifts.

"Ok, geoff were goin to need you leave!" martha said

"What why, whats goin on?"

"A late baby shower!" go get out!"

"Ok, cya later!" geoff kissed nicole before he left

Everyone sat down "You's didn't have to do this!" nicole told them.

"It's our pleasure!" Charlie said

"Here we all put money together and got a load of gifts!" ruby said

"Awk, thats so sweet!"

"What are friends for!" belle said

Everyone was hnding nicole gifts of all sizes, she was opening them as they came, she got a highchair,a bouncer, a playpen and a baby swing. "Oh my gosh you's shouldn'y have this is too much!" nicole told the girls.

"No its not, you's all did the same for me and tony with josh!"

"Here theres some more!" annie handed nicole a few bags, inside there was lots of baby clothes and shoes, there was bibs with daddy's little girl and mummy's princess writtn in them., "Wow, im not goin to have to buy clothes for months, thank you's all so much!"

"Your'e very welcome dawl!" irene replied

"So where is she?" martha asked

"She's upstairs, il go get her" nicole walked up the stairs and into the room that tessa was sleeping in, as nicole looked in the cot, tessa looked up at her, her eyes were so blue and beautiful, she lifted her out and walked back down the stairs, she sat on the sofa where she had done before and held tessa in her arms.

"We were thinking and we want aden to be godfather, but we couldnt think who we wanted as godmother, it was so hard to pick, so we want belle, rubs and ,martha?"

"Wow, are you serious, thats such an honour!" martha said

"Yes of course! Youre so great to us!"

"Thanx nic!" ruby and belle said

"Your all so nice! im gald i hve you's as friends!"

"Can i have a hold of tessa?" martha asked

"Of course!" nicole gave martha her tessa, and soon enough she was being passed around the group.

It was getting late "Well i guess we'll head! and let you's two get some rest!" rachel said

"Ok, thank you's so much for everything!"

"Your very welcome il wee you soon!" belle gave nicole a hug as she was leaving.

Everyone had left, nicole lay tessa in her carrycot and put it on the ground beside the sofa, it had been a long day, nicole lay on the sofa and fell asleep.

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When nicole woke up, she heard a voice, "I love you! Youre so precious!" she lifted up her head and found geoff sitting on the small sofa holding tessa, "hey sleepy head!" geoff looked at nicole woth a loving gaze.

"How long have you been here?" nicole asked

"An hour or two" geoff replied

"Does tess need fedding?" nicole asked

"I think so," geoff handed the tiny baby to nicole

Nicole fed her daughter, tessa was so tiny, nicole wondered how something so beautiful could come from.........

"How about a walk?" geoff asked nicole "You havnt been out since you got back from the hospital."

"Yeah, some fresh air would be great!" nicole said, she jumped up form the seat and got her shoes, she brought tessa pram ove and put her baby in, she wrapped her up in blankets and gave her a little fluffy bunny.

Geoff wheeled the pram with nicole beside him, she had her hand around his waist, they walked along the beach, nicole was showing tessa everything in sight as if she could understand her, "This is the beach, and over there is the diner, and that's where belle and aden live" nicoel said

"Nic, shes three days old, she cant understand a word your saying! you know that right?"

"Yes, but its better to get her used to words when she young! I want her to be bright child!" nicole said.

As they continued to walk, they bumped into aden and belle, "Hello!" belle said "Its great to saa you out!"

"What do you think, i'd become some sort of hermit because i had a baby?" nicole laughed

"No! of course not! Its just you havnt been out since you got out of the hospital!" belle replied

"I know, but its not that i didn't want to, i was just tired! i mean i did give birth!" nicole said

"So how is the little one?" aden peeked in the pram, "Wow, she beautiful!" he said

"I know!!" nicole said with a smile

Aden placed his ahdn in the pram, Tessa grabbed hold of his index finger, "She's got some grip!" aden said

"We better get ogin you! Stop playing with the baby and hurry up!" belle said to aden

"Fine!" adne took his hand away from Tessa, "Byebye!" he said

"See you later!"

"Bye, hey nic, i might call round later! il give you a text!" belle said

"Ok, cya soon!" nicole said

Nicole and geoff continued to walk down the beach, the stopped geoff puled a camera out of his pocket, "Gis a pose mummy!" he said

"Nicole took the handles of the pram and smiled, She lifted her baby out and held her close to her chest, Geoff continued to take pictures of nicole a new shot everytime she moved.

"Right, come on i want some of you! Geoff took his daughter he held her in his arms, nicole took some photo's "Geoff your meant to look at the camera!"

"Oh, sorry" geoff was staring down Tessa

"Oh look at the happy couple!" they heard a voice form behind, they turned round to find claudia.

"What do you want?" nicole asked

"I was out for a walk, you know what you make me sick!"

"Im sorry?" nicole asked

"Acting all happy, when deep down your really not! Geoff your such a hypocryte! Going round acting all religious not sleeping with anyone, and as soon as you have an invite, you knock her up!"

"It's none of your buisness what i do! Im happy with my life, Knocking nicole up was the best thing ive ever done! We made something beautiful out of that, and it dosn't really matter anyway, im goin to marry nic anyway!" geoff replied

"Well you know what have a happy messed up life!"

"We will thanx!" nicole said sarchastically.

Geoff put Tessa back in her pram, they began to walk home, "You know what, i really meant that back then, the best thing i did was sleep with you! Not just the sex, but Tess came out of that."

"Your'e amazing, and amazing in the bedroom too!" nicole laughed

"Dido!" geoff laughed

Later that night nicole's phoned buzzed, "hey, is it ok if i come round? belle x" nicole hit the reply button, Yep! sure is!"

"Belle's coming! make yourself scare!"

"Ok, il take tess for another walk ok?"

"Yeah sure! Dont take her to far and make sure shes nice and warm!" nicole told geoff

"I know!"

As geoff opened the door, Belle arrived "Hi and bye!" she said

"Bye!" geoff replied

Belle sat on the sofa beside Nicole, "So how are you?" nicole asked

"Im good, hows you?"

"Im great, i love being a mummy!"

"How are you finding it?" belle asked

"Well, it was hard at first and it still is but after the first few days its gets easier!" nicole replied

"Im pregnant!" belle said

"Oh my god!" nicole shouted "Im so happy for you!"

"Thanx, but im scared nic!"

"What? Youl be great!"

"But aden, What if he's not ready?"

"He'l be fine, he's great with tess!"

"Yeah but tessa isn't his!"

"Don't worry aden will be fine! Yous'l make great parents!"

"Thanx nic! We can be young mums together!"

"Yay! Are kids will be the cutest!" nicole smiled

"Alls left is to tell aden!" belle said with a worried look on his face

"Don't worry, he'l love it!"

"I hope so!" belle said

After a few hours belle left. she went back to her house, aden was sitting on the sofa watching tv, "Hey!" he said as she sat beside him, he kissed her.

"Can we talk?" she asked

"Whats wrong?"

"Nothing!" she said

"So what is it?" he asked, he began to worry

"Im pregnant!" she blurted out

"What, im goin to be a dad?"

"Yeah" she said

He hugged his girlfriend, "Wow, me a dad!" he said

"So are you ok with it then?"

"Ok? im bloomin great! I love you Belle Taylor!" he screamed

"I love you too!" Belle was so happy with aden's reaction, he was gald he took it well.

Aden thought to himself, he was going to be a parent with the person he loved the most, Belle Taylor.

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"did you hear about belle?" nicole asked geoff as he sat beside her on the sofa.

"No, whats up with her?" he asked

"She preggers!" nicole said with excitment!

"Really? Thats great for them!"

"I know! And were mummies together! We should have a party or something, Well gathering maybe, we have tessa"

As nicole said this roman walked down the stairs, "I can look after tess for you if you wanna go out?"

"Dad really?"

"Yeah sure!"

"Your the best!" nicole exclaimed

"Il spread the word we can do something on the beach"

"Sure, il let belle know, i have go see irene anyway, il take tessa for a bit,"

"Okay, cya later!" nicole kissed geoff as he left the house

Nicole made her way round the bay, she didnt want to many people she just invited the usual, Ruby, xavier, miley, melody, annie and jai and of course belle and aden.

That night nicole went to Irene's place, As she walked through the door, she saw bell holding her baby, She was such a natural, She'd ,ake such a great mum.

"You guys ready?" she asked

"Yep!" belle set tessa back in her pram

"Right, i have to take tess to my Dad il meet ya's on the beach" nicole told the group of teens that had gathered at belle's.

"Ok, Il come with you! I need to drop off some money to Roman" aden announced

"Righto, We'll not be long!" Aden gave belle a kiss, and Geoff did the same only to nicole.

On the way to romans, Nicole and Aden were talking, "So how are you? What do you think about the baby?" nicole asked

"It was sudden! I mean i didnt think we'd have kids for a while, but im happy, i think im ready! I mean if you can do it anyone can." aden laughed

Nicole hit Aden's arm, it didn't hurt him, she was far to small to hurt him.

"I know, i couldn't see belle having a baby, but see her with tess, she's so natural, you's are gunna be great!"

"Thanx Nic!"

"Your'e welcome!" Nicole grinned

They got to the house, "thanx so much dad, your awsome!" nicole told her dad as she swiftly left the house

When nicole and aden got to the beach, Everyone was there, they had the fire going, the music on and everyone was having a great time, Nicole and aden joined them, Aden lifted a beer from a chiller box that was sitting on the sand.

"i love this song!" nicole screamed and grabbed for the first person she could possibly find! It happend to be ruby, They began to dance, "cuz we belong together now yeah! Forever united here some how! YOu got a piece of me and honestly my life would suck with out you" Both girls sang the words before leaving each other to grab everyone up.

"Finally Nicole made her way to geoff, Everyone was dancing in their partnerships, except, Miley and melody, Miley took melody's hand a puuled her to her feet, "We may as well!" she laughed

From a distance claudia looked down on the group on the beach, she hated that everyon ewas happy and that she wasn't! But now she had learned the was nothing she could do, She turned and walked away, There she found her ex boyfriend locke standing in her face, "Locke what are you doin?" she asked

"Ive missed you! Im sorry for everything!" he said

"Locke how many times?" she asked

"None, that was the last, i just want to be with you! please?" he begged

"Ive missed you too! Ive tried to move on but it clearly didn't work! I think someone was telling me i just needed you!" she grabbed him and gave him a kiss

They walked away, From the beach Geoff saw them, Thank god! he thought to himslef, He grabbed nicole and gave her a long kiss, "What was that?" she asked

"I love you!" he said

"I love you too!" she said

It was late and everyone was tired, "I guess we'll call it a night guys?"

"Yeah, im wrecked" ruby complained

"Ok, see you's tomorrow guys!" belle said as everyone made they're way home

Geoff told nicole what he ahd saw, She was greatly relieved, No one to try and ruin her life anymore! As they opened the door, Roman was aslepp on the couch, and in his arms was little tessa "Oh how cute" nicole said

She walked to the couch and took her baby form her father's arms, She got a blanket and put it over Roman, Then her and geoff went upstairs, She laid tessa in her basket and got into bed beside geoff, Everything was perfect, just the way it should be.

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A few months had passed, Belle was very far along, only a month or so to go, She had found out she was having twins, she didn't know the, no matter how much Aden pleaded with her to find out, She wanted it to be a surprise, The only reason Aden wanted to know was to start thinking of names beofre belle got there first!

"So, are you excited?" Nicole asked

"Totally, but im nervous aswell, i mean i have to push a baby from, down there!" belle screwed her face up.

"Been there done that!" Nicole giggled

"Yeah! Well i have two!" She said,

"Oh yeah, Wow if one hurt that much, God help you!" Nicole teased

"Oh gee thaks! Some friend you are! You're meant to be reasuring me, not scaring me half to death!"

"Don't worry you'l be fine, And anyway you'l have Aden, just squeeze his hand as hard as you can, and laugh at him crying in pain!" nicole laughed

"Hmmm.... that might actually work" belle said

"See im a genius!"

From an upstairs room the sound of a baby crying began to fill the house, "Awk, how is little tessa?" belle asked

"She's great, She's teathing at the minute, so she's a bit grumpy, She's getting so big!" nicole exclaimed, She went upstairs ans lifted her daughter form her cot, "Hello precious, she gave her daughter a kiss on the forehead, and carried her downstairs. "do you want to go see aunty belle?" Nicole said in her baby voice. She handed her to belle,

"Wow, she is getting big and heavy!" belle said,

"Well you'l have to get used to it, You'l have two on your hands soon enough" Nicole grinned "have you got nay names?" she asked

"Em, i kind of like Zach for a boy, but im not too sure at the minute,"

"What about aden? nicole asked

"Well thats what aden wants to name it, if we have a boy!"

"Thats what i meant does he have names?"

"Oh!" belle laughed "Yeah, he wants Aden or tinkerbelle!"

Nicole laughed "i suppose i could have guessed that!"

"Theres no way he's calling my daughter Tinkerbelle! Not a chance!"

"I kind of like Miley or Britney, But i dont know yet, i like the unusual names" Belle proclaimed

"Oh what about Krystal or jewel? Like Jewel staite?"

"Im not too sure, i don't think aden would go for that, but i actually like them!" belle smiled

"So what about Aden, Your pushing the things out!" nicole laughed

"we'll just see when they come!"

"Oh, i think tessa needs changed!" Nicole said with a screwed up nose

"Uhh so do I" belle said

"Get used to it!" nicole said

"Im gonna have to!" belle said "im gonna have to get going! I have to meet Aden for lunch"

"Ok, bye! Cya soon!"

"Bye, have fun with stinky!" belle llaughed

"Leave my princess alone!"

"Oh Princess theres a though!" belle laughed and shut the door

"You are my wee princess arn't you misses!" Nicole said to tessa. Tessa looked at her mummy and smiled

A few minutes later, geoff came home, "Hello beautiful," he said and kissed his daughter, "You too! Hotstuff!" he gave nicole a kiss.

"I was thinking, When are we goin to get married?" Geoff asked

"I don't know, i was thinking about that too! I mean Tessa getting older, whats stopping us?" she smiled

"Nothing! I have money my pops left me,"

"Oh my gosh, this is really gonna happen soon!"

"Of course, what did you think i'd propose and never actually let you marry me?"

"No, of course not, i just never thought, i'd be getting married, Nevermind to you!" Her smile was so wide it must have been hurting her face "Your the love of my life and ever since the island you have been! I never thought we'd be here right now!"

"We've survived so much, Near death experiences, Christianity, Mel and Claudia! There's not much else to stop us!" he laughed

"Nothing will! I promise! Il make of that myself! Even if i ahve to marry you in vegas or something, I will marry you!"

"I think we can afford something bigger that vegas!" he exclaimed

"Yay!" she said!

Nicole's phone buzzed on the table "Aden, What does he want" she answered "hello,"

"ITs belle, shes in labour!" aden screamed down the phone

"But she's got a month!"

"Well apparently she dosn't!" aden said sarchastically!

"Ok are yous at the hospital?"

"Nearly, were in tony's car!"

"Ok, were on our way!"

"Belle's gone into labour!" nicole explianed to geoff

"Ok, we can leave tessa with annie!"

They got in the car and drove to irene's "Annie belles in labour, can you look after tess for a while?" nicole asked

"Yeah of course!" Annie said

Ok, we'll keep you updated!" they said as they rushed out of the door

They got to the hospital and saw tony and irene standing in a corridor, "How is she?" nicole rushed to say

"Em, shes doin okay, i think, She's in there with Aden, A heartwrenching shriek came from inside the door followed quickly by another.

Together they stood in tha hallway for over an hour before a doctor finally emerged form the room, "How is she?" Irene quickly asked

"Shes fine!" the doctor said

"And the babies?"

"Fine, A boy and a girl, There a little underweight, but their healthy!"

"Thank god!" Irene said with relief

"Can we see her?" Nicole asked

"yes, but only two at a time" he said

"Ok, Thanx doc, You and Irene go in Nic," Geoff told his girlfriend

"Ok," Irene and Nicoel walked through the door

On the bed was belle holdong a tiny baby, and besiede her Aden with another little one in his arms.

"Congratulations dawl!" irene said with a tear in her eye

"Thanx!" belle said sleepily

"have you names them?" nicole asked

"This is Zach, and that little princess is Britney" Aden told them

"Aww how cute!" Nicole exclaimed

"They are arn't they?" Aden said

Nicole walked closer to the little boy in Aden's arms, Your such a great dad! And your such a great mum," she said as she looked towards belle.

"Thanx, Do you want to hold her?" Belle asked Nicole

"Sure!" She walked over and took the baby form belle's arms,"Wow, shes beautiful, she has Aden's eyes" nicole said

Aden handed the baby boy to Irene

They're geourges dawl!"

"They sure are!" belle said, she then fell asleep

"We'll leave you to it" Irene said, as she put the baby down in the cot at the side of belle's bed. Nicole handed Britney to her father, "Congratulations Aden!" She said as she walked from the room.

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