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I Love You! You Know That Right?

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thanx so much for all the positivity on this fic, finally the update!! :D

Belle awakened in her hospital bed, Aden was on the chair holding his baby son Zach in his arms.

"Hey sleepy! How you feelin?"

"Erm, im ok, bit tired, how are they?"

If your referring to your kids they great!" he smiled

Belle up from her bed, she stood besided the hospital crib and peered in at britney, her daughter gazed up at belle, her big blue eys wide open.

Aden placed Zach in beside his sister, he reached into to his pocket and took out a box, he knelt on down on one knee, "Belle Taylor will you marry me?"

What? Oh my gosh! Yes!" belle felt tears trickle down her face

Aden placed the ring on Belle's finger, he kissed her lips gently,

Belle gazed at the ring, "Its beautiful!"

"Suits you then!"

A few minutes later geoff and nicole entered the hospital with tessa in a carry cot "Look tess, friends!" Nicole exclaimed as she brought tessa beside Zach and Britneys cot.

"Guess what?" Belle blurted out

"you had a baby? Oh wait two!" Geoff said sarchastically

"Oh haha very funny! I think i realised that!"

Belle lifted her hand towards Geoff and Nicole

"OMG! Noway! WE can shop togethert!" Nicole said excitedly

"Is that all yous two think about! Shopping?" Aden questioned

"AH duh!" Belle replied "Ive actually been, thining, welll if its ok with you...... i kind of like the idea of a koint wedding?"

"WOW! I so never thought of that! How cool would that be!"

"I know right!" belle said both girls a little overexcited for the boys liking

"Yeah that would totally be so amazing right Aden!" geoff said in a girly voice treying his best to make fun of the girls

"Shut up! You don't care about the wedding, you just want the honeymoon!" Nicole laughed

"True" geoff smirked

"yay! I so can't wait!" nicole said

A few months had passed, Nicole and belle had almost got the whole wedding planned, with the help of ruby and annie who they had chosen as bridesmaids.

All was left was to buy the dresses, and send the invites, which is probably the two most important parts of a weddimg.

They decided on a beach weddiong on the 12th of june.

All the girls had gathered at belle's "Shopping! Totally the best part of having a wedding!" belle exclaimed

"Tell me about it!" Nicole repleid

"Do you's know what type of dress you's want?" Annie asked them

"I want a simple dress, well atleast i think i do!"

"I always wanted a princess dress, but im don't think it'l be too practical for the beach, i guess il see when i get to the shop."

"What we waiting for i wanna shop!" belle said and grabbed her car keys.

They dorve to a little bridal boutique in the city, it was very pink, perfect for them.

When they got into the shop, all the dresses they seen were beautiful.

"I think ive died and gon eto heaven!" nicole remarked

Each girl headed different directions to search for dresses, Belle was the first to find one she like, it was a straight white dress, with jewels all along the chest, "Oh wow, look!" she showed the dress to the rest of the girls

"Its georgeous" annie complimented the dress in belles hands

"Im gonna try it on," As belle headed to the changing rooms Nicole found a dress, it was also white, it was a strapless white dress, that had a flair at the bottom, it had pink sequins and jewels all down one side, It was very nicole

Ruby looked in Nicole's direction and saw her admiring the dress, "Very you!" she said

"Ya think?" nicole asked

"Defo!" Ruby replied without a hint of thought

Nicole took the dress to the changing rooms, she entered and tried it on, it was perfect, she opend the door and walked out to a room filled with mirror's where she found belle staring at herself.

"Perfect!" Belle said

"Ditto!" Nicole said

"Wow this is really hapeening, i never thought me and Adne would get here"

"I know its scary!"

"Oh my! You's look amazing!"

"thanx Annie" both Belle and Nicole said

"We found dresses, i hope you don't mind!" Ruby lifted dresses form her arm and held them up.

"There lovely!They match well with our dresses, and of course we don't mind, your wearing them!" belle laughed

"Thanx! And you's really do lookm amazing!"

When everyone had finished trying on their dresses the head to the till's, after they all picked out shoes of course, When the got to the tills they ofund all the jewellry, Belle and Nicole picked up a tiara.

"May as well have a bit of a fairytale! nicole giggled

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ok finally the last chapter guys! Im so sad to have this end, but i can't wite anymore lol!

hope you've enjoyed it!! please comment.

Finally the day f the wedding had arrived, They were setting up on the beach, the boys were at irene's getting ready and the girls were at Roman's.

"I can't believ im getting married today!" Nicole could'nt hold in her excitment

"Join the club!" Belle said

Irene, Martha, leah and chalie were also there helping the girls get ready, "Has anyone seen my other shoe?" Avoice came form the kitchen followed by Ruby hobbling out minus a shoe.

"Ruby, Ar you serious, you've had them for about 25 minutes and you've lost one? Now do you understand why i kept them with me?"

"Sorry, nic! Oh i found it! charlie, its behind you! Toss it?"

"No! Ruby! Go and pick it up please! With your luck you'l probably break somthing!"

"Fine!" Ruby walked across the living room and grabbed her shoe. "Well, im ready!" ruby smiled,

"Good, can you help leah get tess ready?"

"And the twins!" Belle added

"Ok, Wheres their dresses?"

"Leah's got them up there."

"Im gonna tidy this place up a bit Nic, I think we'll be a bit more organised, and we won't lose anything else."

"Thanx Martha! Your a star."

"il help!" Charlie said

"My shoes don't fit!" Annie shouted rather upset

"Their my shoes!"

"Oh, do you know where mine are?"

"No, but can you please take those off before you stretch them?"

"Sorry belle! Anyone seem my shoes?"

"Yep, Annie there over here dawl!"

Thanx Irene!"

"No problem dawl"



"Wheres all the shaving foam gone?"

"Em sorry mate! Its done!"

"Geoff! What am i goin to use?"

"Is their conditioner down there?"

"Geoff! Im not using conditioner on my face! IT coconut!"

"Well, i dunno, im a little busy trying to get dressed here!"

"Mate, your not the only one getting married here, i can't go to my wedding looking like a tramp!"

"Go for the rockstar look!"

"I'l give you the i just got punched in the face look, if you don't start being helpful!"

"Fine go look, under th sink there might be some there."


"Here, mate il go rond to mine and get you some!"

"Thanx Roman."

"Just try not to kill each other while im gone"

"Il try!" Aden said sarchastically

"knock knock" Roman opened the door slightly "everyone decent?"

"Yep, dad were all good"

"Wow, Nic!"

"You like?"

"You look beautiful, so does everyone!"

"I just need to grab some shaving foam"

"What they havn't shaved yet?"

"Well, Aden han't geoff used all the foam, I have to get back, or Aden may have killed Geoff by now."

"He may not have, im marryong him today."

"Bye ladies."

"Bye" All the girls said at the same time


Roman threw the bottle of shaving foam in the direction of aden.

"Well, im all ready," Geoff walked downstairs in his white suit,

"Mate you scrub up well"

"Thanks Roman"

"Looks like Adens finally ready to"

"Well if some people wern't selfish, i'd have been ready a good while ago"

"You's two are worse than taht girls! And thats saying something"


The boys went down to the beach, it was lovely, the chairs, were all set out in rows, covered in pink material with bows on them also pink.

"Well you can see Nic organised this."

"Your marrying her mate, Can't wait to see the house."

"Oh god, what have i got myself into"

"You said it mate!"

A car pulled up at the end of the carpet leading to the fornt of the service, the carpet was also pink.

Ruby and Annie got out first, Irene and Roman mae their way to the doors and out came the brides, The began to make their way down the aisle towards their future husbands.

"You's look lovely, Irene whispered as they walked

The reached the two boys, Irene and Roamn gave the girls a kiss and handed them to the lovers.

"Wow, You look Wow" was all geoff managed to say.

"Your so beautiful! i love you!" Aden said

The ceromony began, Annie began to cry, and she pretty much didn't stop until the end, and even after that you could still see tears i her eyes.

The minister began to ask the questions

"Aden jefferies do you take Belle taylor to be you lawful wedded wife?"

"I do!"

"And Belle do you take Aden?"

"Yes, i do"

"Geoffery Campbell do you take Nicole Frankiln,"

He was cut of by Nicole "Harris Franklin" Nicole looked round at her Dad, who nodded, in a sort of thank you way.

"Ok, Do you take Nicole Harris-Franklin to be your wife?"

"I do"

"And Nicole, do you take Geoff to be your husband?"

"Yep, try and stop me!"

"I now pronounce you's husbands and wives! You may now kiss the brides"

Each couple gave one another a kiss, "I love you Mrs Campbell"

"Campbell-Harris, It took 18 years to get that name im not giving it up now!"

"So how does it feel to be Mrs Belle Jefferies?"


"Time for the bouqie!" Nicole screamed, all the girls came racing round the two girls.

Belle threw hers first, And Martha caught it, Next was Nicoles, All the girls dived for it, And Annie campbell caught it!

"I think your a bit young but who knows, Jai better be ready!"

"My sister is so not getting married at 16!"

"Did you ever think you would get married when you were 18?"

"Well, No but its legal, and i found the perfect girl!"

"Aww! I love you! Oh, and by the way, you were in charge of the honeymoon, Where'd ya book?"

"You'll see, ets just say, you can go on all the dirtbiking and car racing you can dream off!"

"You have got to be kidding me! I leave you's two in charge of one thing and..."

She was cut off by Aden, "Take it you told her about the honeymoon?"


"Did he mention their was a spa, oh and a mall with desighner boutiques?"

"Nope he didn't i love you's!"

"When do we leave?"

"Um... about half a hour"

"What! I need to pack!,, Ahhh..... BELLE!!"


"Honeymoon, half hour, Dritbikes, PACK! NOW!"

"Do you's actually hate me or something?"

"No, we just love to see you like this!"

"Go jump off a cliff or something!"

"Love you to honey!"


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