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I Love You! You Know That Right?

Guest tessalove

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Story Title: i love you! you know taht right?

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: geoff and nicole with other characters

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Romance, Drama

Does story include spoilers: it may at times

Any warnings: references to sex

Summary: 5 lines max - The stroy is about geoff and nicole and there ups and downs in life, but mostly about there love for one another


chapter one:

Nicole and Geoff are sittting on the couch at Roman’s place.

Geoff turns round to nicole and says “i love you, you know that right” Nicole looks at geoff “where did that come from” she said with a shy smile on her face.

“i dont knw i just fell like i dont tell you it enough” nicole looked at geoff as if to say you dont have to tell me i already know! Geoff began to kiss nicoles neck and gently stroke her hair, he took her hand and lead her to the stairs, “Geoff what are you doing?” “what ive been forcing myself not to do for the last 6 months, i can resist the temptation anymore!” “Are you sure this is what you want Geoff?”

Geoff just give nicole a cheeky grin. The made there way up to nicoles bedroom stopping along the way to kiss each other, very passionately.

The next morning geoff woke up and looked at nicole realising what he had done. Nicole woke up “mornin” she said with a wide smile on her face. “Nicole do you realise what we’ve done?” “yeah, we slept together” “ but” all geoff to get out of his mouth was but!

“Geoff it was your idea you know!” “ i know but i dont know what i was thinking!” he looked really puzzled and so worried.

Geoff its ok we only had sex, “but annie, i told her i promised her i wouldnt do it again!” “Geoff annies not going to find out, i mean im not going to go shout it from the rooftops! And seeing the state your in im guessing your not going to either!” “ what no of course not!” geoff managed to get out of his mouth.

“Nicole how could you let us? , i mean you know how i feel” geoff looked at nicole he was quite angry! “Geoff it was your idea i thought you wanted to i mean you literally dragged me to my room

I had nothing to do with it!”

“Nicole i thought i could trust you, thats it were over just stay clear of me ok!” “ but geoff” nicole looked heartbroken! “No nic no but just keep away from me!” Nicole replyed very silenty “ok” as a tear dripped down her face.

Geoff stormed out of the house as aden entered it “whats up with him, you two had another row?” Nicole burst out in tears “hey hey whats up?” nicole told aden everything, “well if he asked for why did he break it off, you didnt force him it wasnt your fault!” “ i know i just dont understand, he told me to keep away from him so thats what il do!” nicole waked away drying her tears.

Two weeks had past and the pair hadnt spoken Roman and Irene had wondered what was up with the pair, but got no answers.

Nicole had a secret, she was pregnant and this time she was positive! She didnt know what to do finally she told aden, “nicole i think this is something your gonna have to tell geoff!” “What no he said he didnt want anything to do with me so whatever” “but nic, what are you gonna do?” “ i dunno il figure something out!” “well not meaning to burst your bubble, but geoffs gonna see you develop a bump and well i mean he’s not that clueless!”

Nicole walked out of the house and down to the diner, she saw ruby sitting at a table, after losing geoff she had become quite friendly with ruby.

She told ruby everything, Ruby seemed quite shocked, she didnt know what to say to nicole. Deep down nicole knew what she was thinking that geoff hadnt been the one to take her upstairs that he wouldnt know one would believe her.

Nicole went home, later that night she was sitting watching a movie, when there was a knock at the door, it was Geoff, “cani come in?” he said “em sure” geoff sat down he looked very anxious Nicoel knew what was up! Ruby had told geoff everything!

“Ruby told you didnt she?” “ yeah nic why couldnt you just tell me? “I was scared i mean it was bad enough for you that we slept together, but for me to be pregnant!” “Nic im really sorry i went off at you i know it was my idea! I dont know what came over me im really sorry! Can we be friends?”

“friends yeah we can be friends! But were gonna be parents geoff! What are we gonna do?”

“Well cant you juat have an abortion?” “geoff its not that simple! This is a life we’re talking about, i thought your faith was against this kinda thing!”

Yeah but i dont wanna kid and think of everyone else, Annie would be devestated that i lied to her!

Geoff looked round at nicole with a worried look, “you havnt told anyone else apart from ruby have you?” “ no i just told ruby and aden, i needed someones support!”

Nicole what are we gonna do? Il go to the abortion clinic with you id that helps” Geoff that dossnt help much! I dont want to have a n abortion this is a child were talkin about you know itst not that simple!” “nicole i dont wanna be a dad at this age and were not even married!”

“Oh no your not going to propose again are you!”

Well no but iwant you to really think about this, you know its my decision too!” geoff just get out i dont want you telling me what to do il decide what i want to do and i dont need your support!” “but nic” “ geoff just get out now!”

Geoff left and closed the door behind him, two minutes later and theres another knock at the door, “uhhh, come in!” nicole screamed. “Sorry babe did i push some buttons?” Freya walke throught he door. Freya what are you doing back “just thought id pop round to see my buddy is that a crime?” “No of ocurse not, your after xav again are you?” “No we’re so over, ive got my sights set elsewhere!” little did nicole know , she had her sights set on geoff.

“Hey do you wanna drink babe?” “ sure il get em” “No its fine you look like youve had a rough day il get them, what ya want? “ ok just a OJ thanks,” freya went to the kitchen apoured to oranges juices into glasses, nut into nicoles glass she put some drugs!

She didnt know nicole and geoff had split or she wouldnt have needed her plan, nicole had finished her drink, she began to feel dizzy she said to freya i dont feelt o good!, “good them its working!”

“What” beforen nicole could say anything else she was out cold!, freya grabbed some paper, she began to write a note, “ geoff i cant take being your girlfriend anymore its so restricting, and i cant bare it please dont be angry i had to do this, love always nic!”

Freya ran out of the house and up to the diner where geoff, Irene and Roman were stood talking, “geoff its nicole, theres something wrong, shes out cold!” geoff looked at irene and roman and then began to run out of the door, “Oh no the baby!” “Baby Irene said then looked at roman, following towards the house, with freya not far behind.

They got to the house, and nicole was lying on the sofa, she was unconsious! Geoff saw the note and read it, he looked puzzled and then looked at freya, “what did you do?” geoff said very angrily “me i didnt do anything!” geoff said t freya “me and nicole arnt together anymore and havnt been for 3 weeks now and that letter isnt nics hand writing now tell me what did you do?” by this point he had freya pinned up against the wall , so she couldnt run, “ i put some drugs in her drink” aden walked in “whats wrong is it the baby” aden looked very worried!

“What is all the caper about a baby?” “Nicoles pregnant” geoff spilled. “can someone just hurry up and phone a doctor We’ll sort all this out later” aden said. Roman got on the phone to rachel, she told roman to bring her to the hospital, aden and geoff took nicole to the car.

Irene grabbed freya and trailed her with them, at the hospital freya told rachel what she had given nicole. Geoff asked rachel if she was going to be allright, then he told rachel about the baby, rachel told geoff theyd do everything they could!

Geoff went and stood outside with roman, irene and aden by this time freya had vanished, so what all this about nicole being pregnant? Roman asked geoff, annie arrievd and geoff had to spill everything! “well nicole and i slept together when you were in the city with martha and well i think you can work the rest out!” so its definate she really pregnat and not just tagging you along?” irene said, “yes its true she didnt want to tell me, ruby let me know! , i never wanted anything like this to happen, but i want to let you know, it was my idea for us to sleep together it had nothing to do with nic!” by this point annie ran down the corridor, geoff followed after her, leaving roman and irene just looking at each other trying to find something to say!

Geoff caught up with annie she was really upset “geoff why did you do it?” “i don’t know, i really loved nicole and i still do, i just let temptation get the better of me, annie im really sorry i should have told you, and i should have told you about the baby the minute i found out!” Geoff its ok, come we better get back incase nicole wakes up!”

Hours later geoff,Roman and irene are sitting at nicoles bed, she opens her eyes, “there she's up how are you feeling?” roman asks his daughter “im ok, what happened?” “freya happened dawl” irene replied, “geoff?” geoff shook his head he new what she meant, it was the baby it was gone! “My baby” “hun i dnt really know what to but sorry!” roman replied, “and dont worry geoff told us everything” nicole took geoffs hand, he kissed her forhead and and stroked her hair. Well we’ll leave yous alone for a minute, Irene and Roman left the room roman kissed hiss daughter befroe he left. Nicole looked at geoff, she looked so sad! Geoff said he was sorry and he would never leave her again! The two kissed and then geoff lay beside nicole on the bed.

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hey guys sorry there chapters are pretty long lol

it would be appreciated if you would read it and comment! xX


A few weeks had passed, nicole was still so upset about her baby. she decided to name it and make a memorial she, she thought it was stupid as it was only about 3 weeks old, but she also thought it may help her get over it. She named her baby, Tessa Miley Campbell.

She hadnt really bee around geoff that much, she truthfully didnt want too, she loved him but she didnt feel ready to be with him again.

Nicole thought to herself one day when she was sitting alone, she had been so upset for the past few weeks over a baby she never trully wanted in the first place, she was going to get over it there and then and get out of the house.

And she did, she went to the surf club, she saw ruby sitting and went and sat next to her. "hey how are you?" ruby said, "im fine" nicole said in reply.

"So hows you and geoff going then?" "i dont really know!" nicole realied with a sad look on her face, "have yous broken up again?" ruby continued to ask question and nicole answered. "No i dont think so she replied, well i dont know he hasnt been around much, i dont think he wants to see me, and he dosnt want any more of what made tessa and well i knew that from the start but it gets harder as you grow to love someone! i just dont know i love him so much, but i dont know how he feels.And hes been spending alot of time on the farm with that claudia person and annie told me that him and jai were completey staring her out when she arrived so all i know he could be off sleeping with her!" "wow that complicated!" ruby replied,, "Sorry rubs im kind or drowning my sorrows and spilling everything on you!"

well im gonna go see if i can catch up with geoff. "cya rubs"

little did nicole know, but geoff was lsitening to everything that she was sayin! Nicole was walking along the beach, looking for geoff, he didnt seem to be anywhere, she was thinking he was probably at the farm, but then he came up behind her.

"hey nic!" he said, "Hi wow ive missed yous so much", she lent in to kiss him but she just got to peck his lips before he pulled away, "nicole where are we" what you mean?" "in our relationship, i heard what you said to ruby and you think i was off with claudia?" geoff said this with a disappointed look on his face. "geoff i didnt know what i saying back there, i was just ranting its all ive seemed to do lately, im really sorry i know you and i know you wouldnt go off with anyone!"

"Nic i would never go off with anyone, i love you and your the one i want!, but i should tell you claudia kissed me, i pulled away but ididnt want to hide it form you!"

"She kissed you! what does she thinks she playong at, ahe knows what weve been through and she does that! geoff i dont want to loose you." youre never gonna loose me nic! i love you too much! hes kissed her lips passionatley.

"And nic, i heard what you said about the whole sex thing and i know its not what i want but if you want it, well you know. "geoff you would do that for me?" "i love you" geoff replied

they continued walking down the beach hand in hand.

claudia was at the farm with her sister sarah, they were sitting chatting, "So have you got a love life?" " well ive got my eye on someone" cladia said with a grin on her face. "Oh yeah who?", "Geoff campbell, hes so loving and hes religious so we have got alot in common", isnt he dating someone? and they just lost a baby dosnt sound so religious," yeah hes dating nicole, but hes not really anymore, i mean he kissed me last week, so i guess hes just waiting for the right time to break it off!, and well nicole probably mad ehim sleep with her shes so controlling over him!"

"Clauds please watch yourself,, you dont wanna break anyone up or cause trouble!" yeah but me and geoff are meant to be nicole is so not right for him, hes coming by today il intorduce you"

Geoff and nicole were still sitting on the beach, "oh flip i forgot i was meant to go up to the farm today" geoff said,, "Oh do you have to?" nicole replied "Yes infact i do!" he said with a cheeky laugh why dont you come with me? i dont wanna have to leave you again you might get lonely without me!" he said while laughing. "Okay i suppose so, you can show what you spend all you time on up here, will claudia be here?" "yeah probably" geoff replied. "Good i can show her that shel have to go through me if she wants you!"

geoff and nicole arrived at the farm, "claudia" geoff called, "oh thats geoff" claudia said to sarah,, "Im in here geoff" claudia replied from the barn.

Geoff and nicole walked in holding hands, claudia's face dropped, "hey this is nicole, nic this is claudia" goeff said, "Hi claudia ive heard all about you!" claudia didnt say anything she just smiled.

So what needs doing?" geoff asked claudia, Em the fence needs mended and one of the doors needs a new hinge. "Okay il get right on it, come on nic," "uhh cant we just stay here and rest a bit, i mean you did make me walk here!" Okay we can sit and chat for a bit" geoff replied, "who said anything about chatting, theres amking out to be done" nicole said laughing then she kissed geoff and they both sat down and continued to kiss.

Claudia's frustration grew and grew as the couple kept snogging.

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as geoff and nicole continued to kiss, claudia kept staring at them her eyes looked hurt but angry. " Are you goin to do that work geoffers?" "geoffers?" nicole said as she let out a giggle, " yeah its sort of my pet name for him" claudia replied "oh ok, then! nic saiod then laughed again, "maybe i should get a pet name for you, maybe sexy! oh yeah i like that one, im goin to call ya sexy form now on ok sexy?"

ok, what will i call you? hmmm...... what about a pain in the ass?, only jokin babe, there ya go il call ya babe,, ok babe e need ot some work!" " ok fine you these pet names arnt goin to stick il be geoff in know time or maybe geoffers haha"

the couple walked away, Claudia screwed up her face, and she looked at sarah, "thanx clauds you didnt even introduce me i was sitting here liek a right goof!"

sarah said, "sorry sarah, i was a little shocked to see her still with him, he told me it wouldnt last, i thought it was a hint like he was telling me he liked me!"

" well maybes he not the one" sarah said trying to make her sister feel better. " No geoff is suppose to be with me, he just cant see it, nicole corrupts him! he says and feels what she wants! shes not right for him!" claudia said in reply to her sisters comment.

Claudia made her way to the fence that geoff was fixing, "hey geoff, would you be able to help me paint the barn tomorrow?" claudia asked. "em... yeah sure, babe what are you doing tomorrow?" claudias face got a look of anger in it but she hid it, "em. Geoff, i'd asked roman to make a special picnic basket for lunch tomorrow, i found a perfect little spot sexy! but i suppose we can come here if you want! " " awk well seeing you went through all that trouble, we can go for the picnic, then come here a little later, is that ok claudia? "yeah thats fine" claudia snapped and walked away.

"did she seem tense to you?" geoff asked nicole, "geoff, claudia likes you, i mean really likes you i think shes jealous that, well im your girlfirend." nicole said in reply "do you really think so?" "Ah yeah, shes all over you like a rash! but she cant have you!! your all mine!" nicole kisssed her boyfriend passionately on the lips.

The next day nicole picked up a picnic basket form her dad, then went and met goeff, "so where we going for this pinic?" geoff asked, "well its a bit of a surprise, we'll need a boat!"

they got on a boat and set out, "wow, is this the island where we got together?" £sure is sexy!" nic said, "Nic, thats so romantic! i love you so much!"

They had finished there picnic, and where sitting talking "Nic what am i going to do about claudia? " hust forget about her she knows you have a girlfriend, so i doubt she'l try anything, and if she does il kick her ass!" nicole laughed "yeah well dont worry, she has nothing on you! your my everything!! geoff kissed nicole, theyre kiss grew stronger, geoff lay nicole on the ground and began to underess her, "geoff are you sure you want to do this again?" "ive never been so sure nic, except im going to tell annie this time, i cant keep lting to her!"

"what time is it?" geoff asked "wow, its four" "flip we'll need to get out of here, i told claudia id help her" goeff proclaimed! , " ok but im coming with you! claudia may stay away form you" nicole said,and then rolled her eyes as if to say yeah right she ahs no chance

The pair got to the farm and the heard claudia in the barn "Hey claudia, what do you want us to do?" "em paint the walls would be good!" claudia said in a sharp tone. "ok then il get right on that" geoff replied

claudia left the barn, "geoff i cant believe, you did that for me" "did what nic?" "you know, well i know your faith means so much to you! and well, we slept together again, and i just though after the last two times, you gave in to temptation with me youd never wnat to look at me again, your so great!! i love you" nicole kissed geoff then continued to paint.

After they had finished painting the couple left the farm and went to Geoffs palce, irene was away on a boat trip with lou so thay hadd the place to them selves.

"i never thought id say this but, i love having a sexual relationship, it brings you closer to your partner, it helps!" geoff told nicole, "good" nicole said as she led geoff upstairs.

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geoff woke up, nicole was still sleeping, he heard annie downstairs. This was a great chance to tell her everything and hope she wouldnt get too upset.

he went downstairs, annie was sitting ont he sofa "annie and i talk to you?" he asked his sister

"yeah sure , whats up?"

"well you know that me adn nicole, had sex right?"


"well taht hasnt stopped," geoff seemed a little embarrassed that he was talking about he sex life with his little sis.

"geoff, im sorry for the way ive acted, its your life you can do what you want, i like nic, shes really helped me with a few things, so im cool, as long as your not planning on filling me in along the way" annie laughed

"thanx annie" geoff giggled too, "you want some breakie?"

"Em, no thanx im headin to the beach with jai, il catch you later!"

"Ok cya!" geoff began making breakfast,

"Hey you" geoff heard a voice coming form the stairs,

"Mornin," geoff said in return, "im just makin u breakie,

"Good im starvin!" nicole kissed her boyfriend

"I talked to annie!"


"She's cool, she said she likes you and she just dosnt want to be kept up to date" geoff said with a chuckle.

"Aww thats, great, annies cool! She'l be my sister in law one day you know" nicole said with a bigh grin

"I know, And im very happy about that! so what are you up to today?"

"Im going shopping with ruby, and then i have to help my dad out at the diner!"

"Cool im heading to the farm, then il come help at the diner if you want?"

"yeah that'd be great."

The couple ate breakfast then headed, out "cya later aligator" nicole said, then kissed geoff, and skipped off to meet ruby.

"yeah cya " geoff said, his face was glowing, he really loved nicole, no one made him feel the way she did.

Geoff got to the farm, he seen claudia and felt like he should avoid her, but it didnt last long.

"hey geoffers,wheres nicole?"

"shes in the city,shopping with rubs"

goeff went to the out to the other end of the farm

sorry for the short update il put more on tonight hopefully xX

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claudia came staright after geoff, geoff could see her coming, he didnt want to be rude, but he knew that nicole was right,claudia wanted geoff and geoff didnt know what to do.

"Geoff, whats up, you seem tense?"

"no, nothing im fine!"

"come on geoffers, ive gotten to know a little bit over the past few weeks i know when something is up, is it nicole, have yous fallen out?" claudia said this with a hopeful smile on her face

Geoff became annoyed, he felt as if claudia wanted geoff to tell ger he had fallen out with nicole so that she could make her move or something! this really made geoff mad. "No, we havnt fallen out, theres nothing wrong, i guess im stillhave nerves, i got myself worked up this morning, because i had to tell annie that me and nicole are sleeping together," Geoff used this to get to claudia he seen her face drop.

"Your sleeping with nicole? what about your faith, was it her idea?"

yes im sleeping with nicole,and no it wasnt her idea,she respected my faith for so long but since the island, ive never stopped thinking about sex,and well i still have my faith, but i cant help it i love nicole and well im my own person i can do what i want!"

"Oh its just theres so many rumours going around about you's two, i heard nicole is very seductive and it was her idea to have sex when she fell preggers!"

"Well let me just set you straight, it was my idea to sleep together that night! and i did regret it the next morning and we broke up but when nicole becam epregnant and the lost the baby i learnt life was hsort and just live it the way you want to live it, and i want to be with nic, and nothing you can do will break us up!"

"What?" claudia said.

"Claudia i know you like and i know your game, but its not going to work!"

"Geoff, i cant help the way i fell about you, nicole is not good enough for you, i know you want me! i can tel you like me! claudia grabbed geoff and kissed him.

"Claudia, what are you doing?" geoff snapped!

"i kissed you sheesh!"

"claudia, im telling you the truth i dont like you! and i never had im with nicole and thats that!"

"Your making a big mistake being with her, You'l see!"

"whats that suppose to mean?"

"Just wait and see, you'l come crawling to me begging me to be with you!"

"look claudia get a life, and geto over me!"

Geoff went to see Martha, "im really sorry martha, il be back tomorrow to do the rest of the work that needs done"

"its fine, youve really helped since i bought this place, why dont you just come back sometime next week , i have all the help i need you deserve a break!"

"Are you sure?"

"yeah its fine youve been a great help!, is everything ok?"

"yeah its fine thanx!"

"ok, oh and hows nic?"

"She fine, yeah ill bring he rup the next time in here, thanx alot!"

"Ok you take care! and tell nic im asking about her!"

"i Will cya!"

Geoff went home and got changed then headed down to the diner, "hey Roman, is nic here yet?"

"no, mate shes still out with ruby"

"Ok well when she gets here can you tell her i cant make it that il call round later!"

"yeah sure mate, is everything ok? between you two i mean?"

"Yeah its great, im planning her a surprise, oh but dont tell her that."

OK , what will i say if she asks where you are?

"oh em tell her i called and that im held up at the farm."

Right mate will do!"

"Cya roman!"

Geoff went round to his place, "belle" geoff called


"Can i borrow your car?

"uhh geoff i suppose so! can you just hurry up and get your own!"

"yeah sorry, im trying to get some money together, thanx anyway!"

"here geoff, where ya goin?

"im goin to the yabbee creek to get nic a present"

"aww how romantic, do you mind if i tag along? its adens birthday and i wanted to get him something.

"yeah sure comon!"

"so what do you want to get her?"

"im not sure i was thinking jewllery and some sort of cuddly toy!"

"aww thats sweet! so what you like some help?"

"yeah wouldnt minded!" geoff said with a giggle



"what would you do if someone was trying to break you and aden up?"

"what why who is?"

no no one its just well claudia, dosnt like me and nicole toghether and she tried to kiss me today!"

"geoff does nic know?"

"She knows shes likes me and dosnt like her, I havnt had the chance to tell her about the kiss. im worried about what she would do!"

" well i know i would want to know something like that! if i was you i would steer clear of claudia!"

"dont worry, thats what im doing, it just annoyed me, what she was saying that me and nic were meant for each other, that nic wasnt good enough and that she was seducing me!"

"well is that how you feel?"

"No, i love nic, im lucky to have her."

"ok, then you have to make that clear to claudia, and just stay faithful to nic!"

"geoff and belle were passing along a steet, "oh wow, this looks good" belle said

it was a lovely little boutique, it was all painted pink, something nicole would shop in for hours no doubt.

They went inside, "hey geoff, what do think of this?"

" wow its lovely, do you think she'l like it?"

"i think she'l love it" it was a sliver "N" with a few pink diamonds on it.

"look theres sliver earings with pink on them they'l match" belle said

"Ok i think il get her that"

Excuse me! how much is that necklace, with an "N" on it and those earings?" geoff asked the saleswoman

"the necklace is $85 and the earings are $40 , so all together $125.

"ok can i have that please!"

"would you like it gift wrapped?"

"yeah sure!"

The salewoman, wrapped the present in pink sparkly paper and put in a gift bag.

"Nic, wil love that geoff"

"you think?"


"Good!, so what are you getting aden?

"i was thinking jeans and a watch? i s that what guys would want for there birthday?

"yeah that sounds good! i knw a great shop on bloomfiled street, and its got a nice little gift shop next door were i can get nic a teddy"

"ok sounds good!"

Belle and geoff got to the shop, "belle im just going to go get a teddy here, you ok?"

"yep im fine!"

"Ok il be back in ten"

there were so many teddys for geoff to choose from, he didnt know which one nic would like, then sudenly, he heard his name, he turned around and seen melody!

"Mel, wow what are you doing here?" he gave melody a hug,

Hey, im over for a trip with my mum, the shopping isnt as good in new zealand! , so how are you?

"im good, im just trying to pick something out for nicole! recommend anything?"

"Em i like that bear with the pick bow on its head, So how is nicole, i heard she was pregnant and lots it."

"yeah it was tough for her, but shes fine."

"so you;s are still together, then i heard you's split?"

yeah, we have had some rough spots but were goin strong now!"

"thats good im really happy for you!"

"so how are you? you got any love interests?"

"actually, im seeing a guy called nick, hes over at home, cant wait to get home to see him!"

"thats great news mel! im do glad your happy, i miss you though! and so does annie!"

"yeah im thinking of calling back to see her! we still keep in contact, i hear her a jai are still going strong,i miss yous all too!"

"yeah you should, she'l be so happy to see you!"

"yeah il have to ask my mum, and see if we have time! im going to have to get going!"

"ok thanks for the help, hold on two minutes please?"

"geoff, picked up two of the teddy's ,melody had picked out, he paid for them, "here you go, something to keep you company on your plane home, hopefully you'l find time to call round to irene's, we'll all be happy to have you back even if it for five minutes"

"aww geoff thanx, you didnt have to, ok il try my hardest bye now!" melody gave geoff a hug.

"geoff for goodness sake, how long does it take you too......mel! oh my gosh!"

ho belle! mel gave belle a hug, im really sorry but im goin to have to go, im maybe going to call to summerbay, tomorrow before i leave so hoepfully il see you again!

"bye guys" mel called from down the street!

"ok you all sorted?"

"yeah i got him jeans, a top and a watch"

"ok so will we head home?

"yep sure"

"they were near home, they were just passin the farm, geoff looked out the window, he caught claudia's attention, she smiled at him and he turned his head.

"so i take it thats her!"

"yep, thats claudia"geoff said

"just forget everything she says, you and nic are great together!"

"thanx, hey im cooking dinner for nic tonight, do you and aden want to join us?

"yeah sounds good il let aden know"

"ok itl be at about 7 or so"

"sounds good"

geoff pulled up at irene's again "gee you really do miss irene when shes not here"

"tell me about it" geoff said

sorry its a bit long,

thanx emma, it means alot that yous all read!


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thank you jdoddy! :)

CHAPTER 6 (i think lol)

"Have you heard from geoff?" nicole asked roman

"Em oh yeah....he called and said he wouldnt be able to make it, he's been held up at the farm." roman replied

"oh... ok, il see him later i guess"

"yeah, he said he'l call round"

"ok!" nicole got on with heping her dad out.

a few hours had passed nicole was getting bored at the diner, and she couldn't help wonder where geoff was.

"Dad can i go home now?"

"sure, il finish up, il cya later!"

"thanx, cya"

"hey roman, is nic still here?" geoff asked as walked into the diner.

"No, youve just missed her, shes gone home."

"Ok thanx, later" geoff made a quick exit.

Geoff made it to nicoes front door, he knocked, she answered, she said hey and geoff knew, there was osmething wrong.

"Whats up?"

"oh, nothing, so what did you get up to the day?"

Geoff knew what nicole was thinking, em just helping out on the farm."

"Oh was claudia there?"

"yeah, but i wasnt with her,"

"it was pretty late to be out at the farm this late, how could you see?"

"Ok nic, i cant lie anymore!"

nicole looked worried, deep down she felt like geoof was about to spill an affair or something! "geoff!, what, what cant you lie about?"

"Nic, nothings wrong or anything, well i wasnt at the farm"

"where were you?"

"I was shopping!"


"Yea, i wanted to get you something for being so great!" geoff pulled two boxes from his pocket.

"what is it?"

"open it and find out"

nicole began to tear the gift wrap form the boxes, she opened the first box, it was a necklace,and the second was the earings.

"nicole began to cry,

"whats worng nic?"

"Nothings worng, its just its lovely, what did i do to deserve you?"

"you where yourself, thats what you did!"

nicole put the necklace on "thank you so much geoff!!

"your welcome, you coming?"


"Ive cooked dinner, aden and belle are round"

"oh geoff you shouldnt have!"

"Believe me i should have! Nic claudia kissed me today! i pulled away, and told her she was wrong, that i loved you!"

"she did what? where does she get off!"

"im sorry nic!"

"geoff its not your fault, its that boyfriend stealing slag!"

"shes not a boyfriend stealer, she didnt steal me!" geoff said with a smile

"she have a great fight, if she tried!"

"ok lets not dwell on this are you coming for the best dinner youve ever tasted?

"sure, lets see how much of a cook you really are!"

the two left the house hand in hand.

They entered irene's place, "aww look the love birds are here, aww would you look at that she got the necklace on, dont worry nic il take you to the pawn shop after!" aden said with a cheeky grin

"haha aden your really funny, i wouldnt sell it for the world!"

"Awww how soppy, quick get me a bucket i think im goin to be sick! only jokin mate, youv'e got great taste, almost as good as i would buy for belle!" aden laughed.

"Speaking of presents, here ya go happy birthday, thats from me and geoff" nicole handed aden a present.

"thanx guys" aden replied

"Oh yeah suppose il have to give you mine" belle went to her room and came back with a huge gift bag

"flip me what did you get me the high street?"

"no just a few bits and bobs, but you cant open them til tomorrow, its not your birthday until then!"

"ok fine"

dinner was over, and aden was leaving "Belle do you want to stay at roman's tonight? aden asked

"yea, sure alright, il just get some things and then we'll leave.

"Geoff and nicole were clearing up when annie came home, "Hey, you guys have fun?"

"yeah it was a great night! Your brothers just amazing, look at my necklace!"

"oh wow its lovely, nice choice geoff never knew you had it in you!"

"oh thanx, annie thats a burst of love for your big bro! geoff laughed

"Your welcome, im heading to bed, you staying tonight nic?"

"Yeah, is that ok?"

"Sure, just dont keep me up half the night" annie had a cheeky look on her face.

Geoff and nicole looked at each other with a smile on there face!

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thanx guys!!!


Nicole and geoff made there way up stairs, "il be two minutes, im goin to put my PJ's on."


nicole amde her way form the bathroom, into geoffs bedroom.

"whats that?" nic asked

"its a teddy!"

"well i know that but whats it for?"

"You, i forgot to bring it round today, mel helped me pick it out,"

"Mel? as in melody jones?"

"yeah, i bumped in to her a yabbee creek, i bought her on too!"

"oh, so your buying gifts for your exes as well!" nic giggled

"well, if makes you feel better she has a boyfriend, she might be calling tomorrow, i didnt want to say to annie incase she cant, we'll just have to see!"

"oh well, im very happy for her atleast shes not trying to slpit us up"

"yeah we've got claudia for that!" geoff said.

"ok, im rather tired im going to get some sleep! goodnight, i love you geoff!"

"g'night! love ya!"

the next day, geoff had planned a picnic for nicole, "where do ya fancy have the pinic?"

"hmm.... what about the farm?"

" you just want to annoy claudia!"

"i know i just want to let her know that you belong to me!" haha!

"Ok, well il phone Martha and see if its ok!"

"ok, im goin to head to my place and see my dad!"

righto il pick you up later!"

They shared a kiss and then nicole dashed off.

Later on that day, geoff went to pick up nicole.

"So are we ok to go to the farm?"

"yep martha said its cool!"


They pulled up at the farm, they got out of the car and went to the cherry tree.

they sat and had there picnic afetr they had finished, they sat togehter and just cuddled each otherm they noticed claudia watching them every now and again.

"what is she lookin at? if she has something o say why dosnt she just say it!"

"it jealousy nic, just ignore her, do you wanna go its getting pretty chilly,"

"yep sure, do you wanna grab a dvd and go back to mine?"

"yeah, we'll just saythanx to martha and then head"

They where just coming back out of the house when they ran into claudia! "Hey!" claudia smiled at them

"Hi!" nicole saod sarchasticaly, geoff said nothing he just gave her a look!

"Whats worng with you?"

"Cant belive, your actually asking me that, i told nic everything! what you think im going to keep it form her"

"Well there was nithing much to tell geoff!"

"nothing much you kissed my boyfriend! how is that nothing much?"

"well he wanted it!"

"What claudia, i so didnt want you to kiss me! it was the complete opposite of what i wanted!

"Claudia can you just do me a favour and leave us alone, me and geoff have been through so much! And your not going to ruin what we have!"

" Your not right for each other!" claudia spluttered out

"oh get lost, were big enough to decide what is best for us, stay out of our lives for good, stear clear of me when where outhere togehter!"

geoff and nicole turend there backs to clauia and walked down the path towards the car

"who does she think she is" nicole screamed!

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thank you!


Geoff and nicole, where sitting at romans place, they were suppose to be watching a dvd, but they werent paying to much attention to the tv. Instead they were just sitting talking.



"What did you think, when you found out i was pregnant at first?"

"that, irene was goin to kill me!"

"no, i mean about being a parent so young"

"Well, at first,i was so scared, and as you know, i wanted you to have an abortion, but when i left your place i realised how selfish i was being, that it was a tiny life in side you.When you lost it i was heartbroken, it was only 3 or 4 weeks but it was ours! Our little baby, our tessa!"

"Yeah, im just thinking now, I named it tessa, what if it was a boy!"

"i never thought of that" geoff laughed

"Oh well, i had a feeling from the moment i foind out that it was a girl anyway"

"really, how?"

"i dont know it just felt like a girl and when we had the fight, and you left, tats when i decided i wanted to keep it, and that i would name it tessa."

"Oh, Nic, you should have told me there and then you wanted to keep it and that you'd named it, i dont know what i was thinking,Why are you asking all this?"

"I just wanted to know, we'd never talked about it before!"

"Youre not pregnant again are you?"

"No geoff , im not, i promise!"

"I think i would deal with it better now,"

"really, so your saying ypou want to have a baby?" nicole said with a sarchastic smile.

"well, maybe not right this second, but i want to be the father to your babies nic, you'd be a great mum!"

"thanx, maybe we should actually watch this"

"hmm....good idea, although i could have done with a more manly movie nic!"

"aww well i love this, so your watching it!" nic had a cheeky grin on her face

just then aden walked through the door,

"look at the lovebirds, what ya watching?"

"a cinderella story" geoff replied

"wow geoff , very rugged!"

"Well, it wasnt my idea!"

"aden what you talking about, how many times have you watched this with me?"

"thats besides the point, it was only because you were either upset, cuz this dweeb had done something ro pregnant" aden looked at geoff with a laugh on his face

"dont lie aden you love it! and leave geoff alone he's not a dweeb!"

"wow your girlfriend is your bodyguard now geoff, only jokin man, did you catch the game today?"

"nah just the score, it sounded good though,"

"yea it was, right il catch you's later im goin to have a shower then head to belle's, you guys wanna come round?"

Nic and geoff looked at eachother, "No, thanx i think were just goin to stay here a watch a few more dvd's" NIc said to aden

"yea,yea More like make a few more babies!" aden laughed a walked upstairs

Nicole looked at geoff and laughed, "is it that obvious that were sleeping together?"

"i didnt think so, but apparently!" geoff just laughed, he didnt care anymore, he'd never loved anyone like he loved nicole!"

they continued to watch the movie.

The door opened and roman walked in.

"hmm... clothes, i was expecting to walk in on something i shouldn't have" roman chuckled.


"What, i know wht yous two are like,"

"what are you doing home early?"

"VJ was ill leah had to go home, sorry did i interupt your evening?"

"kinda" nicole said

"well sorry, yuo's can disappear upstairs if you want!"

"Ew, dad were goin out!"

"ok, bye!" roman laughed

"Gosh, sometimes my dad can be so annoying!"

"Yeah but he's cool."

"Yea, he is great, hey do you wanna go round to your with aden and belle?"

"yeah sure why not!"

Geoff and nic entered irene's place

"Hey, we decided to join you's afterall, well to be honest roman came home!"

"Aw bummer, he didnt walk in on anything, did he now!" aden said with a smart smile.

"No, he didnt!" geoff replied

"thats a surprise, icould see the tension in your eyes when i left!"

"HAHA very funny aden, can we join you or not?"

"yeah of course you can! were watching the uninvited" belle shuttered!

"yea no chick flicks" aden laughed

Nicole sat down beside geoff on the sofa and cuddled into him.

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ok im adding another chapter lol, i just cant stop writing on this, i hope all you guys are enjoying it! and thank you very much form the comments!

suggestions would be cool if you want anything in particular in the story!

hope you enjoy


The movie ahd finished,

"That was fricking scary!" nciole said, her face was still in shock from the horro on the screen.

"yeah, it was terrifyng,"

"Girls!! Always finding the least little thing scary, im surprised my ears arnt bleeding form all your screaming!"

"We cant help it, its the way we are, you big strong guys a re meant to protect us, or atleast thats what every guy likes to think!" nicole said

"What do you mean likes to think? it so are job!"

"Yeah right, you guys are pansy's we coul dtake you's right belle!"

"totally, belle and nicole looked at eachother, then looked the boys standing in front of them.

All of a sudden the girls leaped out of there seats and tackled the boys to the ground, nicole went for aden and belle went for geoff.

"nic was sitting on the ground pinning aden's ahnds to the gound, "So, your meant to protect the girls, and yet we have you two stuck on the floor, Aden and Geoff managed to turn theres head enough so that they could look at eachother, they nodded, and soon enough the boys had switched positions adn were now sitting on the ground with their girlfreinds pinned to the ground!

"Well, look what we have here, nicole on the ground and she cant get up!" geoff said in a smart tone



"Let me go!"

"say that boys are tougher that girls!"


"fine then it looks like we'll be here all night!"

"Fine, boys a re tougher than girls!" nicole mumbled quietly

"You too belle!" aden said

"boys are tougher that girls!"

"Miles tougher?" aden replied

"dont push it!"

Geoff and aden looked at each other, they shrugged their shoulders and let there girlfriends go.

"Well, that was fun! NOT, i think you broke my shoulder geoff!"

"Im sorry babe!" geoff gave his girlfriend a kiss

"see the guys always come back first, they always make the first move everytime!" nicole laughed

"What?, dont you want me to kiss you?"

"of course i do, sexy!"

"Okay then , do you wanna head?"

"Where too?"

"i dont know just a walk somewhere?"

"Yeah ok sounds good!"

"Oh, well we all know where you's two are going!" aden said

"HAHA aden, we just though we'd leave yous two alone we can feel the passion coming form you, on you go now only a few steps to the bedroom!" geoff laughed as he walked out the door.

The two were walking down the beach, "Hmmmm here looks like a lovely spot!" geoff pointed out a spot on the beach just below the stars

"For what?"

"To sit and gaze into the night!"

"How corny, only jokin!"

The two sat down nicole lay on geoff's chest, "Its so beautiful out here!"

"Yep almost as beautiful as you!" geoff replied

"Aww, your so sweet!"

Just then claudia walked past the couple

"What is she doing out here so late?"

"I don't know, and im not planning on finding out!"

They started to kiss, nicole turned around and seen claudia, still standing there, then she staryed making her way towards the couple.

"Whatever your doing its not working!"

"What!" geoff said in an angry tone

"I know your only out here to make me jealous!"

"Yes, claudia thats what were doing! What are we mean to just stay indoors or something?"

"Well, you dont have to rub my face into your relationship."

"Im sorry claudia, im sorry that your a complete stalker, im allowed to kiss my boyfriend in public, i love him and he loves me so thats that!"

Geoff and nicole started to walk away,

"You's wont be in love forever, Nicole your to much of a skank and geoff will see that!" claudia shouted across the beach

Nicole made her way back to where claudia was standing,"Im sorry im a what?!" nicole screamed

"Your a skank, the minute someone better than geoff walks into the bay you'l be off and you'l leave geof there, and il be there to pick up the pieces, then he will see what you really are!"

Nicole slapped claudia on the face, "You know what, your not even worth, the effort! I love geoff! il never leave him, Zac efron could walk onto this beach and ask me to marry him, and il stay with geoff. You will never get your hands on my boyfriend!"

Claudia, stood there cradling her face.

"Did you mean what you said back there? That you'd turn dow zac efron?"

"Of course i would, i'd turn down anyone, your the one i want!"

Geoff got down on one knee, he pulled a ring form his pocket, "Marry me then?"

Nicole let out a tear, "Of course i will!"

Geoff put the ring on nicoles finger, "Its my mums engagement ring"

"It's beautiful! thank you so much!"

They shared a kiss, before amking there way home

Claudia had been watching them, her face was full of anger and rage!

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"I cant belive this, im engaged, and to the hottest person in the bay!"

"Well, what can i say, i do try" geoff laughed

"I never thought this would happen, i mean i never though i would find anyone, nevermind this early in life, your definately my one."

"Nicole, ive never felt this way about anyone, im so happy when im around you and i want to spend my life with you! Forever!"

"Me too, can u imagine what our kids would look like!"

"Totally hot, and beautiful just like there mum!"

"Awk, thats so sweet."

Nicole was gazing at the ring again, when aden walked in, "Whats that?" nicole put her hand behind her back, "What?" she asked

"Com'on let me see!"

Nicole brought her hand out form behind her back, aden looked at the ring, "Nice, i never thought he'd pop the question!"

"Well. you thought wrong didn't ya!" geoff said in return to aden

"Well, i guess a congratulations!"

"Thanx, but do me a favour, dont tell anyone,we want to tell annie first, and well, we dont want it spread round the bay anyway."

"ok, noprobs, im off to see belle, il catch ya's later"

"What do think people will think?"

"What do ya mean?"

"Well do you think, theyl say were to young ore something?"

"Its our lives nic we can do what we want!"

"Yeah, i suppose, do you wanna go tell roman, irene and annie?"

"Yeps, is roman at his place?"

"Yea, he should be"

Geoff and nicole headed round to nicoles house, "Dad?" nicole called

"Yea," roman callecd back from the kitchen.

"We,ve got something to tell you"

Roman came walking form th kitchen "Your'e not pregnant again are you?"

"No, were engaged!"


"Yea, as in going to get married!"

"I know what engaged is nic, im not stupid, Wow congrats i guess!"

Nicole showed her dad the ring, "Wow, that musta stung ya geoff, where did you get the money from?

"Em.. actually it was my mums ring, i inherited it when she passed, she wanted me to propose with it!"

"Oh, thats nice, so whens the wedding?" roman laughed

"Dad!, not for a while probably, unless you want to fork out some money?"

"No, im ok thanks!" romand laughed

"Ok, were goin to go find annie and irene, cya later!"

Geoff, annie and nicole were sitting at irene's place.

"Annie, we want to tell you something"

"What is it?"

Nicole held out her hand, "Were getting married."

"Oh wow, geoff is that mums ring?"


"aww, thats so sweet, yay i can be a bridemaid!"

"You sure can!" nicole told annie

Annie give nicole a hug. "what a re yo doin today annie?"

"Em.....zilch why?"

"Well geoff's goin up to the farm, do you a fancy a girly day in?"

"yea sounds good!"

"Ok well you can come round to mine at about 4 or ok?"

"Yep, il cya soon!"

"Your great with annie you know!"

"Well, she is goin to be my lil sis after all!"

"I know, but when you first came here, i never thought that'd you'd be like that with her its so great!"

"Well, you also didnt think, you'd end up with me, and already nearly become a father did you?"

"Well, no......but im glad i did!"

"Me too! i dont know where i would be with out you!"

"Right,well im goin to have to get to the farm, martha needs osme things done, il cya later!!"



"Can you be careful and stay away form claudia?"

"Yes, dont worry, babe!"

"Thank you!"

They kissed and departed from each other.

It was four oclock and there was a knock on nicoles door, she opened and found annie standing there smiling at her.

"You like to be on time dont you?"

"Yea, sorry im a very organised person!"

"i gathered that!" nicole laughed

"So do you want to watch a dvd?" nicole asked

"Actually i'd like it if we could just sit and talk"

"Sure, ok what do you want to talk about?"

"Em... the wedding, i know its a long time away probably but, who are you going to have as your bridemaids?"

"I dont really know, il probably have you, belle and ruby"

"Cool, would you have to roman to give you away?"

"Yea, definately he's so good to me, id have to" nicole laughed

"What about colours?" annie asked

"Well, my dress would be white obviously, and i'd like the bridesmaids to be green maybe, or purple"

"Thats good, i like those colour's!"

"Ok, enough of this stuff, how are you and jai going?

"Where goin good, he's lovely, were heading into town tomorrow to go to the cinema.

"Cool. maybe me and geoff can join you guys"

"Yeah , we can make into like a double date!

The two continued to talk, annie continued to ask lots of questions, and nicole continued to answer them.

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