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Asher Dean

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title: Asher Dean

type of story: long fic

genre: drama

rating: A

starring: Asher and local residents of Summer Bay

warnings: language, sexual refrences, violence

spoilers: no


When Finlay and Blake were together in the early years of H&A they had a son (fictional) since then they have split up Asher is now 16 and in Summer Bay visit his gran Irene and cause trouble.


Irene and Annie walked in the back door to see a guy with brown hair wearing a black t shirt and white shorts with a beer in his hand dancing and singing terribly to Bon Jovi.

"Asher" Irene said turning the music down

"Irene, hi" Asher replied after drinking a mouthfull of beer.

"Who the chick?" he asked jumping down from the table

"Asher this is Annie, Annie this is my grandson Asher" Irene introduced them

"Hey sexy" Asher said making a peace sign to Annie

"And he has obviously had way too much to drink, how did you get alcohol anyway your only 16" Irene said

"If you only knew" he replied.

"Does you mum know you're here" Irene asked

"I highly doubt it, she in Peru".

"What about Blake"

"I don't know"

"I'll call him, what's his number"

"He wont answer if he doesn't know your number"

"Why are you here"

"Guess i got along a little too well with my stepmum" he told her

"Can i have a shower. he asked

"Sure go for it"

He took off his t shirt and Irene saw alot of bruises.

"What are they from?" she asked

"Like i said i got along too well with my stepmum" he told as he took his shorts off and winked at Annie then walked in the bathroom wearing just boxers.


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Asher got out of the shower and grabbed walked into the lounge and went through his bags and grabbed some of his clothes.

"Do you have a place to stay" Irene asked him.

"That's why i'm here" he told her

"Well all my rooms are full, then again i guess you share with Geoff"

"Share" he said

"It's that or nothing" Irene replied

"Allright whatever" he said putting his underwear on under his towel

"Where's the girl, and who's Geoff and how my people live here"

"Annie gone to a friend, Geoff is Annie's brother he's around your age you two will get along fine and Annie, Geoff and Belle live with me" Irene answered his questions

"Who's Belle?" he asked

"Forget it she's way out of you league"

"Is that so" he said

"I'm gonna get some sleep i the achohol went straight to my head.

"It'll be worse in the morning trust me"


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