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Miles of trouble

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Josh Quong Tart, plays big-hearted Miles Copeland in the Aussie soap Home And Away, tells TV guide it’s not all sun and surf for Summer Bay’s favourite teacher.

Poor Miles Copeland. How many chances is he going to give bad girl and single mum Kirsty (Kristie Hayes)? After all, the couple did split over her dodgy night-time activities but it seems sugar-hearted Miles is willing to put her bad deeds in the past and rekindle their relationship.

“You read the script and you go, ‘Oh come on’,” chuckles Josh as Miles and Kirsty’s ex-hubby Kane gear up for a tug of war for Kirsty’s affection. “Come on, Miles, grow a backbone,” he advises.

“But I also think it’s the nature of love. I see my friends behaving in hilarious ways as justifying their partner’s behaviour.

“Love is blind and Miles has a soft spot for those who are slightly vulnerable or who don’t have a clear path. I think he finds that quite unique and attractive.”

Miles, former street bum who arrived in Summer Bay looking for his sister Sally Fletcher, knows what it’s like to not feel himself, meaning he has buckets of empathy for Kirsty who just can’t seem to stay on the straight and narrow while Kane serves his time for his part in a robbery.

But it is his release, and subsequent desire to resume where he and Kirsty and young son Ollie left off, that plans throws a spanner in Miles’ plans.

“It’s hard for Miles, especially because there’s a kid involved.

“Miles lost his child in the Boxing Day tsunami and now another one has come back into his life. When Kane comes back into his life he can only stand back and let Kirsty’s heart advise her what she needs to do,” says Josh.

And to add to his problems, Miles is in for more trouble with schoolgirl Melody (Celeste Dodwell) who he has taken under his wing, only for her to continue on her path of self-destruction. As if one lying, cheating woman in your life wasn’t enough eh, Miles?

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