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Quotes 2009

Guest Formerly Known as FKAJ

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  • 4 weeks later...

tonight Donna, (who seems to be a recurring character in here...)

along with almost everything she said tonight.

Donna:"I'm Donna F and my moves are stylin with ian D the beats compiling, he got the crew i got the vital, my next stop, Australian Idol"

Dicko: " can I give you one small piece of advice? Give up. Now.

Donna:"well you just made a big mistake, cause that woulda been a touchdown.

Dicko (to Cab driver): Drive please. anywhere."

Donna:"and you know somethin else? Paulini NEVER looked fat in that dress

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Elle in a wedding dress, as fantasised by Lucas: "What the hell are you looking at :angry:"

Elle: "She's just gone to the bathroom. She's going to make me some Chamomile tea."

Paul: "She's making tea in the bathroom...?"

Elle: "She's multitasking."


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