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The Biggest Loser Australia 2009

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Episode 1: Sunday 1 February 2009:

During the first episode of the Biggest Loser, the 2009 contestants revealed themselves as a united group, determined to change their lives forever.

The contestants knew when they were standing on a beach in Far North Queensland that this series was going to be different. When Ajay told them they boarding a luxury boat, the couples were more than pleased but once on board, the arrival of an ominous envelope ended any illusion of a pleasure cruise.

The couples had to decide which partner would leave the boat to make the rest of the way to the destination in a wooden kayak, rowed by the contestants together. Tania was right in assuming that she, as well as the other contestants who remained on the boat, were not getting the easy way out.

As the other contestants rowed their hearts out on the open seas, with Sammy bravely alternating throwing up with paddling, their partners arrived on Fitzroy Island. The Commando was waiting for them and put them straight to work, doing push ups in the sand.

The reunited couples then endured a difficult hike with their suitcases to the luxury resort where they would stay. They were soon summoned to the “Last Supper” where all their favourite foods were laid out and they were further tempted by the arrival of their favourite dishes.

No one knew where Teresa was going when she walked out but she returned with a bin to throw her meal out and the others followed her lead. When Shannan and Michelle arrived, Shannan said he had never seen a whole group reject the Last Supper as one before. The group’s elation was short-lived, with Ajay revealing that their dreaded first weigh-in would be on the following day.

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Not that keen on the vomit but the commando is hot!

Good on Teresa...I think that's her name,for not eating the food.I do think they could've just left it instead of throwing it out though.There are starving people out there and it was perfectly good food.

I think i'll have to tape Haa because the other ch 7 is noisy for some reason.

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