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Always There

Guest LauraPhilly!!

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Here's my second fan fiction, guys. I hope you like this one as much as you liked my last!!

Story Title: Always there

Type of Story: Medium/ Long Fic

Main characters: Aden, Belle and others

BTTB rating: G/T

Does story include spoilers?: Maybe... out of Aus

Summary: This story is set 16 years later. The twins have grown up and are now attending Summer Bay High School. Aden is a solicitor and Belle is a teacher in Summer Bay High. Belle and Aden now have other responsibilities and problems in life but the one thing that keeps them strong is that their always there for each other.

Chapter 1

16 years later...

"Ed, Else, hurry up or you're going to be late for school", said Belle, shouting up the stairs.

Hearing incoming footsteps, she turned and continued buttering her toast. Aden sat in silence, sipping his tea, watching her. When Belle looked up at him he smiled.

"How could I possibly go to work when the most beautiful woman in the world is standing infront of me?" he asked her, meaningfully.

Belle blushed and came around the counter to kiss him, gently.

"Shouldn't you be heading off to work?" she asked, seriously, wrapping her arms around his neck, her insides screaming at her for telling him to go.

Aden ignored her and leant in and began kissing her, passionately.

"Eww, get a room", said Edward, clearly disgusted, as he walked into the kitchen.

As they pulled apart, Aden winked at Belle, grinning. Edward, however, saw this and threw his Dad a sceptical look. "Dad, please."

"Ignore him," said Elsie, taking the seat beside her father, accepting the glass of orange juice Belle offered her. "He's just jealous because he's never been in that situation."

Edward shot his sister a venomous glare, while the look of triumph appeared on her face. Aden, however, looked at his daughter, confused.

"Passionately in love, Dad," she said, with a 'stating the obvious' tone. "Duh!!"

"Alright you two, eat!" said Belle, determindly, pushing two cereal bowls towards them, containing bran flakes.

"Mum!!!" exclaimed Edward and Elsie, at the same time, clearly horrified as to what they were being offered.

Belle glared at them and they began to eat their cereal, without complaint.

Aden got up from his seat and stacked his empty mug in the dishwasher.

"I'm off to work," he said, taking his jacket off the back of his chair. That Tom O' Connor's case is today and I need to get my papers ready before I go to the court.

"Ok, well, don't forget this," said Belle, offering him a small brown bag containing his lunch.

He smiled at her, lovingly. Ignoring the twins, Belle wrapped her arms around him, tightly, and kissed him passionately. Although Belle and Aden were now older, the passion between them never faded and the extremity of their love had got greater and greater.

Edward glared at his parents embrace before looking down at his cereal bowl, concentrating on his eating. Elsie was completely oblivious to her parents public display of their affection. Instead, she began to have a weird feeling in her stomach that immediatly turned her off eating. Figuring it was just something small, she ignored it and drained the last of her orange juice as her parents drew apart. Grabbing his briefcase, and giving Belle a last quick peck on the cheek, Aden waved bye to the twins and walked out the door.

"Come on, guys, hurry," said Belle, impatiently, to Elsie and Edward. I've got french with Year 9 this morning and I don't think it would be great if I, and you two, were late on our first day back.

Edward and Elsie put their bowls by the sink, grabbed their bags and jackets and followed their Mum out the door.

Hope ya liked it. Let me know if you think I should continue

x x x x x

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Thanks for all the lovely comments. Here's Chapter 2, enjoy!!

Chapter 2

"Oh my God, I'm so happy for you, darling!" said Belle to Aden, on the phone. She was on her lunch break, in the teacher's lounge. "I always believed you when you said your client was innocent! We have to go out this evening, with the kids, and celebrate your success. How about we go to MiiComprendo? We haven't been there in such a long time!!"

She waited while Aden pondered on her idea.

"Alright," he said, happily. "I'll call them now and make a booking for...say...8:30?"

"Great!" said Belle. "I've got to go, I have to supervise a study session. I'll see you back at the house later on, ok."

"Ok, love you," said Aden.

"Love you too," said Belle, before hanging up the phone. Quickly she gathered up her books and headed off to the study hall.


"Oh my God, I can't believe how much homework we're getting this year," complained Edward, leaning against his locker. "I've got to have two pages on the colonisation of Australia written by tomorrow for history, and I've got, like, 3 tests tomorrow too!!"

"What did you expect, mate?!" said his friend Max, struggling to put his books in his locker.

"Why the long face, bro?" asked Elsie, as she passed with her friend, Issy.

"Oh, nothing," said Edward, wearily. "How's your day been?"

"Nothing special," said Elsie. However Edward could tell she was hiding something.

"Oh yeah, sure being elected school captain is nothing," said Issy, the look of surprise on her face.

Elsie smirked, obviously pleased but trying not to show off. "Year 1's are driving me crazy", she said, changing the subject. "They're running around the school, like juniors, playing hide and seek!! It's completely..."

She stopped, wincing and clutching her stomach. Issy put her arm around her. "You alright?" she said, worriedly.

"Yeah, I'm fine," said Elsie, trying to ignore the pain. "Oh, mum passed me in the corridor," she said to Edward, trying to also ignore the look if worry on his face. "She said we're to meet her outside when school's over."

"Isn't it just so cool that your mum's a teacher?!" siad Issy, Max nodding with her in agreement.

Elsie and Edward looked at each other and then shrugged.

"We don't think about it much," said Elsie as the bell rang.

"We'd better go," she said to Issy. "We'll see you lads later," she said, waving bye to the boys.

Edward watched his sister as she walked away, remembering how she winced in pain, a few moments ago. He frowned, worriedly. He and Elsie could always tell when each other was hiding something. It was just a gift they both had, like twin telepathy except different. He hoped she would open up to him later. He hoped that she trusted him enough...


When work was finished, Aden walked quickly back to his car, delighted with his accomplishment that day and looking forward to celebrating that evening with Belle and the kids.

As he walked along, he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. He took it out and put it up to his ear.

"Hello," he said. "She's what?!" he asked, startled. "Hang on, I'm on my way now!"

Any ideas as to what happened??? Let me know!

x x x x x

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Hey! Thanks again for all the great comments, guys. I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoy Chapter 3!!

Chapter 3

"I'm alright, Mum, stop fussing," said Elsie, as Belle tucked her sheets around her more securely.

She shot a glance over at Edward, who was standing in the corner, his arms crossed, looking at her worriedly. She smiled at him, trying to reassure him that she was fine but he didn't seem convinced.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Campbell," said Geoff, walking in, examining a file. As he looked up he spotted Belle by the bed, running her fingers through her hair, trying to stay calm. "Oh, Belle, I had no idea it was your Elsie I was examining. It's good to see you!"

"I would say the same if it were but in these circumstances," she said to him.

Geoff nodded at her, understandingly then turned back to Elsie, who was propping up the pillows behind her head.

"I'm afraid there's really no other way to tell you this Elsie, so I'm just going to say it. I'm sorry, dear, but you have Type 1 Diabetes," he said to her, gravely.

Elsie stared at him, in complete and utter horror. It took her a few minutes to be able to say anything.

"I'm sorry, what?!" she said, in disbelief.

"Well, I'm afraid that's the reason you fainted, hun," said Geoff, sadly. "Your blood sugar level dropped down very low and your body just couldn't take it. You were lucky to get to the hospital so quickly or it could have been worse!"

"Hey, hey, I'm here," said Aden, rushing into the room, out of breath. "You ok?" he said, going over to Elsie and putting his arm around her.

Elsie shook her head and burst into tears. Aden pulled her in closer, rubbing his arms up and down her back reassuringly as she cried into the hollow in his neck.

Aden turned his head to look at Belle, the look of concern and worry plastered across his face.

"Elsie has Diabetes," said Belle, quietly to him.

Aden looked at Geoff in bewilderment. "But, how?" he asked, stunned.

"I'm been feeling really dizzy and weak all day, Dad," said Elsie, pulling away from him, rubbing the tears away from her eyes. "When I fainted outside the school, that was because my blood sugar level dropped down really low."

When Edward saw tears begin to appear again on the edge of her eyes, he went over and sat beside her on the bed, putting a comforting arm around her back. Elsie smiled at him, weakly, then turning back to Aden.

"But I'm going to be alright, Dad," she said, trying to convince him....and herself. "Right, Dr. Campbell."

"Yes, of course," said Geoff, stepping forward, pleased by Elsie's positive attitude. "From now on though, you will have to keep a close eye on your blood sugar levels and before every meal, you will have to take an injection of insulin to prevent your blood sugar level from spiralling out of control. Oh, and also, you will have to reduce your sugar intake."

"Elsie hardly ever eats sweets, anyway," said Edward, speaking at last. "She's more into rabbit food!"

They all laughed and Elsie punched Edward's shoulder playfully, an indication for him to shut up.

While Belle and Edward went out onto the corridor to talk to Geoff, Edward stayed behind to help Elsie unpack her overnight bag that Belle had brought. As they had just discovered her diabetes, the doctors said they'd prefer to keep her in overnight, just to monitor her blood sugar levels and give her the run through of what she'll have to do to control it.

"You had me scared to death before, you know," said Edward, sincerely, pulling her pyjamas out of the bag.

Elsie looked at him, sceptically. "Are you still the same brother that drives me mental at home, takes forever in the bathroom and takes my stuff without asking?"

Edward laughed. "No, I'm serious, sis," he said. "You really did scare me."

Elsie looked at him and smiled, knowing he meant every word.

"Aww, that's sweet of you, Ed," she said. "But you don't have to now, I'm fine."

"I know," he said, grabbing her hand so she would stop fidgeting. "But if you ever need to talk about anything, I'm here. I know I'm no Mum or Dad or anything but I am your brother so I want you to know that I'm there for you."

Elsie looked at him lovingly before leaning in and putting her arms around his back, hugging him tightly. "Thanks, bro, it's good to know I have you."

"And you always will," he said, as she pulled away.

They smiled at each other, just as Belle and Aden entered the room.

"You ready to go, darling?" Belle asked Edward. Edward looked at Elsie. She smiled at him reassuringly. He turned back to his parents and nodded.

He stood and waited at the door while Belle and Aden hugged and kissed Elsie goodbye, promising that they would be back to see her later. Elsie looked at Edward, wondering if he would come to. She didn't have to ask, Edward knew what she meant. He nodded at her and then winked. She smiled, happily.

And even after they left, the smile stayed on her face. Today she had discovered something that had very much changed her life but she knew that she would be alright, she had her family. She had her Mum. She had her Dad. And she had Edward.

Hope ya liked it. When I was thinking up this chapter a few days ago, I had no idea that another fan fiction also had a child with diabetes in it. I never want it to appear that I stole the idea or anything, it was just a coincidence that I wrote about diabetes as well.


x x x x x

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Here's chapter 4. Enjoy!

Chapter 3

"Hey, oh my God, Edward! What are you doing here?" asked Elsie, yanking her earphones out as she saw her brother walk into her room.

"I just thought I'd come to see you before I went to school", he said, sitting down at the edge of her bed. "How you feeling? Hospital food giving you nauseau yet?"

Elsie laughed. "No, surprisingly not. Dr. Campbells makin sure I don't eat too much of anything, at the moment, so I haven't had a chance to complain",she said. "He's also getting Mum and Dad to come in later so he can talk to them about my diabetes."

Her voice cracked on the last word and tears began to appear at the edge of her eyes. Edward went up and sat beside her, wrapping his arm around her and squeezing her, tightly.

"Hey, your going to be fine, ok." he told her, reassuringly.

"Yeah, I know", she said, refusing to meet his eyes. "It's just a lot to take in that's all."

She sighed heavily, trying to relieve some of the stress she could feel building up inside of her. To make her feel more comfortable, Edward joined in. To anyone who would have come in, it would have looked rather funny but Edward was willing to try anything that would make Elsie feel better. And when they were done, he found that he felt surprisingly relaxed!

"I better head off", said Edward, getting up from the bed and picking up his bag. Elsie frowned sadly, she hated not having anyone to talk to. Her sad face caught Edward's eye.

"Hey, if I hear your still in here at lunch time, I'll come visit you, I promise", he said, earnestly. "I can even bring Issy and Max with me if you want".

Elsie shook her head sadly. "Only family's allowed down this ward at the moment", she said.

Edward looked at her, confused. "Why?" he asked her.

Elsie shrugged. "Vomiting bug, I think."

This made Edward uneasy. "Make sure you don't catch it."

Elsie laughed and then smiled at him. As he headed for the door, she said, "Say hi to Issy and Max for me and tell them I can't wait to get out of here and see them."

Edward chuckled.

"What?" asked Elsie, when she saw him.

"Oh nothing", he said, trying to hide his laugh. "It's just, you'd think you were stuck on some remote, deserted island the way your talking!"

After she threatened to throw a pillow at him, Edward left the room quickly, laughing to himself as he went along.


"Edward, hey, how's Elsie?" asked Issy, stopping when she saw him at his locker.

"Oh, she was much better when I saw her this morning", he said. "She said to say 'Hi'".

Issy smiled. "Aww, that's nice of her. Would I be able to go see her this afternoon?" she asked.

"I don't think so, sorry", said Edward, struggling to get his books out of his locker. "When I was talking to her this morning she mentioned that only family was allowed down the ward. Something about a vomiting bug".

Issy sighed, disappointed. Edward turned around just in time to notice her sad face.

"Don't worry, Is", he said, reassuringly. "I spoke to my Mum a few minutes ago and Elsie is coming out of hospital this afternoon. How about you and Max come for dinner in our place this evening? Word down the corridor's is that you are now a couple!"

Issy blushed. "Yeah, we kind of are", she said, a small smile creeping up her face. "It's nice. Thanks for the invite, you sure your Mum won't mind?"

"Nah, she won't mind in the slightest", said Edward, confidently. "I'll give her a ring in a few minutes and let her know. You two be at our place for around six?"

"Sounds great!" said Issy, beaming. "We'll be there".

And with that, she skipped off down the corridor. Edward watched her long enough to see Max meet her half way and taking her hand. He smiled at them, then turned around and headed off to class.


"Here we are, darling", said Belle to Elsie, as she reversed the car into the driveway. "Home sweet home".

Elsie smiled at her words as she looked up at their yellow painted, rather large, detached house. No matter how many houses she would live in, in her life, Elsie knew that not one of them would mean as much to her as this one did. There was just a feeling she got everytime she walked in the door. The feeling of relief, of comfort and warmth and the feeling of being home. Nothing, except her feelings for her family, could compare to her feelings for her home.

Whe she got in the door, the first thing she noticed was her Dad sitting at the dinner table reading the paper. He looked up.

"Hey guys!" he said, taking off his reading glasses and putting them back in their box, carefully.

"Glad to be home, Else?" he said, getting up, going over and hugging her, tightly. Elsie melted into her Dad's chest. She could tell why her Mum loved her Dad's hugs so much. The sense of security and protection she felt from having her Dad's arms around her, was unlike any other. Sometimes, she never really wanted to let go.

"Am I ever!!" she said, as her Dad pulled away, grinning at her response. "What's for dinner, Mum, I'm starving?"

Belle looked over at Aden, nervously. This was their first day having to properly adjust to Elsie's diabetes. Although both Aden and Belle had been to the hospital and spoken to Geoff, they were still unsure of what to do, afraid of doing something wrong.

Elsie looked at her parent's faces. It took her a few minutes to understand just what they were conveying.

"It's ok", she said, sighing. "You guys eat whatever, I'll just make something off the list that Dr. Campbell gave me".

She went over to the counter and slowly pulled an A4 page out of her schoolbag. She examined it, carefully.

"Mum, do we have spagetti in the house?" she asked.

"No, darling", said Belle, going over to her daughter, putting her hand on her shoulders. "You can eat what we're eating, you'll just have to adjust your insulin intake for tonight, ok."

Elsie looked at her Mother, doubtingly. Belle saw this and pulled her daughter into a hug, which Elsie gratefully accepted.

I have to stop worrying, she told herself. Otherwise, that's all I'll end up doing.

"Oh also", said Belle, pulling out of their hug. "Issy and Max were keen to see how you were so Edward invited them to dinner".

Elsie beamed, making a mental note to thank her brother later. He does so much for me, Elsie thought. I really don't deserve him at all. I must make it up to him somehow.

Waking up from her own thoughts, Elsie headed off to the kitchen to help her Mother with the dinner.

That had to be one of my longest chapter ever!! Hope you liked it! :D

x x x x x

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Hey! Here's chapter 5!! Enjoy!!

Chapter 5

He leaned down to her as she wound her arms around his neck. They heard the bell ring in the distance, but their lips never parted. He slipped his tongue in and out of her mouth as she pulled his body closer to hers. Tightening his arms around her waist, he moved to kissing her neck.

"Ed, stop", said the girl, before letting out a small moan.

He stopped and looked up at her. "You know you want me to continue".

She grinned, leaning in and kissing him passionately. But this time he pulled back.

"Come on", he said. "We better head off to class before the teacher sends out a search party".

She pouted at him and he laughed.

"Later", he said, taking her hand and kissing it, gently.

She smiled and quickly hugged him. Leading her to the door, Edward peaked out, checking to make sure no one was patrolling the corridors. Once he saw that the coast was clear, he winked at the furiously blushing girl before heading off to class.


"Oh my God, Issy!!" screamed Elsie, running up to her friend and hugging her tightly. "I've missed you so much! I hope I didn't worry you too much yesterday!"

Issy raised one eyebrow at her. "That's an understatment!"

Elsie laughed but then she stopped sudddenly, realising that Issy and Max were holding hands. "Oh my God, you two are not serious?!"

Issy and Max looked at one another and then blushed. Elsie began jumping on the spot, clearly overjoyed for the pair of them. She had so much she wanted to ask them.

Then as Edward walked in the door, Issy gasped and leant in and whispered something to Elsie. She gasped. "He did not! When did this happen?"

Issy leant in again and whispered to her. Elsie couldn't believe what she was hearing. "And your one hundred per cent sure it was Edward".

Issy nodded, grinning at her.

I have to find hear this from the horses mouth, thought Elsie, and with that she grabbed Edward's hand and pulled him into the other room.

"Hey, watch it, sis", he said, laughing. "Do you want to pull my arm out of it's socket?!"

Elsie turned to face him. "Eh, hello, when were you planning on telling me you were with someone?!"

Edward's heart sank. She knows, he thought to himself. "Issy". he said, allowed, realising who would have told her.

Elsie nodded. "I would have appreciated hearing it from you", she said, irritated. "But, noooo, I had to find it out from someone else".

She crossed her arms, clearly not impressed with him

Edward sighed. "Else, what's the big deal?" he asked, confused as to why she was making such a fuss. "It's not like we're dating or anything".

"That's not the...." she began.

Then, suddenly, Elsie went a deadly pale. Collapsing on the floor, she began to twitch. Edward crouched down to her side, immediatly, shaking her. "Else, Else," he cried. "Else wake up, please! Mum!! Dad!! I need help in here!"

Within a matter of seconds, Aden and Belle were in the room.

"Oh my God", cried Belle, slapping her hands to either side of her face. Aden however, immediatly began to take action.

"Belle", he said, without looking at her. "Go call an ambulance, NOW!! Edward go grab the small orange-looking pen on the window sill, please."

Edward and Belle ran out to the kitchen, Belle grabbing her phone, calling 991.

"Edward, Edward, is Elsie ok?" asked Issy, frantically.

Not having time to answer her, Edward ran back into the room, the small orange pen clutched in his sweaty hands.

Handing the pen to Aden, quickly, he kneeled down beside his sister, trying to stop her body was twitching.

"Hold her arm still, son" cried Aden, taking the lid of the pen to reveal a small needle.

Holding her arm as steady as he could, Edward watched as his father gave Elsie the injection. Her body twitched once more and then stopped, lying still on the floor.

The paramedics were at the house within seconds, and a few minutes later Aden, Edward, Issy and Max were heading to the hospital; Belle was with Elsie in the ambulance.

For what seemed like forever, Belle, Aden and the others waited to hear news about Elsie. Every few minutes, Edward would get up and begin pacing the corridor, unable to sit still. He paced and sat and paced again, the waiting killing him.

Eventually he sat down, unable to get up again. Max went over and sat beside him.

"She was right there, Max", Edward murmered. "I had her in my arms and I did nothing".

"Mate, you were in shock", said Max, trying to reassure him, not knowing if it was working or not.

Edward shook his head just as Geoff came out onto the corridor, closing the door carefully behind him. Belle and Aden jumped up, as did Edward, walking over to him.

"Geoff, is she ok?" Belle asked, clutching Aden's arm for support.

Geoff looked into her eyes, which were now swollen and bloodshot from crying.

"Belle, Aden, I'm so sorry..." he began, but Edward was unable to hear anymore because at that moment Belle screamed and callapsed into Aden's arms. He put his arms around her, best he could, but she seemed uncontrollably.

Edward knew it was bad news from the moment he's seen Geoff's face, but that hadn't stopped him from hoping it wasn't true. He had lost the one person in his life that meant more to him than anyone else. He felt his body begin to shake, his insides were crying, wishing all this was just a dream, however the tears that he thought were there never seemed to surface.

His body and mind were now in shock. His soul was lost. He was now only a half. He had lost his second half. He had lost....Elsie.

"Elsie, Elsie", he began murmuring as if calling out to her.


Sorry for killing off Elsie, I didn't really want to but...

Anyways, hope you like the chapter,

let me know what you thought

x x x x

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I see that you were all shocked by me killing off Elsie...sorry!!

Edward's 'girlfriend'...well, she won't come up for a few chapters unfortunately!


Chapter 6

"Son",said Aden, putting his hand on Edward's shoulder, shaking it roughly.

Edward looked up at his father's face, shocked to see what lay there. Aden's face was pale, the brightness all but gone from his eyes, instead there lay a sadness that Edward had never seen before.

"Dr. Campbell was wondering if we would like to see...Elsie...before they brought her to the morgue", said Aden, his voice cracking on the last word.

Edward nodded, not uttering a single word. His thoughts though were buzzing. See Elsie, see Elsie, was all he had heard his father say. He had surprised himself when he felt his head nod. Did he really want to see Elsie?

While this battle in Edward's head was going on, Aden was trying to calm Belle down as best he could. Edward's heart broke as he saw his mother crying and wailing. Her face, completely drained of all happiness, was now completely unrecognisable. She was clutching on to Aden tightly, her legs barely able to support her. Aden put both her arms around her, supporting her weight. He motioned to Edward to follow them and he did, afraid of what he would find.

His head went completely blank when he saw Elsie lying on the bed. If she had not been ghostly pale, it would have looked as if she had been merely asleep. With her eyes closed and her expression blank, she looked so peaceful. Any moment, Edward felt as if she was going to jump up and burst out laughing at their panic stricken faces. Haha, you fell for it, he imagined her saying. But as Edward looked at his beloved sister lying still on the bed, he knew that only in his dreams would that ever happen.

Belle went over and put her hands on either side of Elsie's face. She seemed lost for words as she stared at her daughters cold, still face. Edward didn't even what to contemplate what was going through her mind. Aden went over and took his daughter's hand, shuddering slightly at her cold touch but not retreating. He stood there, rubbing circles round her hand. His face was blank. Edward had no idea what he was thinking. Secretly, he didn't want to know.

Edward felt his body move and go over to stand on the other side of his sister's bed. His mind was certainly not making his body's decision's at the moment. He body seemed to have a mind of it's own. Edward stared down at his sister's face. He had never seen it so still before. He lifted his hand and rubbed one of his fingers down her smooth, cold, liife-less cheek. He bent down and kissed her forehead lightly. Belle burst into tears again and collapsed into Aden's arms. Looking up at Edward, Aden motioned to him for them to leave. Edward shook his head, sitting down in the chair beside the bed. Realsing what his son meant, Aden turned and guided Belle out the door, her tears soaking into his already wet shirt.

Edward took Elsie's hands and caresssed them, lovingly. He had a thousand things he wanted to say, he just didn't know how to say them.

"I'm so sorry Else", he finally blurted out, letting the tears that he had held back for so long, flow down his face. He buried his face in her hands, unable to look at her face, the stillness and coldness of it broke his heart even more.

"This is all my fault", he said, lifting his head, focusing on her hands. "If I had just called for help sooner, none of this would have happened".

The tears he had tried to hide kept flowing down his face and chin, finally absorbing into his shirt.

"If I had just been a better brother..." he began unable to continue as he burst into tears. Letting his face fall into his sister's head, he cried and cried. Never had Edward cried so much in his entire life. For what seemed hours, he sat there and wept his heart out. It wasn't until he felt his mother's warm, but shaky, hands come to rest themselves on his shoulders did her stop. He looked up at her and burst into tears again. Belle put her arms around him and pulled him tightly into a hug, her eyes resting on her silent daughter.

When the tears finally stopped, Edward got up and kissed Elsie on the forehead, before turning around to his mother. Belle put a comforting arm around him and they walked out together, not looking back once.


Life for Belle, Aden and Edward was never that same after that every eventful afternoon. From the moment they arrived home, Edward went up and shut himself in his room, with Belle following soon after, leaving Aden to sit around and deal with his thoughts.

Sitting down in the chair closest to him, he put his head in his hands. He still couldn't get his head around what happened, he still couldn't believe that Elsie was gone. He just wanted to shut his eyes so that when he opened them, that everlasting nightmare would end. However he had tried that when he and Belle discovered she had cancer all those many years ago and it had not worked.

He heard a bedroom door open upstairs and Belle came down the stairs, carrying a small book in her arms.

"What's that?" he asked her softly, putting his arm around her as she cameto sit beside him on the sofa.

"It's the Edward and Elsie's baby book", she said, touching the cover of the book lightly with her fingertips. "That's what I went up to look for, I'm sorry for leaving you on your own".

Aden waved down her apology as Belle opened the book at the first page.

"Welcome to the world", she read quietly. "Elsie and Edward Jefferies".

Turning the page, Aden smiled as he saw the ultrasound picture that he and Belle had got from Rachel at Belle's first ultrasound, all those years ago.

"Remember, we didn't know we were expecting twins then", Belle reminded him, snuggling down into his chest. "They were so tiny".

Aden nodded, remembering that very special day. "As far as I can remember, it wasn't 'til the fourth or fifth ultrasound that Rachel told us you were expecting two babies. You thought she was joking remember!"

Belle nodded, sadly, turning the page. She gasped as she saw the very first picture of Elsie and Edward after that they had been born.

"Look how tiny they were", she said, taking Aden's hand. He rubbed at her hand gently.

"And beautiful", he added. "Just like you".

Belle smiled at him lovingly, turning back to the book and continuing through it.

Belle and Aden, however, were completely oblivious to the fact that Edward was sitting up on the landing floor, listening to their every word. It was until he sniffed that they realised that he was there. Handing the book to Aden, Belle got up and climbed halfway up the stairs. Looking up to see her son, she smiled sadly and held out her hand. He took it, reluctantly and followed her back down the stairs and towards the living room. Belle sat him down beside Aden, then taking her place beside Edward, she put the book on his lap and began pointing out the different pictures of him and Elsie.

Edward's heart felt less and less heavy as he and his parents looked through his and Elsie's baby book. He knew it would take him a long time to become adjusted to being an only child but he knew that time would help him with that. He also knew that he had two of the best parents ever and that they would be there for him always. And he also knew that he had the most amazing sister looking down on him, keeping him safe from harm's way.

A smile crept slowly across his face. Although he couldn't see her, he could feel for definate that Elsie was there, right there, right now. Always there, forever and forever.

Hope you liked it

Let me know what you thought and etc.

x x x x

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Thanks for all your fantastic and touching comments on Chapter 6

I really put a lot of effort into that chapter so I'm glad you liked it!

This is just a fill in chapter. The funeral doesn't happen until Chapter 8

Hope you enjoy the chapter anyway!!

Chapter 7

The days after Elsie's death were just a blur to Edward. When the day of the funeral came, he even doubted that he would be able to attend. The emotional pain of saying goodbye to his sister forever was too great.

Edward struggled with the simplest of things that day; getting out of bed, dressing himself. It was as if he were a child again, unable to do anything. As he sat on his bed, trying to put on tie, his seven year old cousin Hannah, Geoff and Nicole's daughter, peeped her head around the door.

Edward looked up at her and noticed that she had been crying. Stretching our his hand to her, he smiled invitingly. She took it, nervously, and went over and sat in his lap, burying her face in his chest, tears falling silently down her face. Edward stroked her hair, reassuring her. Hannah and Elsie had been very close and of all Edward's cousins, she was taking Elsie's death the hardest.

"Stay with me today, please", whispered Hannah, clutching Edward's arm, tightly.

Edward nodded and he felt her relax.

They sat there, together, until Nicole came in to get them. As Edward and Hannah stood up, Nicole saw her daughter's tear - stained face, her blood shot eyes and her sad demenour. She opened her arms for Hannah to come to her but Hannah stayed, clutching on to Edward's arm tighter.

Edward shot an apologetic look at Nicole but she waved it down.

Bending down to Hannah's level, Edward picked her up, wrapping his arms around her, tightly. She nestled herself into his chest, clinging on to his neck, afraid he'd let her go. Edward chuckled, slightly, and followed his Aunt out the door. He knew he would have to be strong, strong for Hannah, strong for his parents.

As he passed Elsie's room, he noticed that her door was open ajar. Finding this odd, he opened it a crack more and peeked inside. There, he saw Belle lying curled up on Elsie's bed, her face red from crying, and clutching a photo frame. Edward walked a little bit into the room, trying to see what picture the frame contained. This was not easy as Hannah was now asleep in his arms so he haf to be careful not to wake her either. Tiptoeing towards the bed, he stopped, examining the picture. It was a picture of the four of them; himself, Belle, Aden and...Elsie, at Geoff and Nicole's wedding, a good six/ seven years ago, remembered Edward. He looked at the smiling faces of the people in the picture and smiled. To have Elsie back, he thought. God, I'd do anything.

Carefully, walking out the door and closing it behind him, Edward headed towards the stairs, carefully shifting Hannah's weight to his other arm. Walking into the living room, Edward noticed that pretty much everyone, except his younger cousins, were wearing black. They all looked up as he entered the room, smiling sadly as he passed them.

After confiding in his father that Belle was up in Elsie's room, he went over to join his Aunt and Uncle.

"This one dozed off pretty quickly," said Edward, referring to Hannah.

Geoff smiled at his daughter sadly, who was now sucking her thumb.

"She hasn't had much sleep lately, the poor thing", he said, running his fingers through his hair. "To be honest, none of us have".

"How are you holding up, dear?" asked Nicole, noticing the Edward's weary, less lively disposition. He worried at the dark shadows under his eyes, the paleness of his skin. He looked so undernourished.

"Eh, alright, I guess", he said. "The hardest part is not having her around anymore. I miss not having to shout at her to turn down her music, or to not spend all morning in the bathroom. The house is so different, so quiet, without her around".

Geoff and Nicole nodded sadly. They looked up when they saw Belle walking her way down the stairs, her weight being supported by Aden. Carefully handing Hannah over to her mother, Edward went over to his Mum and hugged her tightly. She put her arms around him and squeezed him gently, breathing in deeply through her nostrils.

Pulling out slightly, she put both her hands on either side of his face, she whispered "I am so proud of you".

Putting his hands on hers, Edward nodded slowly, tears appearing at the edge of his eyes. "I love you so much Mum", he said, croakily.

She smiled at him and hugged him tightly, a fresh flow of tears cascading down her face.

Behind them, Hannah was beginning to stir. She panicked when she noticed Edward wasn't there.

"Mummy, mummy, where's Edward?" she cried.

"He's with Aunty Belle", said Nicole, soothingly to her daughter.

When Edward saw tears begin to fall from her eyes, he rushed over, lifting her out of her mother's arm, he hugged her tightly against his chest.

"Hey, shh", he said, reassuringly. "It's ok, I'm here."

She put her small, wet, shaking hands on his cheeks, "You said you'd stay with me", said Hannah, in between crying. "You promised".

"Shh", said Edward, stroking her hair. "I'm here now, ok".

She buried her face in his neck, her tears finally stopping. After whispering softly to her for a few minutes, Edward felt her doze off to sleep again. Whe he offered her back to Nicole, she shook her head.

"She wants to be with you today", she said, looking at her sleeping daughter. "I say we keep it that way".

Geoff nodded, approving his wives words. Edward nodded to them, understandingly. He looked over at his parents, who were watching him fondly. Belle smiled at him and walked over, Aden following her.

"You'll make a great father one day", she said to Edward, confidently.

Aden nodded, putting his arm around Belle's shoulder. "Elsie was lucky to have a brother like you, son", he said. "Don't ever forget that."

Edward smiled at them. Looking down at his cousin, sleeping peacefully in his arms, he smiled again. He could feel Elsie standing right beside him at that very moment. Whether she be in front of him or behind him, he could most certainly feel her presence. She would help him get through today. She would help him get through the rest of his life,....and beyond.

Hope ya liked it!!

Thanks again for all your lovely comments!!

x x x x

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Thanks for all your amazing comments on the last chapter

the support is really fantastic, im so grateful for it all!!


Chapter 8

Edward's body went into complete shock when he saw how many people had turned up for Elsie's funeral. The church was so packed that some people had to stand. His teachers, friends, neighbours were all there. The entire town must be here, he thought.

His whole year from school had also turned up to support him too. They were sitting in the sixth row, all wearing their uniforms, their faces a picture of sadness. They all waved and smiled at him, supportively, as he passed them.

Taking their place in the front row, Belle, Aden and Edward waited patiently for the last few people to take their seats. Hannah went over and sat herself on on Edward's lap, snuggling into his warm chest. Edward, however, didn't notice this at all. His whole mind was fixated on his Elsie's coffin which had been placed in front of the alter. He found it hard to believe that his sister's cold, dead body in there. A shiver ran up his spine, as he thought about it.

He gasped suddenly as he felt a cold breeze hit his body. "Elsie", he murmered. Belle took his hand. "Darling, are you alright?" she asked him, anxiously.

Edward nodded, not looking at her. He knew Elsie was there, watching everything. He smiled, wondering if she was as surprised by the turn out as he had been. He closed his eyes and felt someone put their hand on his leg. He opened them quickly but saw no one. He closed his eyes again, realising that it had been Elsie. Her presence comforted him. The feel of her hand on his leg reassured him.

A bell rang and they all stood up as the priest entered. As he performed the sign of the cross, they all took their seats again. At this point Edward zoned out completely. He had just discovered something amazing, something wonderful, something that words couldn't describe.

"Hey Ed", he heard his sister say in his head. "Big turn out isn't it?"

Edward suppressed a laugh. How is this happening? he thought.

"It just is, I guess", replied Elsie. Edward imagined her smiling.

I'm so sorry, Else, he thought, sadly.

"Don't be", she said, gently. "It's not your fault things turned out the way they did".

As a few tears began to appear in Edward's eyes, he brushed them away quickly. He had never been so happy to hear his sister's voice. Seeing his tears, Belle squeezed his hand, comfortingly.

Elsie and Edward continued talking throughout the entire mass. They talked to each other about the most random things. They remembered moments from their childhood that made Edward want to laugh, but he had to hold it back. For the first time since his sister's death, Edward felt genuinely happy, less stressed out and himself again.

"This won't last forever, Ed", said Elsie, sadly.

What, the pain? he thought.

"No", she corrected him. "This method of communication".

How come? thought Edward, his heart breaking inside him once again. Saying goodbye to Elsie once was bad enough. Doing it again for good would be even worse

"I don't know", she replied.

Silence fell between them, piercing what was left of Edward's unbroken heart. The silence was even more painful than not having Elsie around. Edward had to break it.

How much longer do we have? he thought.

He heard Elsie sigh. "Until the end of the mass", she murmered.

Edward felt her lean her head against his shoulder.

I miss you so much, Else, he thought, letting the tears, he had tried to hold back, fall down his face.

"I miss you to, Ed", she whispered. "More now than ever".

The church bell rang, signalling the end of mass. Edward gasped. His time with Elsie was over so soon. He heard her sigh heavily beside him.

"Goodbye Edward", she said, lifting her head from his shoulder. "I'll miss you forever, and don't worry, I'll always be watching over you".

Edward felt the same cold breeze hit him again and then Elsie was gone. He sat there, looking at the spot where she had disappeared. He knew this time she was really gone. He rubbed his shoulder, absentmindly, the spot where she had layed her head now cold.

Hannah, who had been sleeping quietly in Edward's arms, awoke all of a sudden, pulling him of of his thoughts. She put her hands up to his face and touched his cheeks, trying to read his emotions. He just smiled at her, and she smiled back. Handing her over to Nicole, Edward went over to where his father and uncles stood, to help them carry Elsie's coffin out to the hearse.

As they walked down the aisle, Edward smiled. Although he couldn't hear her, see her or feel her, he knew that Elsie was watching over them. Watching over her friends, watching over her family, watching over him. Just liked she had promised.

Thanks for reading!!

x x x x

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Thanks again for all your responses on Chapter 8

Here's Chapter 9, enjoy!!

Chapter 9


"I'm just so worried about him doctor", said Belle, trying to hold back tears. "Ever since his sister's death, he's just taken a downward spiral. What with all the drinking, drug taking and getting picked up by the cops, I barely recognise him as my son anymore".

Aden put his arm on her shoulder, rubbing it soothingly. He too was just as worried about Edward as Belle was. They had tried nearly everything they could think of, finally resorting to getting Edward professional, psychiatrict help, but still Aden wondered if this was really the kind of help his son needed.

The doctor observed the faces of the two worried people in front of him. "How long has it been since your daughter's death?"

"Three months, last Monday", said Belle, without having to think about it. Everyday since Elsie's death had been torture for Belle, even more so as she saw her son disappear in front of her eyes, becoming less like himself as each day passed.

After writing what Belle said in his notes, the doctor lolked up again. "Mr and Mrs Jefferies, from what you have been telling me, it is likely that your son is suffering from post traumatic stress and most likely depression".

Belle gasped in shock. She never realised it was that bad. "Will she be able to help him?" she asked, anxiously.

"I will do what I can to help your son, don't worry about that", said the doctor, smiling at them reasuringly. "Is he here?"

Belle gulped, nervously. "He was out sitting in the reception area before we came in", she said. "But's he's being so difficult lately, he might have just walked off".

The doctor nodded, understandingly. "Well if he is out there send him in, if not just make an appointment with my receptionist for next month".

"Thank you so much, Dr Sullivan", said Aden, shaking her hand. She smiled at them.

Walking out to the reception area, Belle and Aden noticed immediatly that Edward was gone. Sighing heavily, they turned to the receptionist, making the date of the next apppointment for the next month.


"Where've you been?" asked Alan, the tone of accusation in his voice.

Edward shrugged. "Some mental hospital I think", he said, accepting the bottle of booze from Alan. "Me parents think I'm a nutcase".

Alan laughed, draining his bottle and throwing it over into the pile beside him.

"We're low", he said, realising that was his last bottle. "We'll just have raid another shop tonight, I guess. You up for it, mate?"

Edward nodded. "I'm so bored. I was hoping we'd have a bit of action soon!"

"We'll have to do it quickly though", said Alan. "I promised Alice I'd shag her tonight. She'd kill me if I pulled out now".

"That's cool", said Edward. "Me and Jenny are gonna do it tonight, if ya get my drift. She finally asked me earlier on today".

"'Bout time mate", said Alan, exasperately. "I thought she was never gonna ask you. What does that bring your number up to now?"

"Six this week, mate", said Edward, impressively, punching the air in sastifaction.

"Nice", said Alan, grinning at him.

Edward smiled, leaning back into the reasonably comfortable chair. After a few minutes, he realised that Alan had dozed off. Whether he was asleep or unconscious from all the grog ge drunk, Edward didn't know, and to be honest, he didn't care.

As he sat alone in the quietness, he could feel Elsie's presence. Trying to convince himself he was just imagining things, Edward got up and walked out of the broken down caravan.

As he walked down the road, he still felt as if someone was following him. Turning around, he saw no one. He growled angrily.

"ELSIE, STOP FOLLOWING ME!!!" he shouted into the dark skies above him.

After he was positive that Elsie was gone, he continued on walking. He knew why she was following him. She had promised him she would watch over him. Except, as of recently, he felt her presence more often. He knew that she was not impressed in what he was doing. He knew that he was disappointing her, letting her down. Letting himself down.

Thanks for reading

x x x x

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Thanks for all your comments on the last chapter

Hope you enjoy chapter 10!!

Chapter 10

"Now Edward", said Dr Sullivan politely, folding her hands and resting them on her desk.

Edward ignored her, staring straight out the window, his arms crossed and his jaw set.

"Edward, I doubt you want to be here all day", said the doctor, reading his expression. "So the sooner you talk to me, the sooner you get to go home".

He sighed, unfolding his arms, looking nervously into her eyes. She smiled at him.

"Now, your parents have brought you hear today..."


"Edward, shouting at me is not going to help anyone", said the doctor, calmly. "Especially my hearing!" Edward glared at her.

"I understand your sister died a few months ago", she said, noticing him wince slightly. "That must have been very hard".

"It still is", said Edward, quietly. The doctor nodded, understandingly, encouraging him to continue.

Edward breathed out gently. "I dunno really, I just began to feel worse and worse, more depressed with each day that passed", he said. "Then when my friends started drifting away from me, I just dropped out of school. No doubt my parents told you the rest".

Dr Sullivan nodded. "They mentioned you had been taking drugs".

She saw anger flare up in his face but it quickly disappeared. "Just once or twice", he said, awkwardly. "They knocked me out for a while you see so I can't really remember".

Whe the doctor finished taking down her notes, she looked back up at Edward. "What if I was to tell you that you had post - traumatic stress?"

Edward merely looked at her. "I'm not surprised to be honest",

Dr Sullivan raised an eyebrow at him. "This is not something to be taken lightly, Edward", she said, seriously. "I'm going to perscribe you some tablets..."

Edward laughed. "As if I going to take some stupid tablets!" He walked towards the door. "I'm doing just fine without them".

"Edward, I can't help you unless you let me", the doctor said as Edward opened the door.

Ignoring her, he walked out, slamming the door behind him.


The violent slamming of the front door, told Belle that Edward was home. He stormed into the kitchen, completely ignoring her. She watched as he went to open the fridge, taking a bottle of water from it.

As he turned to leave, he stopped suddenly and looked at Belle. Her heart broke as she saw the agony and pain that was clear in his face.

"Mum", he said, quietly.

Belle gasped at the sound of his voice. She had not heard it in so long, it was now unfamiliar to her. She watched her son clutch his chest, gasping for air, before collapsing into a heap on the floor.


Edward gasped as he saw the bright, yellow light stretching out in front of him.

He tried to reach out to it but his arms seemed stuck at the side of his body. Then he heard her.

"You aren't ready to join me yet brother..."


"Charge to 270", said Geoff.

"Clear", he said as he pressed down the electrodes on Edward's chest. His back arched with the shock and then fell.

"Still no change", said the nurse, reading the monitor beside her.

"Ok, I want another milogram of adrenaline, charge to 360", ordered Geoff.

"He's been down for too long!" protested the nurse.

"Move it", yelled Geoff, making all the nurses around him jump.

"Clear", he shouted. Edward's back arched once more and then fell, landing on the table with a quiet thud.

"Ok, we've got a rhythm", said the nurse.


"What if he doesn't wake up?" said Belle, as she paced up and down the corridor.

Aden got up and put his arms around her, reassuringly. "Don't think about that, love", he said, rubbing her back, soothingly.

"I can't lose him too, Aden", she said to him. "I just can't".

Aden pulled her tightly into hug. He let her go as Geoff walked onto the corridor.

"Edward made it through and he's in recovery now", he said.

"What happened?" asked Belle, tearily.

"From what the tests show, it seems he had a high level of heroin in his bloodstream". Belle gasped. "Due to this", continued Geoff. "Edward arrested on the table".

Belle's mouth fell open and she began falling backwards, Aden catching her before she hit the ground.

"Now we managed to stabilise him, but he's in a very critical condition", said Geoff. "The next few hours will be crucial for him. He's stil asleep but you may go in and see him if you want".

As they walked into the room, they saw Edward sleeping peacefully, his chest rising up and down; his heart rate steady. They saw his eyes flutter and then open slightly.

"Mum, Dad", he struggled to say, reaching his arm out to them.

Belle rushed over and took it, sitting down in the chair beside his bed. "Shh, it's ok, darling", she said, reassuringly. "We're both here".

"I'm sorry", Edward mumured, his eyes closed.

"It's ok", said Belle, rubbing his cheek with the back of her hand. "Go back to sleep".

Edward breathed in deeply, filling his battered lungs with pure, clean oxygen. Then as he felt his mother's hand massaging the palm of his, he drifted off to sleep.

Thanks for reading

x x x x

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