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I like playing Literati but I've lost contact with all the people I used to play with, and my last remaining Literati companion can't get it to load on his computer anymore. He suggested that I attempt to play with random strangers, which I've done before, and while I've found it a little sterile, it does the job. However, I just entered a cat-cage of bad manners in the "Fuzzy Warm Feelings" lounge, where a couple of "people" are using the PUBLIC message board to have an apparently private discussion, even though they could easily have a private discussion if they sat at a table. I have no problem with this, if that's what they want to do, but when I get told "the room will get a lot warmer once you leave" and "good riddance," well, it just brings out the bitch in me. So, I'm putting a call out. Anyone who has access to Yahoo Games Literati, please go to the so-called Fuzzy Warm Feelings lounge and just start talking about inane garbage - or if you like, why not have a nice long, in-depth chat about H&A? Why not debate who's the better couple, Adelle or J&M? Or just tell us what your cat's breath smells like - is it catfood :o!? I'm just looking to knock those little skanks down a peg. Who's with me!?


Oh, and if anyone actually wants to play a round of Literati, let me know and I'll create a table :P

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