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A Butterfly Child

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Story title: A Butterfly Child

Type of story: Short Fic

Main Characters: Aden & Belle plus others.

Genre: some Comedy, some Drama

BttB Rating: G/T

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Warnings: mild sexual references

Is story being proof read: No

Summary: Aden kidnapped Belle and Rachel now he must face the consequences of his actions. Meanwhile, Belle is pregnant and love is blossoming with Angelo, while Aden is in the psychiatric clinic. Belle child is born and develops diabetes, butterfly is the logo for Diabetes Australia hence the name The Butterfly Child.


Belle pulled out the pregnancy test device, breathing deeply she sat on the toilet and began to urinate. “Darl, will you be long?” Belle had been in the bathroom for some time now contemplating whether she should take the test or not. Aden was still in the clinic and Angelo had taken an interest in Belle. Angelo had kept asking and asking Belle to go see a movie finally she gave in. Only just recently had she been throwing up in the mornings not only the sickness was a sure sign of a pregnancy Belle was constantly snapping at people such as Geoff and Irene. “Um no” she quickly said as she remember Irene had asked her a question, she was too distracted by her racing mind. Belle got up off the toilet, flushed it and then hid her pregnancy test from Irene so when she left the room she wasn’t able to see it. “Thanks love, I really have to go” she laughed to herself. “Sorry” Belle squealed with a smile. Belle waited a few more minutes until the pregnancy test seasoned. It was time to look and confirm her worst fears “Positive” it read “Oh crap” Belle whispered to herself shifting her eyes from side to side.

Coastal News

Aden Jefferies Summer Bay’s teenage psycho now faces a jail sentence if he’s convicted. He was charged with attempted murder and kidnapping of Belle Taylor and Rachel Armstrong, Roman Harris owner of the diner lives with Mr. Jefferies and confirms that he is simply misunderstood “Aden would never hurt Belle or Rachel; he is a boy who has been through a heck of a lot in a short period of his life. He deserves our compassionate as a community” Only time will tell if this young man will rot in prison for the next three years.

By Bree Rowland (junior journalist)

“Aden, sit back down” said Bernadette the clinic’s well-known counsellor.

“This is stupid, he deserved what he got” Aden hissed.

“Aden, listen to me. If a man can’t swim to save himself, can he be expected to save anyone else?” This question stopped Aden in his tracks. He turned and faced his counsellor; his eyes became wetter than usual. “Do you believe someone deserves to die simply because they were so paralysed to what happened to them as a child?” Aden thought about this for a second then it hit him realizing what he had done Aden sat back down “No” he whispered covering his mouth with his hands. He was close to crying. “That’s good Aden, very good. We’re finally starting to make some progress” she smiled as she jotted down some notes.

Please let me know what you all think of it. :P

xx Lily xx

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Chapter 1

“Nicole seriously, get off the phone!” Roman yelled over the top of her loud annoying voice.

“Hang on!” she yelled back at him.

“Hey Roman” Aden walked in; he had just got back from working at the development site.

“How was work?” Roman shouted over the top of Nicole.

“Yeah. Good. I mean there was one hiccup, but I think I sorted it” Aden tugged on the strap of his bag.

“Yeah, so I saw him at the surf club. He was totally hot” Nicole flipped her hair back behind on ear.

“Nicole. How many times do I have to tell you get off the bloody phone” Roman shouted angrily. “Oh fine, I got to go. Roman’s about to have a heart attack”

“Thank you, finally.” Roman sat down and pulled an exhausted face. “Hi Morag” Aden smiled at her.

“Aden, are you ready?” She entered holding several documents in her hand. “Yeah, just give me a second to change” he made his way up the stairs quickly. His heart was pounding a million miles an hour. He was so nervous, the court case was today! He thought working might release some of that excess energy that had been built up gradually throughout the night. That night he tossed and turned, how could he sleep knowing that he might be spending the next three years of his life in jail, how could he sleep with the image of Belle and Angelo kissing in his head. The thought of him touching Belle made him want to throw up.

“Okay, I’m ready” Aden said trying to catch his breath. He had quickly slipped on his black suit with a white tie; in some ways wearing the suit reminded him of the school formal at the end of the year. Since Belle were no longer his girlfriend and the not to mention the chance of him going to jail made him dread the idea of going to the formal at the end of the year. What was the point? There was no way he was taking Nicole; after all she would probably be taking Geoff if Melody hasn’t already got her hands on him.

“Aden” Morag raised her eye brows. “What?” he questioned, awaiting some terrible news. “Breathe” she smiled and then he laughed “I’ll try”.

“Hey darl are you nearly ready?” Belle was buttoning her jacket on in the kitchen of the diner. Irene was standing near the fridge watching Belle practically bite her nails off. “Okay gorgeous are you ready to go” Angelo whipped into the kitchen smiling. Belle thought to herself how could this man possibly be smiling when the father of my child might be going to jail? But of course no one knew that she was pregnant. “Hey, yeah” she smiled back, trying to be polite.

Aden travelled to the court room via Romans car and obviously Belle and Angelo went together. In Aden’s mind he had already decided that he was not going to mention the abuse, there was no chance in hell. He didn’t want to portray himself to be a weak individual. “Okay we’re here” Angelo smiled again. The hormones were starting to kick in again, Belle wasn’t feeling too good at this point, and her stomach rumbled. She prayed that she wasn’t going to purge throughout the hearing. Grumpy and tired Belle looked at Angelo fiercely “Can we get out now?” Angelo was taking his time gathering his belongings it was only 8:50am the case began at 9 but Belle wanted to go in early.

Nicole, Aden, Morag and Roman then arrived; Belle twisted around to see them parked a few parking spaces across. “God, my feet are killing me” Nicole hoped out of the car wearing a new pair of high heels. “You’ve been in the car, how could your feet possibly hurt?” Aden snapped at her. “I’m sorry Aden...I...” Aden stared at her “It’s okay” he gave a quick smile. Belle jumped out of the car, not caring whether Angelo was coming as well “Hey” she walked up to the bunch of them. “Hi Belle” Nicole gave a friendly smile. “Mr. Jefferies, you may come inside. The court hearing is about to commence” A man spoke in a very serious voice with an intense facial expression. “O-Okay” he said nervously. The nervous were creeping back again. “This is it” Aden thought to himself.

Will Aden tell the court about his abuse?

Will he go to jail?

Find out in chapter 2!

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Chapter 2

“All rise” Aden stood nervously, concentrating very hard on controlling his body movements. Even though his legs were visibly shaking he could feel his legs wobbling. “You may be seated” The judged commanded. Belle sat next to Roman, Nicole was sitting on the other side of her father. Aden sat in front nervously occasionally glancing back at Roman for some encouragement. Angelo sat in the middle of a table closer to the judges’ stand. Larry was still at the hospital getting a final check up before he arrived to make his statement.

“Miss Armstrong, can you please tell us in your own words describe your experience?” The lawyer watched Rachel like a venture scanning her every movement in the face, waiting for an emotion that could be used to make the situation make worse. Rachel looked at the lawyer with a worried look, she wasn’t against Aden, and in fact Rachel had accepted what Aden had done was wrong but she knew his reasoning was drastically impaired.

“It was a very terrifying experience, but.....” Rachel tried to give her honest opinion about Aden. The lawyer cut her off “I understand and what did Mr. Jefferies say to you when he refused to get medical help for his father?” Rachel paused and glanced at Aden “He said he wanted his father to die but...” Rachel was cut off again. “See your honour Mr. Jefferies wanted his father to die, if it hadn’t been for Miss Taylor Larry Jefferies would be dead”.

It was time for Angelo to make a statement “What Aden did or didn’t do in the eyes of the law, it is completely unacceptable. To put MY girlfriend through this was unnecessary! I believe that the situation was badly handle and could have been avoided, nothing excuses his actions. NOTHING” He gave a dark look at Aden. He simply rolled his eyes, he hated Angelo.

“Miss Taylor, how long have you known Mr. Jefferies?” Belle looked at Aden, she wanted to placed her hand on her stomach protectively, she knew this would give her strength but she couldn’t now was not the time. “About three years” she looked at her feet. “And how long were you two in a relationship for?” Belle looked up at him. “A few months” she said quietly, never had her confidence been so low. “Can you tell me why you chose to form a relationship with him?” he glared at her, Belle looked from Aden to Angelo.

“Um, well when I first met him he mostly kept to himself. Like a lot of boys he was a pain in the butt. He often made jokes but nothing insulting. It was only a few months ago when I first started to get to know the real Aden, the sensitive, loyal, kind man that I knew was deep inside of him. So the more I knew about him the more I liked him. I wanted to share experiences with him. He and I were very close, I was one of the people he told the truth about his relationship with his father and grandfather” Belle explained, but once the word “grandfather” was spoken Aden flied into a rage “BELLE SHUT UP!” he stood up and screamed at her, Belle quickly placed her hand on her stomach protecting her child.

“Sit down Mr. Jefferies!” His lawyer shouted. “NO, YOU’RE FIRED MATE” he yelled again storming out of the court room. “What the hell was that all about?” Angelo questioned Roman. “I dunno I’ll be back” Roman left the room and went searching for Aden. “ADEN! What was that all about? You should have let Belle explain why you did what you did!” Aden’s fingers were touching his lips. His tie had been untied “I didn’t ask for your opinion!” he said angrily. “Aden, mate you need to tell the court about the abuse” Aden looked horrified how could he make such a suggestion. “NO!” he roared. Roman spotted Belle in the distance, she looked like she was almost in tears “Aden, there are people who care about you. Belle for instance, she wouldn’t want you to sabotage your chances of walking out a free man”

Aden looked at Belle; Belle shook her head in disbelief and walked away. “Let’s just go inside and answer the questions, without mentioning IT” Aden got up off the bench and walked back inside. Belle thought to herself “Maybe if I tell Aden about the baby, he’ll tell the court about his past”. But before she even had the chance she was required to go back inside. To make matters worse Aden’s father, Larry had arrived. Aden saw his father sitting in the witness stand “Oh f**k” he thought to himself.

“Larry Jefferies, do you believe what your son did to you would be unforgivable” Larry looked at his son; his eyes beamed a smile at him. Aden looked unimpressed “No, given the circumstances. It’s understandable. I should have told him a long time ago” The lawyer gave him a questionable look “Could you elaborate on that more please” Aden couldn’t take this any longer, if anyone was going to tell the tale it was going to be him.

“JUST SHUT UP DAD, I WISH YOU WERE DEAD. YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT SCREW MY LIFE UP! I HATE YOU SO MUCH!” Aden screamed at his father pointing a finger and him and then pushing a chair in front of him forcefully. “SILENCE!” the judge slammed his hammer on the bench several times. “It’s time to deliberate” Roman looked confused as he everyone else “Aden hasn’t even spoken yet!” Morag addressed the judge. “I think this young man has said quite enough!” he said furiously. “Meet back here in one hour” One final bag of the hammer was carried out.

Belle wasn’t sure how much she could take of this. The love of her life was making a huge mistake and going to jail would mean that she wouldn’t be able to contact him. Summer Bay’s jail doesn’t authorize people to visit the criminal if they are the victim of a crime. Belle raced to the bathroom, closing the door she stared down the barrel of the toilet it was finally coming, her breakfast had decided to depart her body. Wiping away her tears with toilet paper Belle let the cubicle.

Aden, Roman, Nicole, Angelo and Belle re-entered the court room. The judge got straight to the point. “Given your actions and behaviour today it just proves what kind of citizen you are so I have decided that you will be charged on accounts of attempted murder and kidnapping. Aden Jefferies I sentence you to three years to jail” Belle then burst into tears. “No Aden!” she cried. “Belle!” he cried back reaching her hand out to reach his a thirty old man tugged Aden away. “Aden, come back!” Angelo stared at Belle revolted by her reaction. “I love you Belle, I love you!” he yelled as he was pulled away into the next room. “I love you too” she whispered so no one could hear her.

Thanks guys for all your comments. I enjoyed reading them ha-ha! Keep on reading :lol:

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Chapter 3

Three years later.....

“Mummy” The little girl was sitting on a stool at the front of the diner.

“Just a second, sweetie” Belle was wiping down the benches with disinfectant.

“Hey gorgeous” Angelo seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Angelo wasn’t dating her anymore, days after the court case Belle broke it off with Angelo as she explained her circumstances. Angelo agreed to maintain a friendship with Belle. Belle was forbidden to contact Aden and she insisted on telling Aden herself. Roman and Nicole visited him regularly in jail.

Many times Nicole wanted to blurt of the fact that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant, Nicole however didn’t know that Belle’s daughter was Aden’s daughter. Nicole had seen Belle spending loads of time with Angelo and her daughter, so she assumed it was his daughter.

“Hey Angelo, darling say hello to Angelo” she said in a sweet voice. Belle’s daughter looked unimpressed; she was three years old and for some reason hadn’t taken a liking to Angelo. Sydney continued colouring her picture in. “Sydney say hello” Sydney looked at her mother and then sprung around Angelo had an enormous cheesy smile; she gave him a dark look “Hi” she said quietly and then turned back around.

Sydney’s hair was blonde and her eyes were blue, just like her father. Belle had often wondered to herself what traits had her daughter inherited from her. Belle gave Angelo a reassuring smile. “Belle, you know Aden gets out of jail today” Angelo was wearing his usual police outfit. Belle was wearing her hair down with her blue checker t-shirt.

“Yeah, I know” she looked a little uneasy about Aden coming back. She was feeling excited but also sad for him; he had missed out on three years of his daughters’ life that is if he was interested in forming a relationship with his daughter. All Belle had to do was tell Aden about Sydney, that was going to be the tricking part. Becoming a parent is a life changing experience; Aden is just about to be released from jail and he will need to adjust back to normal life.

Dumping this extra baggage on Aden would be overwhelming news for him. “Do you think I should tell Aden about Sydney today?” Belle questioned Angelo. Angelo thought for a moment “You’re going to have to do it sooner or later Taylor” he gave her a friendly smile. “Yeah, I know. Just remember don’t say anything to him. I’ll do it” Belle reached out her hand and placed it on his shoulder. “Yeah I know” Angelo then waved good bye to Belle, he was on a break for ten minutes but it was time to get back to work. “Bye” Belle waved back.

“Home sweet home” Aden opened the door to find Nicole standing near the staircase, as he walked in the front entrance Nicole threw her arms around him tightly not letting go for a few minutes “Okay, I get it. You miss me” he said in a voice that sounded like he was being suffocated. “Hey mate, you know you’ve got the evening shift tonight at the diner with Belle” Roman informed him, despite being release from jail that day Irene and Roman had insisted that Aden resume work as soon as possible, not only were that but Roman and Irene were required to attend a conference in Yabby Creek.

Angelo was also working that night so he couldn’t babysit Sydney, it didn’t matter anyway Belle’s daughter loved joining her at work. She hated staying at Angelo’s, whenever Angelo made her go to sleep or do something she would throw a massive tantrum.

7:00pm “Sydney, your fairy bread is ready” Belle passed her the plate. Aden was due to start at 7. Belle had been working all afternoon. Sydney was sitting at a table so when Aden entered the kitchen he didn’t know Belle and Sydney were together, assuming it was a child of a customer. “Hey” she smiled at him, “Hi” he tied his apron on. “You’re not going to give me a hug?” Belle said joking.

“Yeah, give me a minute woman. It’s not like I haven’t seen you in three years!” he laughed and hugged her. “Good to see you, how are you?” He looked at her with an astounded look on his face, how was he supposed to be feeling? He had only just gotten out of jail. “Yeah, I’m alright. Feeling pretty good actually” he smiled at her once again and walked over to the bench and began to cut up some onions.

“Mummy, I’m finished” Aden turned around as he heard a childish voice. “Good girl was that yummy” Sydney nodded her head as she rubbed her stomach. Aden gasped “oh my god” he thought to himself, how could Belle have a daughter? “Is she yours?” he asked casually, restraining tears.

“Yeah, this is Sydney” Sydney looked at Aden and gave the warmest friendly smile she had ever given a stranger. “Hello, what’s your name?” he walked closer to him. “Aden” he giggled as Sydney face lit up with excitement. “I’m three” Sydney showed him three fingers. “Wow, you’re a big girl” he crouched down so that he was her level, noticing the chemistry between Aden and his daughter Belle looked at her watch “Wow, look at the time. Sweetheart can you go back outside so da- Aden and I can go back to work” Belle sighed in relief she nearly blurted out the word daddy. “Okay, mummy” Sydney skipped out of the kitchen happily.

“Your daughter is so beautiful” At this point in time Aden had completely forgotten about Angelo. “Yeah she is” Belle laughed to herself, smiling proudly Belle got back to preparing a meal. “Aden” a young voice spoke from behind as he scrubbed the seat of the chair. “Oh. Sydney. What is it?” He questioned her with a high pitched tone. “This is for you” she handed him a picture of a house and three people drawn outside of it. “This is mummy, me and you” She pointed to each stick figure indicating which one was which. Aden smiled teary up “Thanks sweetie” he whispered as Belle entered the diner, she had been outside clearing the tables. “Sydney what are you doing, Aden is trying to work” Belle walked over quickly preparing to grab her daughter. “I just gave him a drawing mummy” Belle’s daughter back away.

“Oh okay” she smiled at glanced at the picture, realizing who was in it Belle maintained a professional face. “That was very nice of you” Belle picked her up “Come on, sit over here and draw something for mummy” Belle rubbed her back gently and then kissed her on her head. Usually Belle would look at her daughter and see a vision of Aden, they look so much alike. When Belle witnessed Sydney smile it was the exact replicate of Aden’s smile, Belle could just see Aden’s smile in her head. Hearing her daughter call her father Aden made her feel a bit awkward inside. Aden had the right to know that it was his daughter; Belle was dying to tell him. But she was anxious of his reaction.

It was nearly 9 o’clock and unexpectedly Angelo had arrived at the scene. “Hey what are you doing here” Whist Angelo walked din the door Aden was inside the kitchen, he didn’t hear Angelo come in or speak. “I just thought I’ve give you a lift home. It saves you and Sydney walking home” he gave a gracious smile. “Oh that’s very kind of you, you didn’t have to come back here” At that moment Aden walked out of the kitchen, stopping in his tracks at the sight of Angelo. Aden greeted him by a nod; Angelo hadn’t exactly been the best help that day at his court case.

“Hey Sydney” Angelo then crouched down beside Sydney and watched her draw. Sydney didn’t even bother to acknowledge him, Aden watched as Sydney continued to draw, and this was quite amusing for Aden. His ex-girlfriend’s daughter didn’t portray any emotion of happiness or excitement at the sight of Angelo. Belle once again re-entered the kitchen lugging several cups and plates into the sink. “Hey Syd would you like to go to the zoo tomorrow?” Angelo asked in a sweet voice.

“My name is Sydney, only mummy is allowed to call me Syd, gosh!” she groaned. “Okay....” Angelo didn’t know how to respond. “Would you like to go to the zoo?” he asked her again. “NOT WITH YOU!” she pushed the crayon harder on her piece of paper. “Right....well mummy and I have decided to take you to the zoo tomorrow” Sydney dropped the crayon angrily and faced him; poking her tongue at him she hopped off the chair and headed into the kitchen. “Mummy, can we go now?” Sydney looked up at her mother. “In a second” she quickly wiped down the bench. Aden developing a sensation of jealousy, how could Belle do this to him? Why didn’t she wait for him? “Hey I’m going to go now, you’ll be alright closing up?” Belle asked as she shoved her mobile in her bag.

“Yeah, you go” he smiled, watching Angelo out of the corner of his eye. “Okay, ready Sydney lets go” Sydney looked from her mother to Aden. “Can I see you tomorrow?” she asked Aden. “Um...” Aden said shocked by her question. “If that’s alright with mummy” Belle also was in shock “Oh, of course darling. You will see Aden tomorrow. After the zoo” she picked up her. “Can Aden come to the zoo instead of super cop?” she asked with anticipation. “Umm, no Aden’s just gotten out......he’s just come back from a long holiday and needs to rest. He can’t come. You’ll see him again soon” Belle carried her daughter out of the diner. As they left Sydney waved at Aden. Aden waved back “Bye” he whispered.

Really hope you like this chapter. Please leave me feedback. :cool:

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Chapter 4

The day began as usual Belle was woken up by her human alarm clock, Sydney. “Mummy, I’m hungry” It seemed her daughter had quite an appetite, she would constantly eat food yet she wasn’t an overweight child. One thing Belle had to remember and monitor was her daughters eating habits, as Sydney was a diabetic. Sometimes other children would be eating ice-creams at the park, Sydney would beg her mother for one but her body wouldn’t allow her to have any more sugar that day. Crying and screaming her lungs out it broke Belle’s heart, she felt like a horrible mother. Some say that instinct takes over and you know how to be a good mother but for Belle it was a challenge she was learning something new every day. It seemed time had slowed down now that she had a child. Sydney would notice things that Belle hadn’t, one day Sydney pointed out a carpet stain on her bedroom floor, Belle had lived at Irene’s for nearly six years and not once had she noticed the stain on her bedroom floor. However, waiting for Aden to be released from jail had seemed a lot longer than three years. As she ate her breakfast Belle looked into her daughters baby blue eyes, picturing her father Belle felt guilty as she still hadn’t informed Aden about Sydney. He had only been back in Summer Bay for two days now, was it time to tell him? Should she wait a little longer?

“Hey Taylor” Angelo knocked on the front door and then entered the house, “Hi” Belle smiled politely even though she didn’t really feel in the mood to see Angelo. “Alright baby, we have to take your blood sugar level” Belle took out Sydney’s diabetic equipment. “No” she screamed Belle tried to grab her but she ran straight pass Angelo and out the door.

“Hi darl” Irene waved as she set up the signs outside for the diner. “Hey” Aden smiled and nodded. Running as fast as she could Sydney sprinted towards the diner as soon as she saw Aden. Aden slowly made his way down the beach, “Aden!” a young quite voice called. Aden turned around to see a short figure running towards him, it was seven in the morning, what was Belle’s daughter doing alone outside this early? “Hi Sydney” Aden crouched down as she gasped for breath “Hello” she smiled at him, opening her arms out inviting a hug Aden accepted the offer and embraced her. Just as Irene came back out she spotted Aden and Sydney hugging in the distance “Hmm....there’s something special between those two” Irene said to Alf who had sprung out of nowhere “Yeah, anyone can see that. Poor Angelo he must be having a hard time seeing his daughter with Aden” Alf said as Irene gave him a shocked look. “Sydney is Angelo’s daughter right?” he questioned looking surprised “Ah yeah Darl, sorry I can’t really talk about that” Irene quickly placed the signs down and headed back inside.

“Where’s your mummy and daddy?” Aden asked observing his surroundings for any sign of Belle. “Well mummy’s at home with Angelo and my daddy is.....” Aden’s eyes widen as Sydney said ‘Angelo’ not ‘dad’. “Here” Belle said deeply heavily. Aden turned around with his mouth opened in shock “What?” he asked still in a state of shock. “Sydney this is daddy” Belle picked her up and pointed to Aden. Sydney’s serious look faded and a massive smile appeared “Really!” Aden walked a little closer to Belle and whispered “Really, she’s mind?” he exhaled. “Of course she is, look at her baby blue eyes Aden. Their yours!” She smiled as she kissed her daughter’s hair. “But I don’t understand....” he questioned still unable to process the information. “I was going to tell you the day of your court case but well you snapped at me and everyone else, everything just went so quickly, I-I didn’t a moment to tell you. I’m sorry Aden, I really should have told you” Aden nodded “Okay, I understand” Belle stroked Sydney’s hair “I thought that Angelo was Sydney’s father” Belle shook her head “I hate Angelo” Sydney said innocently sucking her finger. “Sydney! Don’t be rude” Belle said quickly. “Well I do” she took her finger out of her mouth “Me too, Sydney me too” Aden laughed.

“Sydney, Belle” Angelo came running towards them. Oh crap Belle thought to herself. Luckily Angelo didn’t hear what her daughter had just said. Just before Angelo reached them Aden looked at Belle “I don’t want that fool touching my daughter or you!” he said seriously. “Aden...” Belle whispered. “I don’t care Belle, I don’t want Angelo anywhere near her or you, she hates her and so do I. End of story” he crossed his arms. “Hi you finally found her” Angelo gave another cheesy smile. Belle smiled once again trying to be polite, why was she still friends with Angelo anyway, she loved Aden. Her daughter and her child father hated Angelo, so why was he still in her life?

Leave a message! :P

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Chapter 5

“Hey Angelo would you mind going into the diner and buying a strawberry milkshake for my beautiful daughter?” Belle asked him hoping it will make Angelo leave giving Belle and Aden to discuss Aden’s previous remarks.

“No I don’t mind at all” Angelo smiled, oblivious to the tension between Aden and Belle.

“Aden you can’t tell me who I can and can’t see. You don’t own me” Belle said irritably.

“No, but I love you and I love Sydney, and that’s why I don’t want you with Angelo”

“Well I love yo....Aden this isn’t the time”

“When is the right time then?” he said forcefully.

“I have to go...” Belle said as she saw Angelo coming.

“Belle” Aden grabbed her arm affectionately.

“Aden I said not now, just get that through your head. If you want to spend time with your daughter than that’s fine Aden, but I’m sorry you won’t be spending any time with me any time soon. I still having a hard time trusting you”

“But you trust me with Sydney...” Aden said feeling confused.

“Well...that’s different....”

“Here you go sweetie” Angelo handed the milkshake to Sydney; Sydney stood there and stared blankly.

“Darling say thank you to Angelo”

“NO. I don’t want it!” Sydney looked down as she crossed her arms.

“SYDNEY, TAKE THE MILKSHAKE!” Belle yelled shortly after she regretted her tone of voice.

“NO” Sydney shouted back.

“I said take it now!” Belle continued to take her frustration out on her daughter.

“I hate him!!! I don’t want it!” At that moment Sydney started to run away once again.

“Sydney, get back here right now!!!” Belle shouted.

“Hello sweetie, what are you doing here by yourself” Roman was on his way home when he ran into Belle’s daughter.

“Where does my daddy live?” Sydney questioned.

“Umm...” Roman looked confused

“My daddy’s name is Aden”

“Oh he lives with me; I can take you to him. I’m not sure if he’s home yet but I’m sure he’ll be home soon”

“Thanks. I would love to”

“Okay good” Roman smiled as he took her hand guiding her through the streets.

“Aden?” Roman called out as he opened the door. It was pretty clear he wasn’t home.

“I’m sure he’ll be here any minute, make yourself at home” Sydney skipped over to the couch and lied down onto the cushion and began to watch the television that had been left on by Nicole.

“Hello anyone home?” Aden opened the door not expecting to see his daughter asleep on the couch.

“Sydney” he whispered as he spotted her asleep.

“Daddy?” Sydney’s eyes opened slowly.

“Hi beautiful” he whispered stroking her hair.

“I don’t want to go home, I really don’t like Angelo” Aden restrained a smile; he couldn’t agree more with his daughter. The thought of Angelo touching Belle made him sick. Now that he knew Sydney was his he didn’t want him acting as a father figure that was Aden’s responsibly.

“Me too, baby. Its okay I’ll make sure he never goes near you again. It will be you, me and mummy from now on”

Sydney gave a tired smile “I love you daddy” she spoke softly.

“I love you too” he kissed her forehead. “I’m gonna go and ring mummy so I can tell her your safe” Sydney nodded and then closed her eyes.

“Daddy, I’m thirsty. Can you please get me a glass of water?”

“Sure” Aden stood up and headed to the kitchen. Since she was a diabetic excessive thirst was a common symptom of her condition.

“Here you go, I called your mother. She said you can sleep over if you like”

“Yes please. Daddy why can’t I see properly, everything is so blurry”

“Oh yeah mummy is coming over to give me your insulin syringe and blood sugar measuring device” Sydney gave a look of distress.

“Hey you’re going to be alright, close your eyes and go to sleep, I’ll be right here” Aden blew her a kiss.

Belle was at the front door of Romans “Aden” she called as she knocked on the door.

“Hey, Sydney’s still asleep. Come in we need to talk” Aden said in a tough tone.

“What about?” Belle asked not expecting Aden to bring their relationship history.

“First thing first, our daughter hates Angelo and doesn’t want to see him again and neither do I. I know I’ve betrayed your trust, and I’m sorry about that all I’m asking is for you to give me another chance. I love you Belle, I love you so much”

“Aden, I’ve already told you I need more time”

“I miss you so much”

“I miss you too Aden and I do love you......”

“Angelo shouldn’t be your boyfriend I should”

“Boyfriend? What Aden he’s not my boyfriend he’s just a friend. I broke up with him days later after you were sent to jail” Belle was shocked to discover that all this time he thought she and Angelo were together.

“What, are you serious? Why would you do that?” Aden gave a look of relief, revealing a small smile.

“Because I love you and because I was pregnant with your child Aden. It will always be me and you. But for now we need to take things slowly. Can’t we just be friends for now?”


“Please Aden. It’s the right thing to do”

“Okay....you’re right, you’re always right” he smiled at her; brushing her hair back behind her ear it sent shivers down Belle’s neck.


“Friends” he smiled, Belle held out her hand and Aden gave it a friendly shake, both laughing they gazed at their daughter smiling.

:) Please tell me what bit you liked and why, and add another general comments if you wish. :)

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Chapter 5

“Mummy I’m tired” Belle pulled the covers off her daughter’s body; it was quite unusual for Sydney to be asleep for this long. Shaking her head Belle tried to lift her up but Sydney applied pressure against the bed, forcing her body to stay on the bed.

“Come on it’s time to get out of bed, its 10:00” Belle picked up a fluffy pillow and began pounding her lightly against her face trying to wake her up.

“No, I’m still tired” she groaned turning onto her other side.

Belle then started to wonder if she was feeling ill, “Are you sick baby?”

“No” Sydney mumbled into another pillow.

“Well then hurry up and get your little butt in the kitchen and eat some breakfast!” Belle exclaimed hitting her one final time with the pillow. “Whoa slow down girlie, you’ll make yourself sick” Irene said with a laugh as Sydney gulped down a large glass of water. “I’m thirsty, Aunty Irene” Belle was having a shower while Sydney and Irene ate their breakfast.

“So where are you two going today?” Irene asked as Belle came out of the bathroom ringing her hair out with a towel. “Going to lunch and the beach with Aden “Irene gave her a concerned look. “Love do you think that’s a wise decision, involving Aden in your life so soon” Belle looked at her daughter

“Aden has the right to spend time with Sydney” Irene looked unconvinced “Darl, believe me I’m not forgetting that Sydney is Aden’s child but does he really need to spend time with you?” Belle shrugged her shoulders “Irene, we’re just friends for now”, Irene looked unconvinced. “Hey sweetie” Aden hugged his daughter and then kissed her cheek a couple of times. Aden hadn’t felt this happy in a very long time, he then looked up at Belle his smile fading away slowly, Belle gave him a reassuring smile that they were doing the right time but remaining as friends.

“Hey guess what Miss Jefferies and Mr Jefferies, Angelo is moving to the city. He got a new job” Aden and Sydney’s eyes lit up, “Yes” Sydney whispered with a smile. She knew her mother hated it when she made rude remarks towards him. “Well that’s great news” Belle gasped smiling and hit him playfully on his chest.

“What?” he giggled to himself. So Belle, Aden and their daughter went down to Yabby Creek for a special lunch, for some reason Sydney kept on complaining about be very thirsty which resulted in her going to the toilet a lot.

“Belle, if we’re going to the beach. You don’t think she’s going to pee in the water do you?” Aden asked with a scared look on his face. “Aden, she’s a child, what do you expect. A lot of child accidently pee in the water” Aden continued to look horrified, “Accidently? More like purposely” Belle gave him a look of “come of get real”. The three of them finally arrived back into Summer Bay and were at Palm Beach. Sydney was the first to run straight into the water “Wait, I need to put sunscreen on you” Belle yelled out to her in the distance.

“Belle, let her go” Aden smiled as they walked closer towards the water holding hands. “Um Aden, can I ask you something, why are you holding my hand?” Belle gave him a tiny glimpse of happiness as he held her hand. “I like holding your hand, you got a problem with that” he said pretending to be serious. “Yes! How dare you hold my hand mister” Belle said trying to portray anger in her voice, but instead all she could do was smile at him. Was this whole idea of just being friends really going to work? Despite not being able to trust him, Belle found Aden completely irresistible. Belle and Aden sat on the sand watching their daughter swim happily. But then out of the blue “Mummy” Sydney tippy toed out of the water gasping for air.

“Baby what’s wrong?” Belle could see the distress in her face. “I can’t breathe” Sydney took deep breathes suffocating with no oxygen entering her lungs she became to cough. “Hey take it easy, sit down” Aden picked his daughter up and sat her in between his lap. “I feel sick mummy” Sydney’s eyes began to form tears. “I feel dizzy” her head fell into Aden’s arms, as she closed her eyes Aden and Belle looked worried. “Sydney?” Belle shook her hand vey gently trying to wake her. “Sydney” Aden started to panic, she wasn’t responding.

“Sydney, wake up” Aden and Belle both tried to wake her up. “Quick, call an ambulance” Aden said as he held her. At the hospital Belle and Aden kept constantly asking the nurse and Rachel what was wrong with her. At this point Rachel couldn’t give them a straight answer. “Why did this happened Aden?” Aden stroked her hair “Hey it’s going to be okay” he whispered as they embraced a hug. As Belle pulled away “I love you so much” she whispered as tears fell from her eyes. “I love you too” he whispered back.

“Rachel, what’s wrong with her?” Rachel finally had a conclusive answer for the couple. “Sydney is in what we call a Ketoacidotic coma. This type of coma is triggered by the build-up of chemicals called ketones. Ketones are strongly acidic and cause the blood to become too acidic. Ketones are by-products of fat breakdown; they can build up excessively when there is insufficient insulin in the body. When there is not enough insulin circulating, the body cannot use glucose for energy. Instead fat is broken down, which is then converted to ketones in the liver. It looks to me that she is suffering from acute infection.”

Belle burst into tears “Shh, you’re okay” Aden kissed her forehead. “But don’t panic, this is treatable with intravenous fluids, insulin and administration of potassium and sodium. Sydney will have to remain in hospital for a couple of days though” Belle nodded as she returned back to her sit, processing the information. Her daughter was in a coma, usually people don’t ever come out of a coma, Belle thought to herself. The main thing was that she was going to get better. As Aden sat down beside her Belle began to speak “Aden, this has been a major wake up call for me. Life is way too short; I don’t want to be your friend. I want to be more than just friends. I wanna kiss you because I miss you. I wanna hold you and never let go of you, I want to cuddle up to you at night. I want to be the last person you see at night. I love you so much Aden.” Belle sobbed Aden lifted her chin with his hand “Okay” he whispered then he pressed his soft lips against hers.

“You know they may be young, but I truly believe they are meant to be together” Rachel said watching them from a distance.

Hope ya liked it. :cool:

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Chapter 7

Beep, beep, beep, beep the alarm deafen Belle right ear. Sleeping too close to the alarm clock can definitely have that effect. After ‘falling in bed’ with each other after agreeing never to depart each other again, Belle and Aden woke, turning onto their sides smiling at each other Belle coughed and then gave Aden a serious expression “What time are we going to pick Sydney up?” Aden thought for a moment “Whenever we have the energy to get out of bed” he laughed. Belle smiled “I’m serious. I’m missing her Aden, when a mother and child is separated she feels empty, like some part of her is missing. So what time are we going to go to the hospital?” Belle asked, “Whenever you want” he smiled then Belle nodded. “First we need to have breakfast” It had been a few days since they left the hospital and Belle and Aden were closer than ever, as usual Aden would sleep in Belle’s bed, however this time it wasn’t just sleeping he was interested in. He wanted to feel close with the girl he loved, he wanted to show her just how much he loved her, the only way he felt he could express that was by making love to her.

“Some egg and bacon for my beautiful girlfriend” Aden piled on four large pieces of bacon. “Thanks” she smiled, feeling a bit queasy she stared at her plate for a minute deciding whether she should eat. No wanting to offend her boyfriend she cut a small piece up and shovelled it into her mouth “Mmm, this tastes great. Thank you Chief Jefferies” Aden gave a satisfied look “Only from the best”, Belle stopped for a moment a took a deep breath in, feeling sick she made her way to the bathroom hinting to Aden that she needed to pee, he continued to eat his breakfast.

This was it, Aden’s creation was making its way back up. She had only eaten a tiny bit, how could this possibly make her want to throw up. Why was she feeling this way? Aden heard Belle coughing concerned he immediately stood up and rushed over to the bathroom door “Belle, hey are you okay?” he knocked gently “Um yeah” she said chocking as her lungs struggled for air. “Are you sure, you sound like your trying to throw up?” he said in a worried tone. “Nah, I’m fine” Belle said adding a fake joyful tone.

Belle flicked the tap off and turned the handle of the door, Aden had had his ear against the door listening in. “why are you standing so close to the door?’ Belle raised an eye brow, “Well, I just wanted to make sure you’re okay, but Belle you look so pale” Aden raised his hand to brushed her hair that had been in front of her face, Belle pulled away “What’s going on Belle” he looked confused, things were going so well between them why now? Why was she acting this way? “Aden, I’m not a baby. I don’t need looking after” Belle snapped. “I was just making sure you’re okay, that’s not a crime”

Belle didn’t look impressed “Sydney is the one who needs looking after, not me I’m fine!” Aden looked side to side, “Belle, yes our daughter needs looking after. But diabetes isn’t a life-threatening disease, with management people can live normal lives” Belle crossed her arms “She’s just a child Aden, what if something else happens, what if she has another attack. I just can’t stand the thought of losing her” Belle rubbed her eyes as tears formed. “Hey, listen to me. I know she’s a child, but plenty of children with diabetes like Sydney, live like normal children. Go to school, go to swimming carnivals, play truth or dare, kissing that boy behind a tree” Belle giggled feeling slightly better, Aden always knew how to make her feel better. “I know Aden, I’m sorry. Sydney will be okay” They kissed holding each other Aden whispered in her ear “I love you”.

To be continued...

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“Come on time to go home” Belle placed her daughter back onto her feet.

“Yay” Sydney jumped for joy. Sydney had episodes of crying and screaming, demanding she go home immediately.

“Mummy, when I get home can I have some chocolate ice-cream”

“YES! I mean yes...” Belle laughed; secretly she was craving for sugar. Aden looked at her oddly as she emphasised the word yes. Something was different with Belle, she felt weird like something in her body or maybe her mind had changed. Well whatever it was it wasn’t just affecting her body it was affecting her mind. This feeling inside of her reminded her the day of the court case. Was she still feeling anxious about Sydney, or maybe even being back with Aden so soon. Belle knew in her heart it was the right thing to do. It felt right, but still why was she feeling this way she pondered to herself.

“Aden, I was thinking”

“Oh no, what did you have to do that for. Nah just kidding...” Belle slapped him on the shoulder.

“I’m serious; I have been doing a lot of thinking”

“Still not good” he teased.

“Look I haven’t even told you the part where you’re suppose to freak out okay, so just shut up and listen” Belle pretended to sound serious, even though she wanted to have a serious face she couldn’t help but give off a little smile.

“What is it sweetie?” he said innocently.

“Ummm... okay, Aden you know how you live with Roman and I live with Irene and Sydney”

“Wow you do have good eye sight”

“Aden! Anyway...Since you’re out of jail now, You are going to be spending heaps of time with your daughter, but don’t you find it weird or difficult going home and knowing that you’re not in the same house as you’re daughter at night...”

“Belle, I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say?”

“I think we should move in together, I mean not here and not at Romans, I mean in our own separate place...” Belle eyes analysed every movement of his face, waiting nervously for his reaction.

“Um Okay, I kind of get what you’re saying...” Aden didn’t sound very enthusiastic.

“Of course if you don’t want to do it that’s fine” Belle stood up from her bed moodily.

“Belle” Aden spoke attempting to keep from leaving the room and the conversation.

“Look, just forget I said anything” she snapped.

“Belle wait”

“No Aden, if you don’t want to sleep in the same house as me and your daughter than that’s fine” she said raising her voice even more.


“I said its fine” She walked out of the room slamming the door. Aden stood there watching the door scratching his head. What the hell was that all about? He thought to himself.

Minutes later Belle was in the kitchen preparing a sandwich. “Belle, can we please talk about this” Belle ignored him and continued making her sandwich. “Look if we’re going to fight I don’t want to do it in front of Syd” Belle looked at her daughter scribbling on a piece of paper in the longue room of Irene’s. “I want to live with you...” she mumbled under her breath childishly. Aden managed to make out what she had said “okay, me too” he said quietly. Belle turned around to look at him “really?” she said feeling excited. “Yeah, why not” he smiled, this was a surprise proposal but it was a great idea. “I found this perfect apartment close to the beach...” Belle spoke with an enthusiastic tone, “Ah Belle, we live close to the beach too” Belle thought for a second “Ah yeah I know that but its slightly closer” she laughed, she could tell she was making a complete idiot out of herself, first snapping at him and now this stupid comment. “Anyway it’s perfect, trust me” Aden smile grew larger “I do Belle, always. Love you and trust you” He took this opportunity to kiss her. “There’s something else, I’ve been meaning to tell you” Aden looked at her. “I’ve booked an appointment for me at one today” Aden looked confused, why did she need to see a doctor. “I’m getting a tattoo”

Aden’s eyes widened with shock “WHAT?”

Belle chuckled “I want to get a tattoo, of a love heart with our names on it” Aden’s eyes look as if they were about to fall out. “Say something” she looked at him, “You want to get a tattoo.....you want to get a tattoo.....YOU WANT TO GET A TATTOO?” He pulled his hair; clearly this news was freaking him out more than the moving in news. “Yes Aden, I want to get a tattoo.” She said firmly it took a while for him to comprehend this. “Okay if this is what you really want” Belle smiled “It is” Aden swallowed “Well, if you’re getting one then so am I” Now this news shocked Belle, “Why?” Aden blinked “Because you’re getting one” he exclaimed. “If this is what you really want, you don’t have to get it if you don’t want to, I just want to show you and the world how much I love you” Belle trailed her right hand down the side of his cheek. “Are you suffering a mid-life crisis Belle?” Aden asked still feeling freaked out. “Yes I’m 22 and I’m suffering a mid-life crisis”

Aden glanced at her plate “Belle what exactly is on that?”

“Oh, tuna, peanut butter, jam and avocado” Aden nodded and then headed back into the longue room “Belle Taylor is officially a weirdo” he whispered. “What was that?” Belle called. “Nothing” he said back.

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Chapter 8

Three weeks had passed since the discussion of house arrangements; Belle and Aden visited a real estate agent and sealed the deal, moving into their own private beach apartment with their daughter. The salty sea breeze blew across the front balcony and through the blinds every morning, it was truly a place where Belle always pictured herself living, being by Aden’s side for at least 24 hours a day wasn’t not at all a problem, however if this was when they first knew each other the idea of spending a whole day with Aden would have drove Belle completely insane. Although Belle did previously suggest to Aden that she wanted a tattoo she decided to post pone it, until she knew whether or not she was pregnant, after three weeks of mood swings and throwing up and no period deep down Belle knew she was either pregnant or something was seriously wrong.

“Aden!” Belle called out to the living room.

“What is it?” He yelled back.

“You’re dads on the phone, he wants to speak with you” Belle shouted back.

Aden’s father had been in jail, Aden didn’t even realise he was now out of jail. “Take a message” Aden didn’t want to speak to him, not after stealing Belle’s money and his constant lies and drinking. “I’m sorry, Aden’s busy with Sydney right now, can I take a message” Oh crap Belle thought to herself she had accidently mentioned her daughter’s name is Larry. Belle wasn’t sure if Aden wanted his father to know he had a child and maybe even another one on the way. “Oh okay, who’s Sydney?” he asked causally. Belle didn’t want to lie; he had the right to know he had a granddaughter right? “She’s my daughter” There was an awkward silence, “Congratulations, Roman told me that you and Aden live together now. So Belle would Sydney be my granddaughter?” Belle went extremely quiet it was too late Belle had to tell Larry the truth “Yes, she is your granddaughter” Larry laughed, “Okay, I would love to meet her. I’m going to be in town on Saturday, is two o’clock okay?” Belle started to panic, her mind went blank “Um sure” Larry was thrilled while Belle virtually banged her head against the wall, how could I be so stupid? Her mind screamed in anger.

“So what did he say?” Belle still in her own headspace Belle jumped as he questioned her about the phone call “Um, he just wanted to say hello” Belle lied. “Anyway I’ve gotta to go out for a couple hours, I’m going shopping with Geoff” Belle looked at him with a questioning expression. “Okay” she smiled. In truth Aden was actually planning on buying an engagement ring. Aden kissed Belle and his daughter just before he left, closing the door gently his heart raced as he was about to buy the perfect ring for the perfect girl.

While Aden was out it was an ideal time to test whether herself to see if she is pregnant or not. She had already purchased a test but hadn’t plucked up enough courage to take the test. It was time, she couldn’t wait any longer, and if she did she knew she would send herself crazy. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick......11:01, 11:02, 11:03, 11:04 time had never seemed to go so slow in her entire life. The first test she had taken was definitely a daunting experience, but the second test for some reason seemed a lot worse. Shaking the stick Belle eyes were focused immediately on the result. “Belle, I’m home” Aden called as he closed the front door. He had only been an hour, so it really was true men were fast shoppers. Belle quickly hid the test in the cupboard under the sink, placing a few bottles of washing liquid and disinfectant to prevent Aden from seeing it. “Hey” she smiled Aden whispered a ‘hey’ and then instantly went in for a kiss, which Belle could hardly resist.

Next time.....

-Geoff and Aden’s shopping experience.

-Pregnancy test results

-Larry has arrived.

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