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help! :s

Guest defying_gravity

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can someone please decipher this for me:

“In essence, every young person in America has become, in the literal sense, a public figure. And so they have adopted the skills that celebrities learn in order not to go crazy; enjoying the attention instead of fighting it—and doing their own publicity before somebody does it for them.” (Nussbaum 2007, ‘Say Everything’, p. 7)

Do you agree that Web 2.0 sites such as My Space, FaceBook etc. signal a shift in how people relate to the divide between private and public space? Drawing upon academic literature, discuss is this shift a desirable thing, what pitfalls and benefits might it have?

I have started I just realised I dnt really understand how the quote relates to the question haha. If anyone has a clue I would really appreciate your opinion!

Cheers x

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