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A Second Chance?

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Story Title: A Second Chance?

Type of story: Long Fic (21 Chapters)

Main Characters: Aden, Belle. Ric, Mattie.

BTTB rating: T

Does story include spoilers: No

Is story being proof read: No

Any warnings: (SC)(L)

Summary: Belle and Aden were High School sweethearts. After drifting apart after school, they broke up and lost contact. 10 years later at their High School Reunion, will they give it a second chance?

Note: In the show, Belle graduated a year before Aden did (he repeated year 12, didn't he). Anyways, in this fic, he and Belle both graduated school the same year.

I started to write this in July and stopped. I was reading over what I had wrote and have decided to post this and continue writing it.

Chapter 1

The sun rose up, into her apartment complex window. She knew she had to get up and go to work. After showering and picking out a suit to wear, she walked down into the hallway to pick up the post. Bills, bills and more bills. She thought to herself. She threw the post onto the table and made a cup of coffee. After sitting down with her coffee, she proceeded to open her post. One from the car insurance, one from the bank, one from electricity board. Oh, this is different, she said to herself. She opened the envelope.

Belle Taylor

I, Miles Copeland, invite you and guest to your 10th High School Reunion,

On the Saturday, 14th of July 2018 @ Summer Bay High.

Attached, was letter saying a people who were attending were to get in contact with the school by Friday the 13th. Belle was stunned to say the least. She hadn't been back to the Bay since she left 8 years pervious. She knew what this meant. If she got an invite, he would get one also…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Stumbling out of his bed, with a massive hangover from the night before, he made his way into the bathroom. At 28 years old, he should be starting to have a family. Settling down. Not going out and getting drunk, turning into his father. Once he walked down the stairs, he could hear road works going on outside. Someone was drilling and it wasn't the sound you wanted to here at 8am after being out the night before. He opened the door and yelled at the workers. It didn't work, they had to do their job.

Walking into the kitchen, he looked at his post. He dumped it on the table and looked into his fridge. Nothing. Nothing to eat nor drink in this place. His roommate, Sean, walked into the kitchen. After fighting about no food and no money for rent, Sean walked back upstairs.

This wasn't the life he wanted for or asked for. He wanted to make something of his life. Not living in a two bedroom flat in a rough area in the city. He craved more out of life. Something was missing from his life. Something he loved and missed for so long. Her. He went into the living room and looked at the photo of him and her on their Year 12 formal. She would have made his life perfect. Going back into the kitchen, he decided it was about time to open the post. One was his rent bill.

$800 overdue….FINAL notice…We will have to take action…Money to be receive by July 5th 2018...

He looked at the calendar. July 2nd. This is a joke! Where was he meant to get $800 in 3 days. Opening his second post, he read it.

Aden Jeffries

I, Miles Copeland, invite you and guest to your 10th High School Reunion,

On the Saturday, 14th of July 2018 @ Summer Bay High.

It had been 10 years. 10 years since he was last at school. Where had those 10 years gone, he questioned himself. He knew exactly was the answer was. The pub, he wasted all his money in the pub since he moved here.

Should he go and see everyone once again? He didn't want to return to the place that torn his life in part. Torn his family up. Split him and Belle up. Maybe it was a good idea to go back one more time and try to mend bridges.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sitting back in her chair, Belle was still in shock. Going back to Summer Bay was like going back to the past. Something she didn't want too do. She had a comfortable lifestyle, here in the city. Working for a top newspaper, living in a $1500 a week apartment, designer clothes, good car. She left there once and didn't want too go back there. Although, she couldn't help wondering would he be going. She hadn't seen him in 8 years after their break up. Never got back in touch. Never emailed each other. One person she had started in contact was Matilda Hunter. Well, now Dalby. She dialled the number into her phone, wondering would Matilda pick up.

"Hello?" she said sleepily.

"Hey stranger!" Belle laughed.

"Belle, is that you?" Mattie asked excitingly.

"Yeah! Long time no talk…and see" Belle said.

"Yeah, its been a while alright…" Mattie said sadly. "Why are you calling so late?"

"Sorry, you know I suck with time zones, always have." Belle explained "Err, the reason is that…well I got an invitation from Miles about our 10th reunion."

"Wow, really?! I wonder will I get one?" Mattie pondered.

"I'd say so Mattie. I'm sure Tony gave your address in London so Miles could get in touch with you." Belle laughed.

"Yes, your probably right. May arrive in the next few days." Mattie said.

"Great! So, would you and Ric be coming?" Belle asked "Please do! Don't make me face Aden alone after 8 years of nothing…"

"Well, money is a bit tight at the moment. Flights are very expensive and then the kids. We have no family over here and can't ask friends to mind them for…Well if we do come, a week or so." Mattie explained.

"Yeah, I understand that." Belle replied "What if I pay for the flights for you, Ric, Sarah and Danny?" Belle offered.

"Belle, I can't ask that of you!" Mattie laughed.

"Oh, come on! When Aden and I broke up, who took me in right away? You did. I was with you for over a year before moving back to Australia." Belle said.

"I know that but they are so expensive, Belle." Mattie said trying to get that into Belle's head.

"It's not like I can't afford it, Mattie. I will let you think about what I said and you can get back too me when you get your invite" Belle answered.

"That sounds great! How are you then?" Mattie asked.

"I'm doing great, thanks. How about you?" Belle asked the same question.

"Oh…I'm good…" Mattie said silently.

"Are you sure Mattie?" Belle asked worried about her friend.

"Yeah, of course. Everything is going great here" Mattie said. "Ok, I think I should go. I will think about what you said and talk to Ric about it tomorrow. Goodnight" Mattie said.

"I always ring at the wrong time. It must be like 1am over there." Belle laughed.

"It's alright! I'll talk to you tomorrow. Goodnight again." Mattie replied.

"Good morning!" Belle smiled and hung up.

Belle was worried about Mattie. She seemed like she was lying about how things were. She looked at the time. She was too be in work at 9am and it was nearly half 8. She needed to get a move on before it was too late. She washed her cup and placed it on the draining board. Grabbing her keys and bag, she ran out the door and into her car and headed to work.

Preview: Belle gets back in contact with Irene who fills her in on what has been happenings in Summer Bay.

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Turns out I had 9 chapters done. And I wrote another one last night because I was bored. Here is the next chapter. :)

Chapter 2

Turning her car into the her car space, she got out and walked into her office. Her boss, Mike, brought her in some paperwork and left the office. Looking at the pictures on her desk, she wondered how everyone was doing in the Bay. How things had changed. After she left, she went to London for a year. She needed to leave Summer Bay. She needed to leave the city. Before moving back. She had Irene’s number but was too scared to dial it, not knowing what she would say to her. Belle had only spoke to Irene about 5 times in the past 8 years. This was a woman but took in children and gave them a home and this was how Belle repaid her after everything Irene did for her. 5 phone calls in 8 years.

She decided to get stuck into the paperwork. Still worrying about seeing Aden after a long time, she was finding it hard to concentrate on her work. Mike walked back into her an hour later, expecting everything to be done and finished.


Belle was day dreaming. She didn’t hear or see Mike coming into her office. He grabbed a book and slammed it on the desk to get Belle out of her daze. After a loud bang, it worked. She stared at Mike.

“Work not finished?” Mike asked annoyed.

“No, sorry. I have a lot on my mind, Mike.” Belle explained.

“Belle! This is the real world! I don‘t care if you have a relation dying. I don’t care if your arm is hanging off! You are here to work and that is what you get paid for. Now, could you do some work, please?” Mike yelled and stormed out of the room. “ I want those on my desk in 20 minutes. Get cracking” he yelled from down the hall.

Belle hated Mike. He was the worst person she had ever worked for. The man had no patience and it frustrated her so much. He was a million times worse than Gavin, the man she worked for once with the newspaper in Summer Bay when she was 17. Trying not to think about the reunion, she continued to work as best as she could. 20 minutes to do 40 pages of work? That was insane, but she was given an hour to begin with.

When she had finished all the work, she brought it up to Mike’s office. Knocking on the door, she walked in and placed the paper on his desk. He looked up and put his head down again continuing with what he was doing. Belle went back to her office and sat down. Suddenly, her hand reached for the phone and the next minute she was ringing Irene. It was like her hand knew Belle wanted to ring Irene and wasn’t going to stop her.


“Ire…Irene?” Belle said nervously.

“Belle? Is that you Belle? Oh my goodness, doll!” Irene squealed.

“Yeah, its me…Just checking in…” Belle replied.

“No need to be worried. I know you very well, Belle!” Irene said knowing Belle was nervous and embarrassed for just calling after so long.

“Thanks Irene” Belle smiled to herself. Irene was such a great woman. “How are things in the Bay then?”

“Things are great, Belle. Really good. Myself and Robert got married two months ago. I sent you an invite. Did you get it? I wasn‘t sure if you did” Irene asked.

“Yeah, I did get it Irene. It was just a bad time. Myself and Oliver were going through a rough time.” Belle explained.

“And how are things now between you guys?” Irene asked.

“He asked me too marry him two weeks ago!” Belle smiled.

“Oh doll, that is wonderful news! Any babies on the way?” Irene asked

“Not just yet…I‘ll be back in the Bay in a few weeks for a few days.” Belle said changing the subject.

“Oh, your going to the reunion?” Irene said. “I thought you would go”

“Yeah, I think I will go. I was talking to Mattie this morning. She said she would have to think about it because of Ric and the kids. They didn‘t go to Ric‘s one last year because they couldn‘t afford the flights.” Belle explained.

“We always have the spare money if she needs it!” Irene offered.

“You know Mattie, Irene. She hates taking money from people. I did offer as well.” Belle laughed.

“Yeah, your right. Best to let her decide what too do. And you have a place to stay here.” Irene said.

“Ah, my old room! How is it doing?” Belle laughed.

“Its still there with nobody in it. Annie moved out a few weeks ago with Jai. Moved to Thailand. Geoff and Melody then moved out also. They are living above the diner. So its just myself and Robert now.” Irene said.

“Wow, that’s a big step for both of them isn‘t it!” Belle said speaking her mind.

“You know them. Both couples have been together 10 years. Although Annie and Jai have had their ups and downs the past few years with her drug problem but everything is great with them.” Irene replied.

“Yeah, I wish my relationships were like that.” Belle said.

“You and Oliver and doing good now and are engaged. So, maybe things are looking up.” Irene said trying to stay positive.

“Hopefully. After being together for 3 years now, I do really love him.” Belle replied.

“I know you do and from what you said he does sound like an amazing guy.” Irene said supporting her “And what about Aden? Been talking to him lately?”

“Come on, Irene. You know how bad things ended with us. Haven‘t seen him or heard from him since it ended and still nothing from when we last talked. You always ask about Aden and I when I call!” Belle laughed.

“You know what I thought of your guys. Together for 4 years. Thought you would have lasted, got married and have a few little ones running around. It‘s funny how things work out, isn‘t it?” Irene asked.

“Yes, indeed! Any other news from the Bay then?” Belle asked looking for the latest happenings.

“Well Martha is expecting another baby with Jack. I can‘t believe Stuart is 9 already. And little May is 4 now. They are a great little family” Irene smiled thinking would Belle ever have any children.

“Wow, they have grown up so much, haven‘t they!?” Belle said surprised that May was 4 already.

“Yeah, they really have. Great children too. I look after them once and a while.” Irene explained.

“Anything else I‘m missing out on?” Belle asked.

“Nothing much really. It‘s still the same old Bay really.” Irene replied.

Belle smiled. She missed Summer Bay. She saw Mike walking down the hall coming into her office.

“Err, Irene. I have too go now. I will call you again soon and will see you next month. Goodbye” Belle said quickly and hung up before Irene could say anything.

“I hope that was a business call, Belle” Mike smirked.

“Of course!” Belle lied.

Mike closed over the door. He walked over to Belle and started to stroke her hair and kiss her neck. She pushed him away.

“Get off me!” she snapped.

“That is not what you said a few weeks ago…” Mike said with a dirty smile on his face.

“Your sick you know that! I was drunk and you weren‘t. I could have you done for this behaviour, Mike” Belle warned

“You wouldn‘t…” Mike pressured.

“Oh I would. Get stuffed! You’re a married man for Christ sake!” Belle replied raising her voice. “And I‘m engaged.” Belle continued and lowering her voice.

“Yes, I‘m aware of that. My wife just doesn‘t do it for me anymore. You know that…I like young women….” Mike smiled whilst rubbing her cheek.

“Mike, I mean it. This…behaviour has got to stop!” Belle snapped.

“We shall see…” Mike grinned. Walking over to the door, he blew Belle a kiss and walked out. As much as she loved being a journalist, was this worth it? Mike could always use them sleeping together to blackmail her. She needed a break and decided going to Summer Bay would be what she needed. She was going back to the Bay weather Mattie was coming or not. She couldn’t avoid Aden for the rest of her life.

Preview: Will Mattie and Ric come back to Summer Bay?

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Just a reminder, lol. This is set 10 years into the future. So when I am talking about a movie being on TV, just remember that lol.

Chapter 3

“Who was that calling last night?” Ric asked taking a sip of his tea and opening the paper.

“Oh, it was Belle.” Mattie replied washing 3 year old Sarah’s face.

“Everything ok? Why did she call?” Ric asked.

“Everything is fine, Ric.” Mattie said. “She got an invite for our 10th school reunion. She wanted to know if I was coming along”

“You know we can‘t afford it, Mattie! We have talked about going back to Summer Bay for years but just can‘t afford it” Ric stated.

“Sarah, why don‘t you go and watch TV while mummy and daddy talk…” Mattie said kindly to her daughter.

“Daddy, are you going to leave again? Like you did last time after you and mummy had a fight?” Sarah asked her father sadly.

“No sweetie, I‘m not going too” Ric replied.

“Ok daddy. I love you!” Sarah smiled and hugged her father before leaving the room. Mattie closed over the kitchen door behind her.

“Children…You can’t do anything with them noticing…” Mattie said worried.

“I did leave for over 2 weeks, Matilda.” Ric said annoyed.

“We are not going back to this again, are we?” Mattie argued.

“I was just saying that is all!” Ric said raising his voice.

“Do you want the kids to hear use fight again, Ric? Because you are going a good way about it!” Mattie replied getting annoyed.

“I‘m not listening to this! I‘m going to work. See you later” Ric said.

He grabbed his jacket. Slamming the front door behind him, he went to work. Mattie sat down on a chair in the kitchen. After getting married so young, she wondered if this was right. She wasn’t happy with Ric anymore. The two young children hearing Ric and Mattie fighting, it couldn’t be easy.

In the sitting room, Sarah sat up on the couch beside her older brother Danny. Danny was 5 years old than Sarah. He hugged his little sister and she started crying.

“I wish mummy and daddy wouldn‘t fight so much…” Sarah sobbed. “Do the not love each other anymore?”

“They do Sarah. But grown ups fight all the time. Mummy and daddy do love each other. They will stay together.” Danny replied to his sister.

Mattie walked into the sitting room to find her two children hugging and crying on the couch. She knew what happened. She knew they had heard her fighting with Ric.

“Come on, guys! We need to get up off too Bella‘s” Mattie said.

Danny got up and walked up the stairs. Sarah got off the couch rubbing her eyes. Mattie hugged her daughter. “It will be ok, sweetie…I promise”. Mattie didn’t know what else to say. She wasn’t sure if it would be ok. She wasn’t sure if when Ric returned home tonight there would be another fight. Mattie got the children’s lunches and proceeded to take them off too Bella’s Day-care Centre.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Belle arrived home from work. It was a long day. A long, stressful day. She sat down with a glass of wine relaxing. Her phone started to ring. Rolling her eyes, not wanting to get up and answer it, she let it go to voicemail. Belle turned on the TV. Looking at the TV guide, she saw her favourite movie was on. She switched the channel and watched Mamma Mia! It brought back memories of when she went to see it with Aden in the cinema.

“You ready to you?” Aden asked.

“Nearly. Give me two minutes” Belle said running back upstairs

“Girls, they are never ready on time!” Irene laughed rolling her eyes.

“Oh, after dating Belle for over a year now, I think I know that!” Aden smirked.

Belle walked down the stairs. She quickly knew she would be late for the movie if she didn’t. Grabbing her bag, she hugged Irene and walked out of the house.

“Mamma Mia! Here we go again! My my, how can I resist you!” Belle sang walking down the road with Aden.

“Ever thought about a career in the music industry?” Aden asked grinning.

“Nah!” Belle replied.

“Good!” Aden muttered.

“Hey! I heard that!!” Belle laughed hitting him.

Aden grabbed Belle. He put his hands around her waist and started to kiss her.

"I love you Belle Taylor" Aden smiled

"I love you Aden!" Belle replied.

At 17 years old, he knew that he was knew that they would be together forever.

But, sometimes life doesn’t work out that way. Another three years later, they broke up. Nobody in the Bay saw their break up coming. Together for 4 years and then it was over?

There was a knock on the door. Belle got up and opened it to find a man with a bunch of flowers. Smiling, Belle took them off the man. There was a note in the flowers. Belle took it and read it;

To my dearest Belle,

I love you with all my heart. You’re the first person I think of when I wake up and the last person I think of when I go to sleep at night. You are my world, my life and I love you. I hope we will have many happy years together. Love and miss you loads.

Oliver xxx

Oliver was a romantic. He was randomly sent her flowers and come in the door a few minutes later. He was the type of person that made sure the other person in the relationship knew how much they meant to him.

Like usual, Oliver walked into the apartment 5 minutes later. Belle was standing up smelling the beautiful flowers. She turned around. Oliver walked over to her and hugged and kissed her.

“You like them, then?” Oliver asked.

“I love them!” Belle smiled “And you!”

“And I love you too! Did you miss me?” Oliver asked.

“Yes! I know it was only 3 days in Paris but wow, I missed you so much!” Belle grinned and kissed him.

“I missed you loads. Anything been happening here lately?” Oliver asked.

“Well, I got an invite to my High School reunion on the 14th.” Belle said.

“Really? That’s great! I‘m guessing you are going, right?” Oliver said making a cup of coffee.

“Yeah, I‘m going.” Belle replied. “And your coming with me”

“Am I now?” Oliver teased

“Yes, you are!” Belle laughed.

“When we leaving then?” Oliver asked making a sandwich.

“Let me do that for you.” Belle offered and took over making the sandwich. “Err, its on the Saturday. So I was thinking we could go on the Friday until the Monday maybe.”

“Sounds good.” Oliver smiled and took the sandwich. “I hope you don‘t mind. I‘m so tired. I‘m going to head to bed, babe. That ok?”

“Yeah, I will be in in a minute. Just going to turn off the TV and the lights. See you in a second” Belle smiled and kissed him.

Oliver walked down the hall into the bedroom. Belle walked over and turned off the TV. She then started to switch off all the lights. Walking out of the kitchen she realised she hadn’t checked the voicemail. She pressed play on the phone;

“Hey, Belle. Its Mattie here…I‘m coming to the reunion and taking the kids with me…Belle, I‘m leaving Ric. I just can’t stay here anymore… I’m coming back to Summer Bay for good. I was wondering could you pay for the tickets? I only have a little bit of money. Not enough to cover 3 flights. Please get back to me when you get this message.”

Preview: Belle gets an angry phone call. Aden tries to sort out his money issues.

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Thank you all for the comments. :) Here is another update for you guys. Hope you like it. I was trying to update all day but when I clicked “add reply” something came up and it wouldn’t let me post the chapter.

Chapter 4

The next day, Belle had transferred money into Mattie’s bank account so she could fly over to Australia. She was excited but nervous at the same time. They hadn’t seen each other since the last time Belle went over to London - 5 years ago. No matter how she felt, she didn’t care. Mattie would be feeling a lot worse than her. Leaving her husband to go to a country half way around the world with their two children would be so hard on her. Mattie was a strong person. She dealt with the death of both her parents and all her siblings living elsewhere by the time she was 18. Would she be able to handle a divorce on top of this?

“Mattie‘s flight gets in at 4am in the morning” Belle said to Oliver.

“Are you going to collect her from the airport?” Oliver asked.

“I said I would but she said she would get a taxi here. I‘m going to order it later on for her.” Belle explained pouring water into two cups making tea for both her and Oliver.

“Do we have the room for 3 more people here?” Oliver asked.

“We have the spare room with a double bed. Remember, two of them are young children. They will fit” Belle laughed.

“What is her plan, babe? She coming to live here?” Oliver said grabbing the post from the hall.

“She asked if she could stay here until the reunion. When we go back to Summer Bay, I think she is planning on staying for a while. I‘m not sure if she wants a break from Ric or she want a divorce…” Belle said worried.

“Sweetie, don‘t worry about that for now. When Mattie arrives, I know she will tell you what she wants if she knows.” Oliver said comforting her.

“I know that. She has been my friend for years, I just want her too be happy. Ric is a good guy. I think that they may have just settled down too young.” Belle admitted.

“It was what she wanted though?” Oliver asked.

“Yes, of course! She knew Ric was the man for her so they decided to get married like right after we graduated. She had gotten pregnant right after we graduated and got married when she was 3 months pregnant. God, I remember that wedding.” Belle laughed thinking back.

“What happened?” Oliver replied interested in what she had to say.

“My boyfriend at the time, Aden…” Belle stopped. She realised she never spoke about Aden to Oliver before since they had been together. “…It doesn’t matter…” she finished not wanting to finish what she was saying.

“Ok, well I better head off to work. I will see you later” Oliver smiled and kissed Belle. He took her briefcase and headed out the work to his work. Belle sat down sitting her tea and thinking back to Ric and Mattie’s wedding.

“Has anyone seen Aden?” a drunk Belle went around asking. “Anyone?”

Belle walked outside the hotel where the reception was being held. Where was her boyfriend? The hotel was attached to a golf course and a river. She sat on the river bed with her feet in the water thinking about Aden and her future. She had just finished her exams and this was the start of her life with Aden. She couldn’t help smiling every time he came into her mind. She was so in love with him.


Belle turned around, hoping to see Aden. “Oh, hey Ric.” Belle smiled and stood up.

“What are you doing out here?” Ric asked.

“I was looking for Aden. I couldn‘t find him so I needed air.” Belle explained.

“Here” Ric said and threw Belle a key. “Room 226”

“What is this?” Belle asked confused.

“Someone is waiting for you…” Ric smiled.

Belle laughed. It had to be Aden. She hugged Ric and ran as fast as she could up to the room. Running, drunk and in heels was hard so mid way up, she took off her shoes. Reaching the room, she opened the door and walked in.

“Aden? You here?”

Belle walked into the room. There was rose petals everywhere. A bottle of champagne and two glasses on the beside locker. The lights were turned down to give off a romantic setting and scented candles filled the room. It was beautiful. Something you would see in the movies. Belle turned around. Aden stood at the bathroom door in a prince costume.

“What are you doing?” Belle laughed.

Aden walked over too her. “I‘m your prince…” he started and kissed her “…and you’re my prefect princess.”

Belle blushed. It was probably the most cheesy thing she would ever hear in her life. She didn’t know what to say or how to react. Aden got down on one knee and pulled out a box.

“Will you marry me, Belle Taylor?” Aden asked.

“Yes, of course I will!!” Belle smiled and started to cry. They were tears of joy, of course.

Aden stood up and laughed. He looked into Belle’s eyes and kissed her passionately.

“I believe that everyone has a one true love…” Aden said lovingly “….and I think you are mine…”

Belle jumped with the fright of the phone ringing. She came back to reality immediately. She stood up and answered it.

“Where the hell is Mattie?” Ric screamed down the phone. “I am after only getting in from work. Its 2am. Where is my wife, Belle?”

“What? Ric? Calm down!” Belle replied.

“Where is she Belle?” Ric asked.

“I…I don‘t know” Belle lied.

“She is coming over there isn‘t she! Why is she doing this, Belle? Why? What have I done wrong?” Ric said nearly in tears.

“Ric, please…” Belle said “…I don‘t know what you have done…”

“I love her Belle, I really do. I want to grow old with her. But right now, money is tight and we just can‘t stop fighting over money problems…She left a note saying she was leaving…” Ric explained.

“What did it say?” Belle asked.

“Not much. Just saying she needed to think about what she wants and that she was taking the kids with her. Our kids! My kids! I want to see my wife and children.” Ric begged,

“Ric, they are not here.” Belle explained.

“Do you know where they have gone?” Ric asked “Please, Belle. Remember everything Mattie and I have done for you. I need to save my marriage.” Ric begged.

“I have no idea, Ric” Belle lied again.

“…I better go then and try and find them…” Ric said and hung up before Belle could say anything.

She didn’t know what to say. Was she meant to tell Ric they were on their way over to Australia? Was she meant to not even talk to him about them? She wasn’t sure. It would be something she would have to tell Mattie the minute she arrived.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Man, how are we going to pay this bill?” Aden asked.

“Get a loan?” Sean said not interested in the bills.

“Sean, you know very well I went for one two months ago and got refused because I didn‘t have a steady job. And guess what, I still don‘t!” Aden yelled.

“Could you not shout in my ear, please?” Sean said eating his breakfast.

“Jesus! You remind me of this chick called Nicole I knew! Would you ever just grow up, you idiot! Your f*cking 28 years old and act like a 17 year old.” Aden shouted.

“Listen, I don‘t know what to do about the bill. In all fairness, its two high since this place is a complete dump” Sean replied.

“Thinking it is a dump, is not going to help us, Sean.” Aden said.

“Don‘t you have any family you could get to pay it for us?” Sean asked.

“…I‘ll see what I can do” Aden replied.

He went out to the hall and dialled the only person he could think off. Hoping the number hadn’t changed or they hadn‘t moved house, he waiting nervously for him to pick up.


“It’s Aden. You told me to ring you whenever I need your help. And I need your help right now”

Preview: Who is on the phone to Aden? Will they be able to help Aden and Sean out? Mattie arrives in Sydney and reveals a shocking secret to Belle that she has been keeping to herself for years.

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I was just writing another chapter before I post the next one. Trying to head well ahead. But it took a lot longer than I thought it would. Here is the next chapter. :)

Chapter 5

“Ok, see you than.” Aden said “And thank you so much for this”

Aden hung up the phone. He walked back into the kitchen. Sean was reading the newspaper.

“Gang shooting are up 14%…Very shocking.” Sean replied.

“Yeah, what has the world come too” Aden said reading the article “I have an old friend of mine coming down here later on to help us out with our money issues” he said once he finished reading it.

“Who are they?” Sean asked.

“Just a guy I knew from Summer Bay.” Aden replied “Great guy. Helped me out a lot after…” Aden stopped. He couldn’t start talking about his father and his alcoholism. Sean didn’t even know about that part of his teenage life.

“After what?” Sean asked interested.

“Doesn‘t matter. I‘m going to go and get something for dinner. Be back in a while.” Aden said and walked out of the door.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Yeah, that’s grand. Flights gets in at 4am. Yeah, that’s the right address…Name? Err…Mattie…Dalby…Thank you” Belle hung up the phone after ordering a taxi for Mattie. She wasn’t sure about what name to give so just said Dalby. She didn’t know if she would end up back with Ric or filing for a divorce.

Belle walked into the spare room to get it ready for Mattie. She changed the bed covers and proceeded to clear out the wardrobe. She opened it and it was full of black bags. Taking them out she put them on the bedroom floor. After clearing out the wardrobe, she put the bags out in the hall.

Walking back into the room, she noticed a photo on the floor. Staring at it, tears started rolling down her face. It was the picture of her and Aden at their year 12 formal. She sat on the bed staring at the picture. She wondered how Aden was. Where he was in his life. Was he married? Did he have children? It had only been recently since she started thinking about him again. Wherever he was, whatever he was doing, she hoped he was safe and well.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Aden came back to the flat. He placed the bags on the kitchen counter. Sean was in the living room watching TV.

“Are you going to do anything?” Aden said.

“Like what? Why the hell are you always at me to do stuff! I just wanna relax, man!” Sean said taking a sip of his can of beer.

“Err, your 28! You shouldn‘t be in sitting down drinking beer all day. You should be out working, making a living and helping me clean this place.” Aden explained.

“Right, I will help clean up in a minute, ok?” Sean replied moodily.

Aden rolled his eyes and walked back into the kitchen. He started to cook the dinner. He put the chicken into the cooker. Wiping the table and placing the cutlery on it, Aden heard a knock on the door. He walked out, down the long narrow hallway and opened the door.

“Hey, man!” Aden smiled and hugged the person at the door.

“It‘s no problem. You know I said when I left the Bay, you ever ran into trouble to give me a call.” the man replied.

“Seriously Roman, I…this really…means so much to me” Aden said struggling with his words. “Come on in and I will show you around.”

Roman was horrified to see where Aden was living. A two bedroom flat with battered up walls and wires everywhere. The flat looked liked it hadn’t have a lick of paint on the walls in about 20 years! Roman walked into the kitchen. Sean came in from the sitting room, which he was cleaning. After introducing Roman and Sean to each other, Sean walked back out and went to have a shower.

“So, how are you doing then?” Roman asked

“Ah, you know…surviving…” Aden said sadly.

“But running into money problems…” Roman stated.

“Yes and I had no idea what else to do” Aden admitted hopelessly

“I have the money here for you.” Roman said handing him $800.

“I will pay you back” Aden replied.

“No, you won‘t. You know you are like a son too me, Aden.” Roman answered. “I just can‘t believe you are living here…I‘m shocked…”

“It’s a dump, I will admit that but its all my roommate and I can afford…Well, could afford.” Aden laughed.

“Aden, I was wondering…” Roman started “…Would you come back to the Bay and stay with me?”

“What?! Roman, I couldn‘t do that…No, I couldn‘t…” Aden said.

“Yes you could.” Roman said. “It is no problem. It‘s just Jazz and I living in our place and our son, Charlie. Plenty of room. I have even talked to Jazz about it before I left and she is all for you coming back to the Bay.”

Aden pondered over weather or not to go back to Summer Bay for good. Would that be a good idea? Going back to the place that would bring back awful memories of his life.

“I‘ll think about it…” Aden muttered thinking about going back to Summer Bay.

Aden stood up and started to serve up the dinner. Sean came into the kitchen. The three men sat and eat the food. Sean and Roman was chatting away while Aden was still thinking about what Roman said.

“Right well I best be off” Roman said starting up.

“You can crash here tonight. If you leave now, you won‘t get back to the Bay for at least 4 hours which will be like 11 by the time you get home.” Aden explained.

“Yeah, mate. You can take my bed. I‘ll stay on the couch” Sean offered.

“You guys sure?” Roman asked.

“Yeah, its no problem. We could have a few beers or something later as well” Sean said.

“Grand. I will just ring Jazz then.” Roman said going out to the hall and ring his wife.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was nearing 5am. Belle had woken up so she could be up for when Mattie arrived. She heard a car pull up outside the apartment. Looking out the window, she saw Mattie getting out with the two children. She couldn’t help but be very excited to see her. It had been so long since she last saw her. Opening the front door and running down to the main door of the apartment complex, she started crying. Mattie looked like she hadn’t slept in weeks. She looked like she was under so much stress. Mattie walked over to her best friend.

“Oh, Belle!” Mattie said and burst into tears. Wiping away her tears, Mattie introduced Belle to her children “Danny, you remember Belle, don‘t you sweetie?”

“Yeah, mummy” Danny replied smiling.

“Belle this is Sarah” Mattie said to Belle.

“Hello Sarah.” Belle said kneeling down.

Sarah was shy. She hid behind her mum’s legs.

“Awh, she is shy and very tried.” Mattie laughed “unlike her brother”

“I remember seeing when you were 4. So cute. I bet you are big and bold now.” Belle joked.

“I am not” Danny laughed.

“I bet you are! Come inside.” Belle said walked into the apartments helping with the suitcases.

The children ran into the house and were gob smacked. It was amazing. Nothing like what their house was like in London. Belle told Mattie where she was staying. Mattie and the kids went into the room. She put the kids to sleep while Belle made herself and Mattie a cup of coffee. As she placed the cups on the breakfast bar, Mattie came back into the kitchen.

“Thanks a million” Mattie said faking a smile.

“Don‘t worry about it. Your my best friend. I would do anything for you.” Belle replied “…Oh, that reminds me. Ric rang here earlier.”

“What did he say?” Mattie asked worried.

“Just did I know where you were. I said I didn‘t know.” Belle answered.

“Thank you so much, Belle. I just couldn‘t stay there anymore. After you left, after the holiday 5 years ago, life has been hell. Money has been tight and we are fighting more and more. He is out drinking and clubbing leaving me home with the children.” Mattie cried.

Belle hugged Mattie. “Do you know what you are going too do?” Belle asked.

“I really don‘t know. I spoke to Tony and told him what’s going on. He said I could say back home for as long as I needed too. So, I will stay in the Bay for a while after the reunion.” Mattie replied.

“Would Ric know you decided to come here for the reunion.” Belle wondered.

“I‘m not sure, honestly. I said that you offered to pay so he may click in his head. But I really don‘t know what too so. When Sarah said I love you daddy, it just broke my heart, Belle.” Mattie sobbed.

“Why would that happen?” Belle asked confused.

“…Because Sarah isn‘t Ric‘s child…” Mattie whispered.

Preview: Will Aden move back to Summer Bay? Who is Sarah’s father?

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Thank you all for the comment. :) Ok, this chapter is shorter than normal. Next will be longer. Enjoy. =)

Chapter 6

“Say something, Belle…” Mattie begged.

“What?! How? Why? Mattie?” Belle didn’t know what to say.

“It was after you left. The problems were becoming to much for Ric and I. I was working late nights avoiding fights with Ric. One night I went out with a few work mates and my boss…” Mattie started “…Had too much to drink. Ended back in my boss‘ house.”

“Was it just a one night thing?” Belle asked stunned.

“No…” Mattie replied ashamed at what she done. “Lasted about 6 months and then I found out I was pregnant….”

“And what did you say to Ric?” Belle asked.

“I had to lie, Belle!“ Mattie state. “And say it was his or else he would leave me. Looking now…nearly 4 years later…Look what I have done…” Mattie sobbed.

“Did your boss know? I mean, you get pregnant. He must have wondered if he was his, right?” Belle wondered.

“He asked but I lied.” Mattie admitted. “Belle you have to promise me. You can‘t tell anyone this.”

“Mattie…Ric should know this…” Belle said worried.

“He can‘t, Belle! I think we just need to take a break right now. I don‘t know if this will be permanent. But if he knew, we would be over for good! I do love Ric, I know I do but we just need some time apart. Please, Belle! Promise me!” Mattie replied.

Belle was unsure about this. She had already lied to Ric about where Mattie was. If this ever came up, lying again would be so hard. Ric had helped her a lot in her life. She eventually agreed to keep quiet about this. Nobody was ever to find out about Mattie’s affair. They both finished their cup’s of coffee and headed into bed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

By the time Belle and Mattie were going to bed, Roman was getting up to head back to Summer Bay. He got out of Sean’s bed and had a quick shower before going downstairs. Aden was already awake in the kitchen. Roman walked in.

“Morning!!” Roman said enthusiastically.

“Someone is happy!” Aden laughed.

“Ah, this is how I handle my hangovers” Roman replied “So, have you decided?”

“Yes. I think I will return to Summer Bay and get a steady job there. This just isn‘t working out for me. I need to get my act together.” Aden admitted.

“Ah, mate! This is great news!” Roman smiled.

“Yeah, I just don‘t know what to say to Sean. I mean he is a good guy…just a complete waster…” Aden said.

“Bring him back too.” Roman said without thinking.

“What? Are you sure?” Aden asked shocked.

“Yes, of course! Both of you need to new start. You are still young and have a lot left in your lives. Move back, get a job, maybe find that certain someone.” Roman replied.

“That certain someone I would love to have again is probably already married with a bunch of children and a great job…” Aden said sadly.

“Well, she will be at the reunion. May have a chance to sort things out. Find out what she has been doing.” Roman responded.

Aden went into Sean. After talking about it, Sean decided to go as well. They contacted their landlord and informed him they were both moving out. Taking a few bits and pieces with them, they took off leaving the key with their landlord. Back to Summer Bay it was!

Preview: While Belle and Mattie are getting ready for returning to Summer Bay, Mattie brings up a terrible time from the past. Sean gets a job, but where?

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Chapter 7

One week later

“I got it!! I got it!!” Sean screamed happily coming into the kitchen of Roman and Jazz’s house. He was like a little school kid who won the prize of getting best kid in the class for the week.

“What did you get?” Aden asked confused.

“I got the job!” Sean laughed.

“Where is it?” Jazz asked taking a sip of her cup of tea.

“Err, the caravan park.” Sean replied looking at the sheet of paper Alf gave him of his duties.

“Oh mate! I feel for you!” Aden laughed.

“Why?” Sean asked confused.

“You do know what that job is for right?” Jazz asked.

“What?” Sean asked still confused.

“Your cleaning the toilets! And changing the beds. How exciting!” Aden smirked.

“Ah, damn! I thought…Well, I don‘t know what I thought…” Sean replied.

“Well, at least you have a job. Something I have been struggling with” Aden admitted.

“No look then?” Jazz asked concerned.

“Yeah, nothing!” Aden said hopelessly.

“Ah, you’re a good looking bloke. You will find something. I‘ll keep an eye out for you.” Jazz said “I better go now. See you later guys”

As Jazz opened the door, standing there was a tall blonde girl. Taking off her sunglasses, she spoke;

“Daddy! I‘m home”

“Whoa! Who is the hottie?!” Sean said staring at her.

“Nicole” Aden grunted “Roman‘s daughter…”

“Ah dude! Remember, you compared me too her a few days ago!” Sean smiled and hit Aden on the back.

Sean walked out to Nicole and grabbed her bags trying to be a gentleman. Aden rolled his eyes. He knew what was going to happen. Sean was going to try and Nicole to go on a date with him or something like that.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“What age will I start shaving?” Danny asked Oliver while watching him doing it in the bathroom.

“I don‘t know, mate” Oliver laughed “When you grow hair.”

“I have a few little hairs at the top of my lip so I will have loads when I‘m your age” Danny replied smartly.

“Haha, yeah. You sure will.” Oliver responded.

“Are you bugging Oliver in here, sweetie?” Mattie said coming into the bathroom.

“No…” Danny answered innocently.

“You be behaving yourself.” Mattie warned. “Where is your toothbrush, Danny?”

“In our room.” Danny replied.

Mattie walked back into the kitchen. Belle was making sandwiches for Danny and Sarah to have. It had been a week since Mattie arrived and Belle was delighted to have her best friend back here. They had gone out on the town, shopped a little, spent time at home with the children and took them around the city.

Ric rang twice during the week to inform Belle that he still didn’t know where Mattie was. Mattie knew Belle and Ric were great friends and had helped each other a lot so it was very tough for her to lie to him about where she was. Instead, she tried suggesting several places where she could be. Belle was convinced that Ric was growing suspicious of her and her lying.

Belle decided to leave for the reunion a day earlier on the Thursday rather than the Friday. Everyone was running around getting things ready for it.

“I think everything is packed now…” Mattie said sitting down.

“Grand. We will put the bags in the car tonight so we can just head of first thing in the morning. We were thinking leaving around 9ish and get there around 2. We were stop off somewhere to get something to eat on the way.” Belle explained the plan.

“Sounds good.” Mattie replied “You nervous about going back?”

“Yes! I know Aden will be there and I‘m so worried what will happen. I don‘t want to fight with him or anything. Danny! Sarah! Your sandwiches are ready” Belle called.

“I know your worried about it. But, it will be interesting to see everyone from our year again, don‘t you think?” Mattie asked.

“Yes, totally! I haven‘t seen anyone apart from you really.” Belle said.

Danny and Sarah came into the kitchen. Getting their food, they walked into their bedroom and watched TV while eating. Belle stared at Sarah walking out of the room.

“I know what you are thinking” Mattie said “I regret it so much…”

“Mattie, I wasn‘t about Sarah…I was actually thinking about… It doesn‘t matter.” Belle said quietly.

“Your baby?” Mattie said.

“Sshhh!” Belle whispered. She walked over and closed the kitchen door. “Oliver doesn‘t know about the baby. I never told him I was pregnant before or lost the baby.”

“But it’s a big part of your past, Belle. Your and Aden‘s relationship also.” Mattie explained.

“Can we not talk about this, Mattie.” Belle said trying to hold back the tears. Mattie walked over to her and hugged her. She knew talking about the baby was hard. She didn’t mean to upset Belle.

“Come on, we will go out and get some lunch or something. Have a girly afternoon before we head back to the Bay!” Mattie suggested.

Belle smiled. She went into her bedroom to get ready to go out for the afternoon with Mattie. Locking the door, she pulled a box out of the back of her wardrobe. Looking at the pictures in the box, she came across her 3 month scan of her baby. It was hard looking at them. She had lost the baby…Or so she told everyone… Only her and Aden knew the truth of what happen to their baby.

Preview: Belle and Mattie return to Summer Bay. Nicole reveals some home truths about her life since she left. Aden and Belle see each other for the first time in 8 years.

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I don't like this chapter. At all. I hate how I wrote it. Especially the part with Aden. Anyways, here it is. Enjoy. :) Sorry its hours later. I was having a bit of diffficult with my laptop earlier.

Chapter 8

The next day arrived. It was three days before the reunion. The Bay was filling up with the students from Class of 2008. Nicole came into the kitchen after having a shower. Sean had left to go to the Caravan park. Aden was sitting down reading the jobs section in the newspaper.

“Aden, my, my, you haven‘t changed.” Nicole flirted.

“Here a day and already flirting. You’re the one hasn‘t changed!” Aden laughed.

“I try! So, how’s life?” Nicole asked sitting down beside him.

“Not too bad” Aden said.

“That’s why you are still here with Roman, yes?” Nicole replied.

“Whatever, Nicole! I don‘t have time for this.” Aden said getting annoyed. He stood up and went to walk out.

“Aren‘t you going to ask how my life is?!” Nicole asked.

“What so you can boast about how prefect your life is and how living in LA is the best thing ever? No thanks!” Aden replied.

“Hey! Aden that is not fair! I‘m different now from what I was like in High School.” Nicole explained.

“Ok then. How is your life?” Aden asked sitting back down.

“Well, I‘m married with two lovely children. Josh who is 8 and Anna who is 2. My husband is a recorder producer in LA. Pretty good lifestyle, I must say. But it hasn‘t all been smooth sailing…” Nicole admitted.

“What do you mean?” Aden asked interested.

“After I left the Bay, I was broke. No money. Nothing. Had to work in diners around LA for $4 an hour. Got into drugs and drink. You know the story, things went downhill. Ended up homeless, jobless. Wondered where I would get my next fix from. Ended up selling my body. Then I meant my husband. He took me in. Changed my life around” Nicole explained. “But still, its rocky with us…”

“What do you mean?” Aden replied.

“Ah, you know! My husband is a rock star…You know what they are like” Nicole said “He cheats…I cheat. We both know about each other. No communication between us.”

“Wow, that’s kinda messed up!” Aden said shocked.

“Its not that bad” Nicole said “We just can‘t talk to each other. He works “late” every night. Yeah right he is working! He would be off spelling with the next girl who is trying to get into the business”

“How can you not be so angry about this?” Aden asked.

“Because Aden, its what I‘m used too. We both do it on each other. Both know about it yet nothing ever changes.” Nicole said sadly

“I‘m utterly stunned…I don‘t know what to say…” Aden said speechless.

“You don‘t have to say anything, Aden. This is my life. You get used too it. Anyways, moving on. What about you and Belle? How many kids you have now?” Nicole asked.

“Belle and I broke up two years after High School, Nicole. I rather not talk about it” Aden responded.

“Oh, I‘m sorry Aden” Nicole said genuinely.

Aden stood up. After faking a smile, he said goodbye and walked out the front door. There was somewhere he had to be. Someone he had to talk too.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Driving down the road, Belle got butterflies in her stomach. She remembered the day she left the Bay. The day she said she would never return to Summer Bay. And here she was, coming back. She was excited to see Irene and everyone else in the Bay. They would all get too meet Oliver as nobody had. The sun was shining high in the sky. It was a beautiful day. But, it was in Summer Bay - that is why she loved Summer Bay.

Oliver turned into Irene’s house. Belle couldn’t contain her excitement. She got out of the car and ran into the house. Tears started strolling down her face. The house hadn’t changed at all. Still the same old house. Irene ran down the stairs. For a second, Belle and Irene stared at each other. They ran over and hugged one another tightly.

“You have grown up so much, Belle!” Irene cried with happiness.

Mattie, Oliver and the kids came into the house with all the bags.

“Thanks for the help, babe!” Oliver said sarcastically.

“Ah! This must be Oliver!” Irene smiled walking over to him and introducing herself.

After a while of catching up, Oliver took Mattie to Tony’s where she was staying. Opening the room, out ran Rachel and Tony. All three hugged. Mattie introduced Sarah and Danny to Rachel and Tony. Oliver helped bring in the bags and then headed back to Irene’s house.

“I‘m back!” Oliver said opening the door.

“Oh hello! Belle just ran out.” Irene replied

“Why? Where is she gone?” Oliver asked.

“Ah, just gone around the town. Haven‘t been here in a while” Irene said and went to prepare the dinner.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In Loving Memory Of

Larry Jeffries

Died 24th May 2012

Aged: 53


He stood there. Staring at his fathers grave. Words couldn’t describe how he was feeling. He never got to say goodbye to his father.

“I‘m so sorry, dad.” Aden started “…I just couldn‘t come back here after everything. Everything that happened here. With you and with me. I just wished you would have stop drinking. I asked you to stop so many times in the two years before I left. If you couldn’t have done it for me, you should have for yourself. Why did you have to keep drinking! Why couldn't you get help! God took you too soon. You weren‘t ready to leave and I wasn‘t ready to lose you, dad. As much as we fought. As much as we disagreed. I always loved you! And always will. You were my father, of course I did. How could I honestly hate my father?! After you and mum split, it was just me and you. I had to get used to just having man in my life. You helped me through everything. And I mean everything. With school, with growing up, even with Belle. You directed me in the right path in life, yet I chose the wrong one. I’m ending just like you…I’m scared, dad. So scared I will die alone…I need you to give me a sign that everything will be okay. No matter what path you choose in life, I loved you. I need you do know that I loved you and I‘m sorry…I wish I got to say goodbye…I wish you could be here for me…I‘m lost without you…”

Aden had started to cry. He didn’t think he would be so emotional. He thought he would have words of hate rather than words of love. Instead, he couldn’t hold it in. Everything he was feeling, everything he wanted to say, everything he was thinking, just came out.

He walked out of the graveyard. Walking back down the main street, he saw her. It was Belle. The first time in 8 years. She looked stunning, like she always did. Approaching her, he didn’t know what he was going to say. As Belle was walking down the street, she stopped and stared at him for a few seconds. She turned around and walked back the other way. She didn’t want to see or talk to Aden. She wasn't ready for that step after what he did too her.

Preview: What was the real reason Aden and Belle broke up? Mattie talks to Rachel about Ric.

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The wait is over. Chapter 9 has arrived. :lol: I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 9

Mattie had unpacked everything. Sitting in her old room, she couldn’t help but smile. She loved being back home. Rachel knocked on the door and walked in.

“Hello!” Rachel smiled.

“Hey Rachel.” Mattie replied back and sitting on her bed.

“Your thinking about him…” Rachel said.

“How can I not? I love him, I do. It‘s just its not the same since we left Summer Bay. It never has.” Mattie sobbed.

“Mattie, if you love Ric, why doesn‘t he know where you are? Why did you just take off and not talk to him about this?” Rachel asked.

“Because, Rachel! I‘m sick and tired of talking to him about us. Our problems. It just ends up in fights and I don‘t want the kids to hear us fighting…” Mattie explained. “Its not fair on them to hear that.”

“I think you should call him - ”

“No! I can‘t!” Mattie replied interrupting her.

“Mattie, you can. At least call him and tell him you are fine and safe” Rachel suggested.

“I‘ll think about it.” Mattie smiled.

Rachel smiled. She stood up and went to walk out of the room. “It will all work out the way it is meant too, Mattie.” she said and walked out of room leaving Mattie to think if she should call me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sean finished his day at the caravan park. He went for a run on the beach wear he saw Nicole coming out of the water. He had been trying it on with her since he arrived.

“Hey sexy!” he winked.

“Hello Sean.” Nicole replied rolling her eyes.

“How you doing today?” Sean said.

“I was fine until some sweaty, smelly guy came up too me.” Nicole smiled.

“Who?” Sean asked looking around.

“You! I‘m taking about you!” Nicole said “Can you just leave me alone?”

“But you and me, baby…We could make things work” Sean flirted.

“Are you serious?! I‘m out of here come Tuesday and I‘m married with kids” Nicole was getting annoyed.

“Yeah but you cheat on your husband and he cheats too. What about - ”

“Wait a second!? How do you know that?” Nicole asked confused.

“I over heard your conversation with Aden.” Sean explained.

“But you left right?” Nicole said.

“I left but came back in to collect my jacket.” Sean replied.

“You need to keep you mouth shut, ok!” Nicole warned.

“Only if I get something in return” Sean winked with a smug look on his face.

“In your dreams, Sean!” Nicole snapped and started to walk off.

“Oh don‘t you worry, baby! You are already in my dreams!!” Sean shouted up the beach smiling.

Sean thought for a second. His flirting skills needed a lot of work!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Belle! The door!” Irene called.

Belle came running down the stairs smiling. Her smile turned to dismay when she saw Aden standing at the door. Looking up, he smiled at her. Irene walked out the door leaving Belle and Aden alone.

“How are - ”

“Cut the crap, Aden. What do you want?” Belle said with her arms folded.

“Just to see how you are doing, that’s all.” Aden replied.

“After 8 years of nothing! Now you want too talk! Are you serious?!” Belle yelled.

“Oh come on, Belle. We didn‘t end on good terms, now did we? You just took off! How was I meant to know where you had gone, Belle?” Aden shouted back.

“No, we didn‘t. But you could have asked Irene were I was.” Belle suggested.

“Its too late for that now.” Aden said lowering his voice. “I seriously just wanted to see how you were doing, Belle…”

“I‘m fine. Life’s great.” Belle answered. “Are we done here?”

“You not going to ask about me? What I have been up too?” Aden asked.

“Err…NO!” Belle replied “Aden, the sight of your repulses me! Disgusts me! I don‘t want to see you, talk too you, laugh with you, do anything with you again!”

“Belle! Please!” Aden begged.

“That was our baby! And you did a horrible thing by manipulating me to give our child up, Aden!” Belle said with tears forming in her eyes.

“I wasn’t ready for a child, Belle. You knew that” Aden replied.

“And? Was I? No, not at all! I was 20 and even now, I‘m not sure I‘m ready.” Belle replied. “ Going into that clinic was…was the hardest thing of my life…”

After a few minutes of silent, Belle sat down at the table. She was crying. Aden sat down beside her trying to find the words that would comfort her.

“I‘m sorry…” he whispered.

“It’s too late, Aden.” Belle said looking into his eyes “Getting that abortion was the most horrific thing I have ever have to endure.”

“It effect both of us. It was a horrible thing that I convinced you too do. I look back and don’t know why I did it… I just wasn’t ready to be a dad…It was really that, that caused our break-up, wasn‘t it” Aden said calmly

“It was. We both broke down. We were not communicating after. I look back and think how I let you manipulate me like that. You told me it was for the best! That a child would ruin our relationship. How could you say that too me? Convincing me a child wasn‘t a good thing…” Belle cried.

“I guess everything happens for a reason.” Aden replied.

“And what was the reason for our baby, Aden?” Belle asked sobbing.

“I - ”

“What baby?”

Belle and Aden turned around. Oliver was standing there not looking too pleased.

Preview: Belle comes clean to Oliver. Oliver makes an enemy in Aden. Mattie makes an important decision about her marriage.

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Chapter 10

“Belle, what baby?!” Oliver repeated the question.

“I… I better go… ”Aden said.

“Yes, you better. I would like to talk to my fiancé alone.” Oliver replied.

Aden looked at Belle. She was engaged. He couldn’t believe it. Aden walked out of the house.

“Oliver, I‘m sorry…” Belle said

“For what?! What is going on Belle?” Oliver asked sitting down beside her.

“That guy. Aden, we were engaged. I became pregnant and I had…lost the baby.” Belle answered.

“Why didn‘t you even tell me this?” Oliver asked.

“Why does it matter? Its all in the past, Oliver?” Belle explained.

“Belle, the past is a big deal and you know it is.” Oliver said annoyed.

“Calm down, Irene is up stairs. I don‘t want her to hear us fighting.” Belle begged. “Its not something I like to talk about…”

“Apparently not! Belle we are meant to get getting married! How could you keep this from me?! How can I know that you are not hiding any other secrets?!” Oliver asked.

“Oliver, I love you. There are no more secrets I‘m keeping from you.” Belle said and hugged him.

Oliver backed away. “I don‘t know that for sure…” He stood up and walked out the door. He needed to think. Back in the house, Belle was crying. What was going to happen now. Why couldn’t Oliver just understand that she didn’t want to talk about it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Looking at the phone, she knew she should call him. He needed to know she was safe. He also needed to know that she wanted to take a break. Dialling the last number, she waited nervously for him to answer.


“Ric…” Mattie said softly.

“Mattie! Where are you?! Are you ok?!” Ric asked impatiently

“I‘m fine. I‘m in Summer Bay…” Mattie admitted.

“What?!” Ric asked confused.

“I asked Belle to pay for flights. She agreed. I know I should have called but I just couldn‘t face it. Ric, we need to take a break…” Mattie said

“Mattie, we can‘t do that?! What about the kids?!” Ric asked.

“Listen, I‘m staying in Summer Bay for a while after the reunion.” Mattie started. “You are more than welcome to come over for it. But I‘m not coming home straight away. Ric, I haven’t been happy and I can’t fake a smile anymore. The children don’t deserve to hear us fighting all the time. I miss my family, my friends. I miss Summer Bay. I just want to stay here for a while. I’m not saying this is the end of us. I don’t know that…But some time apart might make me realise what it was that I fell for in the first place.”

“I don‘t know what to say, Mattie. I was so worried about you. Thought you went up North. Not across the world…If you need time, I‘m giving you time.” Ric said.

“Will you be here on Saturday?” Mattie asked.

“I was going to surprise you with two tickets to Summer Bay tomorrow…Looks like I will have to cash one in.” Ric replied.

“I didn‘t know…” Mattie responded.

“Don‘t worry about it. Yes, I will be there. In the mean time, tell the children daddy misses them and loves them.”

Ric hung up the phone. There it was again. “Daddy” The word that broke her heart every time she heard Ric say it too Sarah. After getting off the phone, she went to the kitchen and began cooking dinner. She could relax now. Knowing Ric would give her some time took a lot of pressure of her shoulders. Who knew if they would get back together or when they would.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Aden was sitting in the Pier Diner. Oliver was standing at the door staring at him and yelling. He looked angry. Really angry. Aden stood up and walked over to him.

“Mate you need to relax.” Aden said calmly.

“I‘m no mate of yours!” Oliver spat.

Aden walked out the door. Oliver followed and grabbed him. Lying him against the car, he started threatening him.

“Stay away from me. Stay away from Belle. Don‘t come near us or I swear, I‘ll have you shot. Got it?!”

“Whoa! Seriously, what is wrong with you?” Aden asked.

“You don‘t come near us, right!” Oliver threatened.

“You think I‘m a threat do you?” Aden smirked.

“Your asking for it!” Oliver said enraged. “Belle doesn‘t belong too you! You guys were over years ago.”

“You talk like she is some kind of procession which she isn't. I‘m not scared of you Oliver. Grow up and stop acting like you’re a teenager in high school. This isn‘t how adults sort out problems. You must have some real issues you have - ”

Aden didn’t get to finish his sentence. Oliver punch him in the face and he fell too the ground. Roman and Colleen came running out of the Pier Diner while others looks on. Tony ran from the boats and grabbed Oliver as Roman held onto Aden.

“What is going on here?!” Roman yelled.

“That basta*d is trying to steal Belle! And I won‘t let him do it!” Oliver explained.

“You have major issues! I was talking to her today. Just talking, mate!” Aden shouted to Oliver.

“Yeah about this baby you lost!” Oliver yelled.

Belle had lied to Oliver. She hadn’t told him the truth. Why hadn’t she told him the truth? Aden thought it would have made more sense if he had come after him, warning him, shouting odds if he had know he had forced to her to have an abortion.

“Listen guys. Don’t ruin this weekend for both of you. Stay out of each others way.” Tony said before anyone else could.

Tony and Roman let go of them and they both went in there separate directions. Oliver went back to Belles while Aden went home to Romans. He walked in the door and slammed it behind him. Sean was in the kitchen.

“Bad day?” Sean asked.

“You could say that…” Aden said and sat down.

“Ah, mine wasn’t the best either. I had to clean toilets. Tough job that is. I seriously don‘t know what people around here eat. I mean - ”

“Sean! Nobody needs to hear that.” Aden replied in disgust.

“Sorry dude. Anyways, went to the beach and flirted with Nicole…Well it was more or trying too. I need to tips in that department…She turned me down, basically” Sean said. He stood up and went to walk out the door before adding “But she wants me…she just doesn‘t know it yet”

Aden laughed. That guy was in way over his head. There was no way he would be able to handle a girl like Nicole. Thinking back to the fight, he wondered how Belle would have reacted when she found out.

“YOU PUNCHED HIM!” Belle yelled. “Oliver, what were you thinking? Why did you punch him?”

“Because Belle…I don‘t want to lose you. He needs to know that if he was going to fight for you, I‘d fight back. I love you, baby” Oliver replied.

“There was no need to punch him though. That was uncalled for.” Belle responded. “I want you to call him tomorrow and tell him your sorry for what happened. And it will not happen again”

“Fine, I‘ll do that. For you, Belle. I’d do anything.” Oliver smiled.

"Good! I want to have a good time here, Oliver. I will not let you, Aden or anyone ruin it for me." Belle replied.

Preview: Ric arrives in Summer Bay. Will Oliver and Aden be able to become friends?

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