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A Second Chance?

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Well you guys have caught up with me now. I only have up too half of Chapter 13 done. So this will probably be the last update for a few days because I like to be a few chapters a head so I know where its going. Hope you like it. :)

Chapter 11

The next day arrived. Irene had woken up Belle who contacted the school to let them know she and her guest, Oliver would be attending the reunion the next day. After getting off the phone to Miles, Belle went into the kitchen where Irene was preparing breakfast.

“Hi Irene!” Belle smiled.

“Morning Belle.” Irene replied. “Looking forward to tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I suppose…” Belle said.

“What’s wrong? You seemed to be looking forward to it the other day” Irene answered.

“I know. Like I am excited about seeing everyone again. Its just after what happened between Oliver and Aden yesterday I‘m worried that something may happen again and it could ruin the night for me” Belle explained.

“Oliver knows how much this means too you. He isn‘t going to start anything up, Belle.” Irene assured her “You have nothing to worry about.”

“I‘m not so sure…” Belle muttered to herself.

While she asked Oliver to contact Aden and apologise today, that meant nothing. You can apologise to someone and still have another fight the next day.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Nicole walked into the kitchen of Roman’s. Sean was sitting at the table reading the paper when Nicole walked in.

“Yeah?” Sean asked.

“I was wondering are you doing anything tomorrow?” Nicole asked.

“Let me look at my schedule…Oh, that’s right! I don‘t have one. Yes, yes Nicole I‘m free to go on a date with you tomorrow night” Sean grinned.

“Date?! What?” Nicole asked confused.

“You asked if I was doing anything tomorrow…I thought you were asking me out!” Sean said embarrassed.

“No! I was wondering if you were heading to the reunion as Aden‘s +1! I wasn‘t asking you out.” Nicole explained.

“Oh, my bad… Yeah, I am…” Sean replied. “I better go.”

Sean got up and walked out of the kitchen. He was constantly making a fool of himself in front of Nicole. What Sean didn’t know was that Nicole thought all his little efforts to flirt with her were cute. She hadn’t felt romance in so long. Not with her husband anyways.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Thanks, mate!”

Ric stood out of the taxi. He walked up to the front door of Miles’ house. Knocking on the door, he waited for someone to answer it. A tall teenager opened the door.

“Ollie!” Ric smiled shocked at how much older Ollie was now.

“Wow, Ric! Haven‘t seen you seen I was very young. Yet, I still remember you” Ollie laughed “Come on in!”

Ric walked into the house. He put his bag on the ground and looked around. Nothing much had changed in 10 years apart from the colours on the walls. Ric and Ollie heard footsteps coming down the stairs,

“RIC!” Kirsty squealed.

“Ah Kirst!!” Ric smiled and hugged Kirsty.

“How are you?! How are Mattie and the kids? How is life in London?” Kirsty bombarded him with questions.

“I‘m good. Glad to be back him. Life in London is alright.” Ric said answering them.

“Ah that’s great! What about Mattie and the kids?” Kirsty asked putting the kettle on.

Ric shot at Ollie who knew this was his key to leave the room. Ric walked over to Kirsty and took a deep breathe.

“Err, Mattie and I are taking a break at the moment” Ric explained.

“Oh, Ric. I‘m sorry I didn‘t know…” Kirsty said. “When did this happen?”

“Well, last week really.” Ric started “Mattie took off with the kids. It turned out that she was staying in the city with Belle. Now she is here for the reunion and plans to stay for a while after.”

“Wow, that’s really full on.” Kirsty said feeling bad for them. “When you left, everyone thought you’d be the ones to grow old together and everything…”

“Its not like it’s a final decision just yet, Kirsty. Its just a break. I think she thinks that we married too young. And in the past few years things haven’t been great with us. We had been having a lot of financial problems and it was becoming too much. Fighting our everything.” Ric explained pouring two cups of tea.

“You guys have been together for years. I‘m sure you guys will work it out. Hopefully she will realise how much she loves you.” Kirsty responded.

“I hope so anyways!” Ric smiled.

“Your probably really tired? Well, Miles and I have set up your old room for you to stay in if you would like to lie down” Kirsty replied.

“That’s great. Thanks a million Kirsty. I think I will have a lie down actually.” Ric said. He took his bags and his cup of tea and went up to the bedroom where he went to sleep for a while.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Oliver picked up the phone to call Aden. Belle stood there with her arms folded and watched him.

“Hello, can I speak too Aden please? … Ok, thank you….”

“Well?” Belle said.

“Whoever answered is getting him now…” Oliver whispered. “…Oh, hi Aden. Its Oliver here. Listen, I just wanted to apologise for everyday. I was out of line and let my jealous get the better of me. I hope we can be friends rather than enemies….Yeah, that’s cool. Ok, see you later.” Oliver hung up the phone.

“And?!” Belle asked.

“There. Done. We have decided to be friends. Listen, I‘m going to go off the shops and get something for dinner. I want to cook a romantic meal just for the two off us, baby” Oliver smiled lovingly into her eyes.

“Ok, go on. Off you go then. I‘ll just stay here and clean up.” Belle said.

Oliver kissed Belle and left the house. Belle proceeded to clean the house when there was a knock on the door.

“What did you forget now, Oliver!?” Belle laughed. She opened the door not too see Oliver but to see Aden.

“Hi Belle.” Aden smiled.

“Aden, but…How did you get here so fast?” Belle asked confused.

“What?” Aden laughed “What are you talking about?”

“Where did you come from?” Belle asked.

“I was in town since this morning. What is going on?” Aden laughed but at the same time he was confused.

It was at that second that Belle realised Oliver lied. Aden wasn’t at home. Oliver didn’t really apologise to Aden. God only knew who was at the other end of that phone if there was actually someone.

Preview: Aden and Belle have a heart-2-heart. Ric and Mattie see each other for the first time.

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Here is an extra long chapter for you guys! :)

Chapter 12

“Belle?” Aden said. Belle seemed not to be listening to anything he was saying or asking about.

“Oh, sorry Aden. I was just thinking about something, that’s all. Anyways, come in.” Belle said opening the door wider.

“I feel like we didn‘t get to finish our conversation yesterday…” Aden blurted out.

“Yeah, sorry about that.” Belle replied as she sat down at the table.

“Its not your fault, Belle. Oliver just came in at the wrong time.” Aden responded. “I just want us to be able to put the past behind us. I know we have a dark past with what happened but I know we can do it. I just want to be friends with you.”

“I‘d like that. I‘d really like that, Aden.” Belle smiled.

“I know your happy with Oliver. I‘m not going to ruin your happiness with him. I wish you the best in your future with him and my hopes of us rekindling something - ”

“Wait! What? You wanted us to…get back together?” Belle said.

“Well, yeah if I‘m being honest. I was hoping for that. I wasn‘t sure if you‘d be married or not. If you weren‘t with someone, I was hoping for something.” Aden admitted.

“I don‘t know what to say…I thought we were over.” Belle replied.

“We are over, Belle - ”

“But you must still have feelings for me…” Belle said quietly.

“Belle, you’re the first and only girl I have ever loved. I have never gotten over you.” Aden replied.

“Aden, stop this!” Belle said and stood up. “This isn‘t fair.”

“What do you mean?” Aden asked.

“This! You coming here. Telling me you still have feelings for me. Telling me you hoped we would get back together. I can‘t do this, Aden. I don‘t love you anymore. I‘m engaged to another man who I love.” Belle explained.

“Belle, I‘m sorry. I shouldn‘t have come here.” Aden said.

“I want to be friends with you. But just friends. Nothing more. Nothing less.” Belle said.

“I‘d really like for us to be friends again.” Aden smiled. “I should probably go. People too see. Places to be.”

“Yeah, I have things to do also.” Belle replied.

“Why don‘t we like meet up tomorrow or something for lunch? Bring along Oliver.” Aden suggested.

“Sounds like a plan. I‘ll give you a ring tonight and let you know if we can make it.” Belle said.

She walked Aden to the door. After giving each other a hug, Aden walked off. He was glad that he and Belle could be friends again after so long.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Is she here?”

“Ric, hey.” Rachel said when she opened the door. “She is. But I don‘t know if she wants to see you.”

“Its ok, Rachel. Let him in.” Mattie said appearing from her bedroom.

Rachel walked out the front door while Ric walked into the house.

“How have you been?” Mattie asked quietly.

“Not great to be honest. You just took off…” Ric replied.

“I know Ric. I‘m sorry. I knew if I told you, you would try and make me stay and I just need a break.” Mattie admitted.

“Why would you think that?! I wouldn‘t make you stay” Ric said.

“You‘d try to make me, Ric. And I just don‘t have the energy anymore” Mattie answered back. She walked over to the kitchen window and looked out.

“I didn‘t know how unhappy you were, Mattie. Will we ever be the same again?” Ric asked.

Mattie turned around to face her husband “I don’t know, Ric. I just need time…”

“How are the kids? Can I see them?” Ric asked.

“Tony took them out for the afternoon. They are great. They miss you” Mattie replied.

“Maybe I could take them out tomorrow for a while?” Ric suggested.

“Of course you can.” Mattie smiled.

“Great! I can‘t wait to see them” Ric replied.

“I know you can‘t.” Mattie said not really wanting to talk to Ric

“I will give you time. I‘m only here until Monday. If you need more like you said, I‘m not going to stand in your way. I‘m sorry that I don‘t make you happy anymore.” And with that, Ric proceeded to the door and left the house before Mattie could say anything to him.

Mattie grabbed her keys. She needed someone to talk to at this moment in time. She went over to Irene’s hoping Belle would be here.

“Mattie, what are you do - ”

Belle didn’t finished. Mattie broke down in tears and ran into her arms. After getting Mattie to calm down, both of the girls sat down with a cup of coffee.

“I just don‘t know what too do, Belle. I mean, I love Ric. I know that and he knows that. I just can’t stand the fights anymore. I don‘t want us to split up. What about the children? I wouldn’t want to bring something like this on them” Mattie explained.

“Its more important for you to think about yourself, Mattie. If you are only staying together for the children, that’s not the best idea. You wont be happy in your marriage and will probably end up regretting that decision later on in life” Belle advised.

“…Why is life so complicated!” Mattie complained.

“I know what you mean. Life was so much easier when we were in high school.” Belle laughed.

“Yes, it really was. Remember that party that everyone wanted to go too? What was his name? Luke something. That was a great night!” Mattie smiled.

“How could anyone forget that night!” Belle smirked. “You remember, what I‘m talking about, don‘t you?”

“Eh, yes…” Mattie blushed thinking back.

It was the part of the year. Everyone wanted too be there. Luke Harrington was hosting it in his beach house while his parents were away. Of course, without parents, it was going to be some night. It was your typical party. Teenagers everywhere. Dancing, drinking, making out, talking. Ric, Mattie, Belle and Aden all walked in the door at the same time. The house was full of people from their year. As the night went on, the gang started having a really good time. Belle and Aden were out in the back garden. They had a prefect view of the sea at night. It was amazing.

“I want a house like this when I‘m older!” Belle smiled excitedly.

“I? You mean “we” will have a house like this when we are older. ” Aden corrected her.


Belle and Aden turned around as did everyone else in the garden.

“There is some chick dancing naked on the table!” he guy grinned.

Belle and Aden stood up and ran into the house. They were in shock when they saw that the person was none other than Mattie! Belle grabbed her clothes while Aden grabbed her down off the table. Belle covered her up with her clothes as she and Aden pushed her into the bedroom. Mattie was talking about something but Belle couldn’t understand her. She wanted to save any little dignity Mattie had.

“And then you got the nickname “Naked Chick” for pretty much the whole school year!” Belle laughed.

“Please, don‘t remind me!” Mattie replied rolling her eyes.

“Where was Ric actually? We never found him in the end.” Belle wondered.

“He was out chatting up some girl. Don‘t you remember? It was the first time we broke up for like a month or so.” Mattie replied.

“Oh yeah, I do. That was a horrible time.” Belle answered back.

“But that’s what happens where you 16. Then, just over two years later, we were married.” Mattie responded. “…At least one of us has a good relationship”

“Don‘t talk like that Mattie. Things will work out like the are meant too.” Belle replied.

“Its true. Mine is in shambles.” Mattie responded.

“Listen! Why don‘t be go out on Sunday afternoon. Get away from family, friends, men!” Belle suggested.

“Why would you want to get away from men and your life?” Mattie asked.

“Ah its nothing really.” Belle lied.

“Come on, Belle! You have been there for me when life has been hard. I want to be here for you. What is it? Are you and Oliver fighting?” Mattie questioned.

“Well, Aden and Oliver got into a fight yesterday. I made him phone him today. He said he did and it turned out he lied. Either he had phoned a friend or just spoke to himself on that phone. Either way, I was so annoyed when I found out.” Belle replied angrily.

“Have you - ”

Just as Mattie was about to finish her sentence, Oliver walked into the house with shopping bags.

“Oh hey, ladies.” Oliver smiled. He walked over to Belle and kissed her on the cheek “Hey babe!”

“…I better go! Tony will be back with the kids any minute now” Mattie said and stood up.

“Aw, that’s a shame. I was hoping you could stay for dinner.” Oliver said.

“Sorry!” Mattie apologised and left.

“We need to talk” Belle said to Oliver once Mattie had shut the door over.

Preview: Belle confronts Oliver about how he lied to her.

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Chapter 13

“What’s up babe?” Oliver asked.

“Why did you lie to me earlier on?” Belle asked calmly.

“What do you mean?” Oliver asking taking the messages out of the bag.

“You said you called Aden and you didn‘t, Oliver.” Belle replied.

“What are you talking about, Belle?!” Oliver laughed “You watched me do it.”

“Oliver, don‘t lie to me ONCE AGAIN” Belle responded, annoyed. “You didn‘t call Aden because 10 minutes later he called to the house and said he was in town all morning.”

Oliver didn’t know what too say or how to defend himself. He lied and got caught.

“What was your plan? You knew I‘d find out eventually…” Belle told him.

“When I left, I was hoping to see Aden. Sort things out then - ”

“So I didn‘t know what you would say to him, right?” Belle said.

“Belle, I‘m sorry! You know what I‘m like. I get jealous because I think - ”

“Oliver, don‘t. I‘m just too annoyed and upset to talk to you right now” Belle replied “Forget about dinner tonight.” she added.

“Belle, please. Can we talk about this?” Oliver begged.

“I‘m done talking, Oliver.” Belle responded to him. She grabbed her handbag and car keys and left the house with Oliver calling after her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thinking about how he and Belle were friends again, made Aden automatically happy again. Sitting on the beach, he knew it was time to grow up. The past few years, had been hell for him. Ever since him and Belle broke up. He never got over her. He thought back to the day they broke up;

“Aden we need to talk” Belle said to him one morning.

Four months had past since Belle had the abortion. The past four months had been difficult for both Belle and Aden.

“What is it?” Aden grunted.

“I can‘t do this anymore…” Belle admitted.

“What do you mean?” Aden asked.

“Us. You and me. I think we - ”

“Don‘t say it, Belle! Please, don‘t.” Aden begged.

“My bags are packed. I‘m leaving you. Summer Bay.” Belle replied

“So your just going to give up on us like that!” Aden raised his voice.

“Just like that?! Aden, you know what its been like for the past four months. Hell. For me. For you. I‘m not happy with you anymore.” Belle admitted.

“I know its been difficult but we can make it work” Aden said holding her hands.

“No we can‘t, Aden.” Belle had started to cry “Its been four years. four years together. I‘m 20 now. I want to see the world. I want some new experiences. And I want to do it alone.” Belle continued to say.

“You don‘t mean it!” Aden said.

“Yes, I do. Its over between us. It has been for a while now.” Belle said simply. “Goodbye Aden.”

Aden let go of Belle’s hands gently. Looking into her eyes, he knew she was serious. It was over. Four years and it was over. Belle took her keys and walked out of the apartment they shared. She got into her car and drove down the road. Looking in the mirror she say Aden stand there, watching her drive away.


Aden turned around. Belle was standing there. She walked over and sat down beside him.

“Are you alright Belle?” Aden asked “You look like you have been crying.”

“Oliver and I had a fight.” Belle admitted.

“Oh, I‘m sorry Belle” Aden said and gave her a hug. “Would you like to talk about it?” he offered

“No, I really don‘t to be honest.” Belle replied straight out.

“If you ever want to talk, please feel free to come to me” Aden offered. “I know we ended on bad terms but I hope that this is the start of a new friendship.”

“I want that too.” Belle smiled.

“Here’s an idea! Any plans for tonight?” Aden asked.

“I did but they have been cancelled…” Belle replied. “Why?”

“Why don‘t you, me, Mattie and Ric all go for dinner or something like that at the Pier Diner. Like old times?”

“Eh, you haven‘t seen Ric, have you?” Belle asked.

“No, I haven‘t got the chance. I was going to head over in a while actually. Why? What’s happened?” Aden asked curious.

“Its not my place to say, Aden. I think I should let you talk to him.” Belle answered.

“Em, ok…Does that mean dinner is a no go?” Aden asked.

“Well you and I could go?” Belle suggested.

“Sounds good!” Aden grinned.

“I‘ll give you a ring at Roman‘s later on then, yeah?” Belle asked getting up off the sand.

“Yeah, ok. I‘ll see you later on then.” Aden smiled and headed off in the opposite direction to Belle.

Preview: Aden goes too see Ric.

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Ok, so I had most of this chapter done and just finished it off now. Its shorter than normal chapters but here it is anyways. Just to let you know, I didn't know about the ending of this chapter until I wrote it there like two minutes ago, lol. Hope you like it. :)

Chapter 14

“Mate!!” Aden smiled and patted Ric on the back.

“Its so good to see you!” Ric replied.

“When did you arrive here?” Aden asked walking into the house.

“This morning. To say I‘m wrecked is an understatement” Ric laughed.

“I‘d say so with all the travel.” Aden said. “So how have you been then?”

“Ah, things between Mattie and I aren‘t great. We are on a break at the moment.” Ric told him

“Ouch! When did this happen?” Aden asked.

“Ah last week. She came and stayed with Belle for a few days before coming here. I really hope she realises how much I love her and comes back. I just want us to work out our problems.” Ric explained.

“I hope you guys do also” Aden replied now understanding what Belle had been talking about. “How long have you been together now? Since we were 15 or 16!”

“Yeah, its been a really long time. Anyways, enough about me! How are you?” Ric asked.

“You know yourself. Up and down to be honest. Hopefully things are looking up for me now! I‘ve moved back here. For good.” Aden smiled.

“Really! Sounds like everyone wants to stay here” Ric replied. “First you have moved back. Mattie and the kids plan to stay here for a while afterwards.”

“I guess we will never be able to leave Summer Bay.” Aden shrugged.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Ric laughed. “Whats it like being back in Summer Bay? I mean like living back here.”

“Ah, doing great lately” Aden smiled

“I hear Belle‘s back in the Bay. Anything happening there?” Ric smirked.

“No. She is getting married, Ric” Aden laughed “We are just friends now. Sorted everything out and we are having dinner tonight.”

“Last time I checked, you don‘t just have dinner with friends ” Ric grinned.

Aden become unsettled. He just wanted to stay friends with Belle and if someone was thinking that their dinner was a date, maybe he should cancel it. People may get the wrong idea.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Walking into the house, Belle threw her keys on the table. Oliver was sitting on the sofa waiting TV.

“I was wondering when you were going to come home” Oliver smiled was stood up. He walked over to Belle and kissed her on the cheek.

“I‘m heading back out. Just came back to get a shower.” Belle answered.

“I‘m sorry Belle. I didn‘t want to upset you like I did.” Oliver said.

“I forgive you, Oliver. But just about.” Belle replied “You can‘t let your jealously ruin our relationship. Aden and I are just friends.”

“Belle, I‘m going to be honest with you. Knowing you and Aden had a deep and meaningful relationship scares me.” Oliver admitted “I don‘t want to feel this way but I fear I will lose you too him and I can‘t express how much you do mean to me.”

“Awh, Oliver.” Belle replied “You wont lose me, I promise you that.”

“I glad we had this chat, Belle. I really needed you to know how I felt” Oliver smiled.

“I am too. I‘m glad everything is sorted and we can enjoy the rest of the weekend.” Belle responded. “Now, I‘m off for a shower. I‘m going out later on”

“Where you off too?” Oliver asked.

“I‘m going out to dinner with Aden” Belle said honestly as she headed into the bathroom. She looked in his eyes and knew he was worrying. “Don‘t be like that Oliver. Just a dinner with a friend.”

“Its ok, babe. I trust you” Oliver smiled “Go off and get ready”

Belle kissed her understanding boyfriend and walked into the bathroom getting ready to go out for dinner.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Mattie! Hey!” Ric smiled at Mattie standing at the front door.

“Hey Ric, can I come in?” Mattie asked.

“Of course! Everything okay? You don’t seem like your alright” Ric noticed.

“I need to tell you something, Ric. I don‘t know how to tell you this…” Mattie started.

“What is it?” Ric asked wondering what he was talking about.

“Sarah…” Mattie stopped for a second. She couldn’t go on. She couldn’t tell him. It would break his heart.

Mattie had been thinking all day about weather or not to come clean to Ric. She knew in her head, she had too. It would be the one way she could start to get her marriage back on track.

“What about her, Mattie?” Ric asked his wife.


- How will Ric react to Mattie’s confession?

- Will Aden cancel on Belle?

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Thank you guys for the great comments! Here is the next chapter. :)

Chapter 15

“Mattie what about her? Is she ok?” Ric questioned.

“Ric, I‘m so sorry…” Mattie sobbed.

They both sat on the couch when Ric gave her a tissue waiting for her to say what she had intended to say.

“It was a mistake…I never meant for it to happen…” Mattie started “It started and I couldn‘t stop”

“Mattie, your not making any sense…” Ric replied confused. He put his arm around his wife.

“I had an affair, Ric” Mattie whispered so nobody else could here.

Ric moved away. He was speechless. There was an awkward silence in the room with Mattie looking at Ric but couldn’t explain how he was feeling.

“What?…When??…Why? Are you saying Sarah…Sarah isn’t mine?” Ric didn’t know what else to say. Mattie had slept with another man.

“I‘m so sorry!” Mattie wiped. “Please, let me explain!” she begged

“No, get out! Get out of this house. NOW!” Ric roared.

With that, Mattie ran from the house. Ric’s anger was getting the better of him. He began kicking the cupboard in the kitchen and screaming. He was devastated. Devastated that Matilda would do something like that.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Aden pulled up to Irene’s house. In the end he decided to go ahead with the dinner. He took a deep breathe and got out of the car. Knocking on the door, he waited for a reply. Irene answered.

“There was once a time when you would use the window” Irene winked “How are you love?”

“Ah, I‘m grand, Irene. Is Belle ready?” Aden smiled.

“In a second. Go into the living area. Oliver is in there. I believe you guys need too do some making up…” Irene whispered and looked at Aden.

He walked into where Oliver was watching TV. Immediately, Oliver stood up and put out his hand.

“Listen, I‘m sorry about what happened between us. I hope this can be a new start now” Oliver said.

“Of course! That’s what I want, Oliver. We both love Belle…” Aden paused “In very different ways…” He finished. He bit his lip since what he had just said could be taken in a way he didn’t mean.

“Yes, we do. Which is why I trust you 100% with my fiancé” Oliver grinned when Belle came down the stairs.

“Hey Aden.” Belle smiled “Baby” she winked at Oliver.

“We better get going. Dinner is at eight.” Aden said looking at is watch which read quarter to eight.

“Ok, See you later darling” Belle smiled and kissed Oliver. "Bye Irene!”

“Bye doll! You guys have a good time” She called out from the kitchen.

The two walked out the living room door. Oliver looked on as Aden and Belle got into the car and drove off.

“I‘m really glad we can still do this…” Belle said breaking the silence.

“I am too.” Aden smiled softly at Belle. “You look…You look beautiful”

“Don‘t you recognise this dress?” Belle smirked “You gave it too me for my 20th birthday!”

“That’s the dress I paid $300 for! This is the first time I have seen it on you” Aden laughed.

“I wear it all the time…” Belle replied smiling.

“Well it looks really great on you, Belle. But of course everything does!”

“Even sweat pants?” Belle asked laughing.

“Even sweat pants” Aden winked.

They drove into the car park of the restaurant. Aden got out of the car, and opened the door for Belle.

“Still I gentleman, I see” Belle said getting out. “What’s this place anyways? Is it new?”

“Yes, it is indeed. Roman owns it so I said I would check it out. Haven‘t have the chance so I thought tonight would be a great opportunity” Aden explained.

They pushed the door of the restaurant open. It was beautiful inside. The walls were painted a red-wine colour and had long wine curtain across every window. Scented candles filled the room. There was a sudden warmth feeling about this place. Roman had done a great job and setting up a cosy restaurant in Yabbie Creek. The atmosphere was electric. It was busy tonight. Most of the tables were filled. The waiter came over to Belle and Aden and brought them too their seat.

“What can I get you?” he asked

“I‘ll have the Mandarin Tomato Soup, Brunoise of Summer Vegetables and Tomato Sorbé with a side of chips please.” Belle answered and handed the waiter her menu.

“And I‘ll have…” Aden paused taking one more look over the menu “the Grilled Marinated Hanger Steak with Five Peppercorn-Red Wine Sauce please.” He handed the waiter his menu and the waiter walked away.

“So, the Reunion tomorrow. That’s going to be really great, wont it?!” Aden said excited.

“Yeah, it will. I can‘t wait to see everyone again. It will be a really great night - ”

“Belle how do you know your making the right decision with Oliver?” Aden said interrupting her.

“Excuse me?!” Belle replied taken back.

“There is no doubt in my mind that you think what we had was amazing. But I see you with Oliver and I don‘t know…How do you know your making the right decision marrying him?” Aden asked.

“How does anyone know…” Belle responded quietly.

“Well if your are getting married to Mr/Mrs Right, you would know and wouldn‘t have to question how one would know…” Aden replied.

“I just know, ok!” Belle snapped. “Sorry. Can we just change the subject?”

“Yeah, ok." Aden replied "Well you know Nicole’s back and well Sean, a mate of him, has been trying to hook up with her since he came the other day” Aden laughed trying to lighten up the mood.

“I‘ve never head you speak about Sean before” Belle laughed “What on earth would he want with Nicole?!”

“Ah. Come on Belle. The girls a catch!” Aden winked playfully.

“Yeah…Yeah…” Belle said rolling her eyes. She wasn’t the biggest fan of Nicole.

“She has certainly changed too! Ain‘t a spoiled b!tch now” Aden replied.

The meal arrived and they both ate up. It was delicious to say the least. Belle thought back to what Aden was saying about Mr/Mrs Right. You would never say what she said if you did knew you were making the right decision. This worried her. She knew she loved Oliver. She knew Oliver loved her. But could she imagine herself with him for the rest of her life? There is a difference marrying someone you love and marrying someone who you know you will be together with until you grow grey and old. From that moment on, Belle wasn’t sure she could see her and Oliver being each others Mr and Mrs Right and growing old together...


- Ric and Mattie decide what to do about their rocky marriage.

- Nicole and Sean bond.

*What Belle and Aden ordered at dinner are actual meals I just googled. I haven’t a clue what they are and I certainly didn’t make the names up, lol.

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Thanks for all the great comments. :) Here is the next chaper.

Chapter 16

Saturday had finally arrived! It was the big day for the Class of 2008. Everyone was making last minute changes to their evening. People were deciding what to wear. One person who couldn’t pick was Nicole Franklin. She stood in her bedroom wondering which dress she should wear. Sean walked past and noticed Nicole in there.

“Hey Nicole!” he smiled.

“Sean which dress is better?” she asked holding each one up to up.

“Why don‘t you try them on?” Sean suggested sitting on her bed “It would give me a better idea.”

“Wow, this reminds me of Saturday nights in high school when I would get my friends opinions on what too wear” Nicole laughed thinking back.

“I‘m a friend?” Sean smirked blushing.

“Yeah, of course!” Nicole replied. “You such a great guy! Ok, I will try these on.”

Nicole walked into her bathroom while Sean waited on the bed for her. He looked at the dresser and saw pictures of her with a dark haired man. In another, she was holding two little boys. They must have been her husband and children. The boys smiles’ were the same as Nicole’s.

“Ok, what do you think of this one?!” Nicole asked coming out of the bathroom.

“Amazing!” Sean blushed. She was wearing a tight, black dress that showed her curves in all the right places.

“Ok, ok! Wait a second, now! I‘ll get the other one on now” She replied and ran back into the bathroom dragging her dress with her.

“Hey Nicole!” Sean shouted to her.

“Yes?” Nicole shouted back from the bathroom.

“Are these pictures of your husband and children?” Sean asked returning to the bed.

“The ones on the dresser? Yeah they are!” Nicole replied back coming back from the bathroom.

“Wow, your fast at getting changed!” Sean exclaimed.

“I‘m fast at a lot of things…” Nicole winked flirtatiously.

Sean let out of small cough “Dress looks great! I think the first one is nicer though”

“The black one it is!” Nicole replied and walked back into the bathroom.

“How long are you planning on staying in Summer Bay for?” Sean asked when she returned.

“My flight leaves on Tuesday. I have a family in LA, I have too go back” Nicole said joining him on the bed.

“Oh, I know that. I was just wondering, that’s all!” Sean smiled “I think you’re a great person Nicole. Really amazing woman. And I think your husband takes you for granted. He doesn‘t deserve a woman like you.”

“Sean - ”

“No, I‘m not finished! I think you should leave him, Nicole. This is coming from a friend right here. He doesn‘t care about you. All he wants is someone who is beautiful to cook his meals and look after his children while he works late!”

“I‘m surprised you know my husband so well since we have never spoke about him.” Nicole laughed.

“Well it doesn‘t take a genius to work out how sleaze bags work” Sean replied looking into Nicole’s green eyes.

He was fallen for her. She was nothing she had ever seen before. Amazing woman, she was. Amazing personality. Everything you would ever want and dream for in a woman. Sean leaned in and met Nicole’s lips. After a few seconds, she backed away. She didn’t want to do the cheating on her husband anymore but one more time couldn’t hurt! Leaning back him, she kissed his lips softly. She began unbuttoning his skirt to reveal his muscular build. She knew in her head what she was doing was wrong since she was married but she had done it before, many times. In her heart, she knew she needed to leave her husband and return home. Return to Summer Bay and finally be happy again.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ric was sitting in the dinning area of house waiting for Mattie to call around. He had rang her an hour before hand and asked her to come over as they needed to talk about everything. He stared instantly at his wedding ring which he had just taken off. I promise to be faithful to you was something that Mattie and Ric had said at their wedding.

“Ric, from the moment we started dating, I knew we would get married. I will never do anything to hurt you. You’re my best friend and my soul mate and I can‘t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I promise to love you in good times and in bad, when life seems easy and when it seems hard. I promise always to stay true too you and I promise to be faithful. I love you with all my heart”

“Matilda, when we first started dating, I knew you were the one. We clicked from day one and I knew that I‘d marry you. You’re the best thing that has ever happened too me and I want you too know that. You are the most beautiful, smart, and generous person I have ever known. I love waking up in the mornings with you beside me. I love lying next too you at night and hearing you breathe softly. You’re my one true love. I will always love you.”

“Do you Ric Dalby take Matilda Hunter to be your lawful wedded wife?”

“I do”

“And do you Matilda Hunter take Ric Dalby to be your lawful wedded husband?”

“I do”

They placed their wedding rings on each other’s fingers.

“I know pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride!”

Ric and Matilda smiled. They couldn’t wipe the smile off their face. Leaning, they began to kiss softly. Cheers swept the church. After a few seconds, the kiss was becoming more and more passionate.

“Oi! Save some for tonight!” Aden shouted from the crowd.

Ric and Matilda didn’t take notice of what Aden had said. They just continued knowing that they would be this happy for ever. Or at least that’s what they thought they would be like.



Ric jumped. He didn‘t know Mattie was behind him. “Sorry, I didn‘t hear you come in.”

“Oh the door was open so I came in. I hope you don‘t mind” Mattie smiled.

“No, no! Of course not. Please, sit down” Ric said offering Mattie a seat.

“Lets just cut the small talk and get into it, shall we?” Mattie suggested “I know what I did was wrong -”

“Mattie, I was lying in bed last night. Thinking about what I had found out. Devastated, I was” Ric began to explain. “Hurt. Shocked. But none of that mattered to me. Its not how I feel that matters, its how Sarah will feel. She is going to have to find out I‘m not her father sooner or later.”

“Not if we don‘t tell her” Mattie suggested.

“How can we not, Mattie? This guy has a right to know he has father a child and she has a right to know I‘m not her actual dad” Ric said coldly.

“The father didn‘t even want to know, Ric.” Mattie admitted “And if we could just put this behind us, we could move on and start fresh.”

“Its not that simple, Mattie…” Ric informed her.

“I know that Ric. But believe me when I say, I haven‘t cheated on you since. It was the only time I had ever cheated on someone in my whole entire life.” Mattie said honestly. She went to take Ric’s hands who quickly took them away.

“I want you to be more honest with me Mattie. Tell me everything. Are you happy with me?”

“Of course! - ”

“Do you want us to be together? Who was this guy? How long did it last? ” Ric continued interrupting her. “And finally…Do you want to live back in Summer Bay?”

“Ok, of course I‘m happy with you Ric. I do love you with all my heart and soul. After thinking about our marriage, I have realised, yes, I do want us to be together. I want us to start again. Start refresh.” Mattie came clean.

“And the affair? Tell me, Mattie. I want to know!” Ric demanded.

“It was with my boss. It lasted a few months.” Mattie said ashamed. “Ended after I found out I was pregnant. I‘m so sorry, Ric! I really truly am. I never meant for it to happen. I never meant for you to get hurt”

Ric looked at his wife. He knew that she was genuine. He knew that she has regretted her past mistakes. And he wanted to forgive her badly but knowing she had lied about being the father of Sarah was eating him up inside.

“What will we do about Sarah?” Ric asked.

“I think we shouldn‘t tell her.” Mattie told him. “Her real father never wanted to know her and you have always been there for her.”

“I agree with you, Mattie” Ric smiled. He placed his hands back on the table and held on to Mattie’s hands. “We can make a new start. We can make a new start here, in Summer Bay!”

“What?!” Mattie was shocked.

“You want to move back, I can tell. We will get this sorted out as soon as we can.” Ric smiled. Mattie leaned in and kissed her husband for the first time in weeks. They knew it was the start of a fresh beginning in Summer Bay.


- Will Nicole regret sleeping with Sean?

- Mattie and Belle catch up.

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Chapter 17

Mattie made her way straight over to Belle’s. She needed to tell her the good news. Irene opened the door and told Mattie to go into Belle’s room. She was still in bed.

“Belle?! Time to get up” Mattie said pulling the blankets off her.

Belle grunted and pulled them back over.

“Seriously, its like 12 o‘clock, Belle!” Mattie laughed sitting on the bed.

“I‘m awake” Belle mumbled.

“How was dinner last night with Aden?” Mattie grinned.

“How did you know I went to dinner with him?” Belle asked brushing her hair out of her face with her fingers.

“Oh, I was talking to Ric this morning and he told me. How was it then?” Mattie asked.

“Yeah, it was nice.” Belle answered.

Nice? Just nice?” Mattie looked at her.

“Yeah, it was just nice. Had a chat. Few laughs. You know.” Belle responded sitting up on her bed.

“Ah right…I see.” Mattie said wondering if anything else happened. There was a few minutes of silence before Mattie spoke once again. “I have some great…No amazing news, Belle”

“What is it?” Belle smiled wondering what she was talking about.

“I told Ric, everything. We sorted out our problems and everything is good now.” Mattie said happily “And we have decided to move back to Summer Bay!”

“What?! Your moving?” Belle said surprised.

“Yes, I know! I‘m just as surprised too, Belle. But so excited to be coming back…home.” Mattie smiled, taking it all in.

“I‘m really happy for you Mattie. Really happy for you.” Belle replied thinking about life in Summer Bay.

“Thanks Belle. Listen, I have too go right now. Ric and I are spending the afternoon together with the children so I will see you later” Mattie said getting up.

“Yes, see you later!” Belle smiled.

Mattie left the room. Belle couldn’t help but wonder if life would have been different with Aden. It was a sudden thought that came to her when Mattie revealed she was moving back to Summer Bay. She wondered if Aden and her never broke up, where would they be living, would they be happy, would they have gotten married, would they have had children. Thinking this wasn’t good for her, of course. She was engaged to another man who she did love a lot. She had being enjoying her stay in Summer Bay and didn’t realise how much she had really missed living there.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Good afternoon!” Sean grinned and put his arms around Nicole’s waist kissing her neck.

“Sean, stop!” Nicole snapped and pushed him off her.

“What?! But…we -”

“I‘m sorry but I can‘t do this, Sean. I really do like you, I do. But I‘m married - ”

“Do I really have to tell you about your life again and how screwed up it is with him, Nicole? I know I can treat you right! I know I can.” Sean had never felt the way he did about Nicole with any other person.

“It was a mistake.” Nicole said out straight.

Sean moved in close to Nicole. “Nicole your not happy with him…”

Just then Aden walked in the kitchen. Nicole and Sean moved away from each other quickly. Nicole left the kitchen leaving Sean frustrated at her.

“What was with that?” Aden asked as he sat down at the table.

“With what?” Sean pretended not to know what Aden was talking about.

“Eh, I walk in and you and Nicole move away from each other very fast.” Aden smirked “What’s going on with you two?”

“Nothings going on.” Sean replied sitting down beside Aden.

“If you say so” Aden smirked once again.

“Dude, she is married - ”

“If I recall that didn‘t stop you with one Rebecca Cohen about three years ago.”

“Oh shut up!” Sean said getting annoyed.

“So something is going on then?”

“No!!” Sean lied.

“Ok, moving on…Looking forward to tonight?” Aden asked.

“Yeah, should be fun! Can‘t wait to see all your friends that I have never met” Sean replied “Right, I‘m off to get a shower”

“Later” Aden said as Sean walked out of the room. Aden’s phone rang. He smiled as he saw it was Belle.

“Hey Belle!”

“Aden, are you busy?” Belle asked.

“No, why? Just at home having lunch”

“Can you meet me on the beach? About 2?” Belle suggested.

“Yeah, sure. Are you alright?” Aden asked worried.

“Just meet me on the beach, ok?” Belle replied and hung up.

Aden wondered what she wanted to meet him on the beach for. She seemed to be worried or unsettled over the phone. Aden finished up his lunch and went to get ready to go and see Belle on the beach.


- Why does Belle want Aden to meet her on the beach?

- Ric spends the afternoon with his children and Mattie.

- Who returns?

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Thank you all for the comments. :) Here is the next chapter for you guys and your questions will be answered. :wink:

Chapter 18

Ric watched Danny and Sarah playing by the lake. Mattie was over handing them a sandwich each. She walked back over and sat in Ric’s arms.

“I don‘t mean this in a harsh way but you are even more beautiful now.” Ric smiled playing with her hair.

“How could that be harsh?” Mattie laughed.

“Well, it could suggest I was calling you ugly when we started dating” Ric smirked “Which I wasn’t.”

Ric stared at Sarah playing. It was hard for him to accept but he knew that in his heart he would always be Sarah’s father. He had been there her entire life. He was there when she started walking and talking. And he would be there when she grew up and became a teenager, started bring home boyfriends. He would walk her down the aisle on her wedding day.

“Oh my God!” Mattie jumped up.

“What? What’s wrong?” Ric asked worried. He looked over at the children but they seemed to be ok playing.

“Is that Lucas?” Mattie pointed a tall blonde haired man walked towards them.

Ric couldn’t make out if it was him or not. He waited a few minute until the person was closer and realised it was. It was Lucas Holden. They both stood up and ran over to him and both hugged him

“I can‘t believe this!” Mattie replied.

“I thought I would surprise you guys! I knew everyone in our year would be back this weekend and made it an priority to get down here for today” Lucas explained.

“How have you been?! I‘m stunned that its you! Its been so long” Ric said amazed.

They walked over to where Ric and Mattie were sitting and Lucas explained what he has been up too. He has left the year before the class graduated to go to University. Even though he didn’t graduate with them, Miles still sent him an invite.

“So wouldn‘t that mean Cassie would get an invite also?” Mattie replied excited that she could see Cassie once again.

“Yes, I guess so!” Lucas responded. He looked over at Sarah and Danny “I can‘t believe you guys have two beautiful children”

Ric and Mattie looked at each other. Before Mattie could say anything, Ric stepped in “Yes, I‘m so proud of my children” he smiled and looked at Mattie

“What about you? Any kids?” Mattie asked.

“I don‘t. Yet. But my girlfriend is 3-months pregnant.” Lucas replied.

“Congratulations, Lucas!” Ric laughed

The three of them continued to catch up, while elsewhere on the beach, Aden was waiting for Belle.

“Aden, hey”

Belle had appeared and sat down beside Aden. Like when she was on the phone, she seems unsettled and not herself.

“What’s up?” Aden asked.

“I can‘t do it…” Belle started “I can‘t marry Oliver… I do love him but what you said last night at dinner made me really think. It put me on the spot and I didn‘t sleep a wink last night. Hence why I was still in bed at 12 today.”

“Belle, I didn‘t want you to reconsider getting married. That wasn’t intended at all!” Aden explained to her.

“I know that. But I can‘t see myself growing old with him…Its not right. I can‘t marry someone who I don‘t see myself being with for the rest of my life”

“What are you going too do then?”

“Honestly, I think he knows how I feel. This morning he got out of bed. Usually he would wake me up and tell him that he wants to be with me for the rest of his life. This morning he didn‘t. Now weather its something else of that, I don‘t know” Belle wondered.

“You have too talk to him. Very soon, Belle. Your meant to be heading home on Monday” Aden reminded her.

“I know, I know…” Belle felt so bad about how she had just changed how she felt about marrying Oliver.

“Why would you want to tell me first?” Aden wondered.

“Because…You’re my friend Aden. And I feel like we have gotten back on track in the past few days” Belle admitted.

“I feel that too” Aden smiled.

“I better go. I think I need to talk to Oliver.” Belle said and stood up.

She said goodbye to Aden and went back home. She waited for Oliver to come home and when he finally did, she became really nervous.

“I have some great news!” Oliver said coming into the living room.

“What is it?” Belle asked.

“Well I talked to the priest this morning and I have arranged for us to have our wedding here! In Summer Bay!” Oliver replied with joy.

“Oh my God!” Belle replied taken back.

“Is that great news or what?!” Oliver laughed. He grabbed Belle and swung her around.

“Yeah! Its great...Its great news…” Belle responded uncertain.

“And even better! Its next Saturday!” Oliver finally said. "Thats why I left earlier this morning! I didn't want to wake you up and suspect anything."

Belle had stopped listhing to Oliver. She was stunned. Two minutes beforehand she was ready to tell him that she didn’t want to marry him because she didn’t see them growing old together. But now, Oliver had gone and done this. How could she tell him that now…


- Will Belle be able too tell Oliver?

- It’s the reunion. Who else returns?

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Thank you all for the comments!! :) I got my laptop charging working again so I can update! So happy. Enjoy!

Chapter 19

Belle had been quiet all day. She was shocked about Oliver's news. She had to tell him she couldn't marry him. Belle was in her room getting ready. Mattie walked in.

"You ready to go? Ric and Oliver are in the car" Mattie said.

"Yeah, just give me a minute" Belle said quietly. She grabbed a tissue and wiped away her tears.

"Belle, what's the matter?" Mattie was concerned.

"Its nothing, really." Belle replied. "Come on lets go"

Mattie grabbed Belle's arm. "You're a bad liar. Sit and tell me. "

Belle sat on the bed. After a few minutes, she spoke. "Mattie, I don't know is going on. A week ago I would have killed to marry Oliver as soon as possible. But now…I can't go through with it."

"Where did this come from?" Mattie asked.

"Just something that someone said to me last night. Made me think a lot about things…" Belle explained.

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying if I marry Oliver it will be the biggest mistake of my life. Worse than leaving Aden all those years ago…" Belle finally admitted.

"You've fallen for him again, haven't you?" Mattie stated.

"…I think so. Its just been amazing being able to spend time again together after everything that happened between us. I don't want to leave Summer Bay knowing he will still be here." Belle said. "God what am I saying?!"

Belle stood up and paced up and down the bedroom. "I'm marrying a man that I don't want to marry and I've fallen for my ex again…I'm so screwed up"

"Belle, your not screwed up. Stop talking nonsense." Mattie tried to comfort her friend. "You need to tell Oliver. And soon."

Belle hesitated. She knew she had to tell him but how was she going too. Breaking off and engagement, she had been there before with Aden. But her break-up with Aden was completely different. Belle fixed her make-up quickly which had messed up a bit while she was crying and the two girls made their way out to the car.

"Took you long enough!" Ric laughed.

"You ok?" Oliver whispered when Belle got in the car and sat beside him.

"Yeah, I'm fine" she faked a smiled.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When they arrived at the school, it was full of ex-pupils. They were able to recognise everyone. They were greeted by Miles who showed them their seats. When Sean, Nicole and Aden came in, they were put sitting at the same table. After a few minutes, a tall black haired man walked over to the table.

"I believe I'm sitting here too." he smiled.

"Drew!" Belle squealed and hugged him.

Drew sat down and Belle introduced Oliver to him. Aden introduced Aden to him also. He was in the same situation as Lucas and was still sent an invite to the reunion even though he moved away.

"Cassie sends her love. She couldn't make it"

"Cassie?! Wait a minute…"

"We have been together for about 7 years now…" Drew admitted.

"How did that happened?" Ric asked shocked. He nor nobody saw that coming.

"She went travelling with Sally as you guys know. And I was in Thailand at the same time as she was. We spend a lot of time together and just fell for each other." Drew explained "I left and she came back with me and we set up a home in Queensland with Holly*."

"And how is she doing?" Mattie smiled.

"Doing amazing. Living a normal life so we are very pleased." Drew replied.

Just as Drew finished, Lucas entered the hall and sat down beside the gang. Everyone was catching up with their old friends and having a good time.

"Welcome ladies and Gentleman!" Miles began to speak. All chat had quieted down while he was speaking. "Welcome to your high school reunion. I'd like to thank all of you for coming tonight! And I all hope you have an amazing night. I hope you will all get to catch up on everything that your fellow class mates have been doing for the past 10 years. Maybe even get back in touch with that friend you lose. Maybe become friends with someone you may have hated back in school. However you spend your night, hope you all enjoy it! And we will see you in another 10 years!"

Everyone clapped. Miles took a deep breathe before continuing on with what he was saying.

"Now, I'm not sure you will remember this but I have a video of each and everyone one of you. All the things you wished and hoped for with the future and I'm going to show you now. Enjoy"

The video began to play. First up was none other than Ric.

"Ric here! Hm… my hopes for the future… That's easy… Marrying one of those page 3 girls. Ok, seriously! That was a joke. My hopes is of course to marry my amazing girlfriend Matilda. I love you babe!"

Ric blushed. He looked and Mattie and gave her a quick kiss.

"My hopes for the future is to just have a great career, nice home and a great family. I know I will get that when I leave here and move to LA."

Nicole looked at Sean. He didn't look back as he knew she didn't have a great family back in LA. She needed to be back in Summer Bay with him.

"I know where I will be in 10 years. Still here and living it up with my girl, Belle. Love you so much and I always will Belle!"

Aden was embarrassed. What he said hadn't come true. He wasn't with Belle. Oliver looked slightly annoyed at what Aden had said but understood that it was a long time ago when he said that. Belle didn't know what to say. She was waiting nervously for what she said to come.

"I want to be a writer. And work for a big newspaper in the city. I hope to have a great house and a good car. I hate the one I have right now. It's a piece of crap! As for marriage and family, I'll be married to Aden and we will have a hundred kids running around the place. You just wait and see!"

Oliver stood up and walked out of the room. Everyone turned around and looked at he walking out. Belle was embarrassed. Aden looked at her and smiled. She didn't look at him. Instead, she looked at the ground as if nothing happened. Mattie knew what she was thinking.

"I only have one hope for the future. And that is; that Ric will stop snoring in bed!"

Mattie laughed while Ric hit her on the arm playfully. She hugged him and whispered "I knew I'd always be with you."

There were a lot more students on the video. Many had said they'd be with their high school sweetheart and they weren't. Watching the video, many realised that what they had hoped never happened. It was an emotionally experience. The meal arrived and they all ate up. Oliver still hadn't returned. Belle was getting worried. Mattie got up with Nicole to go to the bathroom.

"Where is Oliver?" Ric asked.

Belle shrugged. She didn't know and was scared to go look for him. He was pushed over the edge. All he needed was a video saying that she would be with Aden to push him away from her.

"He seem annoyed earlier also…" Ric said.

"What do you mean?" Belle asked.

"Well you guys were taking so long in the house and he went in. Came back on about 2 minutes before you guys and didn't a word"

Belle stopped listening. Oliver knew. He had heard everything Belle had said to Mattie. Belle stood up and walked out of the room. Aden rushed out also following her.

"Belle!" Aden called.

"Go away, Aden! I have to find Oliver. I need to talk to him…" Belle said running down the hall.

Aden stopped and watch Belle run into the bathroom. Mattie was re-doing her make-up.

"I need your help" Belle said breathless.

"What? What's wrong?" Mattie asked.

"Oliver knows. He heard us, Mattie." Belle sobbed. "He heard what we said earlier in the bedroom"

Just then Nicole came out of the cubicle.

"What is going on?" she asked.


- Will Belle be able to fine Oliver before he does something stupid.

- Nicole makes a decision about her marriage.

*I don't know what Cassie called her daughter in the show.

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Thank you all for the great comments. I feel like this chapter will make you hate Oliver and if you guys already hate Oliver, it will make you hate him even more. Enjoy!

Chapter 20

"Ugh, it doesn't matter Nicole…" Belle replied and walked back out of the bathroom.

Nicole looked at Mattie. Both girls ran out of the bathroom but Belle was nowhere to be seen. They went back into the hall on the school where the reunion was being held. Most people were standing around catching with everyone. Mattie went over to where Ric was and started talking to him. Nicole walked over to Sean who was talking to Aden.

"We need to talk." she said. "Outside"

Nicole walked away towards the door. Aden playfully punched Sean in the arm.

"So something is going on there. Well! Well!" he laughed.

Sean walked away and Aden made his way over too Ric and Mattie.

"…And now he is missing"

"Who is missing?" Aden asked.

"Oh man…This isn't good!" Ric said.

"Guys, what's going on?" Aden asked totally lost.

"I don't have time for this. Ric, explain. I'm going to try and find Belle." Mattie said and left the hall.

"Well?" Aden waited until she left.

"Belle said something and Oliver overheard and he is pretty annoyed right now…" Ric didn't know how much detail he should have gone into so left it there.

"Ok, but what about?" Aden asked.

"I don't know" Ric lied and took a sip of his beer. "Oh hey! Lets go over to Drew and Lucas."

Ric walked over to them as did Aden. Aden knew that Ric wasn't telling him everything he knew. Outside on the patio, Nicole and Sean were talking.

"I can't be with my husband anymore, Sean." Nicole said.

"I'm glad you finally see that." Sean smiled. He walked over to her and hugged her.

"I want you to come to LA and help me bring my life over here…" Nicole said.

"Anything you want, Nicole." Sean looked into Nicole's eyes. She knew she had made the right decision. She was going to leave him and move back to Summer Bay with her children.

Belle was walking around the school everywhere looking for Oliver. Finally after searching for him, she found him in a classroom on the 3rd floor.

"Oliver! I was looking everywhere for you…" Belle said as she closed the door.

Oliver was sitting on a chair staring at the board. Belle went and sat down next to him.

"Its funny. I sit here, on this chair, thinking about how easy life was back in high school. Being in this room reminds me of when I was in high school." Oliver said. "What's going on Belle?" he asked as he turned and looked at her.

"I know you heard my conversation with Mattie earlier…" Belle replied.

"Yeah, I did." Oliver laughed. "I don't know why it didn't click. All the little things that I have noticed for the past few days and it didn't click on bit that you don't want to be with me anymore."

"Oliver, I'm sorry. I never meant for this to happen…" Belle told him. She placed her hand around his arm. "You do mean so much too me…"

"Don't lie Belle. This whole trip, its been about Aden. Hasn't it?"

"No! How could you say that?" Belle asked.

"It has, Belle. From the minute we arrived, Aden is everywhere…"

"He lives here Oliver. I can't help that."

"I know you can't. But, think about it. The first day we arrive, I find out about your relationship and the baby you guys had. Later that day, Aden and I have a fight. Then we have a fight because I lied about apologising to him…Do I really need to continue?"

Belle didn't answer. She felt terrible about how she had been treating Oliver the past few days.

"Then you guys go out for dinner. How do you think that made me feel? Watching my girlfriend going on a date - "

"It wasn't a date, Oliver!" Belle protested.

"…Going on a date with her ex." Oliver continued to say. "Honestly Belle, your know a stupid girl?! Yes, I put a brave face on but inside it killed me watching you do that…And you didn't even invite me along?!"

Belle didn't realise how much her actions have hurt Oliver.

"So before you get the chance to break off this engagement because I know that's what your planning, let me do you a favour." Oliver said and stood up "We are over. This engagement is off!"

Belle started to cry. Oliver walked over to the door leaving Belle alone in the room. Down the hall, Mattie was walking around. Oliver walked past her. "She is in room 23" he said and continued to walk away. Mattie stared at him walking away. She ran up too the room and say Belle. Walking over she hugged her best friend tightly.


- There is no preview. Guess you will just have to wait as it's the last chapter. :P

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